20 Gorgeous Destination Wedding Invitations That Will Set Your Wedding Apart

Destination Wedding Invitations

Opting for destination wedding invitations is a great way to wow your guests. Whether you pick a tropical beach or a winter wonderland, your big day deserves the perfect setting. Infuse your invites with elements that evoke your chosen location and share a once-in-a-lifetime journey with your friends and family.

Let your celebration reflect your and your partner’s thirst for new adventures. Below are different examples to make your guests excited about your destination wedding. All you’ll need to do next is to follow proper etiquette and send your invites early enough for your loved ones to plan their travel.

1. Carmen Map Wedding Invitation

Destination Wedding Invitations:CARMEN Map Wedding Invitation


Explore the exotic and whimsical with this romantic watercolor map theme for your marriage ceremony. The invite features a vibrant and pastel color palette. It perfectly expresses your joy and bliss as you embark on a magical union.

2. Tropical Palm Trees Boho Wedding Invitation

Tropical Watercolor Palm Trees Boho Wedding Invitation


Capture timeless elegance with tropical watercolor palm trees. They evoke lush greenery and the idyllic beauty of your chosen destination. Perfect for a beach-themed wedding.

3. Passport Travel Wedding Invitation

destination wedding invitations:Passport Travel Wedding Invitation


Give your guests a taste of luxury with this layout. The classic black and gold design gives off a sense of worldly wanderlust and paves the way for travel arrangements leading to your big day. Let your guests embark on the love journey with you!

4. Mountain Rustic Sunset Wedding Invitation

Mountain Rustic Sunset Wedding Invitation


Celebrate in a truly unique fashion with this breathtaking mountain rustic sunset wedding invitation. Warm and inviting, its lovely orange tones are perfect for charming mountainside nuptials that will light up the night in an unforgettable and magical way.

5. Roman Landscape Wedding Invitations

Roman Landscape Wedding Invitations


Bring your big day to life with a fascinating Roman landscape wedding invitation adorned with love. Capture the loveliness of a charming, beautiful locale and pay homage to your special occasion in a fresh and original way.

6. Desert Wedding Invitation

Desert Wedding Invitation


A desert wedding invitation will take your celebration to scintillating heights. Furthermore, it will perfect your southwest wedding theme. This design features cactus motifs and exudes modern boho vibes. It also foreshadows a dreamy escape to something distant and desirable.

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7. New York Destination Wedding Watercolor Invitation

New York Destination Wedding Watercolor Invitation


A sophisticated New York City wedding invite is perfect for you and your guests. Additionally, it will make you feel the energy of a great metropolis. You can incorporate any of the city’s famous landmarks into an exciting design. This will give all in attendance an elegant urban vibe.

8. Destination Wedding Boarding Pass

Destination Wedding Boarding Pass


A modern take on the travel theme ticket can give your guests an air of excitement. Moreover, it is perfect for a destination wedding. This boarding pass can excite all in attendance with its impressive style. It also has cleverly printed details.

9. Tropical Palm Leaf Destination Wedding Invitations

Tropical Palm Leaf Destination Wedding Invitation


A vibrant tropical palm leaf destination wedding invitation is ideal for expressing a clash between modern and bucolic design. Along with a creative and rustic envelope, this combination is an eye-catching way to guide your guests onto new adventures.

10. LeahG Beach Coastal Destination Wedding Invitation

LeahG Beach Coastal Destination Wedding Invitation


This LeahG beach coastal destination design will bring a little paradise to your invites. The blue water and white sand are instinctively calming. They have a unique layout that will make all guests eager. Unique invitations add to your special day.

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11. Floral Destination Wedding Invitations

Floral Destination Wedding Invitations


This colorful Mexican embroidery-inspired design can add a romantic atmosphere. These floral invites will give off vibrant tones. They will capture the hearts of all attendees. Let these spectacular invites be your entrance ticket to love.

12. Watercolor English Manor House Wedding Invitation

Watercolor English Manor House Wedding Invitation


Travel back to a simpler time with this vintage watercolor manor wedding invitation. Show your guests you’re a posh pair and transport them to an elegant and beautiful locale. Set the mood for your special day with elegant invitations that bring in a luxurious touch.

13. Cancun Beach Watercolor Destination Wedding Invitation

CANCUN Beach Watercolor Destination Wedding Invitation


Let this beach wedding template set the mood for your big destination event. With this gorgeous watercolor invitation, you can proudly showcase your chosen location. Let Cancun’s white, soft sands and deep blue waters do all the talking. They will convince your guests to join you.

14. The Greenhouse Destination Wedding Invitation

The Greenhouse Destination Wedding Invitation


Invite your guests to a tropical destination wedding with a beautiful and unforgettable invitation. This suite is unique and close to nature. It has a modern design that will evoke the emotions you want from your loved ones.

15. Watercolor Succulent Wedding Invitations

destination wedding invitations:Watercolor Succulent Wedding Invitations


This design will bring the sun, sand, and sea together for your desert wedding ceremony. It has a modern blend of colorful cactus motifs. They symbolize the beauty of a destination wedding. It is a magnificent design that will inspire and excite all.

16. Portland Head Lighthouse Skyline Wedding Invitations

Portland Head LightHouse Skyline Wedding Invitations


This design is unique and it will show the incomparable beauty of Maine’s most iconic landmark. It will also mark the start of something beautiful and memorable. These lovely invites will let the romance of your wedding day begin.

17. Tuscany Watercolor Italy Destination Wedding Invitations

Tuscany Watercolor Italy Destination Wedding Invitation


This wedding invite has a peaceful Tuscany-inspired watercolor design. It will help you say “I do” to your soulmate. It will also create a magical atmosphere that will make guests long for the charming Italian landscape. Your special day will have quaint cobblestone streets and romantic sunsets.

18. Mountain Wedding Invitations

destination wedding invitations:Mountain Wedding Invitations


Mountain wedding invitations will let your special day take center stage. They have a glorious backdrop of majestic peaks. They also have a design that captures nature’s beauty. It has an array of colors and lush greenery. It will highlight your outdoor wedding ceremony.

19. Hawaii Destination Wedding Invitations

Hawaii Destination Wedding Invitations


A nice vintage map artwork can get your guests in the mood for a little trip. This is what these gorgeous old-timey invites have. They will get everyone on board for a Hawaii destination wedding.

20. Monstera Invitation Green Leaf Wedding Invitation

Monstera Invitation Green Leaf Wedding Invitation


This is a masterful and gorgeous invite. It has a palm tree design that will wow your guests. The invite will take the excitement of a beach destination wedding a tad further. It will also make them daydream of a tropical heaven. They will want to pack their bags right away.

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