21 Cricut Wedding Invitation Ideas Every DIY Couple Should Try

cricut wedding invitations

Cricut wedding invitations are perfect for impressing your guests on your big day and saving money at the same time. With their DIY charm and creative designs, these easy-to-make templates will leave anyone that lays eyes on them in awe.

If you’re searching for the perfect SVG model to align with your vision, you’ve come to the right place. Our curated selection offers a wide array of breathtaking options for all kinds of wedding cards — be it floral, elegant, or rustic. Continue reading to amaze your family and friends, leaving them obsessing over your choice, from digital files to completed invitations.

1. Classic Cricut Invitation

Classic Cricut Invitation


Go for a first-class invite with a romantic touch. This handmade lace-inspired template blends personalized writing with intricate laser-cut designs. It is your best bargain if you are looking for a cheap wedding invitation, traditional in all senses.

2. Art Deco Cricut Invitation

Art Deco Cricut Invitation


Become the best Gatsby wedding invitation Cricut maker with this luxurious art deco template. Harness the power of breathtaking floral motifs for a modern and elegant look. This dazzling design is perfect for adding a personal signature to your creation.

3. Gatefold with Gold Foil Invitation

Gatefold with Gold Foil Invitation


Get ready for droves of compliments for these heavenly-looking invite cards. You can choose from different colors to add a fairytale touch that helps make the design your own. This Cricut wedding card is sure to make some jaws drop.

4. Butterfly Lines Gatefold Wedding Invitation

Butterfly lines Gatefold Wedding Invitation


Are you looking for otherwordly elegance with a modern feel? This unique design with astonishing butterfly wing details is a spectacular choice. Say goodbye to the same old lace with this gorgeous 5X7 patterned masterpiece. It’s a laser-cut wedding invitation Cricut lovers will appreciate.

5. Trifold Wedding Invitation

Trifold Wedding Invitation


Learning how to make Cricut pocket wedding invitations is a piece of cake with the right template. This timeless custom-made masterpiece boasts perfect laser cut precision and astonishing design. It will match the most popular wedding theme and set the tone of your dream celebration.

6. Coral Laser-Cut Invitation

Coral Invitation


Are you planning a beach theme wedding and want your invites to stay on brand? Then, this SVG download is a must-have! It will let you make your own reef-inspired design in no time and mesmerize your guests with intricate detail.

7. Ornamental Cricut Wedding Card

Ornamental Cricut Wedding Card


Can Cricut wedding invitations get any better? We sure think so! Create a lasting floral fairytale wedding memory with this digital card. It has a wonderfully irresistible design and accompanying photographs to guide you when assembling it.

8. Square Wedding Invite

Square Wedding Invite


Make hard-to-forget invitations with this traditional wedding invitation template. It’s, without a doubt, a handmade work of art that you can show off. These Cricut wedding invitation templates are ideal for crafters of all levels. Express yourself beyond limits because you can!

9. Floral Wedding Card

Floral Wedding Card


Create breathtaking floral wedding invitations in about 11 minutes with this SVG template and put a smile on your invitees’ faces. It is an easy-to-use template for homemade wedding invitations Cricut enthusiasts would approve of — perfect for beginners and pros alike! 

10. Newlywed Couple Portrait Invitation

Newlywed Couple Portrait Invitation


Do you know you can make DIY cricut wedding invitations without any experience? You can achieve your romantic, DIY Cricut wedding invitation ideas without much hustle. See it for yourself with this gorgeous and creative template. 

11. Fourfold Wedding Invite

Fourfold Wedding Invite


This adorable monogram template for Cricut wedding cards combines fun and detail to communicate your love deeply. Its soft color palette adds a luxurious touch to your wedding that the guests cannot ignore. Customize it for more impressive results.

12. Eiffel Tower Butterfly Floral Fairy Invitation

Eiffel Tower Butterfly Floral Fairy Invitation


Let the world know about your undying love with a timeless piece of art. This Parisian-inspired Cricut template takes the ultimate icon of romance and reimagines it as a floral daydream. The template is easy to use for beginners and comes with digital file options for added convenience.

13. Rose Laser Cut Invitation

Rose Laser Cut Invitation


Many brides choose florals to elevate their wedding invites. This laser-cut Cricut layout gives the classic nuptial imagery a classy twist. The set contains a gorgeous matching envelope and champagne liner to tie it all together.

14. Pocket Wedding Invitation

Pocket Wedding Invitation


This memorable spring-inspired design is perfect for vintage-style wedding themes. The laced folder format oozes style and sophistication as it holds any inserts you may want to add. This template comes with a matching envelope with champagne linen that completes the laser-cut cover flawlessly.

15. Gold Glitter Luxury Gatefold Invitation

Gold Glitter Luxury Gatefold Invitation


This cute wedding invitation Cricut idea is perfect for couples looking for a classic yet impressive design. The unmatched quality and detail combined with beautiful packaging will enchant your guests. It will get them extra excited to show up for your big day.

16. Lace Laser Cut Wedding Invitation

Lace Laser Cut Wedding Invitation


Are you looking for a timeless lace-wedding card to enchant your loved ones? A lace laser-cut hand-drawn wedding invitation card is the answer to your prayers. Using Cricut for wedding invitations has never been this exciting!

17. Leaf Wedding Invitation

Leaf Wedding Invitation


Say no to plain same old lace cards with this new beginner-friendly card design. Getting your hand on it is easy. Just download the leaf wedding invitation SVG template and bring your Cricut wedding invitation ideas to life.

18. Tropical Destination Invitation

Tropical Destination Invitation


Tropical destination invitation cards magnificently bring the summer wedding mood to life. This one, for example, stays on the theme while remaining delicate and classy. Be prepared for compliments from impressed guests who receive this 5.3X7.8 personalized masterpiece.

19. Rustic Wedding Invitation

Rustic Wedding Invitation


Rustic-chic elements, affordable designs, and bursting cheerfulness are potent inspirations. These fabulous Cricut wedding cards have all three. The best part: you can order them fully printed and customize them with your desired inserts. Your guests don’t have to know they’re not DIY!

20. Greenery Wedding Invite

Greenery Wedding Invite


When the pressure of finding the perfect wedding invite template becomes overwhelming, a ready-to-order design can provide a simple solution. This elegant greenery wedding invite card captures the essence of nature within its delicate ivory laser-cut enclosure. 

21. Black Swan Cricut Wedding Card

Black Swan Cricut Wedding Invitation


This template is the epitome of DIY cricut wedding invitations. A black swan cricut wedding card is a refreshing creative design and an easy-to-make project blueprint. Choose from over fifteen combinations to create your perfect dream wedding invitation theme.

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