80 Best Country Wedding Songs 2023 to Make Your Special Day Wonderful

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If you’re throwing a classic wedding with a rustic feel, selecting the perfect country wedding songs is going to be essential for the experience. Setting the mood comes down to picking out tunes that invoke the unforgettable and romantic tone of the day. As you curate your playlist for the big day, be sure to remember to hit all of the major moments. From the father and daughter dance to the dance floor jams for the wedding reception, covering all of your bases will help you find a song for every ritual of the night.

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Getting Ready

The music you pick out for your wedding begins long before you even arrive at the venue. Your morning will be spent preparing for the event itself, meaning you’ll need a track to underscore these activities. Use these song ideas and curate a soundtrack that will help to relax you and build up anticipation for all that awaits.

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Play Before Ceremony

Before the ceremony starts, guests will be milling about or sitting in excitement for the wedding to begin. Many couples find that it is best to have music softly playing during this period, as it makes the guests feel more comfortable. Plus, these songs will prove crucial should you take longer than expected getting ready and find yourself running late.

Walk Down the Aisle

Perhaps one of the biggest moments in the wedding is walking down the aisle. From the members of the wedding party to the happy couple, those processing into the venue have all eyes on them. What songs you pick for this moment can have an impact on how the entire event feels for your guests. Use care to pick a winning tune. 

Recessional Songs

Songs for exiting the venue are just as important as the music used to score the entrance. Typically, you want to keep the music light and easy during this time. Guests will be trying to exit or transition into the space where the reception is being held. These songs are in-theme with the country wedding songs you need and perfect for exits. 

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First Dance

Another key moment in the wedding is when the bride and groom have the first dance as husband and wife. The song that the couple dances to should always be personal. If you have a favorite song or one that stands out as being important to your relationship, go with that. Otherwise, these country ideas will easily help you along.

Parent Dance

Both the father-daughter dance and the dance between mother and son require songs that are carefully chosen by the bride and groom. These are tender moments that parents both look forward to and will remember forever. Consider this robust collection of classic country wedding songs as the perfect music to show your love for dear old mom and dad.


The wedding reception is going to require a variety of tunes. Throughout the evening, guests will be moving between their seats and the dance floor. Try to pick out a mix of songs that will work for the quieter moments where people are eating and some bombastic hits that are guaranteed to get everyone up and moving on the floor.

Last Dance

The last song chosen for the night has a lot of weight placed on it. People usually go with a longer tune for the final song. It really depends on how you’re looking to end the evening. These songs are great whether you want to go out with a sweet and simple song or a more rousing piece of music.

Picking out the best possible country wedding songs to underscore your big day takes a little bit of time and a whole lot of research. Use the songs suggested here as a jump-off point and you will easily be able to put together a playlist that you are proud of. 

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