20+ Christian Wedding Gifts for the Religious Couple in Your Life

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The perfect wedding present can be difficult to track down. When you’re searching for a gift for a religious couple in your life, you may need to look beyond the wedding registry. Finding the best Christian wedding gifts for newlyweds involves researching the most thoughtful and insightful options available. The right fit will be one that helps Christian couples feel the love of Christ and the weight of their commitment. Take a look at this rundown of a gift giving guide for weddings at a Christian church and feel the inspiration you need to find a gift they will cherish. 

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Christian Wedding Anniversary Custom Collage Photo Canvas

23. Christian Wedding Anniversary Custom Collage Photo Canvas


This Christian wedding anniversary custom collage photo canvas is the perfect wedding anniversary or wedding present for a religious couple. Celebrate your anniversary with this canvas to tell your spouse how much you treasure every second spent together.

Price: $49.95

christian wedding gifts - bible bridge magnets

22. Bible Fridge Magnet


Not all gifts need to be expensive or flashy. In fact, the best presents for a Christian couple are those that speak from the heart. A simple item you can grab in a pinch is a Bible fridge magnet. These handcrafted scripture magnets will be a delightful addition to the kitchen of any family of faith.

Price: $9.95+

21. We Walk By Faith Not By Sight Canvas Print


Often, the perfect present is one that puts the faith of the couple front and center. What better way to emphasize this than with a gorgeous canvas print? Featuring words and imagery that the religious faithful connect with, this is sure to brighten up any space. This also makes a lovely housewarming gift for newlyweds.

Price: $46.95

20. Infinity Cross Necklace


Some symbols are easy to associate with the Christian faith. The infinity cross, for example, is a sign of the infinite nature of the love of God. This religious symbol can easily be incorporated into your gift. A piece of jewelry featuring the infinity cross is surefire way to make the happy couple feel the love of Christ.

Price: $42.00

christian wedding gifts - Our Family Is A Circle of Strength and Love Christian Wall Art Sign

19. Our Family Is A Circle of Strength and Love Christian Wall Art Sign


Family is a core component of the Christian faith. Many newlyweds start to build their families the moment the reception ends. To help celebrate this decision, consider a wall art sign. Showcasing a message centering around the power of family, this print will serve as a testament to the love and devotion of the couple’s own growing group.

Price: $49.95

bible wedding gift - I Have Loved You With An Everlasting Love Canvas Print

18. I Have Loved You With An Everlasting Love Canvas Print


Wall art has a way of brightening up a home. If you want to help the happy Christian couple connect with their religious roots through your gift, then a canvas print with a simple message can be an ideal fit. Bring out the spiritual center of the couple with this captivating and comforting piece of decorative art for the home.

Price: $54.95

17. Stoneware Wall Cross


There are times when the best gifts are those that put a unique spin on a classic symbol. This stoneware wall cross is a perfect example of creative ways to celebrate the happy couple. Featuring the design of the infinity cross, this beautiful piece of decor serves as a perfect way to capture the couple’s faith through your wedding present. 

Price: $21.52 

16. Personalized Cutting Board


It has been said that food is at the center of a majority of important religious stories and parables. Since spending time in the kitchen has a way of bringing a person closer to God, a personalized cutting board is an amazing gift to consider for a Christian wedding. You can even pick a custom message for a personalized touch.

Price: $39.95+ 

christian wedding gifts - puzzle

15. Wood Wall Art Puzzle Piece


Life is often compared to a rich and complex mosaic. Every piece of the greater puzzle works together to create an image of meaning and significance. Capture this idea perfectly with your wedding gift by giving the couple a wood wall art puzzle piece. This is a truly unique way to make the couple feel your deep love and appreciation. 

Price: $41.96 

14. A Cord of Three Strands Wedding Sign


There are an array of symbols and stories important to Christian couples. Through these metaphorical tales, couples can connect to the teachings and messages of Christ. This beautiful wedding sign features a Bible quote from the book of Ecclesiastes and is sure to look amazing in any room of the couple’s new home.

Price: $56.99

13. "A Marriage Prayer" Picture Framed Poem


Many prayers will be said for the happy couple on their big day. However, your gift can help to spread this mentality far into their married life together. With the gift of a framed Bible verse, you can remind the couple of a simple prayer that puts them and their deep connection to God front and center at all times.

Price: $28.99

christian wedding gifts - Rosary Necklace

12. Rosary Necklace


The rosary is a very important item associated with the Christian faith. Saying prayers while holding the beads is meditative for many, helping to ground the person in a physical way while speaking with the Lord. An ornate or handmade rosary necklace is an absolutely fantastic gift to consider when you want to hit upon all the right religious themes.

Price: $99.95

11. Marriage Participant's Guide


Marriage is a commitment that lasts long after the wedding bells stop ringing. With this participant’s guide, you can help the couple stay on course as they navigate the trials and tribulations that await them. This is a gift that is all about centering the couple in the Lord’s love through easy actions and constant communication exercises between the couple. 

Price: $$9.99

christian wedding gifts - Reclaimed Wood

10. Reclaimed Wood Cross


Repurposing bits of nature is an amazing way to incorporate God’s bounty into your present. A cross made from reclaimed wood is an excellent way to achieve this goal. The wood serves as a symbol of nature and of the cross that Jesus gave His life for the human race upon. A beautiful piece of decor for the couple’s home.

Price: $95.00 

God is Good Metal Wall Art - christian wedding gifts

9. God is Good Metal Wall Art


Wall art is always an excellent present to consider for wedding gifts. If you want to put Christ and the love of God in the front and center of your gift, then this metal art can be an absolutely wonderful way to accomplish this. The unique look of this decor is sure to fit those couples who have artistic sensibilities. 

Price: $42.49+

Custom DoorMat - christian gift

8. Last Name Doormat


Many guests at weddings try to tackle two goals with their gifts to Christian couples. Not only can your present be perfect to celebrate the union of the two, it can also serve as a housewarming gift. A personalized doormat with the last name of the couple is one of those classic and ideal gifts to grab for this purpose.

Price: $42.50

christian wedding gifts - engraved devotional

7. Engraved Devotional


Devotionals are books that anyone who has spent time in a church is familiar with. If you want to make sure your gift captures the feeling of being connected to the Christian church, then an engraved devotional is a surefire hit. The couple will be delighted by how thoughtful and creative this present actually is. 

Price: $29.99 

bible wedding gift - custom pillow

6. Personalized Pillow


A gift that can be put to good use in the home is one that you should definitely consider. A personalized pillow is such a present, providing both a captivating piece of decoration as well as a comfortable spot for someone to rest his or her head. Plus, you can have the present customized so that it meets your specific needs for the couple. 

Price: $42.00+

5. Christian Alphabet Art


After a wedding, the couple begins a life together under a unified name. A gift that incorporates this name can be a wonderful present in and of itself. However, you can easily take this to the next level by selecting a present that includes symbols associated with Christianity in a creative manner to spell out the letters of the name.

Price: $49.00+

I Am My Beloved's Shirt

4. I am My Beloved's Shirt


Need a last-minute gift that still captures the spirit of the occasion? A shirt can be a wonderful fit for this. Customized to include a message that ties the wearer with the Christian faith, this is an easy present to grab when you are not sure what direction to go with your wedding present and are running low on time.

Price: $19.19+

3. Verse Tea Towel


Little presents can often go a long way to cut to the heart of a milestone moment like a wedding. A tea towel featuring a Bible verse is exactly the kind of present you can explore in this regard. Pick a message that makes sense for the couple and you’ve got yourself a fantastic and inexpensive present for your friends. 

Price: $8.51

Jesus Cross Metal Wall Art

2. Jesus Cross Metal Wall Art


A little bit of art can go a long way when it comes to making a couple feel appreciated on their wedding day. Home decor like a Jesus cross in the form of metal wall art is exactly the kind of present you need to explore. Bring the love of Christ to the forefront with this piece of wall art.

Price: $42.49+ 

christian wedding gifts - apron

1. Blessed and Saved Apron


Couples who enjoy spending a lot of time together in the kitchen tend to grow closer as the years go on. Help encourage this habit with your gift by investing in a custom bib apron for their special day. The couple will easily feel blessed when they see the love that went into this unique and absolutely fun wedding gift.

Price: $15.30

Putting the love of Christ at the center of your present is a smart idea when it comes to finding ideal Christian wedding gifts. Take your time to review all of the different ways to celebrate the couple and the Lord and you are definitely going to find a perfect fit. As long as you remember to make the moment about the couple’s faith, you can be sure that you’re on the right path for your present.

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