20 Best Affordable Wedding Invitations That Look Beautiful and Classy

Cheap Wedding Invitations

Cheap wedding invitations are a smart choice in this economy. But going that route doesn’t mean that you have to say goodbye to quality and style. Take the stress away from planning your wedding stationery while trying to keep to a friendly budget.

With this list, you newlyweds will give the party of a lifetime. Surprise your wedding guests with a great first impression. Pick from blank cards to semi-personalized marriage invitations. With cost savings here, you can splurge on other things, be they flowers, the venue, or a photographer!

Custom Photo Wedding Invitation

cheap wedding invitations: Custom Photo Wedding Invitation


An affordable wedding invitation will surely take the load off. Elegant yet inexpensive, this card will check all the boxes. Pick a color, size, and envelope, and enjoy the personalized piece! This card will make the best keepsake to remember your special event.

Monogrammed Wedding Invitation

cheap wedding card: Monogrammed Wedding Invitation


This design is simple, showing a beautiful monogram with the couple’s initials. Celebrate your formal ties with an invite that will make your guests so excited for the big day. For a better effect, pair your card with a photo that perfectly describes your love.

Boho Wildflower Wedding Invitation 

affordable wedding invitation: Boho Wildflower Wedding Invitation


When it comes to budget-friendly invites, it’s hard to find one that truly stands out. Here’s a vintage print that takes cards to a whole new level. Celebrate the beauty of your love with a watercolor mountain. Nature is grand; so is your relationship!

Classic Wedding Invitation

affordable wedding invites: Classic Wedding Invitation


This classic card is hard to ignore, thanks to its lovely modern design and foil printing. And with a few shapes to choose from, you’ll surely find something perfect for your taste. To top things off, take advantage of the free website!

All-in-One Signed Wedding Invitation

cheap wedding invitation ideas: All-in-one Signed Wedding Invitation


Searching for some cheap wedding invitations with RSVP cards? Then you simply must check this one out. Thanks to its smart design, you’ll save on envelopes. The invite unfolds into a grand piece with all the details required. Print, seal, and deliver – it’s that simple!

Photo Grid Wedding Invitation 

cheap wedding card: Photo Grid Wedding Invitation


Are you a big fan of photo collages? Let that inspire you in your search for a unique wedding invite. Don’t settle for a single image for your card; pick a few to show the world how happy you are!

Modern Pocketfold Wedding Invite Set

affordable wedding invitation: Modern Pocketfold Wedding Invite Set


When you see these pocket invites, you won’t settle for anything less. And if you aren’t 100% sure about purchasing this card, order the sample! After that, pick and choose what you’d like. From twine and stickers to wax seals, this set is a dream. 

Rustic Wood Wedding Photo Foil Invitation

affordable wedding invites: Rustic Wood Wedding Photo Foil Invitation


Printing your photo on an invite doesn’t mean spending tons on it! Save money with this gorgeous print. Rustic and chic, it will suit your country wedding party to a tee. For a truly Instagrammable event, start things off with this card!

Letterpress Wedding Invitation

cheap wedding invitations: Letterpress Wedding Invitation


As you run your fingers along this embossed card, you’ll understand the meaning of elegance. Cool and simplistic, this invitation will set the tone for the whole event. Take it from us; it’ll be a day you and your guests will never forget. 

Art Deco Wedding Invitation 

cheap wedding card: Art Deco Wedding Invitation


Cards are usually white or cream in color. But you aren’t the type to go with the flow, are you? Spice things up with a black piece of art. Enclose your wedding details in a golden frame fit for royalty!

Gold Lace Wedding Invitation

cheap wedding invitations: Gold Lace Wedding Invitation


Customs are there for a reason. They’re enduring because they add a certain richness to society. Take this classic card and make it your own. After all, nothing will go wrong with gold lace. Even the paired envelope takes things to new heights!

Royal-Themed Wedding Invitation

cheap wedding invitations: Royal-themed Wedding Invitation


How often do you get the royal treatment? Your wedding is one of those few special moments. Make the most of it with this invite, fit for kings and queens. Complete with a tear-off RSVP, this all-in-one card is a smart decision!

Elegant Wedding Invitation 

cheap wedding invitations: Elegant Wedding Invitation


Nature is always a welcome element in any special event. Your big day isn’t any different. Call on Mother Earth to help you design cheap and elegant wedding invitations. When you add a little greenery to the card, it takes on a life of its own!

Minimalist Wedding Invitation 

cheap wedding invitations: Minimalist Wedding Invitation


It’s only smart for the modern couple to think about finances. Extend your money with a card that’s simple yet complete. However, don’t think for a second that this is a boring card! It’s all about a quiet grace you won’t find elsewhere.

Square Direction Wedding Invitation

cheap wedding card: Square Direction Wedding Invitation


Are you afraid of hurting nature in your search for wedding invitations? Check this out – a harmless print so you and your guests play a part in saving trees. You’ll love its modern style, complete with an attractive yet easy-to-read layout. 

Tidal Wave Wedding Invitation

cheap wedding invitations: Tidal Wave Wedding Invitation


If you’re planning a destination wedding or an island getaway for your honeymoon, this card is perfect. It comes with a lovely and calming beach vibe. Get this unique design today and enjoy a pack filled with RSVP cards, wax seals, and more!

Tahoe-Inspired Wedding Invitation

cheap wedding card: Tahoe Inspired Wedding Invitation


If you hail from a lovely place like Tahoe, take advantage of this design. Let nature inspire your wedding and make it the most special experience for everyone. No one will be able to deny this beautiful piece!

Watercolor Wedding Invitation

cheap wedding invitations: Watercolor Wedding Invitation


For a wedding card filled with calming elements, look no further than this watercolor invite. The tones bring a sense of comfort that you won’t find elsewhere. Show your guests the meaning of class and they wouldn’t dream of RSVPing no!

Floral Wedding Invitation 

affordable wedding invitation: Floral Wedding Invitation


It’s hard to imagine that a card under $2.00 can look this good. If flowers make you sit up, choose this piece and let nature take the main stage. You’ll love how the colors mix together to form the loveliest bouquet! 

Country Road Invitation

affordable wedding invites: Country Road Invitation


Are you ready for your big day? If you’re going for a themed wedding, one with a country vibe might do the trick. This invite takes you on a journey, allowing you to picture the beauty of married life.

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