11+ Unique and Inexpensive Wedding Gifts for Couples (Updated 2022)


When wedding season is in full swing, you may spend a big part of your personal budget to celebrate the happy couple. However, if you don’t want to break the bank with expensive gifts on the wedding registry, inexpensive wedding gifts are perfect and thoughtful ideas to show bride and groom how special they are to you.

These impressive ideas show that you can put together an inexpensive wedding gift that all brides and grooms will appreciate. When presents on a budget come from the heart, the price hardly matters!

1. Custom Star Map And Spiral Song Lyrics Print

What could be more romantic than a personalized star map with spiral song lyrics? This is an affordable and perfect wedding gift for couple living together.

Make it unique by adding a couple’s favorite song, map, and special location. It’s a wonderful way to show your love how much you care about this gift.

Custom Star Map And Spiral Song Lyrics Framed Print

2. Cookbook 

Start your couple off on a culinary adventure they’ll never forget with this great inexpensive wedding gift. With the discovery of new tastes comes the filling of pages in this engraved recipe binder.

As the years go by, they’ll also have a family cookbook to pass onto future generations. Talk about a thoughtful and easy wedding day gift!

wedding gift ideas on a budget

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3. Small Registry Items

When bride and groom create their registry on popular websites such as Amazon. They’re are encouraged to include a variety of items with various price rates for wedding guests who have each different budget. If there’s a registry, take a look: You can be astonished how many smaller, affordable items there are alongside the top of items such as coffee maker or hot electric kettle.

4. A Set of Adorable Mugs 

A married couple who laughs together stays together, for sure. Wedding gift ideas with humor thrown in are the best.

Morning coffee surely tastes better when served on a customized mug, notably one that carries with it an inside joke. The missus is definitely always right, and this budget wedding gift will do well to remind the husband of that!

 A Set of Adorable Mugs

5. “Hello – Will You – I Do” Map Canvas Print

Here’s a unique and affordable wedding gift idea all couples will love. Commemorate the milestones of a happy relationship in a neat piece of personalized wall art for everyone to appreciate.

Flashbacks of the wedding date the couple met, that epic proposal and fun celebrations await. They’ll adore how this print beautifully maps out their lives together.

great cheap wedding gifts: hello will you i do canvas

6. A Bottle of Wine 

One way to class up a cheap wedding gift is to have it personalized. A nice bottle of wine with a label featuring the loving couple’s name is an easy wedding gift. Making a toast will mean that much more. Once the celebrations are complete, the bride and groom will have a souvenir to display in their new home.

cheap wedding gifts for bride and groom

7. Custom Photo Desktop Plaque 

Offer your newlyweds an affordable but high-quality photo frame to display their special event. The happy couple will surely smile at such a thoughtful keepsake.

Customize this cheap wedding gift with their names or a note. Do it in your own handwriting to make the small wedding gift even more meaningful.

Mr And Mrs Custom Photo Desktop Plaque

8. Dinner or Dessert for Two

Presentation makes all the difference when you’re giving an inexpensive wedding present. You can curate a few useful items in a gift basket for the happy couple to enjoy.

Put together a dinner basket for them. Gift cards from a local bakery or grocery store make a unique yet cheap wedding gift. Complete the package with romantic tealight candles to stick with the theme. An excellent idea is to pack everything in a practical colander and wrap it with a pretty ribbon.

Another fantastic wedding gift on a budget is a dessert basket. Ultimately, everyone enjoys some sugar at the end of a hearty meal. You can include a boxed brownie mix, a rubber spatula, and a cute pair of oven mitts. When a present comes packed with love, the price is irrelevant.


9. A Kitchen Appliance

Young couples are often living on modest incomes and lack the bare essentials for cooking. However, they can’t rely on eating out all the time. If your favorite newlyweds are just starting a new home, they will appreciate cooking tools to complete their kitchenware. Compile these vital utensils for a fantastic wedding gift idea on a budget. An appreciation for home-cooked food will bring with it a healthy marriage.

Rustle up a couple of basic necessities such as spoons, a mixing bowl, and even kitchen towels. Throw in a few packs of gourmet ingredients like spices and dry herbs. Include a heartfelt handwritten note and tie everything together with a lovely bow. If you know how to shop for bargains, you’ll have a nice little wedding gift for under $20.

10. Date Night in

Most couples on a budget will understand the need to keep the romance alive without whipping out the wallet. Help the bride and groom stick to their financial priorities by giving them a “Date Night in a Box”. It’s a lovely, inexpensive gift that can help couples feel connected, even difficult circumstance.

Want to gift the couple a cuddle session that’s off the charts? Pack the unique inexpensive wedding gift with a super-soft throw blanket and a romantic comedy DVD.

A bottle of wine is always a nice touch, and vintage soda bottles provide a cool cinema-like experience. Include some boxes of movie theater-style candy. Set a limit of $30 for a simple wedding gift. This option is easy and won’t hurt your pocket but will mean a lot to the lovebirds.

cheap wedding gifts for couples

11. Honeymoon Gear

It’s entirely possible to give your fabulous couple an ideal vacation on a budget. Enhance the honeymooners’ experience by offering up some cheap wedding gifts that look expensive. Just make sure they suit their destination. They’ll be so thankful to have these items ready and available. Tie your cheap wedding gift together in a nice voyage kit with a lovely message to send them off.

For example, spice up a good seaside holiday with the classic “his and hers” beach towels. Don’t forget a bottle of sunscreen and books to read while soaking up the sunshine. Complete an adventure-packed honeymoon with a first-aid kit, stylish sunglasses, hiking snacks, and a disposable camera. Chic up a European getaway with matching passport holders, travel maps and guides, and even custom-made luggage tags!

wedding gift ideas on a budget: honey gear

12. Experiences

Wedding gifts on a budget can come in the form of experiences and subscriptions. These days, many companies offer gift cards for their services. Give them a few months of Netflix fun. This way, the happy couple can enjoy chilling at home and save money. Alternatively, offer them a romantic night out with restaurant vouchers.

Another way to elevate their dates is by paying for couples massages. They’ll definitely appreciate the chance of relaxing after the buzz of preparing for their big day. This quick wedding gift idea will cost below $100 and grant much-needed relief from post-celebration stress.

Subscriptions to popular reading material like National Geographic, Real Simple, or Good Housekeeping with rang cost $8-$50 are always crowd-pleasers. These interesting magazines are bound to keep them entertained without breaking the bank!

13. Selfie Stick 

Newlyweds will love the ability to snap photos of themselves easily. A selfie stick is a great present alternative. It makes a simple yet cheap wedding gift.

The couple will appreciate a lightweight tool that they can bring on their honeymoon to capture precious memories. This essential travel item will let them immortalize their happiest travel moments!

inexpensive wedding gifts for bride and groom

14. DIY Wood Stained Clock 

Instead of buying a cheap wedding present for the bride and groom, offer a DIY wedding gift. This fun project will result in a one-of-a-kind clock they can display in their new home.

Take the time to make the happy couple something special. In doing so, each passing minute will remind them how much you treasure them.

cheap wedding gifts for bride and groom: DIY Wood Stained Clock

Heartfelt Gifts Are the Best

Cheap wedding gifts give a whole lot more meaning when they come full of love. Show your affection for the newlyweds with inexpensive wedding presents that they will positively enjoy!

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