33 Cheap Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love


With your wedding day coming up, staying on a budget will become difficult. There’s one area where you can save money. You can buy cheap wedding favors that your guests will love. We have a list of the best wedding favors you can give to your guests. 

Although cheap, these wedding favors ideas will meet the approval of your wedding guests. You can make your guests feel extra special with edible and nonedible souvenirs and ideas. Here is a list of wedding favor ideas in bulk for you to consider gifting to your friends and family on your big day:

1. Eiffel Tower Keychains

Are you having a destination wedding? Or are you having a Paris themed wedding? For all your wedding guests, you can buy these super cheap Eiffel Tower keychains. Your guests will love displaying them on your bags.

2. Personalized Stemless Wine Glass

The personalized stemless wine glass is a unique and usable wedding favor to give your guests. They will always a special memory of your wedding to take home with them. Since it’s a wine glass, they are unlikely to throw it away.

3. Shot Glasses

f you are having a winter wedding, you can hand out these affordable shot glasses to your wedding guests. These cheap wedding favors will be a hit with your guests.

4. Personalized Lip Balm

Your guests won’t have chapped lips because they will have a personalized lip balm to keep their lips soft and supple. This inexpensive party favor will ensure there are no cracked lips at the wedding.

5. Top Glass Bottle

Do you want to give a sweet treat to your guests? You can give homemade sweet treats, infused oils, or homemade wine secured with this top glass bottle.

You can personalize the bottle with custom labels and tags based on your wedding theme. You can keep them in lace drawstring bags and mini burlap bags.

6. Tealight Holders

If you have selected a rustic wedding theme, you need to get these creative tealight holders. You can place a candle inside each holder. Your guests can light the wedding favor when they return home or use it as a decoration piece.

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7. Tea Favors

A perfect way to say thank you to your wedding guests for coming is with these cheap wedding favors— the tea favors!

Tea favors are a unique wedding favor to give to your guests. Place some colorful loose tea inside them and present them to your guests.

8. Doughnut Favor Bags

Do you what we love about these doughnut favor bags? That they are under $1! If you have bought wedding favors for your big day but haven’t decided what to keep them, get these favor bags to store them.

9. Charm Set

If you are hosting a theme wedding and you need to watch your budget, why don’t you opt for inexpensive party favors like this beautiful and charming charm set? If you have something different in mind for your guests, you can give the charm set to your bridal party.

10. Bottle Opener

The rustic bottle opener is a wonderful and inexpensive way to tell your guests how much you appreciate them for being a part of your wedding celebrations. Your wedding guests will love your heartwarming gesture.

11. Candy Tins

For couples who want to serve edible candy on their big day, we bring them these popular candy tins. They can keep small candies in the candy tins. Your guests can later refill the cute tin with another candy of their choice.

12. Gold Wedding Favor Boxes

These elegant and low-cost wedding favor boxes will complement weddings with a sophisticated theme. They will look nice placed on the tables for each guest to take with them.

13. Lavender Soap Favors

Lavender soap favors are an ideal option for couples searching for wedding favor ideas in bulk. These affordable bulk gifts emit a beautiful lavender fragrance that will spread throughout your wedding venue.

14. DIY Infused Oil Favors

Lavender soap favors are an ideal option for couples searching for cheap DIY wedding favors in bulk. These affordable bulk gifts emit a beautiful lavender fragrance that will spread throughout your wedding venue.

15. Lollipop LookBook

The lollipop wedding favor is super cheap and super tasty! These delicious and cute wedding favors will make your guests’ taste buds happy. Give in to their sweet tooth with these simple, yet elegant wedding favors.

16. Diy Label for Donuts

An inexpensiveedible wedding favor for your wedding guests is the DIY label for donuts. You can put a tasty treat in each box. This is wedding guests gift idea is an ideal option for couples on a budget.

17. Beaded Frame Photo

Beaded frame photos are thank you gifts that your wedding guests will love using to decorate their home. These cheap wedding favors will warm your guests’ hearts, knowing you got them a gift they can use later.

18. Personalized Heart Shaped Coasters

Personalized heart shaped wedding table coasters will communicate your love for each other. You can place them on every table for guests to use and take home with them after the wedding.

19. Wedding Bookmark Favors

When your guests leave your wedding, they should take a piece of you and your big day with them. Therefore, you need to give a wedding favor that describes your personality or a hobby.

If you like to read, there is no better gift than the affordable wedding bookmark favors. It is the best wedding favor for your wedding guests.

20. Chocolate

Delicious and edible heart-shaped chocolate for your wedding guests. If you are looking for ideas for wedding favors that are under $1, give them chocolate. Your guests can eat them now or save them for later.

21. Personalized S’more Favors

Fall weddings need edible and personalized S’more favors. Your guests will love them due to how unique the gift is.

If you are having an outdoor wedding in the fall, place them on each table. Your guests will be greeted with a pleasant surprise when they take their seats.

22. Snowflake Placement Names

Couples having their wedding in the winter should get these nice snowflake placement names as wedding guest favors. Your guests can use them and take them home because it will have their name on it.

23. Peanut Butter Cups

You can place a beautiful bowl on each table and fill them with peanut butter cups. Chocolates are cheap wedding favors and also one that everyone likes receiving. You can personalize the wrapper to make your guests feel extra special.

24. Custom Honey Wedding Favors  

The custom honey wedding favors are one of the most inexpensive gifts to give to your guests on your big day. You can glue them on jars of honey if you want or give them to your wedding guests as is.

25. Personalized Mini pot

On your wedding day, you can buy cheap party gifts for your guests. These extra special gifts will impress them. They are cheap wedding favors that you can give to your wedding guests.

They are nice because you can put your favorite plant in them or give them to your guests with small seeds and soil.

26. Can Coolers

Weddings happening in winter need the can coolers for holding cold drinks. You can buy can coolers in bulk and then put on drinks to give to your guests.

They are useful gifts because your guests can use them later. These are the best wedding favors for winter weddings.

27. Seasonal Seeds

Are you planning a fall wedding? If you are, we have great party favors ideas for wedding. The cute packet contains seeds that bloom in the fall. If you are having a barn wedding, you can hand out seasonal seeds to your friends and family.

28. Wedding Favor Tags

If you have bought wedding favors for your guests and are looking for wedding favor tags to place on them, you should get these personalized tags. Whether you are having a summer, spring, fall, or winter wedding, you can use these wedding favor tags to say a thank you to your guests.

29. Custom Message in Bottle

You can write a custom message in a bottle. If you want to plan an elegant wedding, having the customer message in a bottle as wedding favors would make your guests a nice gift.

30. Floral hand fan

Since you are having a summer wedding, you need to give your guests a floral hand fan to cool themselves off. The beautiful and decorative fan is an affordable wedding favor to give to each guest on your big day.

31 Wedding Gift Bags

These cute wedding gift bags will look beautiful placed at your rustic wedding. You can put sweets, seeds, or anything else you want to place in this adorable gift bag.

32. Personalized Handwritten Matchboxes

The personalized handwritten matchboxes are ideal for couples who are on a budget. If you are looking for bulk wedding favors, these are perfect. With the matchboxes, you can give them a scented candle.

33. PopCorn Box

If you and your loved one love to watch movies, you can buy this wedding guest gift. If you have a popcorn station, you can get this popcorn box for your wedding guests.

34. Candy Boxes for Guests

You can add a personal touch by getting candy boxes filled with your favorite candy or chocolate. These elegant candy boxes for guests will complement the colors you choose for your wedding.

Did you like any of these cheap wedding favors? These are some of the best wedding favors that you can get for your wedding guests. Your guest will love their souvenirs. Even though you have bought these wedding favor ideas on a budget, your guests will feel extra special getting them. On your wedding day, you can use any of these cheap, edible, and nonedible ideas for wedding favors for your guests.

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