40 Cheap Valentines Day Gifts He or She Will Love (2022)

Cheap Valentines Day Gifts

Now that you have eaten a ton of turkey, went all out on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and survived the Christmas holidays, Valentine’s day is right around the corner. With your funds drastically depleted after the holidays, you’re likely on the hunt for awesome yet cheap Valentines day gifts.

When it comes to expressing your love, it is not about the money. The perfect Valentine gifts can also be quite affordable. From funny to thoughtful, here are 40 small and cute, inexpensive valentines day ideas under $50 for your special someone.

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40. The Night I Became Yours Custom Star Map And Photo Art Print

cheap valentines day gifts

When it comes to inexpensive Valentines day ideas, you cannot go wrong with a custom print. Surprise your partner with a sweet gesture they will never forget. Remind them of how it all started between you two. Add your favorite photo together to fill the heart, and it is all set.

39. Heart-Shaped Custom Song Lyrics Desktop Plaque

cheap valentines day gifts

If you are looking for original and affordable valentines gifts, a custom desktop plaque can go a long way. Just choose a song you both love, and the lyrics will do the rest. Your valentine can keep this sweet keepsake on their desk or the fireplace mantel.

38. I Love You To The Moon And Back Photo Collage Pillow

cheap valentines day gifts

So, you want to surprise your partner with a romantic gift under $50? Great! This photo collage pillow is just the thing. It is not only a cute piece of home decor, but it is also a beautiful canvas to tell your love story in pictures.

37. Herbivore Botanicals Pink Clay Soap

cheap valentines day gifts

Some last minute valentine gifts are better than others. Impress her with a cute and useful present. Natural and vegan, this pink clay soap will help her destress after a long day by also being mindful of the environment. If your girl is big on sustainability, she will surely appreciate this gift.

36. Herb Garden Starter Kit

cheap valentines day gifts

If your partner is a big tea lover, they would likely wish to have their own indoor garden. Make their wish come true with this inexpensive herb garden starter kit. Both meaningful and romantic, this gift idea is perfect for virtually any occasion, including Valentines day.

35. Yoga Dice

cheap valentines day gifts

This present is perfect for yoga lovers. The yoga dice is one of those cheap valentines day gifts for her that will not go unused. It will help her spice up her meditation routine and make it extra fun. Plus, it might encourage you to give it a try, too!

34. Natural Silk Sleep Mask

cheap valentines day gifts

Sleep masks are always a good idea. Especially when they are made of silk. Show your lady how much you care about her getting a good night’s sleep with this affordable gift idea. It is a small and caring present, perfect for lovers’ day.

33. Essential Oil Necklace

cheap valentines day gifts

A small piece of jewelry can be a very impactful gift. This affordable essential oil necklace is a great choice. Wild essential oils are fantastic for staying calm and energized throughout the day. Through the stylish necklace, she will be able to have portable aromatherapy wherever she goes!

32. Square Map Canvas – Retro Style

cheap valentines day gifts

This Valentines, surprise your special someone with a cute retro map. It can be the place you met or where you went on your first date. It can be the location of an upcoming adventure. Either way, it is a memorable way to celebrate your love journey.

31. The Boss & The Real Boss Personalized Couple Mugs

cheap valentines day gifts

You can find many great gems under $50. These couple mugs are a great example of that. Cute and quirky, they are a fantastic choice for your favorite couple or you and your partner. Morning coffee will taste so much better in these themed mugs!

30. Custom Engraved Wood Guitar Pick

cheap valentines day gifts

Looking for a cheap valentine day gift for him? Any music lover would love this small and cute guitar pick. With a meaningful message and a simple design, your partner is bound to love it. The best part? It is handmade!

29. Baby Yoda Device Holder

cheap valentines day gifts

Do you want to really surprise your boyfriend for Valentines day? This Baby Yoda device holder is one of the best cheap valentine’s day gifts for him you can find. It is original and useful, and it will remind him of you each time he plays the guitar.

28. Date Night In Cookbook

cheap valentines day gifts

Keep the spark alive with a lovely collection of delicious meals. This cookbook is the perfect helper for your date nights spent at home. It will give you great meal ideas you can prepare together. A win-win gift overall!

27. Custom Star Map And Spiral Song Lyrics Framed Print

cheap valentines day gifts

Show your partner they are the brightest star in your universe with this sentimental print. There is nothing more romantic than offering the stars in the sky to your lover. Pair that with his or her favorite song lyrics, and you have a truly stunning present.

26. Capsule Matte Lipstick Set

cheap valentines day gifts

Every woman loves her lipstick. So, why not turn that into a thoughtful present for your special lady? Shaped like cute small capsules, these matte lipsticks will fit perfectly in any purse and allow her to experiment with colors.

25. Women’s Fleece Bathrobe

cheap valentines day gifts

Cute, practical, and cozy — this fleece bathrobe is simply amazing. It is one of those smart yet cheap valentines day gifts for her that she will love and not leave a hole in your pocket. Whether for your wife, girlfriend, or a dear friend, this bathrobe is a safe choice.

24. A Great Big Hug Custom Photo Pillow

cheap valentines day gifts

Going for something sweet and memorable this Valentines? How about a custom photo pillow they can hug whenever you are not around? It is both thoughtful and super cute. Your lady will smile each time she sees it.

23. Echeveria Succulents

cheap valentines day gifts

Often, small and cute gifts tend to steal our hearts. If your special someone loves plants or is always saying they want one — this is your time to shine. Get them a succulent as a token of your love. He or she will love it!

22. Portable Grill Machine

cheap valentines day gifts

If you are looking for cheap things to do for Valentine’s day, this portable grill will not disappoint. It will be the perfect excuse to go on more adventures in nature together. Plus, it is super light and easy to take wherever you go.

21. Holding Hands Line Drawing Custom Canvas Print

cheap valentines day gifts

It is not all about chocolates and flowers on lovers’ day. This custom canvas print is one of those original yet affordable valentine gifts under $50. It is a sentimental piece of art she can hang at home or her workplace.

20. Most Famous Romantic Movie Puzzles

cheap valentines day gifts

If your lady loves romantic movies and gestures, this puzzle is just the thing. Featuring the 50 most memorable movie couples of all time, your partner will relive their romance as she assembles the puzzle. Pretty cool, right?

19. You are my Penguin Candle

cheap valentines day gifts

When looking for funny Valentines day gifts for him or her, a handmade candle with a cute message steals the gold. You can light it up on your date nights at home, or it can become your inside ‘penguin’ joke!

18. Jamaican Me Crazy Coffee

cheap valentines day gifts

Running on a tight Valentines day budget? No worries, affordable options are available! Any coffee lover will appreciate this ‘Jamaican Me Crazy’ ground coffee. Fill their mornings with the flavor of mouth-watering gourmet coffee. Talk about thoughtful gifts!

17. You Are My Today And All Of My Tomorrows Custom Photo Desktop Plaque

cheap valentines day gifts

Although you may be tempted to play it safe with a bouquet of flowers, a gift like this desktop plaque is so much more meaningful. No matter if it is a new relationship or a long-lasting marriage, gestures like that always matter.

16. Tommy Girl By Tommy Hilfiger

cheap valentines day gifts

Is your girl a fan of Tommy Hilfinger scents? Filled with fiery, spicy notes, this cologne spray will quickly become her new favorite perfume. Plus, it will show her that you pay attention to what she likes. It’s a win-win.

15. Cocktail Mixer

cheap valentines day gifts

If you are on the lookout for DIY valentine gifts, this cocktail mixer is the first step for a great DIY experience. Every cocktail lover deserves a stylish mixer to experiment with flavors and their favorite recipes. It will quickly become their most treasured item.

14. You Are My Favorite Forever and Ever Custom Ceramic Mug

cheap valentines day gifts

The best gifts for lovers’ day are romantic and custom. This ceramic mug has such a sweet design — a lovely message at the front and a photo of you two on the back. You can get a matching mug for you, too.

13. Motivation Water Bottle

cheap valentines day gifts

So, your boyfriend is a sports junkie? How about getting a thoughtful yet cheap valentine day gift for him? The motivation water bottle will help keep him hydrated during his workouts. It is a sweet way to show how much you care about him, too.

12. Pearl and Heart Bracelet

cheap valentines day gifts

This delicate bracelet is a great way to show your new love how much she means to you. Its simple design makes it easy to match any style and outfit. Your lady will be speechless once she sees this gift!

11. Anker Powerline+ II Lightning Cable

Anker Powerline+ II Lightning Cable

So, you have decided on a practical gift this Valentines? It does not get any more useful than gifts like this Anker powerline. Just because it is lovers’ day, it does not mean you have to get him something cheesy and romantic. Get him something he truly needs!

10. JBL GO Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

JBL GO Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

If you want to get your partner something awesome for under $50, you are in the right place. Music buffs always have room for one more portable speaker, and this one has pretty good quality. They can take it for picnics, hikes, parties, and virtually anywhere they go.

9. Cosmopolitan Love Potions

Cosmopolitan Love Potions

This booklet is the perfect gift for a dear friend who is going through a breakup or is still looking for love. It will help guide them through a tough time, and it can encourage them to practice better self-care.

8. Matte Black Forest Fountain Pen

Matte Black Forest Fountain Pen

Even though we live in a digital era, we still need to write things down. Especially some of us. If your loved one falls into that category, surprise them with this stylish yet affordable Valentines gift. You can order it in their favorite color!

7. Strawberry Daiquiri Lip Balm

Strawberry Daiquiri Lip Balm

Does your girl love her strawberry Daiquiri? If yes, then this cocktail-flavored lip balm is just the thing for her. It is a fun and practical gift she will surely use. After all, lip balms are never enough.

6. AmazonBasics Canvas Travel Bag

AmazonBasics Canvas Travel Bag

Planning a romantic getaway for Valentines? This travel bag is the perfect gift to complement your surprise! It is stylish, functional, and just the right size for short trips. When it comes to inexpensive valentines day ideas, this is a top option.

5. Colster Can Insulator

Colster Can Insulator

Can insulators are a caring and thoughtful gift, perfect for those who always have something to drink on the go. No matter the season, their drink will stay at the perfect temperature, and they will have you to thank for that!

4. Cute Cat Notebook

Cute Cat Notebook

It is safe to say that cat lovers love cats on everything, including notebooks. When looking for cheap Valentines day gifts for friends who love animals, this notebook is the perfect thing. Watch her squeal with tears of joy once she opens her present!

3. Couple Star Wars Keychain

Couple Star Wars Keychain

Just because they are cheap Valentines day gifts, it does not mean they are bad. Some are actually pretty meaningful and useful. This Star Wars keychain is not only cute but a fantastic idea for fans of the franchise.

2. Zippo Custom Lighter: Fusion Sun and Moon

Zippo Custom Lighter: Fusion Sun and Moon

Who does not love a good custom lighter? Even non-smokers adore them! With a subtle message that you two are like the sun and the moon, this gift is both unique and sweet. Plus, it is quite affordable, too!

1. Biglove Ice Cream Spoons

 Biglove Ice Cream Spoons

Ice cream demands to be enjoyed in big portions and together with the ones you love. If your partner agrees, then these Biglove spoons are the perfect Valentines gift for them. Tip: you might want to pair the spoons with an actual bucket of ice cream.

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