39 Cheap Bridesmaid Gifts Under $30 That Help You Express Your Gratitude (2023)


The people you ask to be at your wedding party are likely some of your closest friends and confidants. Grabbing cheap bridesmaid gifts is an excellent way to thank them for planning your wedding

These inexpensive wedding party gifts range from under $10 to under $20, all less than $30. Since you’re already spending a lot on your wedding, you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a thank you for your bridal party. Use this guide to find affordable bridesmaid gift ideas to give to your favorite people on your special day.

Bridesmaid Gifts Under $30

“Will You Be My Bridesmaid” Photo Collage Coffee Mug

bridesmaid proposal gifts: Bridesmaid Coffee Mug

Many brides like to give their bridesmaids gifts when making the official request to have them be at the wedding party. One cheap bridesmaid proposal gift to consider is a personalized photo mug. A lovely way to ask a friend to be a part of your wedding while providing a convenient present in the process.

Bridesmaid Proposal Box

cheap bridesmaid proposal: Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Creating a box for your bridesmaids is a delightful way to offer a collection of presents to your team. However, many face challenges when deciding what to include. One the most simple bridesmaids’ gifts like a succulent gift box can be the solution, as it’s universally cherished.

Birth Month Flower Glass

bridesmaid proposal ideas cheap: Birth Month Flower Glass

In your quest for the most heartfelt gifts for your bridesmaids, consider the charm of a wine glass. Birth month flower glasses are excellent for sentimental bridesmaids’ budget-friendly and valuable gifts. Enhance this wonderful gesture by adding an affordable bottle of wine to make it even more successful.

Bridesmaid Satin Pajama Set

bride tribe gifts: Bridesmaid Satin Pajama Set

When seeking affordable bridesmaid proposal gifts, consider the Bridesmaid Satin Pajama Set. The pre-wedding morning is the perfect time to reveal your tokens of appreciation to your bridesmaids. Besides being a thoughtful present, these elegant pajamas offer your ladies a lovely garment to don as they prepare for your special day.

“Will You Be My Bridesmaid” Candle

cheap brides maid: “Will You Be My Bridesmaid” Candle

One of the better options to go with when you need a gift in a pinch is a candle. Cheap bridesmaid gifts are a lovely gift to go with because it is easy to buy in bulk and is something everyone can use. On a symbolic level, the candles represent the fire that keeps all your relationships burning bright.

Personalized Bridesmaid Coffee Mug

rustic bridesmaids gifts: Personalized Bridesmaid Coffee Mug

You’re about to tie the knot! It’s time to celebrate, but don’t forget about your female companions. Cheap personalized bridesmaid gifts like this coffee cup make a nice thank-you gift for the fantastic bridesmaid in your life. It doesn’t get any better than this for awesome bridal shower wedding gifts!

Minimergency Kit

bridesmaid gifts for sisters: Minimergency Kit

The Minimergency Kit is one of the must-have bridesmaid items, offering a compact solution for unexpected mishaps on the big day. Packed with essentials like a sewing kit, nail polish, and pain relievers, it’s a practical and thoughtful gift that ensures a worry-free experience.

Party Sunglasses

wholesale bridesmaid gift: Party Sunglasses

Elevate your bridesmaids’ style with this gift pack, featuring 1 white and 6 leopard design sunglasses. Perfect for bachelorette parties, bridal showers, and the wedding night, these modern shades add flair to your celebrations and make for memorable photos and cherished gifts.

Bridesmaid Gifts Under $20

Bridesmaid Engraved Natural Wood Picture Frame

diy bridesmaids gifts ideas: Bridesmaid Engraved Natural Wood Picture Frame

For those seeking cheap bridesmaid proposal gifts, consider a custom illustration. Personalize the skin tone, hairstyle, and formal outfit to match each individual’s wedding appearance, and include a heartfelt message at the bottom. Once the artwork is delivered, simply frame it for a thoughtful present to your friends at the wedding party.

Personalized Bride and Maid of Honor Art

cheap bride to be gifts: Personalized Bride and Maid of Honor Art

Celebrate your special day of cheap bridesmaid gifts with this personalized art piece. The Personalized Bride and Maid of Honor Art offers an affordable and meaningful way to show your gratitude. Customize the artwork with a unique touch to create a one-of-a-kind keepsake. This thoughtful gesture will remind them of your bond and the beautiful moments you’ve shared on your wedding day.

Bridesmaid Silver Bracelet

cheap bridal gifts: Bridesmaid Bracelet Gift

You don’t need to go to extremes in order to find gifts that make sense for your crew. If you want to make them feel special with your presents, consider something like a bridesmaid bracelet. This is a thoughtful way of showing these important women in your life just how much it means to have them a part of this experience.

Mini Travel Jewelry Box

bridesmaid wedding favors: Mini Travel Jewelry Box

The Mini Travel Jewelry Box is the perfect bridesmaid gift, a blend of elegance and utility. With its compact design, it keeps jewelry organized on the go.  The initial name is customizable and convenient, it’s a lasting token of appreciation for your bridesmaids’ support.

Bridesmaid Cosmetic Makeup Bag

what do bridesmaids really want for gifts?: Bridesmaid Cosmetic Makeup Bag

Most people will appreciate being gifted an item that they can put to good use right away. An inexpensive way to achieve this for your big day is by grabbing cosmetic bags for your bridesmaids. With these accessories, they’ll have all of their makeup stored in a convenient and safe place whenever they’re on the road or in a rush.

The Mini Bar Cocktail Recipe Collections

affordable jewelry for bridesmaids: The Mini Bar Cocktail Recipe Collections

For a team that knows how to enjoy cocktails, empower them to craft their own with this set of eight recipe books showcasing 100 cocktails tailored for various occasions, including the bachelorette party pregame.

Personalized To-Do List Notebook

the knot bridesmaid gifts: Personalized To-Do List Notebook

Give your wedding entourage a heads-up with this cost-effective bridesmaid proposal concept. Customize planners with individual names and highlight your wedding date, ensuring they don’t overlook your special day. This practical and imaginative gesture ensures your crew won’t miss any crucial celebrations.

Satin Bridesmaid Hair Ties

little bridesmaids gifts: Satin Bridesmaid Hair Ties

Add a touch of elegance to your bridesmaids’ hairstyles with Satin Bridesmaid Hair Ties. These gentle and stylish accessories are perfect for keeping hair in place while adding a chic flair to their overall look. A thoughtful addition to your wedding ensemble that your bridal squad will appreciate.

Silver Knot Necklace

last minute bridesmaids gifts: Silver Knot Necklace

Show your appreciation to your bridal party with the timeless elegance of the Silver Knot Necklace. This exquisite piece not only complements various styles but also symbolizes the unbreakable bond of friendship. As a heartfelt bridesmaid gift, it’s a gesture that will be cherished long after the wedding day, a symbol of the ties that bind you together.

Leather Keychain

practical bridesmaid gifts:Leather Tassel Keychain

A keychain doesn’t always come across as a practical gift, but the entire point of the accessory is to notice your keys. A leather tassel keychain, therefore, is a very good example of a keychain serving a purpose. With this cute addition to the ring, your girls will never misplace an important item like a house or car key again.

Mini Dried Flower Posy

bridesmaid proposal on a budget: Mini Dried Flower Posy

Experience the charm of gifting with the Mini Dried Flower Posy. Delight your bridesmaids with this elegant arrangement of preserved blossoms, a perfect symbol of your appreciation. It’s a heartfelt gesture that will stand the test of time.

Cream Pearl Wedding Hair Pins

inexpensive bridesmaid proposal ideas: Cream Pearl Wedding Hair Pins

Enhance your bridesmaids’ hairdos with the charming Cream Pearl Wedding Hair Pins. These delicate adornments exude a sense of refinement, adding a subtle yet captivating allure to their hairstyles. A thoughtful choice for bridesmaid gifts, these hair pins contribute to the overall elegance of your wedding ensemble, leaving a lasting impression of sophistication and style.

Bridesmaid Gifts Under $10

Personalized Bridesmaid Tumbler

cheap bridesmaid proposal ideas: Personalized Bridesmaid Tumbler

Want to keep your gift simple and still give it a unique edge? A personalized tumbler is one of the inexpensive bridal party gifts you can consider. Help your gals stay hydrated with a travel cup that they can take with them wherever they go. Plus, you can have a sentimental message added to the custom cups!

Heart Shaped Ring Dish

wholesale bridesmaid gifts: Heart Shaped Ring Dish

Rings are one of those accessories that are incredibly easy to lose. If your bridesmaids are the type to misplace their jewelry, consider a ring dish as a present. This personalized bridesmaid gift is sweet, and thoughtful, and will be put to good use by your girls. Plus, it can be customized with the perfect sentiments from the happy couple.

Bridesmaid Compact Mirror

cheap bridal party gifts free personalization: Bridesmaid Compact Mirror

Finding affordable bridesmaid gifts under $20 for your bridesmaids can seem like an impossible challenge at times. Thankfully, there are lots of ways to approach this task in a creative and simple way. A makeup mirror is a gift that your bridesmaids will love, being able to check their makeup throughout the course of the wedding and ensure they look fantastic.

“I Couldn’t Tie The Knot Without You” Bracelet

affordable bridesmaid proposal: “I Couldn’t Tie The Knot Without You” Bracelet

A place to store jewelry is always a thoughtful present to consider. An inexpensive necklace box is a perfect option when you’re looking for cute cheap bridesmaid gifts under $10 that don’t look cheap. When they open this gift and take a look at the gorgeous craftsmanship, your bridesmaids will definitely feel your gratitude.

Bridesmaid Proposal Card

bridesmaid proposal cards: Proposal card

In many situations, words can do far more than a gift ever could. If you want to make each bridesmaid feel appreciated without blowing the bank on a gift, one cheap way to approach the task is with a card. Coming in at under $5, this is the kind of present where you can pour your heart out.

Custom Eye Mask

cheap diy bridesmaid proposal: Custom Eye Mask

A little bit of rest and relaxation does wonders for a person’s spirits. If you’ve been running your bridesmaids ragged, you should consider a gift that will help them feel calm and cool. A custom sleep eye mask is a cute expensive gift for your bridesmaids to take it easy and get a proper night of slumber.

Silk Bridesmaid Robes

cheap bridesmaid: Silk Bridesmaid Robes

The morning of the wedding is a great opportunity to unveil your gifts for your girls. A bridesmaid robe can be ideal for such a moment. Not only are these luxurious silk robes a nice gift to begin with, but it also provides the ladies with a great article of clothing to slip into as they get ready for your big event.

Bridesmaid Tote Bag

diy bridal party gifts: Bridesmaid Tote Bag

Some gifts are perfect because they are both practical and unique. A tote bag fits the bill perfectly in this regard. When you need an inexpensive present that can be customized in a number of sweet and thoughtful ways, a tote is definitely a great option to explore. Perfect for trips to the store, beach, or anywhere your bridesmaids travel.

Personalized Champagne Flutes

affordable bridesmaid proposal gifts	: Personalized Champagne Flutes

A toast before the wedding ceremony is a great way for you to soak up some good luck before walking down the aisle. If you want to find the best gifts under $10 for your girls, consider getting them personalized champagne flutes. This gift is both ideal for toasting and a great keepsake of the big day that they’ll cherish.

Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler

cheap bridesmaid proposal box: Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler

Staying hydrated is key to being a bridesmaid. With all of the tasks and responsibilities thrown at the wedding party, it can be easy to forget to drink water now and then. A personalized drinks tumbler is a gift that will help you encourage the girls in your group to drink. All you need to do is pick a message!

Natural Bath Bomb

cheap bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts: Natural Bath Bomb

Want to help your special ladies relax and unwind before the big day arrives? One great gift you can get on the budget you have is a bath bomb bridesmaid present. The next time the gals decide to take a bath, they can toss in a bomb and be transported into a colorful and therapeutic spa experience from their homes.

Bridesmaid Socks

will you be my bridesmaid ideas cheap: Bridesmaid Socks

A great way to grab some cute last-minute gifts is by thinking of an item everyone needs. Socks fit the bill perfectly for this task, ask everyone can always benefit from a new pair of socks. Best of all, socks are cheap bridesmaid gifts so you won’t be spending a small fortune on getting a few different designs for the wedding party

Luggage Tags

Luggage Tags Bridesmaid Gift

If you’re having a destination wedding, you definitely need to give your bridesmaids gifts to show your appreciation for their commitment to such a responsibility. Luggage tags are a lovely fit when you need gifts under $5 that will be useful during the journey. Customize the tags for an added touch of gratitude on this simple and straightforward gift option.

Pashmina Scarf

Pashmina Scarf

For decades, pashmina scarves have served as a stylish and warm accessory for women and men alike to don in the winter months. If you want an affordable gift that still comes across as a unique and thoughtful gesture, a pashmina is a perfect fit. All you need to do is pick out styles that match your bridesmaids’ unique personalities.

Bridesmaid Can Coolers

cheap bridesmaid gifts under 10:Can Coolers

Chances are high that some of your bridesmaids are friends you drank during your college days. Relive those glory days of youth by gifting some inexpensive can coolers. Crack open some beers, place them in the coolers, and enjoy the crisp and fresh taste of your younger years as you take the next big step of your life journey.

Custom Beaded Keychain

Custom Beaded Keychain

We’re absolutely enamored by these delightful bridesmaid key chains. Crafted from vibrant silicone beads, these key chains feature a leather tassel and a customizable wood charm bearing a name. Your bridal team will carry them everywhere, and the wristlet design adds a hands-free convenience that’s truly a bonus!

Personalized Engraved Bridesmaid Hangers

Personalized Engraved Bridesmaid Hangers

Add a touch of charm to your wedding day preparations by surprising your bridal party with personalized hangers. These elegant white wood hangers feature their names or roles in graceful script, offering a delightful way to keep their dresses or suits well-organized. Ensure you also have one for yourself to complete the thoughtful gesture!

Pick n Mix Sweet Box

Pick n Mix Sweet Box

Delight your bridesmaids with a sweet treat using the Pick n Mix Sweet Box. This customizable gift is a charming way to show your appreciation. Fill the box with their favorite candies, chocolates, and treats, creating a personalized gesture that will surely put a smile on their faces. It’s a delightful and delicious way to say “thank you” to your bridal party.

Personalized Bridesmaid Thank You Card

Personalized Bridesmaid Thank You Card

Finally, a classic thank-you card is a present you absolutely cannot go wrong with. Not only is this a thoughtful gift in and of itself, but it also perfectly falls into the under $10 category of gifts. Come up with the right words, write them out, and give a gift that will be cherished.

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Final words

Though you might feel like finding cheap bridesmaid gifts is impossible, there are lots of great options out there to explore. Dive into the search and see what you can discover for the important ladies in your life. 

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