25 Beautiful Catholic Wedding Songs for Your Ceremony (2022 Updated Version)

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Some couples prefer the traditional approach when it comes to a Catholic wedding. From popular Catholic church hymns to the tunes that connect the listener to the power of their faith, there are lots of options when it comes to Catholic wedding songs.

While the Catholic church puts several restrictions on what songs are allowed to be played during the ceremony itself, you still have control over which religious hymns you use. Give yourself a moment to take a look at these tips and discover how you can put together the perfect soundtracks for this milestone moment in your life.

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A Quick Overview of Selecting Catholic Wedding Songs

Anyone who was raised with a Catholic upbringing remembers the music connected to the services. Though not as energetic as some religious music, the best Catholic songs have a way of connecting the audience with a higher power.

Each song usually contains references to the power and love of the Lord, which can be the perfect message for some couples to send when tying the knot. Since there are several key moments within a traditional Catholic wedding ceremony, you’ll need to select a song for each of these important moments.

The processional tune for the wedding is usually the most uplifting of all the music played. This song welcomes the couple, the officiant, and the rest of the wedding party into the venue.

After this, music for the pre-homily is usually meant to invoke a more solemn mood. The post-homily and recessional portion of the ceremony should contain songs with a celebratory feel about them to emphasize the excitement of the moment.

Song Requirements

As mentioned, the Catholic church puts a number of restrictions on what songs can and cannot be used during a service. This means you can’t simply look on the internet for whatever songs you would like.

No matter how religious the tune might seem, it needs to be approved by the church’s music minister and adhere to whatever guidelines the particular church has put forth. Building a close relationship with the music minister can help you understand the requirements for Catholic wedding ceremony songs.

These days, it is much more common for ministers to work with couples to find a compromise with music. Instead of turning a couple away, the minister may agree to learn new songs as long as they fit the guidelines of the church. This means the music must be prayerful in nature and have a specific connection to Catholic teachings. However, don’t be surprised if the minister denies your request.

A List of Popular Catholic Wedding Songs

While the wedding ceremony itself is not usually lengthy, you want to make sure you pick enough songs to cover the key moments. This includes any additional moments included in your wedding.

If you’re putting emphasis on moments like the lighting of the unity candle, the presentation of gifts, or communion, you absolutely need music for these events. Look over this Catholic mass songs list to get a feel for popular options for the reflection song, gathering song, and more.

  1. Arioso – J.S. Bach
  2. Panis Angelicus – C. Franck
  3. Trumpet Tune – H. Purcell
  4. Trumpet Voluntary – J. Clarke
  5. Ave Maria – Beyoncé
  6. House of Love – Amy Grant
  7. Love Has Come – Matt Maher
  8. Point To You – We Are Messengers
  9. Air from Suite in D (Air on the G String) – J.S. Bach
  10. Be Thou My Vision – Audrey Assad
  11. La Rejouissance – Handel
  12. Give It All – We Are Messengers
  13. Commitment – Sanctus Real
  14. We Say Yes – Housefires
  15. Wherever You Go – David Haas
  16. Amazing Grace – John Newton
  17. Be Thou My Vision – Audrey Assad
  18. Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing – Chris Rice
  19. O God Beyond All Praising – Gustav Holst
  20. God is Able – Hillsong
  21. Haven’t Even Kissed – Moriah Peters
  22. Thank God I Got Her – Jonny Diaz
  23. This Is Love – New Wine Worship
  24. Angle – Casting Crowns
  25. More Than You’ll Ever Know – Watermark

When you’re looking to personalize your wedding through music, it is important to make sure you are covering all your bases. In order to wed within a Catholic church, you need to adhere to all of the rules set forth.

Give yourself the opportunity to review the specific regulations for which Catholic wedding songs you are allowed to use in your ceremony. With a bit of time and research, you’ll be ready to invoke the classic, religious experience you desire.  

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