21 Inspiring Catholic Wedding Gifts The Bride And Groom Will Love

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Like other religious institutions, the Catholic Church observes similar doctrines worldwide. Ideally, this means that Catholic wedding gifts should be easy to find no matter the wedding destination. For starters, the bride and groom must celebrate their wedding day in church. Catholic couples must take the Sacrament of Marriage before the Lord, a priest, friends, and family. Doing so depicts their commitment to their love and marriage.

1. Christian Family Rules Canvas Wall Art

Christian Family Rules Canvas Wall Art


  • Inspirational and motivational messages for the entire family.
  • Customizable with your family name for a unique touch.


  • Longer shipping for international orders.
  • Premium materials may lead to a higher price point.

If you grew up in a Catholic family, you probably know most Bible verses by heart. That said, it shouldn’t be hard to figure out what gift to get your parents for their 20th wedding anniversary. What’s best is that you can have it personalized to indicate your family name. It’ll probably be the most thoughtful gift idea they ever received!

2. Wooden Crucifix

Wooden Crucifix


  • Natural and rustic appeal with wooden material.
  • Can serve as a meaningful gift for religious occasions.


  • May not suit all home decor styles.
  • Requires careful handling and storage.

There’s nothing quite like the simplicity of a pendant necklace to make it of a lifetime for a mom’s wedding gift. A symbol represents the unbreakable bond between a mother and her daughter. Available in 3 choices from gold to silver, and rose gold, this heartfelt gift comes with a jewelry box, a special note that she can wear and cherish every day.  

3. Sculpted Hand-Painted Nativity Figures

Sculpted Hand-Painted Nativity Figures

Sculpted nativity figures were one of the most cherished wedding gifts we got from our friends. Every Advent, we look forward to setting up our scene and celebrating the birth of Jesus. We also keep it on display throughout the whole Christmas season. Other religious art pieces like a painting of the Last Supper or the Wedding at Cana would also be wonderful gifts for a married couple. Exquisite Hand-Painted Nativity Set: A Collection of Six Resin Figures, with the Tallest Standing at 9.5” High. Featuring Mary, Joseph, Shepherd, Donkey, and Two Sheep.

4. Pearl Rosary

Pearl Rosary

Before attending an acquaintance’s wedding, you’ll need to do some research before the big day. Besides knowing their hobbies, it’ll also help to learn more about their Catholic religion. If the couple is pious, it’s best to get them a holy Bible and rosary set for the wedding. It’ll surely rank high on the list of thoughtful gifts!

5. Custom Wildflower Candle Set

Custom Wildflower Candle Set


  • Customizable with a unique message
  • Premium soy wax and essential oils ensure a long-lasting fragrance


  • Fewer pre-made designs available due to customizability.

This unity candle set is more than just a holiday gift. It’s a beautiful way to celebrate the Catholic faith and any other special occasion with your loved ones. You can light up the candles and count down the days until your wedding ceremony. Filling your special moment with a delightful fragrance and a touch of nature.

6. Wedding Vows His Her Photo Canvas Print

Wedding Vows His Her Photo Canvas Print


  • Sentimental keepsake with wedding vows and photo
  • Evokes emotional connection and memories


  • Limited space for longer vows
  • Slight color variations from digital proof

Have you been wondering what gift to get your sister for her first wedding anniversary? Show her how thoughtful you are by buying her this gorgeous His-Her photo canvas print. Customize the Catholic anniversary gift with one of their cute wedding photos alongside their vows. It will act as a seal of a sacrament that the couple should honor!

7. Gold Cross Wedding Bible

Gold Cross Wedding Bible

Christian couples love quoting Bible verses whenever they can. What better way to celebrate your colleague’s wedding ceremony than by getting her the most precious gift? Get her this personalized Catholic wedding gifts like a Bible. The illustrated title and gold Catholic wedding cross will remind her to always pray for her marriage.

8. Forever Book

Forever Book

There’s nothing more beautiful than a happy couple that works hard for their marriage. Such couples are essentially in a successful partnership rather than in competition. In addition to a Bible, get the bride and groom this holy book. It’s the perfect present to help them walk stronger in their faith and union!

9. Personalized Baptism Picture Frame

Personalized Baptism Picture Frame

This picture frame is a thoughtful gift for a couple who are expecting a baby soon. They will love to use it for their baby’s baptism and display it in their home. Plus, they can customize it later with the baptism date and the baby’s name!

10. Cross Bracelet And Colored Beads

Cross Bracelet And Colored Beads

This cross bracelet and colored beads are one of the most catholic wedding gifts that express your love and faith. The bracelet is made of stainless steel and has a cross and beads with different meanings. It’s a wonderful gift for a catholic couple. Stylish and meaningful, this stainless steel cross bracelet with colored beads is adjustable (19-22 cm) and features a minimalist Christian design.

11. Faith, Hope, Love, Family Desktop Photo Collage Plaque

Faith, Hope, Love, Family Desktop Photo Collage Plaque

Faith, hope, and Love are the pillars of happy families. Unfortunately, most family members assume these fruits of the Holy Spirit come easily. Instead of letting your children find this out the hard way, teach them to work hard for their marriage. Surprise them with one of the sweetest gifts: a custom desktop plaque with their favorite photos!

12. Mother Of Tenderness Bouquet

Mother Of Tenderness Bouquet

A catholic rosary is a unique and beautiful one the catholic wedding gifts. Collect prayers from family and friends for the couple, just give them this Mother Of Tenderness Bouquet. It’s a lovely picture that symbolizes the spiritual bouquet. It’s a great way to bless the couple.

13. Personalized Catholic Wedding Program

Personalized Catholic Wedding Program

This Personalized Catholic Wedding Program is a wonderful wedding gift. It has the couple’s names and wedding dates on the cover. A beautiful way to celebrate the sacrament of marriage. You might want to frame it later!

14. Madonna And Child Holy Blue Fountain

Madonna And Child Holy Blue Fountain

Give a ceramic holy water font to the newlyweds. It’s a vessel that holds holy water and hangs on the wall. It reminds them of their faith and blesses their home.

15. Personalized Wood Wedding Cross

Personalized Wood Wedding Cross

This lovely cross is a personalized gift that you can make even more special by adding a note on the back and the names of the bride and groom on the front. It has a small keyhole that allows you to hang it easily and decorate any family room with it. Celebrate your special day with a personalized wood wedding cross, available in white or brown, sized 8×11″ tall and 3/4″ thick, with beautiful brown engraving.

16. Funny Catholic Black Coffee Mug

Funny Catholic Black Coffee Mug

Marriage is not easy. With that in mind, couples need to establish great communication channels. Thankfully, a good sense of humor often comes in handy to diffuse tense situations. If your little brother is a coffee enthusiast, surprise him with this sarcastic mug. Never have gifts been so hilarious!

17. Mary And Joseph Garden Flag

Mary And Joseph Garden Flag


  • Beautiful Design
  • Made from high-quality and weather-resistant fabric
  • Suitable for year-round use


  • Limiting customization options for different outdoor spaces.

This Catholic garden flag is a beautiful and thoughtful gift for a couple who loves gardening. It will add a touch of faith and color to their outdoor space. It’s also durable and resistant to any weather conditions.

18. Catholic Priest Tumbler

Catholic Priest Tumbler

Everyone knows the Lord’s word advocates for generosity and kindness among all humanity. These deeds should apply to everyone, including His religious servants. How about surprising your pastor with a thank-you gift during the presentation of gifts at your Catholic wedding? You can have it personalized by writing his name and a heartfelt message from the bride and groom!

19. Sacred Heart Box

Sacred Heart Box

Catholic churches encourage believers to pray the rosary whenever they can. Doing so ensures that they keep their hearts pure and free from worry. This gold heart is the best for people who believe in the power of faith and prayer. It’s one of the most majestic yet affordable Catholic wedding accessories you can get for Catholic couples.

20. Wooden Nativity Ornament

Wooden Nativity Ornament


  • Each wooden nativity ornament is uniquely handcrafted.
  • Durable and long-lasting.


  • Since they are handcrafted, the size of each ornament might vary slightly

Christmas weddings are some of the most enjoyable events. Everyone is usually in a celebratory mood already, making the wedding ceremony even more exciting. Instead of getting your aunt another tea set, get her this adorable rustic gift. It can also double as a Catholic anniversary gift for a couple celebrating their blossoming relationship.

21. Catholic Necklace

Catholic Necklace

Shopping for Catholic wedding items can be challenging for non-Catholics. However, here’s a simple yet unique gift that any pious man would appreciate. Instead of buying your dad another Catholic wedding Bible and rosary, surprise him with these St. Benedict Necklace. You’ll exceed any wedding gift expectations he had for his silver wedding anniversary!

Final Words

When attending an unfamiliar wedding ceremony, it’s vital to research beforehand. Doing so helps you avoid embarrassing situations related to cultural or religious differences. It’s essential to purchase appropriate gifts when attending a wedding. Don’t stick to the usual gifts like a Bible and a rosary set for the wedding. Come up with unique ideas that will showcase your ingenuity. With this extensive list, you won’t fail to find a befitting present for them!

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