19+ Inspiring Catholic Wedding Gifts the Bride and Groom Will Love

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Like other religious institutions, the Catholic Church observes similar doctrines worldwide. Ideally, this means that Catholic wedding gifts should be easy to find no matter the wedding destination. For starters, the bride and groom must celebrate their wedding day in church. Catholic couples must take the Sacrament of Marriage before the Lord, a priest, friends, and family. Doing so depicts their commitment to their love and the marriage.

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catholic wedding gifts - cross crucifix

20. Cross Crucifix


Anyone who has attended a Catholic mass knows how precious the crucifix is to Christians. That said, if your colleague is a firm believer, then she’ll appreciate this wedding cross. Not only is it symbolic of her faith, but it is also an ideal gift for the poor Catholic wedding. She’s sure to wear it proudly to work every day!

Price: $3.49


19. Rosary


Before attending an acquaintance’s wedding, you’ll need to do some research before the big day. Besides knowing their hobbies, it’ll also help to learn more about their Catholic religion. If the couple is pious, it’s best to get them a holy Bible and rosary set for the wedding. It’ll surely rank high on the list of thoughtful gifts!

Price: $39.99


18. Wooden Nativity


Christmas weddings are some of the most enjoyable events. Everyone is usually in a celebratory mood already, making the wedding ceremony even more exciting. Instead of getting your aunt another tea set, get her this adorable rustic gift. It can also double as a Catholic anniversary gift for a couple celebrating their blossoming relationship.

Price: $43.95

17. Forever Book


There’s nothing more beautiful than a happy couple that works hard for their marriage. Such couples are essentially in a successful partnership rather than in competition. In addition to a Bible, get the bride and groom this devotional book. It’s the perfect present to help them walk stronger in their faith and union!

Price: $12.22


16. Wall Art Sign


Catholic family bibles are usually carefully stored in public and private rooms for everyone’s convenience. Doing so ensures the Christian couple and family abide by the teachings from the scriptures. Instead of buying yet another Bible, surprise them with this inspirational wall art sign. It’s appropriate for any room, i.e., the living room, lounge, kitchen, or bedroom!

Price: $49.95


15. Family Rules Canvas Wall Art


If you grew up in a Catholic family, you probably know most Bible verses by heart. That said, it shouldn’t be hard to figure out what gift to get your parents for their 20th wedding anniversary. What’s best is that you can have it personalized to indicate your family name. It’ll probably be the most thoughtful gift idea they ever received!

Price: $39.95+

Forever One - Mr. & Mrs. Blessing Bracelets

14. Forever One - Mr. & Mrs. Blessing Bracelets


So your best friend is getting married to the man of her dreams. However, you are yet to find the perfect gift for the dashing duo. If the couple appreciates art, why don’t you surprise them with these Mr. and Mrs. Blessing Bracelets? The set makes the perfect wedding blessing gift ideas for couples that love dressing to match!

Price: $27.97

custom canvas print

13. With God All Things Are Possible – Canvas Print


Faith is the foundation of most religions. For the Sacrament of Marriage to thrive through tumultuous situations, faith becomes mandatory rather than optional. How about getting this gift for your favorite Bible study friend and her wedding reception? She’s sure to appreciate the gesture as well as the message!

Price: $49.95


12. Wedding Vows His-Her Photo Canvas Print


Have you been wondering what gift to get your sister for her first wedding anniversary? Show her how thoughtful you are by buying her this gorgeous His-Her photo canvas print. Customize the Catholic anniversary gift with one of their cute wedding photos alongside their vows. It will act as a seal of a sacrament that the couple should honor!

Price: $49.95

Funny Catholic Black Coffee Mug

11. Funny Catholic Black Coffee Mug


Marriage is not easy. With that in mind, couples need to establish great communication channels. Thankfully, a good sense of humor often comes in handy to diffuse tense situations. If your little brother is a coffee enthusiast, surprise him with this sarcastic mug. Never have gifts been so hilarious!

Price: $15.99

catholic wedding gift - Catholic Heart

10. Catholic Heart


Catholic churches encourage believers to pray the rosary whenever they can. Doing so ensures that they keep their hearts pure and free from worry. This gold heart is the best for people who believe in the power of faith and prayer. It’s one of the most majestic yet affordable Catholic wedding accessories you can get for Catholic couples.

Price: $18.00

Sacrifice Beads Vintage

9. Sacrifice Beads Vintage


Nothing beats surprising someone with a gift they’ve been dreaming of forever. Get your soon-to-be husband these vintage sacrifice beads on his wedding day. In so many ways, it will prove your affection and concern for his spiritual journey. You can also get yourself one, meaning they also make fantastic Catholic wedding anniversary gifts.

Price: $25.00

Catholic Cufflinks

8. Catholic Cufflinks


Shopping for Catholic wedding items can be challenging for non-Catholics. However, here’s a simple yet unique gift that any pious man would appreciate. Instead of buying your dad another Catholic wedding Bible and rosary, surprise him with these St. Benedict cufflinks. You’ll exceed any wedding gift expectations he had for his silver wedding anniversary!

Price: $25.00


7. Beautiful Bible


Christian couples love quoting Bible verses whenever they can. What better way to celebrate your colleague’s wedding ceremony than by getting her the most precious gift? Get her this personalized Catholic wedding Bible. The illustrated title and gold Catholic wedding cross will remind her to always pray for her marriage.

Price: $65.00

Wall Cross

6. Wall Cross


We should always remember to thank the people who walk the life journey with us. The situation shouldn’t matter. As long as the person deserves it, then we should appreciate them. That said, how about surprising your wedding officiant with a personalized gift for a pastor? After all, one can never have too many Catholic wedding crosses.

Price: $37.00+ 

Heart Shape Ornate Gold Arras with coins

5. Heart Shape Ornate Gold


It is common knowledge that brides pray for a beautiful and successful wedding day. They want all activities on the ceremony agenda to flow smoothly. Instead of the typical rosary and Bible for a wedding, get her this golden heart shape ornate. You’ll make the day twice as memorable for your bride!

Price: $54.60

Catholic Priest Birthday Tumbler Gift

4. Catholic Priest Tumbler


Everyone knows the Lord’s word advocates for generosity and kindness among all humanity. These deeds should apply to everyone, including His religious servants. How about surprising your pastor with a thank you gift during the presentation of gifts at your Catholic wedding? You can have it personalized by writing his name and a heartfelt message from the bride and groom!

Price: $19.95+

holy water font

3. Holy Water Font


Besides the Bible, another item valued by Catholics is the holy water font. Thankfully, these water fonts weren’t designed for use in religious institutions only. Get your little sister this unique gift to install in her marital home. It’s one of the most memorable wedding blessing gifts that anyone can be honored with!

Price: $129.00


2. “Faith, Hope, Love, Family” Desktop Photo Collage Plaque


Faith, hope, and love are the pillars of happy families. Unfortunately, most family members assume these fruits of the Holy Spirit come easy. Instead of letting your children find this out the hard way, teach them to work hard for their marriage. Surprise them with one of the sweetest gifts: a custom desktop plaque with their favorite photos!

Price: $24.95

catholic wedding gifts - wedding lasso

1. Beautiful Wedding Lasso


If you have attended a Catholic wedding before, you understand the significance of a wedding lasso. The officiant places it over the couple’s shoulders to symbolize their holy unity before God and others. Why not purchase this precious gift for your favorite niece to use on her wedding day? It’s an excellent alternative to more traditional and religious gifts.

Price: $119.00

When attending an unfamiliar wedding ceremony, it’s vital to research beforehand. Doing so helps you avoid embarrassing situations related to cultural or religious differences. It’s essential to purchase appropriate gifts when attending a wedding. Don’t stick to the usual gifts like a Bible and a rosary set for the wedding. Come up with unique ideas that will showcase your ingenuity. With this extensive list, you won’t fail to find a befitting present for them!

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