49+ Unique Bridesmaid Gift Ideas Your Gals Will Love

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While your wedding might be a big day to you, it is important to remember how many people are involved in bringing this moment to life. Friends and family members alike will be by your side to celebrate the union, reminisce on your life, and help you put together the event of your dreams. To a bride, bridesmaids play a huge part in the overall success of the event. As a way of saying thanks and showing your appreciation, it is customary to consider exploring bridesmaid gift ideas for the women in your party.

Your group is likely composed of a mixture of friends and family members you know from different periods in your life. This means you’ll need to get a bit creative as you search for the most thoughtful presents. Consider these ideas and show thanks to those who have joined you on your wedding planning journey.

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Photo Collage Coffee Mug

Looking for a creative way to ask bridesmaids, ” will you be my bridesmaid? This personalized coffee mug is the exact item you want.

Simply upload the favorite photos of your best friends, we will turn this mug into a perfect gift to give your maids.

Stemless Wine Glass

Stemless Wine Glass

Personalized stemless wine glasses are budget-friendly and unique. There are some of the best wedding party gifts for your favorite gal pals. You can use them to toast to your unbreakable and magical bond. Let everyone know just how precious your friendship is by ordering these.

Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Bridesmaid Proposal Box

A box is a unique idea and the perfect way to ask your best friend to be your squad. Each box comes with a stunning lid which you can name or phrase as per your preference. Memorable and heartfelt, this is one of the best bridesmaid proposal gifts ever.

Emergency Kit

Emergency Kit

As your wedding date nears, so does the nervousness. To save you and your bridesmaids from tiny cuts, scratches, or the embarrassment of morning breath, this emergency kit is the perfect gift. It is a staple to have at all times throughout the wedding week. It will save you a great deal of panic.

100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

If your bridesmaid is one of the biggest movie buffs you’ve ever met then these 100 movies scratch off poster is the perfect bridesmaid gift ideas for her. She can scratch one each day with the help of a coin and appreciate the movie-related artwork, and each time she does, she’ll miss you.

Personalized Bridesmaid Coffee Mug

Your girls are coffee lovers and always love mug design. You can’t go wrong with this custom name coffee mug. 

It is a practical and cute bridesmaid thank you gift that your BFF will appreciate.

Gourmet Coffee Break Gift Basket

Gourmet Coffee Break Gift Basket

Get the coffee lover in your life the great taste she deserves! This gourmet coffee break gift basket has flavorful gourmet coffee and tasty snacks that your bestie will love. Along with that, it’s a gorgeous basket to keep for DIY bridesmaid gift ideas. After the wedding, you girl can enjoy this peacefully.

Tote Bags

Bridesmaid Tote Bags

Don’t just get her a gift. A fashion-forward tote bag post-wedding will be a great thank you gift for all her efforts, love, and support. It can also be an apt gift for all your bridesmaids to rock at the bridal party. It will be a unique yet memorable gift.

Travel Case

Travel Case

This travel-friendly accessories case is one of the most practical and useful bridesmaid gifts ever. It will save them from all the panic of forgetting their most important jewelry back home for your big day. You can get these jewelry cases personalized by getting their initials adhered to the case.

Bath Salts

Bath Salts

A great post-wedding gift for all your bridesmaids. They can enjoy a relaxing at-home spa experience and miss you all the same. The aromatherapy will offer them the most luxurious relief from all the stress and muscle aches, and the refreshing scent will indulge their senses in an uplifting burst of fragrance.

Personalized Clutch

bridesmaid gift ideas - clutch bag

When selecting a gift for bridesmaids, it is always useful to consider presents that will serve an immediate purpose. With so many odds and ends to carry around on the big day, you can bet the women in your party will appreciate a personalized leather clutch.

Personalized Phone Case

bridesmaid gifts - personalized phone case

There are plenty of ways to get clever with the presents you purchase for the special ladies in your party. A clear phone case that has been personalized with the names of each person can be a lovely and simple gesture.

Distressed Leather Journal

bridesmaid gift ideas - journal

When planning a wedding, there are a lot of little details to keep track of. Offering a personalized distressed leather journal to your bridesmaids is a great way to encourage thorough notetaking with your present.

Personalized Bridesmaid Proposal Card

bridesmaid proposal cards:Proposal card

Asking someone to be a part of your big day can itself be an important moment of your wedding journey. To make the ordeal as special as possible, consider a personalized proposal card for your maid of honor gift ideas.

Custom Flask


There’s no doubt that being a part of a wedding can be as stressful as it is rewarding. To help your girls relax, consider a personalized bridesmaid gift like a custom flask. From planning to reception, this can be a handy item to have around.

Personalized Cosmetic Bag

bridesmaid gift - cosmetic bag

Little touches make all the difference when it comes to selecting presents for your wedding party. Monogrammed bridesmaid gifts like a makeup cosmetic bag are a simple and effective way to make the most of your present.

Wine Tumbler

bridesmaid gift ideas - tumbler

Some bridesmaid gift ideas are always a winner. There’s plenty of wine involved in a wedding. Help encourage healthy toasts and lots of laughs by providing your party with personalized wine tumblers. Perfect for a glass of red or white! 

Custom Keychain


A custom gift for your besties doesn’t have to cost you a small fortune. In fact, you can easily find a sweet and affordable gift. A monogram keychain is a great way to get more bang for your buck without sacrificing sentimentality. 

Recipe Plate

Incorporating a common theme in your luxury gift can be a great way to go about selecting the most useful gifts for bridesmaids. Personalized recipe plates are customizable and can make a beautiful addition to any kitchen.

Duffel Bag

Planning a destination wedding or bachelorette party? If you’re asking your girls to travel for you, then consider personalized accessories as a gift. A duffel bag is an amazing way to help your bridesmaids and provide a wonderful gift. 

Personalized Pillow Cover

bridesmaid gift ideas - pillow cover

Grabbing a good gift for your bestie isn’t always an easy task. To show how much this person means to you, think about unique options like a personalized velvet throw pillow cover. A truly special way to show your love.

Personalized Handwriting Necklace

Jewelry is never a bad option when you are selecting a present for your bridal party. Consider a bridesmaid necklace gift made from your own personalized handwriting and see how their eyes light up when they open it up.

Personalized Champagne

Champagne is definitely the drink of choice at many weddings. There’s something celebratory about this bubbly beverage. Make your girls feel special with your gift by offering personalized champagne bottle that helps get the party started far earlier than anticipated.

Lace Robe

gifts for bridesmaids - lace robe

The morning of the wedding is going to be a whirlwind of emotions. In order to slow things down and enjoy the final moments of single life with your besties, consider bridesmaid gift ideas like a dusty blue cotton lace robe that all the gals can slip on while getting prepared for the day.

Custom Coasters

If your wedding is already costing you more money than you had anticipated, you might be searching for cheap bridesmaid gifts. An option like custom monogram agate coasters can provide you with an inexpensive way to show your crew you appreciate their presence.

Soy Candle

Soy candles

There are certain gifts that will always make a person feel appreciated. When you’re strapped for cash and still want to provide a lovely gesture to the women helping you along your way, a personalized soy candle is the exact affordable bridesmaid gift you have been looking for.

Bath Bombs

You definitely want to encourage your friends to relax a bit before your big day arrives. One unique and creative way to accomplish this is with bath bombs. Custom bath bombs with a hidden message can add an extra level of fun to the gift.

Spa Collection

bridesmaids gifts - spa gift collection set

Opting for bridesmaid gift sets can also be a simple way to get the most out of your money without sacrificing quality. A lavender spa gift set collection provides your girls with an array of personal care products aimed at encouraging a bit of pampering.

Bath Salts

You don’t always need to go to extreme lengths to please a crowd with a gift. In fact, bath salts can make for good bridesmaid gifts. The members of your bridal party will absolutely love the calming and nourishing feeling of the salts as they sink into a nice comforting tub.

Custom Picture Frame

bridesmaid gift ideas - picture frame engraved

A picture is one of the most powerful gifts you can give to a person. If you want to help capture exactly how you feel about your bridesmaids, consider a custom engraved frame featuring your favorite photos of you and each member of the group.

Personalized Glass Jewelry Box

Instead of settling on a piece of jewelry for your party, why not consider a personalized glass jewelry box? This customizable piece offers a perfect place for your girls to store all of their crew jewelry when it is not being worn.


bridesmaid gift ideas - kindle

Looking to splurge on the women who have helped you get this far in your wedding planning journey? Why not consider a useful gift like an e-reader? The Kindle makes for a wonderful and thoughtful gift that will definitely make an impression.

Personalized Beach Bags

bridesmaid gifts - burlap bags

Whether you’re planning a group trip to the beach or you want to provide your girls with some simple storage solutions, personalized burlap bags are a fun fit. Affordable and sustainable, this is a gift that the eco-friendly in your party are sure to appreciate.

Skincare Kit

bridesmaid gift ideas - essentials kit

Personal care products are some of the best and most useful gifts you can consider when browsing through various bridesmaid gift ideas. A skincare kit is a simple gift that provides everything your girls need to keep their skin looking fantastic.

Wedding Hangover Kit

A gift does not always need to be a serious or sentimental thing. In fact, a group with a sense of humor will definitely appreciate bridesmaid presents with a fun edge. A hangover kit is definitely one of the more hilarious ways to go about giving a gift!

Bridesmaid Box

Feeling stuck on what to get for your girls? Never fear! A box can provide you with an array of fun options to give to your bridal party without the need to search through dozens of other products along the way.

Box Clutch

Are you friends with a number of quirky and unique women? Then you definitely need to think outside the box with your gift. This tropical flower lucite acrylic box clutch is exactly the kind of unexpected gift that makes an impression.

Coffee and Tea Basket

There are some gifts that work for an array of personality types. A coffee and tea gift basket is a great way to provide the special ladies in your life with an assortment of bold and original flavors.

Bridesmaid Art Print

What’s better than a gift that can be prominently displayed in a home? This art print is a lovely and unique gift that your girls will definitely love. Plus, it is incredibly affordable and will look fantastic in your friends’ homes.

Yoga Mat

affordable bridesmaid gift - yoga mat

Do you and the girls love to get together to engage in some fun physical fitness like yoga? This eco-friendly, non-slip yoga mat is a great way to incorporate your personal interests into the wedding party gifts.


bridesmaid gift ideas - pajamas

There are times where a bridal party gathering can feel like a classic sleepover. Help reminisce on the old days by providing your friends with a bridesmaid pajamas set. A great gift and a reason to take fun group pictures!

Bridesmaid Bags

bridesmaid gift bag ideas

Not all gifts need to be lavish or expensive. In fact, there are many inexpensive bridesmaid gift ideas worth a look. A simple bag is a wonderful way to save money while still sending the right message to your girls.

Bridesmaid Mirror

bachelorette party favors - mirror

A lot of pictures tend to get taken at a wedding. To help the members of your bridal party look and feel their best before each photo, consider a gift like a mirror. A bridesmaid mirror is as practical as it is thoughtful.

Bride Hoodie

practical bridesmaid gifts - hoodie

Some bridesmaid gift ideas are too cute to pass up! A bride sweater and matching bridesmaid hoodies can be a lovely way to incorporate fun clothes into your gift idea! The girls will definitely love the look.

Gold Hair Comb

bridesmaid gift ideas - comb

Robes are one of the more popular options for brides looking to grab practical and unique gifts for their favorite gals. Take a look at the styles available and select one that fits in with the specific theme of your big day.

Sugar Cube Trio

bridesmaid presents - sugar cube trio

Some gifts are practical and some take practicality to a whole new level. A sugar cube mimosa trio is a gift that transforms a normal drink into a delicious cocktail in no time at all. Take the party with you wherever you go!


Looking for a gift that incorporates the latest technology? One practical option worth consideration is an Echo. This smart speaker is not only useful, but it will definitely impress every member of your party.

Wooden Watch

These days, unique watches are all the craze. If you want to find a gift that helps capture the lovely bond you share with your best friends, wooden watches are an amazing option that is sure to impress the whole crew.

Sunflower Locket


A simple locket can often speak volumes about how you feel about someone. Gold bridesmaid jewelry like a rose gold sunflower garden locket is a lovely way to tell those closest to you just how much you care.

Platter and Spreader

Approaching your gift options from a creative angle can help you find a present that makes the most sense for your group. A recycled wine bottle platter with a spreader is a unique option that will make everyone feel appreciated.

Plumping Lip Serum

A lot of kissing takes place at a wedding. Help the women in your bridal party keep their lips plump and prepared with a hyaluronic acid lip serum that is formulated to stimulate the collagen in the lips for kissable results.



Perfume oil samples are a unique way to show your best friends how much you love them for being a part of your big day. This thank you gift comes in a variety of scents so that you can find the right fit for your friends.

Custom Desktop Plaque

The person who supports you and aids in your wedding preparations is your maid of honor. You can’t possibly put into words how grateful you are for your maid of honor’s assistance. The personalized plaque that reads “My Maid of Honor” will step in when words aren’t enough.

From personalized frames to quirky bags, there are countless options available to help you show your bridesmaids how much you care about them. Take time to peruse the various bridesmaid gift ideas out there and in no time you will be sure to discover a gift that helps each and every woman in your party feel like she is truly appreciated.

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