The 42 Creative Bridal Shower Themes Tailored to Each Season in 2023


The road to your wedding usually includes a number of smaller celebrations along the way. For the bride, a shower with friends and family is a fun way to come together over this memorable milestone. If you’re planning this type of event, you might be curious about what bridal shower themes fit your needs best. Whether you’re looking to throw an event that is elegant, rustic, or casual, there are plenty of great bridal shower ideas ideas to consider. 

Each season contains the potential for having fun, all you need to do is figure out the proper bridal shower etiquette and put together a fantastic party. 

Seasonal Ideas for Bridal Shower Themes

While there are many ways to select an appropriate theme, the best advice for picking a bridal shower theme is to consider the bride. Since this party is for her, you want to ensure all of the details reflect her own style and tastes. To make life a bit easier on yourself, look over these seasonal themes that will work well for all personality types.

Bridal shower themes

Bridal Shower Themes for Winter

Though the winter is usually a cold, dark season, there are plenty of ways to create a bright and cheerful event. Get creative with how you use the sights and sounds of this season in your decor. A little bit of effort can easily turn a shower in the dead of winter into a warm and bright affair.

Winter Wonderland

42. Winter Wonderland

A shower that is taking place in the middle of winter is one that is perfect for a whimsical theme. Find snow-white decorations for a bridal shower and fill the event space with images of the season. Include pine cones, holly berries, and plenty of fairy lights to bring about a little touch of magic.

bridal shower themes:White Wedding

41. White Wedding

White is the preferred color of brides and a chic neutral tone to work with for a party. Using white in decor has a way of giving a space an open and airy feel. Cultivate a party that is dripping with sophistication by playing around with different shades of white. You can also add pops of color by selecting winter flowers and using the green stems to color in the stark atmosphere.

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idea for a bridal shower:Rainy Days

40. Rainy Days

While snow might be the ideal weather for winter, most places tend to experience more rainy days during this season. Use this to your advantage with your bridal shower themes by creating an event that celebrates those dreary days. Give out umbrellas to guests as favors, use rainboots to hold bouquets of flowers, and learn to embrace all that the season brings to use the best themes for bridal shower parties.

bridal shower decoration:Romantic Palettes

39. Romantic Palettes

Winter might be a cold and dreary season, but there are many romantic holidays sprinkled throughout. If your shower is going to fall near Valentine’s Day, you have the perfect excuse to use a classic, girly palette of reds and pinks. Best of all, Valentine’s Day decor like hearts and flowers make for the ideal bridal shower decoration ideas, as both have to do with matters of love

unique bridal shower themes:Spa Day

38. Spa Day

The holiday season has a way of being both delightful and incredibly stressful. Instead of throwing yet another party that guests need to prepare for, consider a relaxing spa day for you and your friends. Hosting a spa-themed shower is a fantastic way to encourage your gals to kick back and unwind. Plus, you can give out fun DIY favors like sugar scrubs, face masks, and other personal care products.

ideas themes:Disney Dreamland

37. Disney Dreamland

There is nothing quite like the magic that comes from taking a trip to Disneyland. Of course, this kind of trip for a group can also be quite expensive. Instead of hopping a plane, bring all the wonder of the Magic Kingdom to your home. Host a Disney-themed party where guests get to dress like their favorite characters and watch scenes from some of the most cherished films. Use your imagination and discover how to bring childhood fantasies to life with this clever theme.

small bridal shower ideas:Happily Ever After

36. Happily Ever After

For some brides, anticipating a wedding is like something out of a fairytale. To take this theme and run with it, consider bridal shower themes that center around the most cherished stories of your youth. Whether you opt for decorations that mimic roses like in the story of Sleeping Beauty or the trippy visuals of a story like Alice in Wonderland, there are many ways to encourage a “happily ever after” with your event.

themes for wedding showers:Classic Hollywood Chic

35. Classic Hollywood Chic

For some brides, anticipating a wedding is like something out of a fairytale. To take this theme and run with it, consider bridal shower themes that center around the most cherished stories of your youth. Whether you opt for decorations that mimic roses like in the story of Sleeping Beauty or the trippy visuals of a story like Alice in Wonderland, there are many ways to encourage a “happily ever after” with your event.

popular bridal shower themes:Cabin and Cocktails

34. Cabin and Cocktails

Sometimes, a change of scenery is exactly what you need to explore with your bridal shower. If you’re wondering “where can I have a bridal shower,” the answer is as easy as stepping into the cool wintry air. Rent a cabin out in the country and get excited for a retreat into the woods. With gorgeous scenery in every direction, you won’t need to worry yourself about finding the perfect decor. Instead, these winter bridal shower ideas are all about sipping mixed drinks, laughing, and staying cozy in a cabin on a cold winter’s night.

winter bridal shower ideas:Glittery Snowflake Favor Boxes

33. Glittery Snowflake Favor Boxes

Need an idea for unique favors that work for any winter-themed shower? Snowflake-topped favor boxes are a perfect idea. Create toppers out of paper or fondant and select adorable keepsake boxes to top them with. Fill the boxes with a mix of practical and sentimental items to make all of your best gals smile at your thoughtfulness.

bridal shower themes and ideas:Champagne Tasting

32. Champagne Tasting

If any event is worth popping champagne bottles over, it is a wedding. Whether you decide to theme your bridal shower after New Year’s Eve or you’re just looking for the crisp, bubbly taste of sparkling wine, a champagne tasting is a great idea for your party. Be sure to include non-alcoholic ciders for guests who can’t drink.

Bridal Shower Themes for Spring

Of all the seasons, spring is the one that is usually associated with romance. As the world comes back to life after the doldrums of winter, love and magic float through the air. If you’re throwing a bridal shower in the springtime, there are some great options to consider for themes filled with color and excitement.

themes for bridal shower parties:Paris Romance

31. Paris Romance

Paris is one of the most romantic cities on the planet. While you might not be able to hop a jet and fly to France for your shower, you can still incorporate Parisian imagery into your event. Use pictures of the Eiffel Tower alongside a spread of wines and cheeses to create an elegant affair. Take this bridal theme idea to the next level by playing classic French tunes like recordings by Edith Piaf or Serge Gainsbourg.

pink bridal shower themes:Tea Party Bridal Shower

30. Tea Party Bridal Shower

One of the more classic ideas to consider for bridal shower themes is a tea party. This is a favorite option because it can be easily held in someone’s home, at a local restaurant, or at a country club. When you wonder what to do at a bridal shower, this theme helps make the activities easier. Cultivate a bohemian vibe by hanging colorful lanterns and throwing bold tapestries over the tables. This type of event is ideal for playing around with tea blends. Make your own blend in advance and serve it up or give it out to guests as the perfect favor to take home

theme bridal shower favors:Champagne Brunch

29. Champagne Brunch

Brunch is one of the most popular meals of the day for younger people. The combination of rich breakfast foods and light lunch fare offers the chance for everyone to feel satiated and content. Whether you opt for a waffle bar or salad station, be sure to include champagne on the menu. Bottomless mimosas tend to make this type of event even more enticing to guests.

cool bridal shower themes:Cooking Class Bridal Shower

28. Cooking Class Bridal Shower

Do you consider yourself a foodie? Are you looking for some more real-life experience in the kitchen before tying the knot? If so, a cooking class bridal shower is a wonderful idea to explore. You can go out to a class with your friends or hire a chef to come right to your own home. This is also one of the better couples bridal shower ideas, so you can bring along the husbands and partners for the fun! This is a great way to create something delicious with your party.

Taste Lots of Wine

27. Taste Lots of Wine

Sipping on some fine wine is another excellent option to consider when it comes to unique bridal shower themes. Whether you decide to fly out to Napa Valley and experience Wine County in all its glory or you find a winery close to home, there are amazing spots to explore. You can go with a small pack of close friends or venture out with a large group and really take advantage of this excursion into the beauty of reds and whites.

Coed Jack and Jill Shower:Coed Jack and Jill Shower

26. Coed Jack and Jill Shower

The old tradition of having a ladies-only shower is no longer the norm for many young couples. Since friend groups tend to be mixed these days, women don’t mind inviting guys to the event. A coed couples shower is especially fun if you want to bring your significant other in on the festivities. As long as everyone is there to celebrate the bride, feel free to invite whoever you’d like!

country themed bridal shower ideas:Camping Wedding Shower

25. Camping Wedding Shower

The spring is a great season for taking a trip into the great outdoors. Since you’ll have plenty of opportunities to dress your best for your wedding, a camping trip is a fun chance to get down and dirty in the wilderness. Go the rustic route with your themes for bridal shower parties and commune with nature on a camping trip to one of your favorite outdoor locations. A little bit of “roughing it” is a great way to fully seize your shower and create memories that will last a lifetime.

cute bridal shower:Black Tie Affair

24. Black Tie Affair

Looking for an excuse to dress in a fancy outfit before your big day? A black tie affair with your best gal pals is the perfect theme for a bridal shower party to get dolled up and celebrate your upcoming wedding. You can serve champagne and decorate with glittery pieces that invoke an air of class. Ask your guests to dress to the nines or encourage them to wear their old prom outfits for a retro affair.

cool bridal shower themes:Glam Pajama Party

23. Glam Pajama Party

For many, some of the most cherished childhood memories involve slumber parties. From hanging with your best friends to watching bad movies to snacking away on junk food, there are plenty of reasons to consider this cute bridal shower theme for your event. Whether you decide to do this in your own home or rent a hotel room for the sleepover, having this type of party is a great way to bond with your besties before a big life change.

fashion themed bridal shower:Urban Monochrome

22. Urban Monochrome

For those who live in the city, a unique way to go about your bridal shower is by selecting a color theme. Since you’ll be hitting all the hottest spots downtown, you want to make sure you and your girls look unified. Select shades of blue and purple and choose a monochromatic theme that will make each of you feel connected through your outfits. A fashion themed bridal shower is never a bad choice!

unique wedding shower themes:Spring Lilacs

21. Spring Lilacs

The springtime is all about flowers. There is nothing quite like stepping outside on a misty morning and seeing the bursts of fresh blossoms mixed in with the greenery. If you want to make sure your bridal party theme matches the time of year, then you absolutely must decorate with flowers. Spring flowers like lilacs are great options when you need ideas for themes that fit this time of year.

Love Is Sweet

20. Love Is Sweet

Since love tends to be sweet in nature, you might as well make the bridal shower match the mood. A shower themed around candy is a delicious way to go about planning your event. From rich desserts to tasty candied treats, your guests will absolutely adore this option. Be sure to have sugar-free options for anyone who can’t eat sugar! You might also want to customize your candy, like having M&M’s printed with the names of the bride and groom in the colors of your choice.

Bridal Shower Themes for Summer

Nothing beats the summer when it comes to getting outside and soaking up some sun. If you want to explore the outdoors with your bridal shower themes, this is the season to do so! From beach trips to days spent by the lake, there are countless ways to seize the summer and use it to your advantage with your event.

beach bridal shower ideas:Beach Bonanza

19. Beach Bonanza

Looking to invoke some coastal vibes with your shower? Get ready for sand and sunshine when you take your event to the beach for a bonanza. Whether you stay outside all day and bask in the warm rays of the sun or you head indoors for a nautical-themed event, this is a simple way to use the power of the summer to the fullest for your event. If you need decor tips for beach bridal shower ideas, remember to incorporate shells, starfish, and other symbols of the sea.

outdoor themed bridal shower:Garden Party

18. Garden Party

Another classic way to go about your bridal event in the summer is by hosting a garden party. Sipping tea or champagne while surrounded by verdant greens and colorful blossoms of the season can be a perfect way to spend the day. Have guests wear simple colors like white to help the colors of the garden come to life around you.

beach wedding shower:Sail Away

17. Sail Away

Parties on boats tend to be some of the best affairs. If you want to go nautical with the theme of your shower, then definitely consider renting a boat and going out on the water. Whether you hop on a spacious sailboat, a luxurious yacht, or a practical catamaran, you can definitely get the most out of this experience with a bit of forethought. Ask guests to dress in nautical outfits to create a look that matches the theme.

gold bridal shower theme:Backyard Bliss

16. Backyard Bliss

Who says you need to travel around the world to have a memorable bridal shower? Paradise is waiting right on your own property! All you need to do to have a backyard bridal shower is take a bit of time to transform your space into a venue fit for your friends. Hang twinkle lights, make some classic picnic treats, and turn your backyard into a whimsical wonderland for your bridal shower.

Pool Party Bridal Shower

15. Pool Party Bridal Shower

Do you have a pool in your backyard? If so, you will absolutely want to consider a pool party for your outdoor themed bridal shower. It might be funny at first, but your girls will love the idea of taking a splash in the pool on a humid day. Plan out some activities that involve being in the pool and outside of the water and keep all of your guests happy.


14. Sports Lover

If the bride-to-be is a lover of all things related to sports, then you definitely want to include this when it comes to the shower. Decorate a space with the colors of her favorite team and watch her face light up when she enters. If you don’t know much about sports, be sure to ask her significant other or someone with the knowhow to help you put together a fantastic event that is both a touchdown and a slam dunk.

Tropical Touches

13. Tropical Touches

In some places, the summer can turn up the heat enough to make a climate feel tropical. Play into this fact with your theme by mixing some classic tropical touches in with your bridal shower idea. Whether you serve mixed drinks out of coconuts or you hand out garlands of bright flowers to guests as they arrive, there are many ways to invoke a chill spirit with your tropical theme.

cute bridal shower:Sunshine Cake

12. Sunshine Cake

Need some ideas for a sweet treat to center your shower around? You can easily draw inspiration from the summertime sun by baking a cake that reflects the dazzling rays. A sunshine cake baked with a golden hue and decorated with roses is a wonderful way to delight and surprise a bride during a day dedicated to her.

Nod to Nautical

11. Nod to Nautical

You can never go wrong when it comes to incorporating nautical imagery into your shower. This is a great and unique idea for a bridal shower that can be used in various ways. If you don’t feel like going “overboard” with the theme, you can put a few little touches here and there. Images of anchors, starfish, captain’s wheels, and other sea-themed items can be a great and understated way of helping set your shower ship to sailing.

Ice Cream Cones

10. Ice Cream Cones

The one dessert that tends to be the most associated with summertime is ice cream. If you’re having a bridal shower during this time of year, you’d best include ice cream on the menu. Note the bride’s favorite flavor and work with a local creamery to create a unique and delicious version of this flavor for the event. The bride will practically melt with delight!

rustic bridal shower themes:Summer Garden Picnic

9. Summer Garden Picnic

A nature themed bridal shower is a great option to consider when it comes to keeping with the mood of the season. Gather together some seasonal flowers from local fields and put them in recycled glass bottles or mason jars. Make an eco-friendly event that calls to mind the spirit of summer without the need to spend a fortune along the way.

Get “Leid”

8. Get “Leid”

A luau is another classic option to think about when it comes to your bridal shower theme. This is a time-honored tradition practiced across Hawaii and made popular in backyards and picnics since hitting the mainland. Light some tiki torches, call in the hula dancers, and get ready to have a great time getting “leid.”  

Bridal Shower Themes for Fall

The autumn is a season of transition. As the world slowly turns from the heat of the summer to the cool winds of the fall, the dazzling display of colors found in nature can be captivating. Consider these ideas to make your bridal shower one that perfectly captures the crisp, calming energy of this season of reflection.

Pumpkin Presentations

7. Pumpkin Presentations

The fall wouldn’t be the same without pumpkin. From lattes to pies to candy, you can bet that there are a ton of ways to include this gourd in with your fall bridal shower food ideas. If you want to get really creative, serve a homemade dip out of the top of a pumpkin!

Vintage Soiree

6. Vintage Soiree

A trip back in time can be a fun way to go about the theme of your bridal shower. Whether you want to bump and grind the way they did in the 70s or you’re looking for the smooth R&B sounds of the 90s, there are plenty of fun and funky ways to make your event a retro affair. Look at old pictures for inspiration and be sure to share with guests so they know how to dress.

Mini Pies

5. Mini Pies

Pies are a staple of the autumn. From Thanksgiving to Christmas, the holiday season is all about these delectable baked goods. If you want to keep the spirit of the season alive with your bridal shower theme, be sure to include some mini pies on the menu. Whether you make apple, pumpkin, or blueberry, you can easily use the bounty of the season in your treats.

Harvest Tablescape

4. Harvest Tablescape

A well-crafted spread is an image that many associated with the fall. If you need decor for your shower that invokes the season in the perfect way, create a harvest tablescape. Include seasonal items that reflect the bounty of the harvest like sliced fids, pomegranates, and gourds. Whether to eat or purely for decoration, guests are sure to be impressed.

Cider and Cinnamon

3. Cider and Cinnamon

A classic drink of the autumn, cider is a delectable beverage that you definitely want to serve at showers in the fall. Toss in some rosemary sprigs, cinnamon, or cloves to make the drink even spicier. A little bit of alcohol can also sweeten the deal, so explore recipes dedicated to cider-themed cocktails.

fall shower ideas:Fall Donut

2. Fall Donut

While you can enjoy a donut at any point during the year, you might want to explore this snack for your bridal shower. A classic donut dipped in cinnamon and sugar is a perfect treat for a fall affair. Served with some fresh cider, this is a combination your guests will love.

Fall Accents

1. Fall Donut

Embracing the autumn theme is a must if you want to truly get the most out of a fall themed bridal shower. Consider bridal shower decorations that feature colorful leaves or symbols of the season like a cornucopia. Whether you make the decor yourself or use fresh produce as a display, these little accents will make a big impression.


No matter what time of year you decide to throw your bridal shower, you can bet that there are some wonderful themes worth exploring. From the tropical flowers of summer to the cold snows of winter, inspiration can be found in every aspect of the natural world. Take time to think about what will work best for your group of friends and family members. In no time, you’ll have come up with bridal shower themes that please the bride and keep everyone on the guest list satisfied.

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