What to Write a Meaningful Bridal Shower Thank You Card?

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No wonder why every bride-to-be waits impatiently for her bridal shower. It’s a party where friends, family, and acquaintances join together to celebrate your upcoming wedding. Bridal shower thank you notes are a simple yet sweet gesture to show your appreciation for their love and support besides bridal shower party favor. However, we know composing all these heartfelt notes can get a bit overwhelming. If you don’t know where to start when putting your gratitude down to paper, worry no more. We’ve covered the bridal shower wishes. Now it’s time to make you an expert in writing meaningful thank you cards for your loved ones. Grab a pen!  

How to Write Thank You Notes for Bridal Shower?

Step 1: Where to Begin 

Taking a look at the growing stack of presents at your bridal shower is super exciting. On the other hand, thinking of all the bridal shower thank you notes you’ll have to write can become stressful. Take a deep breath and tackle first things first. Let the advantage of being the bride play in your favor. Ask your maid of honor to help you out by keeping track of who sent what. Some gifts might even arrive later than expected. Keep adding every present to your shower’s master list so that none of them is left behind. 

Having a clear idea of how many presents you got and who sent them is very helpful. It’ll give you a better perspective of what you need to do and where to begin. Writing heartwarming cards to show your gratitude after your bridal shower is basic etiquette for wedding thank you. Finding the right wordings doesn’t have to be the hardest task. We promise that if you follow these easy steps, you’ll be done before you know it.   

Step 2: Put Pen to Paper 

Start writing! To compose perfect bridal shower thank you notes, you need to lose your fear of the blank paper. Once you put your first words on those cards, the rest will soon start flowing. You don’t really need a very elaborate introduction. It’s ok to keep it short and straightforward. Avoid generic greetings and just go for something simple and personalized instead. Even better, address each recipient by their name or nickname to make each card more intimate. Show you put some time and effort into finding the right words. Make your guests feel the most appreciated for being there with you.  

Step 3: Don’t Forget to Say Thank You  

When you’re writing bridal shower thank you notes, it’s easy to get carried away and forget about the main point. Say thank you. Don’t hold back on words. Express how you feel about everybody’s love and support. Again, avoid prefabricated phrases – it’s time to be genuine. 

Each note should be crafted especially for each particular guest. Show everyone, even those who couldn’t make it, how much you care. This is the moment when you tell them what they mean to you. You can use old anecdotes and memories to spice it up a little bit. Do whatever it takes to make each recipient feel that this special moment wouldn’t be the same without them.   

Step 4: Mention the Gift 

Another great idea that you mustn’t overlook on your bridal shower thank you notes, is talking about the gift. No matter how big or small a present might be, the intention behind it matters the most. Show your gratitude for every single one of them. Mention how much you and your fiance liked them. Emphasize how useful they will be for you in your newlywed life. If you’re writing a “thank you for cash gift” card, don’t mention the amount. Instead, talk about how helpful their contribution will be towards a specific goal, like paying for your honeymoon. 

Work on your thank you card verbiage. Make your biggest effort to make each present seem important, even when not talking about your favorites from the pile.  

Step 5: Wrap It Up 

You’ve finally translated all your feelings into written words. Now you might be wondering, how do you end a thank you card? You’ve already gone through the hardest part of the task. Keep the wordings for your closing simple and direct. Use warm statements to accentuate your appreciation for each recipient. Remind them of the important role they play in your wedding or your life in general. Let them know how you’re looking forward to including them in your married life. 

Bridal Shower Thank You Note Samples

Sitting in front of an empty stack of cards may be intimidating. Once you decide to begin writing, you might feel at a loss for words. It’s normal to need some inspiration or a little extra help. After all, as a bride-to-be, you have so much in your head right now. Find the perfect wordings for your bridal shower thank you notes. You must keep in mind who you’re writing each card for. If you need a cheat sheet to get you going, we got you! Getting started might seem challenging, but you can get an idea from the following samples.    

For the Host or Hostess

How do you say thank you to a hostess? To show your gratitude to someone so helpful, you must acknowledge their dedication. They put a lot of thought and effort into entertaining your guests and making your bridal shower a unique experience. We know you’re looking for the best words to emphasize your appreciation. Show them how much you cherish the one of a kind moment they crafted for you. Here are some sample thank you notes to brighten your host’s or hostess’ day.   

bridal shower thank you notes for hostess

Dear …,

Words can’t express how truly grateful we are for the shower you planned and hosted. From the balloon display to the delicious cake pops, every detail was perfect. None of it would have been possible without you. Thank you for always being such an amazing friend and for supporting us through every detail of planning our wedding. Having you in our lives has made this special time even more meaningful.

We can’t wait to have you right there with us as we exchange our vows and journey into married life. Thanks again for everything you do.

With love,

Dear …,

I can’t express how grateful I am for the beautiful bridal shower you planned, organized and hosted. You truly outdid yourself on the brunch you prepared-it was amazing. It was a perfect day, and none of it would have been possible without you. Spending time with you on my special day was the best gift I could ever receive. Your warmth and generosity will be with me always. Days are counting until the wedding day and I cannot wait to have you by my side. Thanks for being such a huge part in this extraordinary journey. I love you!

All My Love,


I’m sending all of my gratitude your way for planning and hosting my bridal shower.

You planned a beautiful day that I will never forget and reflect on for the rest of my life.

From the scrumptious lunch to the stunning decor and lively entertainment — every detail was special.

Thank you so much for hosting my bridal shower. It meant so much to me!


For Your Close Friends and Family

At first glance, writing bridal shower thank you notes for friends and family might seem like a piece of cake. You love them, you know them, you’re close to them, and telling them how you feel should be easy. Right? However, sometimes there’s just so much to say that the task becomes harder and harder. If you’re struggling to gather the words to express how much their support means to you, we got you covered. Get some inspiration from our thank you note sample wording.  

thank you notes for friends and family

“The [set of pots and pans you gave us] are going to get so much use [once we finish our cooking classes]. We can’t wait to have you over to [taste test some of our recipes]!”

“We are so excited about the beautiful set of [wine glasses] you gave us, and we can’t wait to bust them out at our next gathering!”

Dear …,

Thank you for celebrating by my side at the bridal shower. Toby and I so appreciate the awesome French press and coffee beans you gave us. We can’t help but think of you every time we sip our morning brew.

You have no idea how much your love has meant to us over the years. It’s going to make our day so special to have you in the crowd on the big day. We’re excited to see you bust one of your famous moves on the dance floor!

Much love,


Thank you so much for being at my bridal shower. It meant a lot to have you there seeing as we’ve been friends since high school. I only hope that you enjoyed yourself as we celebrated my new journey into married life! Where does the time go? Thank you so much for your generosity and I can’t wait to see you on the big day!

All The Best,

“Thank you for coming to the bridal shower and for your generous gift. We are putting it towards the honeymoon. Your thoughtfulness and friendship means so much to use. Thanks again.”

For Someone Who Couldn’t Attend the Bridal Shower

What to write in a bridal shower thank you card for someone who didn’t attend? We’re sure when you sent out your shower invitations, you were hoping that everyone could make it. Yet, sometimes life happens. Some guests might not be able to show up. However, If they send you a gift to make up for their absence, you should always send them a note. Let them know that you missed them and that you’re looking forward to future experiences with them. Take a look at the following samples.   

bridal shower thank you notes

I am so sorry you couldn’t make it to the shower, but I am so appreciative of your gift.

I was sorry to hear you couldn’t make it to the shower. We missed you there. I wanted to let you know how grateful we are for the bridal shower gift you sent in the mail. Thank you again for your generosity. We would love to see out at the wedding.

Dear …,

Thank you for sending wonderful gifts at my bridal shower. I wish with all my heart that you could have been there to celebrate my special day with me, you were truly missed. I’m incredibly grateful for the thoughtful gifts you sent Chris and I. I especially love that you remembered that we are huge glass collectors, we have fallen in love with our new set. Thank you so much for your generosity. We’ll have to plan a dinner party soon and put our glasses to use a little early. Looking forward to seeing you on our wedding day!

With Love,

“Thank you for thinking of me on my Bridal Shower day. I am beyond grateful for your abundant generosity and kindness with your gift. I love you and can’t wait to celebrate the future with you!”

“Words cannot express how grateful we are to be surrounded by such loving family and friends. Your thoughtfulness and generosity are greatly appreciated. We love you and can’t wait to celebrate the future with you.”

For the Empty-Handed but Full Hearted

Although presents are always welcome, they’re not the most important part of a bridal shower. The whole point is to celebrate you, your upcoming wedding, and the beginning of a new stage in your life. Let all of your guests know you’re grateful to share your happiness with them. When writing your cards, strive to make everyone feel included and appreciated, even those who couldn’t bring a gift. Use the following sample thank you notes to choose your wordings and give back some love.

thank you notes for those who are empty handed

“It was so much fun seeing you and I hope you know how much it meant to us that you could be there.”

“I am so grateful that you could be there with us to celebrate.”

Dear …,

Thank you for celebrating with me at my shower! I hope that you had an amazing time. It was great to see you there and catch up.

Thank you again for being there to honor this special time with us. Can’t wait to see you at the wedding.

Love always,

Bridal shower thank you notes are a rather important part of wedding etiquette. Even when finding the right words might be hard at first, the more you write, the easier it becomes. Just relax and keep every card sincere. You’ll see that thanking your friends and family will come naturally to you. We hope these bridal shower thank you notes wording samples were helpful to you. Get down to work and happy writing!

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