Throwing the Perfect Bridal Shower Tea Party Ideas – Basic Information You May Not Know

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When couples decide to get engaged, there are lots of wonderful ways to celebrate. For many newlyweds, a bridal shower is a great way to bring together the bride’s closest friends and family members to commemorate this important milestone. There are many creative ways to go about party planning a shower. To make memories that will last forever, you may want to explore pre-wedding party ideas like a themed shower. A bridal shower tea party is a lovely and elegant way to celebrate the upcoming union.

Take a moment to consider these tips on creating the perfect bridal shower tea parties. Asking yourself the right questions in advance can make the process a lot easier for you.

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Common Questions About Tea Party Bridal Shower Etiquette

Who Gets Invited?

First, you need to determine who should be invited to the affair. Typically, only the closest friends and family members of the bride are included on the guest list. The groom’s family can also be invited, but it should be somewhat limited. Don’t invite too many additional friends or coworkers. Also, don’t invite anyone to the shower that will not receive an invitation to the actual wedding.

Should Formal Invitations Be Sent? 

How invitations are sent to guests will come down to your personal preference. For some, traditional mailed invites are the way to go about informing friends and family of a bridal shower tea party. However, you can also consider sending an email, as this is a bit more manageable and affordable. Wedding invites are costly, but shower invitations can be inexpensive.  

Where Should a Tea Party Bridal Shower Be Held?

There are many places to consider hosting this type of event. The only factor you need to take into consideration is comfort. As long as the guests feel good, then the rest of the event will go off without a hitch. Some people suggest hosting the event in the tea room of a hotel, but you can also create the same relaxed ambiance in a backyard with some folding tables, chairs, and a nice tea set.

How Should I Decorate for a Tea Party Shower?

Decorating for a bridal tea party is easy! All you need to do is take the theme to heart. While you might want to collect a bunch of tea sets that match to use in the event, the opposite can be even better. An assortment of teapots and cups from friends and family members can make for an eclectic and sentimental mix of decor.   

Do Guests Bring Gifts To the Host?

It is customary to gift the host of the shower something simple. In many cases, a thank-you note or a gift card can suffice. If you’re looking to be more appreciative, consider a bottle of fine wine, a scented candle, or a seasonal item that the host will absolutely adore. This is a small token of thanks for all the hard work.

Should Guests Receive Party Favors?

Yes! Giving out a little treat to your guests is definitely a wonderful way to end your event on a positive note. You don’t have to go above and beyond for this, but the small guest list makes it easier to invest in gifts of substance. A box of scones from a local bakery is a delicious way of incorporating the theme of the event into the favor.

What Are Common Activities at a Tea Party Shower Bridal?

As with any kind of bridal shower, games are a common part of a bridal shower tea party. Not only are games a fun way to pass the time, these activities are usually fantastic ways for guests to get to know each other. After a few games, everyone will feel like old friends.

How To Plan a Tea Party Bridal Shower

Decide Who Is Hosting

First and foremost, you need to figure out who is hosting the event. While a bride can host the party herself, it is customary for a friend or relative to take on this task. Usually, the woman who will be the Maid or Matron of Honor at the wedding itself is the one who takes on the most responsibilities when it comes to the shower. Still, there’s nothing wrong with everyone pitching in to share the burden and create a perfect event.  

Cultivate the Guest List

Determining exactly who should be on the guest list is a little tricky. Unless the event is a surprise, you should connect with the bride and ask her who she would prefer receive an invitation. It is considered a faux pas to invite a person to a shower who will not be invited to a wedding. Checking with the bride is a great way of making sure you don’t make any mistakes.

Select the Right Venue

Location is everything for your event. There are many good places to consider. Doing a general search of tea party bridal shower venues near me can offer you some insight on all of your local options. Typically, this type of event is hosted at a tea house, a hotel, or a historical site like a museum. For groups on a budget, you can easily host this small-scale event in your home and your backyard. With a little creativity, you can make this type of event work anywhere.

Send Out Invitations

When it comes to sending out tea party bridal shower invitations, you first want to determine whether you are taking the traditional or digital route. If you’re working with actual pen and paper, consider cardstock in white or an off-white shade. Be sure to include pertinent information like date, location, and any rules or requirements related to dress. It can also be useful to include a link to the couple’s wedding website, if applicable. Simplicity and elegance go a long way when it comes to tea party bridal shower invites. 

Hang the Decorations

A tea party themed bridal shower is not very difficult to decorate. You’re working with a very unique bridal shower theme, meaning you won’t need to go to extremes in order to select the most appropriate items to bring your affair to life. Take a moment to do a quick search of images of tea parties online. As you start to look over the aesthetics of these events, you will begin to notice patterns in style and appearance. This should inspire you to get started with finding the right decor for the event you’re putting together.

Though it can seem like a tea party bridal shower needs to be prim and proper, you’ll notice there are many ways to go about the decor. Instead of pristine, white China, have an assortment is mismatched dishes, tablecloths, and chairs. This can give off the edge of the tea party from “Alice in Wonderland,” which might be a perfect fit for the bride’s sensibilities. Play around with different palettes and aesthetics to discover one that matches the personality of the woman of the hour.

Create a Drink Menu

A bridal shower tea party is all about the tea. This means you want to sit and think about which blends will be best to serve at the event. You can’t go wrong with traditional tea party teas like English breakfast and Earl Grey. Of course, you can also play around with whatever options you would like. A floral mixture like a Hibiscus tea can be a tantalizing option. Similarly, green tea is a great alternative to black teas for those looking for variation. You may even wish to speak with a local tea blender about creating a unique mix for the special occasion.   

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Decide on a Food Menu

Creating a tea party bridal shower menu is your next task. While you need to put some thought into this step, it can also be a lot of fun. This is not a “full meal” type of event, mind you. The point is to serve many small plates at intervals so that guests can try a rich variety as they socialize and drink tea. Cake is an absolute must for any tea party. This type of event is easy to plan on a budget because you can have the affair catered, make the menu items yourself, or do a combination of both. Whatever works best!

Plan the Table Setting

A tea party requires a very specific table setting. Whether you have one long table where guests congregate or many small tables peppered about a garden space, you want to put some thought into what goes on top. The linens you use will make a big impression, so be diligent when selecting tablecloths and similar options. Centerpieces can be anything from small bouquets of dried flowers to candles. Don’t go overboard. Keeping the setting simple will allow the affair to retain a touch of elegance and timeless class. Personalizing napkins or linens with the initials of the newlyweds is also a fun way to make the event special.

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Plan the Actual Service

As the host, you want to be able to enjoy the fruits of your labors when the day of the bridal shower tea party arrives. This means you need to think ahead on who will provide the actual table service during the event. If you’re working with caterers, then servers will be provided. However, supplying food and drink on your own means you’ll need to hire someone to take care of serving the food and tea. Keeping tea hot and fresh requires attention and you will want to focus on the party instead of rushing back and forth to the kettle.

Choose You Tea Party Bridal Shower Outfit

Picking out what you’re going to wear to the event is also important. There are a few ways to decide what to wear to a tea party bridal shower. It will largely depend on the dress code you have set for the affair. A semi-formal event will require dresses and fancier skirts or business casual slacks and shirts. An outdoor party calls for bright colors, patterns, and other imagery associated with the springtime. Finding the tea party bridal shower attire that works for you is all about picking out a look that helps you look stylish and sophisticated.  

Picking Out Bridal Shower Tea Party Favors

Selecting the right gift for your guests is also key to party planning perfect bridal shower tea party favors. Luckily, this is another situation where your theme will come in handy. A tea party means you can use everything from tea infusers to personalized ceramic mugs as gifts. If you’re serving confections from a local bakery, purchase extra to give out as presents. Everyone will appreciate taking home a box of delectable cookies or a slice of cake. 

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Decide What Tea Party Bridal Shower Games To Play

Games are a great way to break the ice and make a room full of people feel more comfortable together. Since a bridal shower can have a mixed group of people from a bride’s life, common ground isn’t always easy to find. Decide on a few simple games early and you’ll avoid tense or awkward silences. Prizes are another consideration. Give out simple gives like a box of tea or some handmade soaps to people who win games. This can encourage healthy competition and give everyone a reason to smile and laugh. 

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Final Words!

When it comes to hosting the perfect bridal shower tea party, a little preparation will go a long way. To show the newlyweds a party they won’t soon forget, think about how you can cultivate a tea party that reflects the distinct personality of the bride. With a little bit of forethought, you’ll be ready to throw an affair that will perfectly capture the sentiments of this milestone moment in a couple’s journey. 

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