The Creative and Elegant Bridal Shower Invitation Wording for 2023

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There’s so much to think about when planning your pre-wedding party. Don’t let the bridal shower invitation wording be yet another concern. Keep calm and party on!
Sending a timely invite to your guests is basic etiquette. This way, you’ll make sure they feel welcome. Don’t forget to include all the relevant details! Whether you’re the bride-to-be or the bridal shower host, here are some wording examples for perfect invitations.

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What to Include in a Bridal Shower Invitation?

The bridal shower traditions are a huge part of your wedding experience. Planning a successful party begins with writing your invitation cards, and the first step is to pick the right wording.
As the host of the bridal shower, you must let your guests know what to expect. A good invite will not only announce your party, but it will provide all the necessary details. Cover everything from the date and the address to the registry information. Here’s a list of everything you’ll need to include:

• The name of the host

It’s a known fact that the maid of honor is who traditionally hosts a bridal shower. However, it can also be the mom of the bride, a sister, a friend, or even the bride herself. Putting the host’s name on the invites will let your guests know who to contact if they have any questions. Don’t be shy! We’re sure everybody will want to know who to thank for such a lovely event.

• The name of the bride-to-be

Of course, you’ll need to include the woman of the hour! Adding the name of the bride-to-be is essential. After all, everybody’s gathering to celebrate her big day.
Keep in mind some couples like to make this celebration a shared tradition. In that case, write both their names on your bride and groom shower invitations.

• The date of the party

The proper bridal shower invitation card must include all the details for the party. Your guests will need to know what date to mark on their calendars. But, when should the bridal shower be? Always pick a day that’s not too close to the main wedding events. Two or three months before the ceremony is the usual etiquette for the bridal shower date.

• The time of the shower

It’s bridal shower time! Determine what type of party you’re throwing to decide the bridal shower timeline. For example, a ladies’ brunch is usually from 10 AM and 2 PM. Bridesmaids’ luncheon can be anywhere between 11 AM and 3 PM, while a dinner shower can begin after 5 PM.

• The venue and address

Always pick a venue that’s convenient and close to the bride. Unless, of course, you’re planning a destination shower. Make sure your bridal shower invitation wording includes accurate directions, so nobody gets lost and misses all the fun.

• The RSVP date and how to respond

It’s bridal shower etiquette that all guests RSVP. As the host, you’ll want to know how many people are coming for better logistics. Set an RSVP date that will allow you to prepare everything on time. A good rule of thumb is two to four weeks before the party.

• The theme, if any

Themed bridal shower invitations can be so much fun! They set the mood of the celebration and give a hint of how formal the party will be. To indicate the theme, use a quote on your bridal party invites. You can also select a design in the same style.

• Registry information

A huge part of this tradition is showering the bride-to-be with gifts. Your guests will want to know the bridal shower registry information. You can either add it to your wording for bridal shower invitation or attach instructions on a separate card.

Bridal Shower Invitation Etiquette

If this is your first time hosting a bridal shower, we got you! Classy bridal shower invitations are important, but they’re not all you’ll need to focus on when it comes to wedding shower planning.
There are a couple of bridal shower rules you must follow to keep everything running smoothly. You probably have lots of bridal shower planning etiquette questions. We’re here to answer all of them once and for all.

Who Is Invited To A Bridal Shower?

A bridal shower is an intimate gathering. You’ll want to celebrate this special occasion with those closest to you. The norm is to send bridal shower invites only to your girl gang and female family members. However, nowadays, more and more brides chose to ask their male friends as well. Co-ed showers are gaining popularity as more brides decide to break tradition.
When in doubt, check in with the bride-to-be to make sure no one is missing from the guest list. You can also use this little cheat sheet to know who to invite:

  • The bride’s mom
  • The mother of the groom
  • Grandmothers from both sides
  • Sisters of the bride and the groom
  • The bride’s closest family members
  • The maid-of-honor and the bridesmaids
  • The bride’s closest girlfriends

When Should I Send Bridal Shower Invitations?

Nobody likes a last-minute wedding shower invitation. Your guests will need enough time to clear their schedules and to plan ahead. You should always strive to give your loved ones as much notice as possible. After all, you want everyone to be there. Make them feel your party wouldn’t be the same without them. Try sending your bridal shower party invitations at least four to six weeks before the event.

Is It Okay to Send Email Invitations Instead of Formal Invitations?

Nowadays, bridal shower evites are a big trend. However, most brides like to keep mementos of their wedding journey. Having printed bridal shower invitations might be special to the sentimental brides-to-be.
Something else to consider when making this decision is the type of shower and who’s hosting. When you include older family members on the guestlist, stick to formal bridal shower invitations.
If you’re planning a party for the bridesmaids and close girlfriends, email invitations are okay. To make things more convenient, look out for websites that offer free evites for bridal showers.

Bridal Shower Invitation Wording Ideas

Let’s get to work! Finding the right bridal shower invitation text is not as hard as it might sound. A useful tip is to base the style on the kind of party you’re throwing. Try matching your wedding shower invites to your personality. Tailored invitations are more memorable and fun. If everything else fails, you can follow these wording examples.


Formal bridal shower text is the most common one. It’s a classic way to let your loved ones know you want them there with you. Traditional wording tends to be very straight forward. Here are some examples of this trend that never goes out of style:

  • Please join us for a bridal shower in honor of bride-to-be (Bride’s name).
  • Bridal wishes for the soon-to-be Mrs.
  • Here comes the bride 
    Please join us in showering bride-to-be (Bride’s name)
    (Bride’s name) is getting married
    Come celebrate the bride-to-be


If you want to use a more relaxed tone, funny bridal shower invitation wording is the way to go. You can use puns, rhymes, or jokes. The sky is the limit. Make your guests smile when they get their wedding shower invite. Check out these hilarious ideas:

  • Help us shower the bride-to-be with love!
    He gave her a ring
    They set a date
    Let’s get some girl time in
    Before it’s too late!
  • Stay calm and bridal party on!
  • Let’s prepare the bride for her happily ever after
    With gifts, booze and plenty of laughter
  • Let’s get some girl time in before it’s too late!

Around-The-Clock Shower

This type of bridal shower is getting quite popular. An around-the-clock party prompts the guests to give appropriate presents for each hour of the day. When hosting a celebration like this, you need the bridal shower invitation message to make the instructions very clear. Follow the examples below:

  • Come celebrate our bride-to-be
    [Guest’s name]
    as she prepares to have the time of her life
    when she marries [Groom’s name]
    An Around-the-Clock Bridal Shower and Brunch
  • Tick-tock, tick-tock
    Time to shower the bride around the clock!
  • Whether your gift is for the evening, afternoon or early morning hour
    Come honor the happy couple at an around the clock shower!
  • The time is now to celebrate         
    The bride and groom’s special date!  

A No-Gifts Shower

For some brides, the greatest present of all is to celebrate with their loved ones before the big day. A bridal shower with no gifts is a perfect way to spread the love. Here’s an example of catchy invitation wording for such an occasion:
[Couple’s name] are tying the knot!
Let’s help them celebrate before the big day
and shower them with love and best wishes
[Time, date information]

Please bring a favorite story about the bride or groom to share or advice on what makes a successful marriage.
Please no gifts, we are just gathering to toast our bride!


A fun way to inject some personality into your cute wedding shower invitations is to pick a theme. Can you think of a better way to customize your party? Use the proper bridal shower invitation wording to emphasize the style. Here are some examples:

For a spa-themed Bridal Shower

If you’re planning a relaxing self-care day with all your girlfriends, do it in style. Use your cool bridal shower invitations to show your squad what’s coming. A nice example of a shower invitation for a spa-themed party could be:

Hey beauties! Let’s pamper the bride-to-be (Bride’s name)!

For a bride who loves to travel

Some brides have no roots. They go anywhere the wind blows. If you’re planning a wedding shower for a nomad bride-to-be, let it show on her fancy bridal shower invitations. Surprise your jet-set friends with a cute idea just like this:

Traveling from Miss to Mrs.
Join us for a bridal shower honoring bride-to-be (Bride’s name)

For a stock-the-bar–themed couple’s shower

Cheers to all the brides-to-be out there! A stock-the-bar bridal shower is a new trend that ditches the traditional gifts. Who needs a new toaster when you can get your favorite bottle of wine, anyway. Check out this bridal shower invitation wording idea:

(Couple’s names)
Their wedding day isn’t too far
Let’s celebrate and stock the bar!

For a Tea Party–themed Bridal Shower

It’s always 5 PM somewhere! If the bride-to-be is an infusion enthusiast, honor her with this idea that never gets old. You can rest assured everybody will have a great time! Here’s what your tea party bridal shower invites should look like:

  • Love is brewing
  • Join us for a bridal tea party honoring the bride-to-be (Bride’s name)

For a brunch-themed Bridal Shower

Nothing screams bridal shower louder than a delicious brunch with friends. The bride and her girl gang will have a blast with this celebration idea. But before you start picking the menu, check out this cute sample bridal shower invitation wording option:

  • Donut mind if “I do”
  • Please join us for a bridal shower honoring (Bride’s name)

Bridal Shower Invitation Samples

Never underestimate the power of a beautiful design. The style of your cards will complement your ideas. You should always pick something that matches the concept of the party. This way, you’ll have more unity, and your guests will better understand the theme. Take a look at the following samples of bridal shower invites.


Think outside the box and try a funny bridal shower invite template. The design can be quite simple when the words are doing all the work. A funny pre-wedding party invite allows you to get creative. Here’s an example of this relaxed style:


Go straight to the point using a traditional bridal shower invitation wording. A formal party calls for an elegant and timeless invite. Pick a simple design and let the words do all the talking. Check out the following template:

Around-The-Clock Shower

If you’re hosting a non-traditional shower, you’ll need your invites to be descriptive. Your guests might not be familiar with what an around-the-clock party is. Using the right wedding shower invite wording will help you better explain. Here’s an example:

Wine Themed

A fun way to spend time with your girls before the big day is a wine tasting shower. Feel fancy as you unwind and forget about the stress of the wedding for a second. You can use funny quotes for your bridal shower invitation wording. Check out this adorable template:

Garden themed

If you like nature, why not throw a garden-themed shower? You can extend the concept to your invites by using a leafy design. Your bridal shower invite wording can stay fairly simple. Just make sure you add all the relevant information. Here’s a lovely sample:

Spa Themed

Planning a wedding can get you on your nerves. Treat the bride with a spa-themed bridal shower. Give your guests a hint of what awaits them on this relaxing retreat. Pick a design that matches the mood like the one below:

Stock-the-Bar–Themed Couple’s Shower

A couple’s shower might be uncommon, but it’s twice the fun! A stock-the-bar party is a nice alternative to raise a glass for the lovebirds. Keep your bridal shower invitation wording creative and playful. Here’s a cute example of what we’re talking about:

Tea Party

This idea is for the more traditional brides. It’s a sweet and simple way to enjoy your time with your girls. A tea party themed bridal shower invitation can have all the classic elements. Keep your wording straight to the point like the example below:


One of the hottest trends right now is throwing a rustic bridal shower. This party style evokes a cozy countryside escapade. If this is the look you’re going for, make invites that match. Check out the following template for inspiration:

Bridal Shower Brunch

What a yummy way to celebrate! A brunch themed pre-wedding party lets you play with a lot of elements. You can make cute and fun invites. Don’t be afraid to get creative with the bridal shower brunch invitations. Take a look at this example:


Talk about timeless design! Vintage bridal invitations are a beautiful option to display the bride’s style. If you want delicate patterns with a personality of their own, try this lovely trend. Need some inspiration? Here’s a sample you can copy:

Final Words!

Writing your pre-wedding party invites doesn’t have to be a source of stress. As you can see, finding the right bridal shower invitation wording isn’t rocket science. You can keep it simple or get as creative as you want. It all depends on your personal taste and the kind of party you have in mind. As long as you follow this guide and the regular wedding shower planning etiquette your invites will be a massive success. Don’t forget to prepare Bridal Shower party favors

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