35+ Unique Bridal Shower Gifts To Celebrate the Happy Couple

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Weddings can be an exciting experience. When a close friend or relative is about to tie the knot, you might feel a strong impulse to find a gift that helps perfectly capture how you feel about this big moment. One way to achieve this is by searching for the perfect bridal shower gifts to help commemorate the occasion. Whether you’re one of the bridesmaids in the bridal party or simply a close friend of the bride-to-be, there are a number of fantastic options out there that are sure to appeal to the tastes of the bride and groom.

Take a moment to look over these bridal shower gift ideas for bride. From creative gifts to personalized presents, these options are truly unique and perfect for such a special time.  

bridal shower gifts - cutting board

Custom Cutting Board


Anyone searching for creative gifts for newlyweds should consider a custom cutting board. This kitchen gift is a lovely way to help a new couple turn their first house together into a warm and inviting home.

Price: $27.58+


Custom Unique Hello Will you I do canvas print


A sentimental gift can often be a powerful and poignant one for a newly married couple. A custom print featuring images that are significant to the couple’s personal love story can be a touching way to celebrate the marriage. It will be one of perfect personalized bridal shower gifts.

Price: $48.95

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gifts for newlyweds - apron

Personalized Apron for Women


For the woman who loves to bake or cook, a personalized apron is a lovely way to go about finding bridal shower gifts for bride. She’ll love wearing this beautiful and sweet apron around the kitchen as she creates delicious confections. 

Price: $26.99

creative wedding gifts - custom portrait print

Custom Family Portrait


Some couples get married after already starting a family. Help to celebrate this fact with a personalized family portrait or print from a professional artist. This creative novelty gift is as silly as it is sentimental.

Price: $29.00+

bridal shower giftt for bride

Personalized Lyrics Wall Print


Does the happy couple have a song that they immediately associate with their love? If so, a personalized wall print featuring the lyrics of this tune is an amazing way to find a gift that speaks to the heart. Don’t forget to stick with wishes for bridal shower.

Price: $48.95

bridal shower gifts - throw pillow cover

Velvet Throw Pillow Cover


Sharing a bed with a spouse can be something many couples need to get adjusted to. A velvet throw pillow cover can be great bridal shower gifts aimed at making the transition to cohabitation a bit less frustrating.

Price: $19.97

wedding gift for bride - cheese tapas board

Swivel Cheese & Tapas Board


Want to grab your friend cool wedding gifts that serve as unique housewarming presents? A swivel cheese and tapas board is a great kitchen gift that will transform how the happy couple goes about entertaining guests. 

Price: $85.00

bridal shower gifts for bride - snow ski wine rack

Snow Ski Wine Rack


For the couple who love to unwind with a glass or two of wine at the end of the day, a handcrafted wine rack is a fun gift option. This gift offers a simple place to store wine and a design that is both clever and appealing.

Price: $58.00


The Newlywed Cookbook


One creative way to go about kitchen gifts for newlywed couples is with a cookbook. Cooking is an activity that brings couples together and this cookbook offers plenty of enticing recipes to tackle as a team.

Price: $17.57

unique wedding gifts for couples who have everything - stoneware and coasters

Stoneware and Coaster Sets


An elegant item for the home is always an excellent choice for bridal shower gifts. These stoneware and crackled glass coaster sets have a look that will surely be appreciated by couples who appreciate the finer things. 

Price: $32.00

bridal shower gifts - dish towel

Dish Towel


If you’re on a budget, there are some simple and inexpensive gift options worth consideration. A city dish towel is perfect for a new home and provides a beautiful style that will look perfect hanging in any kitchen.

Price: $20.00 

gift to bride from bridesmaid - wine glass set

Wine Glass Set


If you were a late invite to an event, you might be stressing yourself to find last minute bridal shower gifts. A multicolor ombre stemless wine glass set can be a lovely way to offer a practical gift without losing your mind in the process.

Price: $85.00

bridal shower gifts - pot and pans

Pots and Pans Set


One of the most classic housewarming gift and newlywed gifts is a set of pots and pans. Help a bride and groom cook a delicious meal in the kitchen with a quality set of essentials. 

Price: $99.99

weddings gifts for bride and groom - serving bowl

Serving Bowl


There are plenty of unique and creative ways to go about purchasing the right bridal shower gifts. A serving bowl with wooden serving utensils is a lovely kitchen addition that any couple would be delighted to receive. 

Price: $65.00

bridal shower gifts - pan stirrer with timer

Automatic Pan Stirrer with Timer


An automatic pan stirrer with timer is a lovely kitchen gift to bride from bridesmaid. Help make meal prep a bit easier with this unique and practical idea.

Price: $25.00

newlywed gifts - carved heart serving spoon

Heart Serving Spoon


Putting a personal touch on what you buy can help turn it from a simple present into a treasured gift. A hand-carved heart serving spoon might seem simple, but the small details can help to make a powerful impact.

Price: $20.00


Vase Bookends


Another creative option to consider when you want to buy something unique is vase bookends. This unique bridal shower gift provides a sensible way to keep books upright and prominently display fresh flowers.

Price: $45.00

bridal shower gifts - blanket custom

Throw Blanket


When the happy couple is stuck at home together after the wedding night, curling up on the couch can be a lovely activity. A Mr. and Mrs custom wedding throw blanket is a nice way for them to stay cozy all the while.

Price: $51.00

ideas for bridal shower gifts - knock knock book

Personalized Journal


A blank journal is another creative way to go about finding a bridal shower party gift. The couple can fill out personal information in the book and relive the journey of their love through these unique bridal shower gifts. 

Price: $9.37

bridal shower gifts for the bride - gopro



For the bride who is obsessed with the latest tech, consider a GoPro. This is a truly impressive gift for a friend who loves gadgets and can help her take her adventures to the next level in no time.

Price: $229.00


Scent Diffuser


Planning a wedding can be a very stressful experience. A scent diffuser is a lovely gift to consider when you want to encourage the bride-to-be to relax a little bit and feel a sense of healing.

Price: $13.00 – $32.00


Self-Care Gift Basket


Taking time for self-care is crucial when planning to walk down the aisle. A gift basket including a variety of personal-care items can help the happy couple look and feel fresh in the days leading up to the wedding. 

Price: $60.00

bridal shower gifts - butter truffles bathtub soaks

Cocoa Butter Truffles Bathtub Soaks


A long, luxurious bath is perfect for helping a bride indulge in a vital self-care routine. Cocoa butter truffles bathtub soaks are great beauty bride gift ideas from bridesmaids that will be quickly put to good use.

Price: $32.00

wedding shower gift - underwear

Honeydew Intimates


A sexy gift is another fun way to go about finding the most appropriate unique bridal shower gifts. Help her get the most out of her honeymoon with this intimate gift option.

Price: $30.00 

bridal shower gifts - nightgown



A silk slip nightgown is a simple and sexy bridal shower gift to consider in a pinch. With this gift, she’ll have no trouble making her honeymoon night into one she never forgets.

Price: $79.50

wedding gifts for young couples - slippers

Mr. and Mrs. Slippers


Matching wedding slippers are a fun and silly way to help newlyweds feel unified in a visual way. These Mr. and Mrs. slippers are comfy, cute, and perfect bridal shower gifts for the couple.

Price: $19.12+


Wedding Placemats


If you’ve already spent a lot on the wedding, you might be searching for more affordable bridal shower gifts. Wedding placements are inexpensive without sacrificing the overall quality of the present you provide. 

Price: $5.00


Kitchen Knife Set


Some gift ideas are difficult to beat. A wooden block kitchen knife set is a perfect way to help the happy couple get some good use out of their shared kitchen space.

Price: $199.95


Dinnerwear Set


Couples will definitely want to host gatherings after they tie the knot. A dinnerware set is a gift that makes it a lot easier for the happy couple to entertain friends and relatives. 

Price: $48.90


Dutch Oven


There are all sorts of practical kitchen appliances and gifts to consider for the newlywed couple. A Dutch oven is great for cooking and can easily make the kitchen into a more productive and efficient space. 

Price: $52.95


Kimono Bathrobe


Whether she’s preparing for the big day or relaxing while on her honeymoon, a silky kimono bathrobe can be great way you need bridal shower gifts. Provide her with something comfortable to slip on whenever she needs a break.

Price: $3.99-$18.99

gifts for newlyweds - champagne flutes

Champagne Flutes


There’s nothing like a glass of champagne during a moment of celebration. To grab a gift that can be put to good use during the wedding, consider a set of gorgeous crystal champagne flutes. 

Price: $150.00


Unique Engraved Bride Bouquet Vase


A personalized piece of decor for the home is always a good fit when you’re searching for wedding shower gifts. This unique bouquet vase can be put to good use the moment it is opened to brighten up the home. 

Price: $25.00

bridal shower gift - baskets

Spa Gift Basket


Running short on time but hoping to find thoughtful wedding gifts that serve a practical purchase? A spa gift basket is one of the most luxurious gifts for bride you can get without having to spend a small fortune.

Price: $49.99


Bouquet Subscription


Some gifts are lovely because they keep on giving. A bouquet subscription through UrbanStems is a great way to provide consistent and different decor to a new home on a rotating basis all through the same gift.

bridal shower gifts - robot cleaner

Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Gifts aimed at making life easier are always a perfect fit. A robot vacuum cleaner is a thoughtful and practical way to use technology to find the absolute best gift for bride and groom alike. 

Price: $189.99

wedding gifts for couples who have everything - airfryer

Air Fryer


Marriage is a time of new discoveries and exciting revelations. Help apply this mentality to the kitchen with practical bridal shower gift ideas like an Air Fryer that can totally transform how she goes about preparing a meal.

Price: $119.99 

bridal shower gifts -luggage suitcase

Luggage Set


Marriage is a time of new discoveries and exciting revelations. Help apply this mentality to the kitchen with practical bridal shower gift ideas like an Air Fryer that can totally transform how she goes about preparing a meal.

Price: $139.99

ideas for bridal shower gifts - packing cubes

Packing Cubes


Packing for travel can be an incredibly headache, especially with a wedding to focus on. A set of packing cubes will make it much easier for the couple to pack their bags before going on honeymoon. 

Price: $20.15 

personalized bridal shower gifts - mug

Unique Mr and Mrs Mugs


Few gifts are as perfect or established for couples as a personalized Mr. and Mrs. mug. From morning coffee to tea before bed, these mugs visually unify the couple as a married unit. 

Price: $18.95

gifts for the bride - bedding

Bed Sheets


You can’t beat a set of quality bed sheets when you want to grab bridal gifts that leave an impression. These beautiful and comfortable sheets are a great way for the couple to share a new bed together.

Price: $24.00 

There are a number of ways to go about celebrating the coming union of a couple you care about. Dedicate time and attention to selecting the ideal bridal shower gifts. There are all sorts of creative, personalized, and unique presents available. All you need to do is explore your options! Consider what the newlyweds would appreciate best and you’ll easily be able to find plenty of fantastic gifts to commemorate the union and please the bride-to-be.

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