Hilarious Bridal Shower Games Your Guests Will Love to Play (2023)

Bridal shower game

On the search for creative bridal shower games to host a memorable and entertaining wedding bridal party? Whether you are the bride-to-be or the bridesmaids, it’s time to throw a personalized guest party that won’t soon forget. Every generation in attendance will be excited about playing icebreakers and unwrapping guest gifts and prizes!
From unique to classic, fun, and hilarious, these bridal shower games will not disappoint the bridal party or guests. The bride and her soon-to-be husband will be excited to share their special day with friends and family. All while opening gifts from their registry. A party the couple will remember for years after they are no longer newlywed. So read on to discover 35+ of the funniest and most unique bridal shower games around.


1. Hello, my name is

Start the party off with an icebreaker bridal shower game. Ask each guest to take a piece of paper and write down their nickname, romantic and little-known nicknames are best. Then hang the papers on a simple DIY photo board. Have a member of the bridal party read the nicknames aloud while participants guess which guest it belongs to.

bridal shower games:Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

2. Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

A hilarious bridal shower game guests are sure to love. Start this interactive bridal shower game by dividing the group into teams of at least three people each. Each team chooses a “bride,” and a few rolls of toilet paper. They have 15 minutes to create a stunning toilet paper wedding dress for their respective brides. The bride will choose the most beautiful dress as the winner!

fun bridal shower games:How well do you know the bride?

3. How well do you know the bride?

Include some trivia questions for bridal shower fun! Have a bridesmaid interview the bride prior to the party to make sure you have a list of all the correct answers. Not sure where to start, use this Who Knows the Bride Best printable. Each guest gets a sheet and the person with the most correct answers wins a prize.

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hilarious bridal shower games:Wedded Wisdom

4. Wedded Wisdom

This easy bridal shower game takes a little advanced planning. When sending out the bridal shower invitations, include a Words of Wedded Wisdom card for each guest to write down a tip or advice for the bride. A fun way to make this an interactive icebreaker is to have the bride read all the advice aloud after everyone arrives.

Pass the Presents

5. Pass the Presents

Bridal shower activities should get guests up and moving and be great icebreakers. For this bridal shower game, guests should create a circle around the bride, where she will present three wrapped gifts to random guests. She will then read a love story that includes the words “left,” and “right,” indicating which direction the guests should pass the gift.

games for bridal showers:Two Truths and a Lie

6. Two Truths and a Lie

A traditional and hilarious bridal shower game (or drinking game) that guests are sure to get a kick out of. Each guest introduces themselves and tells the group three things; two truths and a lie. Guests can either write down or shout out what they think the lie is. This could also be made into a printable trivia question game.

7. The Interview Bridal Shower Game

Create a funny bridal shower icebreaker by encouraging guests to interact and connect with one another. Give guests a list of questions about their fellow guests, like, “Who has 5 dogs?” Guests should talk with everyone in attendance to find the answers to these interesting questions. The guest with the most correct answers by the end gets one of the Bridal Shower Game prizes for guests.

8. The Tables Are Turned

The Tables are Turned is a fun and interactive icebreaker game for those who love charades. For this bridal shower game idea, have guests write down a silly, wedding-related scene for the bride to act out, like “the groom getting nervous.” The tables turn when the guests are actually the ones acting out the scene, not the bride.

unique bridal shower games:Disney Trivia

9. Disney Trivia

Disney trivia is a funny game for bridal showers that everyone can get behind. This bridal shower trivia game has guests match up iconic Disney songs with the correct movie. From “Let it Go,” to “Whistle While You Work,” guests are sure to enjoy an impromptu sing-along. All you need is a soundtrack of songs and some paper.

best bridal shower games:Trivia Challenge

10. Trivia Challenge

Trivia challenge pits the bride and groom against one another in this fun bridal shower game. The groom can make a guest appearance for the bridal shower to take on the bride in a trivia question challenge face-off.

bridal games:Who Has The Groom?" Game

11. Who Has The Groom?” Game

Guests will be rolling on the floor laughing with this ridiculous “Who Has the Groom?” question game. Simply print out these handsome celebrity cutouts from Works Of Heart Shoppe, Don’t forget the groom! Before the bridal shower begins, tape a man under each guest’s chair and let the interesting little trivia game begin. The guest who finds the groom wins!

wedding shower game idea:Cold Feet

12. Cold Feet

Cold Feet is a unique game where guests literally get cold feet. A fun bridal shower game where guests fish rings out of icy buckets of water with their feet. BURR! This unique shower game only requires a few materials. The guest to gets the most rings in two minutes wins the coolest prize of the bridal shower.

easy bridal shower games:Flower arranging

13. Flower arranging

Looking for fun and easy DIY bridal shower games? Flower arranging is more of an activity and each guest gets to bring home something special. Each table should have a variety of flowers and other DIY materials to make a beautiful bouquet. Guests can vote on the best arrangement or just make it a fun activity where everyone wins.

14. Pin the Lips on the Groom

This hilarious bridal shower game puts a modern spin on pin the tail on the donkey. Get a regular old pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey game and tape on the groom’s head. Get the ugliest lipstick possible and have blindfolded guests don the lipstick and kiss the “donkey” on the lips. The guest who gets the closest wins.

Who Can Make the Best Cocktail?

15. Who Can Make the Best Cocktail?

Put your guest’s bartending skills to the test with this fun drinking game. Simply set up a full bar at the bridal shower, make sure all ingredients are labeled, and see which team can make the best and most unique cocktail. The bride picks which team makes the best drink, and the winner wins bragging rights at the bar!

easy bridal shower games:Flower Crowns

16. Flower Crowns

This fun bridal shower activity promotes friendship and creativity. Each guest gets to create a custom DIY flower crown which they can wear for the rest of the shower. When the activity is over, the bride should dub each one of her guests with an honorary nickname befitting of their relationship (such as “Maiden of Mischief.” )

fun wedding shower games:Tie the knot

17. Tie the knot

Looking for funny couple shower games? Have guests celebrate tying the knot by literally tying the knot, in a cherry stem that is. While this game can certainly be a challenge, it will reveal who has the hidden talent of tying a cherry stem with their mouth. Whoever can do it the fastest wins!

bridal shower party games:Telephone toast

18. Telephone toast

Go back to the nostalgia of playing telephone using a toast as the message. Print out an instruction card and place it on one of the guest’s seats so that she may start the toast. The message will travel from guest to guest until it travels back to the original person. The original and final speech should then be revealed.

Wedding Ring Toss

19. Wedding Ring Toss

Wedding ring toss is an interactive wedding shower activity with a fun spin on the classic yard game. It’s time to get active and visit the craft store for this funny game, pick up some pretty glass bottles and metal rings (painted like a wedding ring) in a wood crate. See who can land the most rings on a bottle.

bridal games to play:Bridal Pictionary

20. Bridal Pictionary

Turn the classic game of Pictionary into fun games for your bridal party. Divide your guests into two groups with an “artist” on each team. Have the artist pick a phrase and give them 60 seconds to draw the phrase out. If their team doesn’t guess it in time, let the other team attempt. The first to 10 correct guesses wins!

guess the brides age game:Guess How Old?" Game

21. “Guess How Old?” Game

This is a fun game that might even have the bride guessing. The Guess the bride’s Age game is made from collage boards of photos of the bride throughout the years, from birth on up, where guests have to figure out how old she was. She can take the collages to decorate her soon-to-be-married life.

Guess That Quote

22. Guess That Quote

It’s a good idea to have a few games for guests who don’t necessarily want to be very interactive. This Guess the Quote game is a fun way to get guests involved and give out prizes without making anyone feel uncomfortable. Grab a printable or come up with a list of your own romantic movie titles for guests to guess.

Forbidden ring

23. Forbidden ring

This is a fun game all in attendance can play prompting guests to ask popular questions. Pick a few forbidden wedding-related words. Each guest starts with five rings and when someone catches them saying a forbidden word, the person who caught them takes a ring. The person with the most rings at the end of the bridal shower wins.

bridal shower present bingo:Bridal Bingo

24. Bridal Bingo

Put a wedding spin on the classic game of bingo with this funny icebreaker. Each bingo card should be filled with things the bride likes, her favorite color, food, ect., with slightly different things on each card in different orders, playing just like you would traditional bridal shower bingo. Provide prizes to winners for this bridal shower game idea.

bridal shower poem game:The Bride's Poem

25. The Bride’s Poem

This is a fun and easy game to play during the gift opening. Start with the first line of a poem and then pass the paper around the room. Each guest must add to the poem while only being able to see the previous line. Have the maid of honor read the bride’s poem aloud at the end.

Spa Day

26. Spa Day

Looking to treat your bridesmaid to a relaxing experience? If you’re bored with the standard wedding shower ideas then try out this unique bridal shower activity. This could be anything from getting a massage, facials, or even an at-home spa day. Mani pati and mimosas anyone?

Learn a New Skill

27. Learn a New Skill

If the bride or one of the bridesmaids has a skill they would like to teach, they can hold a class for the bridal shower. This can be anything from flower arranging to cake decorating (or any non-wedding related topics too). You could also attend a group class at a local craft store.

bridal shower poem game active bridal shower games:Camping trip

28. Camping trip

Get back to nature with a fun outdoor camping trip. This unique bridal shower activity will bring friends together in ways a regular bridal shower could never do. Some outside activities could include cooking over an open fire, weaving baskets, or drinking games. Make a weekend of it, or try out “glamping” if you are not the outdoorsy type.

Pool party

29. Pool party

If you can get access to a pool, a pool party is an awesome bridal shower activity. Things can get extremely hilarious when you have the entire bridal party having fun outdoors. Think grilling out, relaxing floaties, and of course, poolside drinks.

Outdoor picnic

30. Outdoor picnic

If your bridesmaids love the outdoors, why not try a hike and a picnic? While this is not a bridal shower game, you could certainly make it an interactive activity. Find popular things for a scavenger hunt or have each bridesmaid plan a certain part of the picnic, like a potluck.

fun games to play at wedding showers:The Wedding Night

31. The Wedding Night

If the bride is going to get a lot of lingerie for the bridal shower, make a fun game out of it. As she opens her gifts, have one of the bridesmaids write down her verbal reactions. Then at the end, have the bridesmaid read aloud, “This is what the bride will be saying on her wedding night…”

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With these 31 ideas, you are sure to never run out of options for bridal shower games and activities. From traditional to modern, funny and interactive, your guests are sure to have an unforgettable time. Create a mix of wedding shower games and activities that everyone will enjoy and want to play. Include both competitive and passive bridal shower games and activities to cater to all attending. Don’t forget to include door prizes for winners!

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