45 Bridal Shower Favor Ideas To Lovingly Thank Guests

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bridal shower is an exciting event. Of course, a lot of hard work goes into the planning. Whether you’re throwing it for your own upcoming wedding or you’re hosting one on behalf of someone you love, there are plenty of tasks to accomplish in advance. As a way to say thank you to the attendees of the party, it is common to provide bridal shower favors to guests. This can be approached from a creative or sentimental perspective and can be quite affordable if done with care. 

Take a moment to explore some of these fun ideas for inexpensive, unique, and personalized bridal shower favors for guests. In no time, you’ll be able to discover the perfect way to thank those who came out to celebrate.

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bridal shower favors - wedding champagne

Champagne Bottle Labels


For cheap bridal shower favors that are totally customizable, consider Mr. and Mrs. champagne bottle labels. This is a gift you can customize as you see fit to make it appropriate for your guests. All you need to do is slap these stickers on a bottle of your choice for the perfect gift.

Price: $5.99+ (set of 8)

bridal-shower-favors -custom-straws

Custom Straws


From cocktails to champagne, there are plenty of beverages passed around a shower. Make each drink special with personalized custom straws that act as truly unique bridal shower favors. 

Price: $10.99 (set of 8)

bridal-shower-favors -wine-tumbler

Personalized Tumbler


Nothing beats a glass you can take home with you after a party. A Mr. & Mrs. personalized tumbler is an inexpensive way to find ideal gifts for the guests of your bridal shower party. 

Price: $11.00+

bridal shower party supplies - beer cooler

Personalized Cooler


When guests of your shower are the kind of people who like to spend time outdoors, a personalized cooler is a wonderful gift. Great for spring and summer affairs, this wedding shower party favor gift is sure to impress.

Price: $3.50+

bridal shower favors - champagne flute

Personalized Champagne Flute


From the engagement to the shower to the wedding itself, champagne toasts are commonplace during nuptial celebrations. If you want to find appropriate bridal shower gifts for guests, personalized flutes help to provide a magical gift that symbolize the nature of the event. 

Price: $5.00+ 


Custom Totes


Couples who care about the planet will appreciate gifts that are created to be mindful of environmental impact. To keep everyone happy, consider custom tote bags. These bridal shower favors offer a natural way to thank guests without doing any harm to the planet in the process. 

Price: $10.50+

bridal shower favors - mirrors

Personalized Compact Mirrors


Some gifts are timeless when it comes to a bridal shower party. Bridesmaids and attendants alike will appreciate personalized compact mirrors that conveniently fit into a pocket or bag.

Price: $11.99+

bridal shower favors - matchboxes

Personalized Matchbox


If you’re searching for affordable bridesmaid favors that don’t skimp on the impact, consider personalized matches. These Mr. and Mrs. bridesmaid favors are sure to heat things up for guests.

Price: $49.50+ (Set of 25)


Sugar Scrubs


When you’re searching for the right wedding shower party favor for your guests, it can be useful to think about pampering them a little bit. Mini sugar scrubs help to exfoliate and leave behind radiant, fresh skin. This is a practical gift that is affordable without coming across as cheap. 

Price: $16.00+ (5 flavors)


Mason Jar Favors


Mason jars are incredibly helpful when you want to make DIY gifts. Mason jar wedding favors like bridal shower favors candles are a simple and effective way of thanking your guests.

Price: $19.50+


DIY Sweets Bag


You can’t beat candy when it comes to a super cheap way of thanking guests for coming to a party. This DIY sweets bag is an inexpensive and homemade way to show thanks. 

bridal shower favors - favor tags

DIY Favor Tags


When you want to save money and still deliver a lovely token of affection, DIY gifts can be a unique way to approach the task. Bee favor tags are a silly and fun way to go about your bridal shower favors. Put the perfect touch on any favor you select with these handmade tags that capture the spirit of your event. 

wedding shower - wine stoppers

Bottle Stoppers


Another way to grab unique rose wedding favors without spending a fortune on the party is with bottle stoppers. Perfect to cork wine after opening, these favors are a simple way to express gratitude. 

Price: $5.00+


Mini Succulents


Looking for a clever way to approach your wedding shower favor idea? Succulents are a cheap piece of decor that guests will love bringing home for a touch of greenery.

Price: $58.00

party gifts for guests - mini canvas

Painted Canvas Favors


A mini canvas print featuring a colorful and personal image is another fantastic bridal shower party favor. Ideal as decor, these prints are a unique and sweet way of approaching gifts.

Price: $16.00+


Vase Set


When it comes to finding gifts that are as cheap as they are practical and unique, decor is always an interesting way to go. Consider grabbing a set of glass bud vases and filling them with your favorite natural or artificial floral arrangements. This simple and elegant gift can save you money without sacrificing the quality of the gift. 

Price: $19.95


Mini Cactus Assortment


Are you looking for a gift that is truly unique? This can be hard to achieve on a budget. A mini cactus can make for the perfect bridal shower gifts for guest when you need an original option. Perfect as decor indoors or out, guests will appreciate the creative aspect of this favor idea.

Price: $99.99 (72 pack)

bridal shower favors - dried lavender

Bundles of Dried Lavender


You don’t have to spend a small fortune to find ideal bridesmaid favors. In fact, a bundle of dried lavender can be a lovely and simple option when you’re looking to show thanks to people you love.

Price: $16.10+

rustic box - bridal shower favors

Rustic Boxes


These love boxes are a truly rustic approach to bridal shower favors. Ideal for weddings or events being held in places like old barns or similar venues, guests will adore these unique options. 

Price: $3.99+

bridal shower favors - luggage tags

Luggage Tags


A wedding that is being held at a destination can offer some unique challenges to guests. Luckily, a shower favor of luggage tags can be a lovely idea. Personalize these tags for each guest and the attendees will be able to get use out of them when traveling to the nuptials. 

Price: $4.75 

ideas for bridal shower favors - cocktail kit

Cocktail Kit


A good cocktail is a cornerstone of a memorable bridal shower. Whether your event features a signature cocktail or you want guests to talk about the quality of the liquor, a cocktail hit can be a wonderful favor. Perfect when you’re looking to please a mixed crowd of women and men with your gift. 

Price: $21.99

wedding favors - keychain

Unique Keychains


When you’re short on time and need to grab a perfect gift for the people coming to your shower, keychains can be a lovely idea. Cheap and unique, a keychain favor is a wedding shower gift that will definitely help to capture your gratitude.

Price: $10.92

bridal shower favors - photo frame

Photo Frames


There’s nothing more sentimental than a photo when it comes to a gift that makes someone smile. If you need low-priced bridesmaid favors, photo frames featuring your favorite pictures of the guests with the couple can be a fantastic and inexpensive way to go.

Price: $2.81+


Nail Polish Tags


Nail polish tags can be another inexpensive and unique way to approach bridal shower favors. Simply attach these thank you tags to the nail polish you select for each guest and you’ve created a personalized gift that can be put to use.

Price: $12.00

bath salt

Bath Salts


Gifts that center around self-care can be perfect for bridesmaids. Help the ladies of your wedding party unwind with bath salts meant to transform an experience in the tub into one of true luxury. 

Price: $15.00

rustic soaps

Rustic Soaps


Another gift that can work for bridesmaids is a set of beauty girl soap. This is a cheap and original way to approach gifts that can provide a perfect touch to what you’re giving guests.

Price: $42.31+ (set of 25)

wedding shower favor idea - bath bomb

Bath Bombs


An easy and affordable way to find bridal shower favors that still make an impact is with bath bombs. These lovely self-care items add a touch of color to the tub and can encourage a sense of rest and relaxation. 

Price: $22.00 (Set of 12)

bridal shower favors - hair tie



For the bride who is obsessed with the latest tech, consider a GoPro. This is a truly impressive gift for a friend who loves gadgets and can help her take her adventures to the next level in no time.

Price: $12.99 ($1.62 / Count)

party favors bridal shower - body scream

Body Butter


A simple way to say thank you with your party favors idea is by giving out moisturizing body butter. Formulated with nourishing shea and cocoa butters, this is a great way to care for your friends.

Price: $6.50+

bridal shower favors - lip balms

Lip Balms


Certain personal care items are essential for guests and participants at a wedding. If you want a party gift for guest that keeps people comfortable, lip balm is an inexpensive way to combat dry or chapped lips.

Price: $15.49

wedding shower party favor - makeup bag

Makeup Bag


Makeup is a crucial part of the routine for bridesmaids. Help the girls keep their items organized with a personalized wedding shower gift like monogrammed makeup bags. A convenient way for bridesmaids to keep track of personal care products.

Price: $11.47

bridal shower favors - chocolate stickers

Chocolate Labels


You can’t beat chocolate when it comes to a bridal shower favor that makes an impression. Customize labels and add them to your favorite products for a chocolate themed bridal shower treat sure to delight.

Price: $9.99 ($0.05/Count)

wedding shower favor idea - cookie



Cookies are another simple and sweet favor to consider. Bridal shower cookie favors can be customized to meet the tastes of you guests. Plus, it provides a nice snack that attendees can bring home.

Price: $0.50+

bridal shower tea party

Tea Party Favors


Having a themed event like a tea party? Your favors bridal shower should match the theme! Tea party favors will add a nice finishing touch to your theme. 

Price: $1.49+

bridal shower thank you gifts - favors birthday supplies

Candy Boxes


Customized candy boxes are another easy way to approach bridal shower favors. Candy is the kind of gift that is sure to please a crowd no matter what their specific tastes might be. 

Price: $12.59 

bridal shower favors - sunglasses custom

Custom Sunglasses


Destination weddings offer many opportunities for cheap bridal shower gifts for guests. Custom sunglasses based on the destination of the event are a sweet and practical idea that will keep guests happy.

Price: $4.00


Hand Sanitizer


In the current day and age, hand sanitizer is a gift that shows you really care about a person’s health. For your bridal shower favors, consider tossing in a bottle of sanitizer to give a gift that is sure to get put to immediate use.

Price: $10.00+

bridal shower favors - bath bomb

Elegant Bath Bombs


Adding a touch of elegance to your bridal shower favor is easy with the right gifts. Luxury bath bombs are an elegant choice that you can be certain your guests will delight in the chance at using.

Price: $25.00


Diamond Pens


There are many ways to go about selecting gifts for your bridal shower guests that are inexpensive and still appealing. Diamond pens are a unique gift because they are simple in design and effective as a token of sentimentality. Plus, having a pen handy is useful for almost all people.

Price: $3.50+ 

bridal shower party favor - rustic boxes

Rustic Heart Boxes


Little boxes are an adorable way to approach bridal shower party favors. Whether you’re searching for a cheap way to show your guests you care or you’d like to try something a bit more rustic with your favors, these boxes are a lovely option.

Price: $21.00 (Set of 24)

bridal shower favors - popcorn bag

Popcorn Bags


Want to surprise the guests of your shower with an unexpected and tasty treat? A popcorn bag is a bridal shower gift that can easily delight the crowd. Plus, the box itself makes a wonderful favor and a unique piece of decor.

Price: $0.50+


Custom Mugs


A mug is a classic gift that suits a number of purposes. If you’re running short on time and want to find personalized gifts for your bridal party that still have a sweet touch, mugs are the way to go. As an added bonus, fill the mugs with candy or other little treats.

Price: $16.20+


Eye Masks


Bridesmaids want to look their best on the day of a wedding. To encourage this with your bridal shower idea, grab favors that are as cheap as they are practical. Eye masks help to hydrate and nourish the skin so that it looks radiant.

Price: $6.66

bridal shower favors - sunflowerseeds

Seed Packets


Some gifts can be used to encourage hobbies and other fun activities. Sunflower seeds are a wonderful way to get your guests to plant gardens at home. Plus, seed packets are inexpensive and very easy to transport to the venue where the shower will be held.

Price: $50.00 (Set of 50)

cheap bridal shower gifts for guests - soaps

Disney Soaps


A shower with a Disney theme requires some favors that fit with the motif. These fun Minnie soaps are great Disney themed bridal shower favors that can be used as a little decoration or be put to practical use in the tub. 

Price: $24.99 (Set of 10) 

The people who attend a bridal shower are some of the closest friends and family members to the bride. In order for you to express true gratitude for their presence, you need to consider the bridal shower favors you select. Thankfully, there are plenty of different ways to go about finding the right fit. Give yourself time to explore all of the unique, personalized, and sweet options available to you, and pick gifts that will leave a lasting impression. Moreover, don’t forget to stick with Bridal Shower Thank You Notes.

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