28 Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas for Any Budget

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A bridal shower is a pre-wedding party and a celebration for the bride-to-be in anticipation of the wedding. This fun bridal shower themes article aims to inspire a bunch of creative décor ideas that can you can achieve regardless of the budget. To actualize these bridal shower decoration ideas, the host and bride need some extra hands. The bridal shower party members should also get involved. With adequate help and inspiration, the bridal shower could be one of the most captivating yet. 

1. Arch

bridal shower decoration ideas - balloon arch

Create a Balloon Arch

This is one of those cheap bridal shower decorations which make a remarkable impression. With their vibrant colors and diverse formations, balloons create an attractive arch that forms the party’s focal point. With a bit of help from the bridal party members, you can put together this DIY creation pretty fast. 

A helium tank makes inflating faster, but you can also blow the balloons yourselves. You’ll need a low-temperature glue gun for the arch formation, or you can simply attach the balloons with fishing wire. 

2. Bridal Shower Signs

bridal shower welcome signs

Welcome Sign

The bridal shower welcome sign is the first piece of décor that the guests will encounter. Being at the entrance, it sets the mood for the party and should be nothing short of spectacular. You can also have additional signs saying, “Thank you for coming,” “Let the party begin,” “Selfie station,” “Sign the guest book,” and so on. This bridal shower idea has limitless options. Use the signs to guide the guests around and to add some good old fun to the party.  

3. Backdrop


Make a Bookworm Backdrop

If you’re dealing with a bookworm bride-to-be, you can go for bridal shower decoration ideas revolving around books. You can use whole books or rip the pages off old books, cut them into various shapes, and then attach them to strings/ribbons. If using the books, which is preferable when you don’t want to pull out pages, you can attach them to a wall by their stems and pin them open. Such a handmade arrangement forms an attractive black and white themed backdrop. You can also have the books piled up to create a solid background. 

bridal shower decorations - flower handcrafted

Handcrafted Paper Flower Decorations

Paper flower arrangements are a versatile addition to any bridal shower décor. If you have the time and skill, you can make the paper flowers at home. If not, they’re readily available in the bridal shower stores alongside other party supplies. Party flowers come in diverse sizes, styles, and colors. For instance, if you have a pink-themed party, you can have pale pink, deep pink, and any shade in between.  

balloon letters

Splattered Balloon Letters

You can’t run out of bridal shower decoration ideas with inflatable letters/numbers in the mix. You can spell out relevant words such as the bride’s name, the number of days to the wedding, words like “Mrs,” “Love,” “Welcome,” and so on. Most balloon letters come in golden colored letters, perfect for a white and gold-themed bridal shower party.  


Build a Flower Wall

If you have access to a variety of flowers, you can create a stunning floral photo backdrop. You can combine different flowers such as rose lavender, orchids, and so on. Another great idea for a bridal shower flower wall is succulent plants, which can be further spray painted in different colors such as silver, gold, rose gold, navy blue, and so on.  

4. Bridal Shower Place Cards

bridal shower decoration ideas - place cards

Print Attractive Place Cards

Place and indicate table numbers and the guest sitting arrangements. Several free online programs allow you to design and print creative place cards that complement your color palette. You don’t have to print the specific names on the cards. You can opt to handwrite the names to accommodate possible changes on the guest list. You can add to the glamor by including inexpensive card stands or holders, which should be readily available in your party shop along with other bridal shower supplies. 

cut-wood name table

Custom Laser Cut Wood Place Card

Are you looking for bridal shower decoration ideas that are out of the ordinary? Wooden acrylic place cards add that dash of elegance and a perfect finishing touch to the table setting. You can order them online, or you can go for the cheaper DIY option. Either way, the wood blends perfectly into a rustic theme. Customized place cards are some of those bridal shower accessories that the guests can take home as a keepsake. Your party will not be forgotten any time soon.  

shell name cards

Shell Name Cards

Are you considering a coastal-themed bridal shower? Nothing spells beach as much as shells, especially the elegant translucent capiz shells. Add the names in stylish calligraphy, and you have an eccentric place card that uplifts any table arrangement.  


Clay Ribbons

Are you looking for an even cheaper option to guide your guests around? We have easy DIY clay ribbons that will do the job just fine, and can even be taken home afterward.  

5. Table


Leaf Placemats

If you’re holding your bridal shower outdoors, you can incorporate organic décor to blend with Mother Nature. Particularly appealing are the Monstera leaf placements made of paper but appear super realistic. You can use the ‘leaves’ as placemats for plates and cutlery. You can also arrange them into a fascinating table runner adorning the center of the table.  


Rose Napkin Rings

You can fold the bridal shower napkins into various fancy shapes. You can spruce them up even further by incorporating napkin rings. They hold the napkins in place and add a dash of glamor to the arrangement. Roses can be incorporated into various bridal shower decoration ideas, including the napkin rings. Artificial roses are readily available in party stores in various colors. Attach the roses onto elastic hairbands using fabric glue or stitches. You can attach a single rose or a bunch of them onto each band. These simple DIY rings will add a feel of sophistication to every table.  

glass bottles

Repurpose Glass Bottles

In the spirit of crafting exceptional bridal decorations without breaking the bank, consider recycling the items within your reach. Glass bottles, specifically wine bottles, provide versatile bridal shower décor items that you can use individually or as flower vases. The bottles can be decorated with lights, yarn, or spray paint to blend into various bridal shower themes.  


Make Pine-Scented Candles

Is your party extending into the night? Let the mesmerizing glow of candlelight usher in the night with all its possibilities. Tea light and votives should be available in your local store. If you’re holding the bridal shower party in a hired venue, it’s likely that they have such candles in store.  

bridal shower decoration ideas - garden themed

Encourage Effortlessness

An outdoor event can look elegant without trying too hard. Nature already has its enchanting elements and can do without much else. You can simply add fresh flowers and other organic details to complete the look. Holding your party in the garden presents a whole new perspective for bridal shower decoration ideas.  

rustic banner

Hang a Rustic Banner

Remember that tassel banner you made in your art class? You can do it all over again for your bridal shower. Use paper, burlap, fabric, and thread of different lengths to form a lovely rustic banner. For a garden party, add café lights and let your banner illuminate into the night.  

photo booth frame

Bridal Shower Photo Booth Frame

How will you remember who came to your bridal shower? Out with the old fashioned guest-book, in with the elegant bridal shower photo booth frame! Get creative with your frame. You can write the name of the bride and line the rest of the frame with paper flowers. Throw in your colors of choice: pink, royal blue, navy blue, red, purple, etc. The bursts of color add to the bridal shower fun as you freeze those precious moments.  


rustic ladder

Decorate a Rustic Ladder

Have you considered that a simple ladder can be one of the bridal shower decorations? Think about it. A ladder provides a vast surface area to attach paper flowers, balloons, ribbons, and signs for the bridal shower. You can also use the rungs to display old (and mostly embarrassing) photos of the bride and bridal shower favors for the guests. This should encourage you to look at the items around your home to inspire more bridal shower decoration ideas.  

wedding shower decorations - assemble flower decor

Assemble Affordable Decor

Don’t let a lean budget keep you from having the bridal shower you’ve always envisioned. You can do without the expensive rentals. Remember you still have a wedding to think about. You can turn the items in your house into enchanting decorations for the bridal shower. You can stack up crates to form tables, convert empty Mason jars into flower vases, and pick the fresh flowers around your neighborhood.  


Make Flower Crowns

Can you have too many flowers in bridal showers? We think not! You can never run out of bridal shower decoration ideas where floral arrangements are involved. You can use fresh tropical flowers or dried ones, which are then spray-painted into various colors such as red, white, pink, rose gold, navy blue, etc. Flower crowns can be used as centerpieces and are just as dazzling when worn. They also serve as favors for the bridal shower; the girls can keep them as a reminder of the party.  

7. Dessert Table

dessert table

Make a Gorgeous Dessert

The bridal shower food and snacks should aim for aesthetic pleasure in addition to the flavor. Cake stands instantly transform the dessert table into a delightful masterpiece. Most people have a cake stand or two in their homes. Request that they bring them along, and you’ll have a variety of options to display your cookies, cupcakes, cake slices, sandwiches, and so on.  


Ring Cake Toppers

Cake toppers generally come in different shapes. The ring topper is definitely the right one for the occasion. A dozen bridal shower cupcake toppers will cost you just a few dollars. Other than cupcakes, you can stick them into tarts, use them to hold burgers and sandwiches together, and so on.  

bridal shower decoration ideas - macaroons

Include Colorful Macarons

This colorful dessert ensures that the buffet table doesn’t get left out in the bridal shower theme color. Macarons come in an assortment of colors – you can always pick those that blend into your palette. You can make your work easier by buying frozen ones and defrosting them on the bridal shower day.  

bridal shower party - candy table

Make a Candy Table

Here’s another layout that gets people feasting with the eyes long before they dig in. You can have candy in any color imaginable. Amazon has some reasonably priced bulk candy options that you can choose from. Serve the candy in catchy paper plates or glass vases. You can request the guests to bring vases for variety. The leftover candy is repackaged in favors for the bridal party. 

8. Champagne Decor

champagne tower

Build a Champagne Tower

What’s a bridal shower without a glass of champagne? A whole lot of glasses actually – piled up and overflowing with sparkly wine. The display is simply enchanting.  

9. Stations

bridal shower decoration ideas - flower bar

Set Up a Flower Bar

If the bride isn’t into alcohol, you can replace the bar cart with a flower cart. The guests pick their favorite flowers and then arrange them into bouquets, creating their own bridal shower favors.  

mini donut display

Make Mini Donut Displays

Etsy offers some pretty chic donut displays, but you can also make your own. All you need is a solid backdrop. You can get that by taking the back piece of a picture frame and then adding pegs with glue. You’ll end up with a charming display for your donuts at a minimal cost!  

bridal shower decoration ideas - drink stations

Designate a Drink Station

Have all the drinks in a designated station where the guests can take their pick. Include the accessories required in the process: cups (you can have them customized), ice cubes, stirrers, straws, etc. The quality and presentation of your drinks is one aspect that your guests won’t forget.  

There you have it, a whole lot of bridal shower decoration ideas that you can consider no matter what your budget is. With a bit of creativity, you can pull off an unforgettable party with that unique bridal shower theme you’ve always dreamed of. Remember, this party sets the stage for the ultimate big day, the wedding. Make sure that you nail the bridal shower and set the right momentum for the nuptials.

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