How To Play Bridal Shower Bingo (Plus Free Printables)


Looking for fun and interactive games for your upcoming bridal shower party? Create excitement with everyone’s favorite game, bridal shower bingo. This classic party game can be played with a variety of different bingo cards. There are many free printable bingo cards available that the bride or host can print out. Your guests will jump at the chance to play these free printable bridal shower bingo cards and win prizes.

How To Play Bridal Shower Bingo

While you might not realize it, there are many different ways to play bridal shower bingo. At the beginning of the party, the host should hand out this and other printable games to guests, along with a pen or other necessary items to play the games. Ultimately, how you choose to play bingo is determined by which version you choose; generally the first guest to get five in a row either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally wins a bridal shower prize. 

Free printable bridal shower bingo cards


free printable bridal shower bingo

This bingo game encourages guests to talk and get to know one another, making it a great icebreaker game to get the party started. Each box contains a description in which guests have to figure out which other attendee the description fits. The descriptions include things like, “has three or more children,” or “has a cat,” and guests will write down the name of the guest on that square; the first to complete a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row wins. 

 Card from with pink , purple, mint templates from Games for bridal shower 


Picture Bingo

Picture bingo is played very similar to your traditional bingo games. In advance, the caller or host will print out an extra bridal shower bingo card which they will then have the images cut from the card and placed in a bag or box. The caller will pick an image from the box and call it out loud; “bow tie,” or “nail polish,” and display the image to the guests; the first one to get five in a row wins! 

 Card from Games for bridal shower 


Guests will enjoy playing this gift bingo. Start by handing out blank bingo cards and have guests write down gifts that they think the bride will receive during the party; if guests share answers with one another, be sure to remind them to write the gifts in different spots on their bingo cards. When the bride opens gifts, have guests mark off the spots that contain those gifts, the first one to get a bingo wins a fun door prize.


These free printable templates for playing bingo at your bridal shower will work perfectly for any wedding shower theme. Available in three popular colors, purple, pink, and brown, these templates include 25 squares with one free square available right in the middle, giving everyone a chance to win. The printable also includes simple instructions about writing down gifts the guests think the bride will receive; the first one with five in a row in any direction wins!  

bridal shower gift bingo: gift bingo

This game of bridal shower bingo is one of the many gorgeous and unique, free downloadable template designs, available in pink, soft pink, and turquoise to suit many party themes. To play the game, the host will need to print out an extra card and cut out the squares to use as a calling card. While playing the game, guests can use small pieces of candy as game markers, first one to get five in a row wins a prize. 

bridal shower bingo template: gift-bingo


This free printable bingo for bridal showers is available in several beautiful colors, pink, purple, and red to fit your bridal shower theme. What makes these bingo cards different is that instead of having guests play the guessing game as to which kinds of gifts the bride will receive, it includes suggestions at the bottom, such as China, towels, and luggage. The gift suggestions include many traditional wedding and bridal shower gift ideas in addition to guests adding their own. 



If you are hosting a bridal shower for a large group, then these cards will make the perfect addition to your pre-wedding celebration as there are 40 different cards available to print. The simple bridal shower bingo cards include a variety of gift ideas in its 25 different spaces with one free space in the middle. While there are many common items included, there are also some uncommon, such as a chip clip to keep guests on their toes.

bridal shower bingo

There are two different ways that you can play this version of bingo at your bridal shower; by guessing gifts, which we have already discussed or by guessing words that will be said during the bridal shower. Either way, your guests are sure to have a blast! In addition to the free printable bingo cards, there are also free printable versions of bridal shower Taboo that you can play with guests, which pairs great with the second version of bingo.

Card  from Fun Squared

bridal shower bingo template

If you are hosting a vintage themed bridal shower, these free PDF printables will go perfectly with your party theme. Adorned with beautiful green and pink vintage style flowers, this is a simple and easy way to have guests play bridal shower bingo where they guess the type of gifts the bride will receive at the event. Each PDF document includes two bingo sheets when printed and a cute little pink heart in the middle as the free space.

Bridal-Shower-Bingo-Free Printable

Create a festive and fun bridal shower game stack with these bingo cards and two other activities, advice for the bride and purse scavenger hunt. If you want to get extra fancy, cut out each bingo card, advice card, and scavenger hunt and use a corner cutter to round the corners or add a beautiful and unexpected design to the cards. Each card is available in a light green, light gray, and pastel yellow to fit many bridal shower themes. 

When it comes to bridal shower bingo, there are many variations that guests will enjoy. From guessing gifts to figuring out who recently got married, there’s no shortage of versions of bingo. We hope that you find the perfect addition to your party within our list of these printable games. 

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