The Top 53+ Wedding Bouquet Toss Songs in 2022


When it comes to planning a perfect wedding, you don’t want to forget about music. The right tunes can really help to underscore the milestone moments of your event and add a special touch of emotion to the events.

The bouquet toss, much like the garter toss, is no exception to this rule. If you want to help the single ladies at your wedding catch the bridal bouquet, you need to ask yourself “what are good bouquet toss songs?” Use these ideas for inspiration on your removal toss tunes. 

What is the Bridal Bouquet Toss?

In the current day and age, the whole practice of the bouquet toss can seem a little archaic. The goal of bringing singles onto the dance floor to catch the bouquet and hopefully obtain luck for finding love may feel dated for many reasons.

Though people once played to catch the bouquet because of the many cultural stigmas surrounding singledom, plenty of couples still include this activity in their weddings because it can be fun. Help the single women at your event have a blast by picking out the right music for the moment.

Popular Bouquet Toss Songs

Bouquet toss songs should try to capture the electricity of the moment. The women in the crowd are going to feel the anticipation as they wait for the bride to toss the bundle of flowers into the air.

To help build momentum, consider a song that has been used by brides time and time again. These popular tunes for the toss run the full spectrum of musical genres and will be sure to please any type of crowd.

  1. Wishin’ And Hopin‘ -Dusty Springfield
  2. Hey Ladies-Beastie Boys 
  3. Hollaback Girl-Gwen Stefani
  4. Uptown Girl-Billy Joel 
  5. Wannabe-Spice Girls 
  6. It’s Raining Men
  7. Lady Marmalade – Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, Mya, Pink – .
  8. Where Them Girls At-David Guetta 
  9. Just a Girl-No Doubt 
  10. Hollaback Girl-Gwen Stefani 
  11. One Way Or Another– Blondie 
  12. Oh, Pretty Woman-Roy Orbison
  13. P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)
  14. She’s a Lady-Tom Jones
  15. Love Is A Battlefield-Pat Benatar 
  16.  Maneater– Nelly Furtado 
  17. A Little Less Conversation-Elvis Presley
  18. Bad Romance,” Lady Gaga
  19. . “Oops, I Did it Again,” Britney Spears
  20. Girls Night Out-Charli XCX 
  21. “Girls” by Beastie Boys
  22. Foxey Lady-The Jimi Hendrix Experience 

Country Bouquet Toss Songs

The entire practice of the bouquet toss can seem quaint, recalling bygone eras when superstitions held powerful sway. If your wedding has a rustic aesthetic or a country feeling, then you can capitalize upon the atmosphere with a country bouquet toss song.

These tunes have a bit of twang to them and will all help to get the crowd stomping, hooting, and hollering. Whether you go for an old-school classic country song or something with a modern edge, these ideas will get your wheels to turning.

  1. Man! I Feel Like A Woman! 
  2. “Independent Women,” Destiny’s Child
  3. This One’s for the Girls – Martina McBride
  4. Redneck Woman,” Gretchen Wilson
  5. Country Girl (Shake It For Me)
  6. Little Big Town – Little White Church 
  7. Stuck Like Glue,” Sugarland
  8. Somethin’ Bad-Miranda Lambert 
  9. Single White Female-Chely Wright  

R&B Bouquet Toss Songs

Sometimes, you need to slow down the mood and put on some jams that will help the crowd vibe in the right way. There are few genres that can achieve this in the same way R&B does. Whether you want to use music with a heavy beat to get the singles ready and raring to run or you think a good bassline could add the perfect touch for the moment, these songs are great examples of rhythm and blues. 

  1. Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)-Beyoncé 
  2. “Best Life,” Cardi B featuring Chance the Rapper
  3. Happy,” Pharrell Williams
  4. Run the World (Girls)-Beyoncé 
  5. You Can’t Hurry Love-The Supremes
  6. Ladies Night – Kool & The Gang
  7. Milkshake -Kelis 
  8. Glamorous-Fergie
  9. Pretty Girl Rock-Keri Hilson 
  10. Love On Top– Beyonce
  11. Girlfight-Brooke Valentine 
  12. Clumsy-Fergie
  13. Ain’t No Other Man-Christina Aguilera 

Funny Bouquet Toss Songs

Taking the bouquet toss too seriously might not feel right for you. Plenty of modern couples view older wedding practices as silly and outdated. If you’re going through with this specific nuptial activity because it is a tradition, then you might want to add some humor into the moment. There is no rule saying the bouquet toss songs must be serious. Use a funny tune and allow humor to take hold.

  1. Dear Future Husband – Meghan Trainor 
  2. Haven’t Met You Yet-Michael Bublé 
  3. American Woman– Lenny Kravitz
  4. You sexy thing
  5. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – Cyndi Lauper
  6.  “Happy,” Pharrell Williams
  7. Let’s Get Loud” by Jennifer Lopez
  8. Brick House-The Commodores 
  9. I Want Crazy-Hunter Hayes
  10. You Shook Me All Night Long-AC/DC 

Picking out the perfect music for your wedding is an important task to take on. Give yourself time to review your options and you will easily find a handful of bouquet toss songs worthy of your event.

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