25 Unique Black Wedding Invitations

Black wedding invitations

Black wedding invitations may seem a little dark, but you’ll love how classic they can be! Make your celebration come to life with a modern take on wedding stationery. This list of black wedding invites is all you need to plan an event of the century. Set the mood for an elegant party or a fun spring evening.

You won’t go wrong with stylish black cards. They cater to any type of vibe you’re aiming for. Play with gold and silver trimmings, and you’ll end up with a big day that surprises all your wonderful guests!

Best Black Wedding Invitations

1. Modern Minimalist

Modern Minimalist Wedding Invitation


When it comes to simple black wedding invitations, it’s always a good idea to go modern. Take your celebration up a few levels with this pretty card. It’s perfect for all the important details and will have people excited for your big day!

2. Floral

Black Boho Floral Wedding Invitation


Cheap black wedding invitations usually aren’t this special, but these cards surely are! Are you planning a boho event with the loveliest dresses and suits? If so, you must keep this item on your shopping list! The flowers will give your day a warm feeling you won’t find elsewhere!

3. Photo

black wedding invitation: modern photo


If you’re interested in some DIY black paper wedding invitations, start your search on Etsy! When a seller is easy to work with, all your wedding details will find their place on your card. You’ll even have the chance to include a beautiful photo!

4. Wildflower

Wildflower Wedding Invitation


Celebrate the power of nature and the beauty of wildflowers! This invitation comes with a black background, but there’s nothing dark about it. It’s all about life and a promise to spend a lifetime together. Get romantic and start things off on the right foot!

5. Acrylic

Acrylic Gold Wedding Invitation


Have you ever seen a clear card that brings such an elegant touch? Wrap it up in a black envelope that’s both classy and chic. Your guests won’t be able to contain their excitement! And they have a wonderful reason for that – this party is going to be super!

6. Garden

Black Garden Wedding Invitation


Dark wedding invitations are truly unique. People usually go for white or ivory cards. But you aren’t like regular folk. Celebrate your colorful life with something floral that will set your event apart from the rest! It will be a day to remember, for sure!

7. Golden Palm Tree

Elegant Black Gold Palm Tree Beach Wedding Foil Invitation


If you’re planning a beach wedding complete with palm trees, set the mood with this card. With such a fun party, the happy couple will redefine the meaning of being together. Your guests will be all about clearing their calendars when they receive these simple black and white wedding invitations!

8. Foil-Pressed

Black Foil-Pressed Wedding Invitation


Here’s something simple that will make your day the talk of the town. Play with silver tones, choose a dark background, and everyone will have a fun time! These black foil wedding invitations are all about showing the world that you’re in love!

9. Gold

Luxury Black and Gold Foil Wedding Invitation


Elegant black wedding invitations will be all the rage once the world sees what you have in store. Nothing beats the luxury that foil brings to the table. With a decorative border that brings a whole new meaning to the word “simple,” your card will dazzle!

10. Calligraphy

Black Romantic Gold Calligraphy Wedding Invitation


Spice up typical black wedding cards with a dash of calligraphy. You know you want something classic, so go with gold against this cool dark background. Text art will never go out of style, and it’s clear why. Nothing beats a pretty swirl!

11. Vintage

black wedding invitation: Elegant Vintage Black and White Wedding Invitation


If you’re all about celebrating your heritage, how about a black-themed party? Set the mood with an African American wedding invitation that’s truly special. This particular card is simple yet shows your guests how important your culture is. Let your pride speak for itself!

12. Autumn

Black Autumn Wedding Invitation


Are you having a fall wedding? Imagine the golden leaves making way for a new season. It’s a chance to cool off after the long, hot summer. Bring autumn to the forefront with a dark invite that is the perfect way to celebrate romance.

13. Greenery

Black Greenery Wedding Invitation


Do you have a love for gardening and all things pretty? If so, you’ll love black and green wedding invitations! This card is all about everything shiny and new. Check out the way the light plays with the colors! It surely makes everything fun!

14. Dark & Moody

black wedding invitation: Dark & Moody Wedding Invitation


If you’re looking for something gothic inspired, this modern black and white wedding invitation is perfect. The card gives off the most romantic feelings, and everyone will feel them! It’s time to show the world that this couple is no ordinary one!

15. Botanical

Black Spring Botanicals Wedding Invitation


A botanical invite is the best way to announce a spring event. If that’s what you have in mind, you won’t regret going with this modern black wedding invitation. The moment people open your card, they’ll smell the lovely flowers of the season!

16. Leaf

Black Leaf  Wedding Invitation


Nothing is more romantic than this elegant black wedding invitation. Aside from the beautiful painting of leaves and flowers, it comes with a nice balance of modern and classic fonts. Clearly, this card has something for everyone! Make it part of your big day now!

17. Whimsical Ampersand

Whimsical Ampersand Moody Black Wedding All In One Invitation


You know your personality the best. And if a unique life sounds familiar, you’ll love whimsical wedding invitations! Take everything fun about handwriting styles and create a black and white invite that says the message loud and clear. Guests will love the convenient RSVP portion!

18. Gold Sun Moon

Mystical Black Gold Sun Moon Astronomy Wedding Invitation


The stars and other celestial beings bring so much meaning to our lives. If they had a hand in bringing you and your partner together, it’s time to pay tribute! These gorgeous black invites are an introduction to a starry night that no one will forget.

19. Laser Cut


If you’re shopping for wedding invitations, you’ll enjoy the treasure you’ll discover on Etsy! Begin and end your search with this sweet black and silver card. You’ll agree that that shiny border is to die for! Laser cut to perfection, it’s a great way to incorporate lace in your invites.

20. Garden Blooms

Black Garden Blooms Wedding Invitation


Watercolor florals will have everyone’s minds on an unforgettable ceremony. When modern black wedding invitations look as good as this, it’s surprising to opt for anything else. Bring your garden to life and show your guests a good time!

21. Posh Peonies

Black Posh Peonies Wedding Invitation


Beautiful and royal, peonies make any day extra special. You won’t go wrong with these unique black and white wedding invitations. They’re the perfect way to announce your upcoming union. Get ready to get the whole town talking! No one’s going to miss it!

22. Agate Burgundy Gold Black Modern

Black wedding invitation:  Agate Burgundy Gold Black Modern


What’s an event without some crystals to go along with it? Let burgundy agate decorate your big day, and expect all good things to come your way! If black, red, and gold wedding invitations have been on your mind, don’t give this one a miss.

23. Halloween Gothic Wedding Invitation

Halloween Gothic Wedding Invitation


A wedding in October is a chance to go all out and celebrate everything goth! Halloween will never be the same again with these black wedding invites. No matter how hard you try, you won’t beat this unique design.

24. Monogram

Black Monogram Wedding Invitation


Gold and black wedding invitations are just special, don’t you think? What takes this design to the top is its classic, personalized touch. Aside from shining a light on the lovely couple, this card carries all the important deets and gets the job done!

25. Black Tie Wedding Invitation

Black tie Wedding Invitation


Announce your grand affair with some black and white wedding invites that get the ball rolling! Your big day will be the event of the season, and no one will dare miss it! Imagine the biggest gala you’ve ever attended, and take that up a few notches!

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