Top 45 Best Man Gifts For 2022 That Will Absolutely Make Him Feel Great

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Your wedding date is set, and now comes the time to ask your best buddy to be your best man on your big day. While it is much easier to find creative gifts for a groom and bride, gift ideas for the best man are much slender. However, you want to choose an epic present for when you pop the question to your closest friend, and also after the wedding to thank him for all his support during that time. If you’re still stressing over what to get your best man, there’s nothing to worry about. We’ve brought together a list of unique and fun ideas for personalized best man gifts you can choose from under all budgets!

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“Will You Be My Best Man” Gifts


Best Man Proposal Cigar Box

There’ll be no confusion about the best gift for a man when you see this personalized cigar box. This is going to be the perfect proposal gift when popping the question to your friend.


Tuxedo Beer Label Proposal

This is one of the top items for the out-and-out best man gifts. The custom-made tuxedo beer label is a fun way to tell your best man to suit up for your wedding.

best man proposal card

“Will You Be My Man of Honor?” Best Man Card

You may have found the woman of your dreams, but you still need your best buddy to make your wedding day an awesome and memorable event. This best man card is a wonderful idea to make it happen.


Best Man Rustic Gift Box

Are you looking for an all-in-one present for your to-be best man? The rustic gift box will be the perfect present for the occasion when you propose to your buddy.

Best Man Proposal Whiskey Glass

What could be better than a mystery box with a whiskey glass inside asking your pal to be the best man at your wedding? This best man proposal gift is an excellent idea for sure. 

tie bar

Best Man Arrow Tie Bar

This sophisticated gold and silver arrow tie bar is another great way to ask your buddy to be your best man at your wedding. The fun card inside will break a massive smile on your best friend’s face without a doubt. 

best man golf

Golf Ball Proposal

If you and your best friend are the ultimate golf partners, then look no further. This awesome personalized golf ball is one of the great best man gifts to ask him to be your best man on your wedding day.

Best Man Proposal Gift Box

Proposal Gift Box

Ask your friend to take a shot at being your best man on your wedding day with this customized best man proposal gift box.


Fishing Lure Best Man Proposal

Lure your friend to be your best man by proposing with this unique fishing groomsman gift. This fun bow-tie fish will not be a gift to forget anytime soon.

best man gifts - socks

Best Man Socks and Drink Koozie

Ask your friend to suit up with these personalized best man gifts of socks and koozie. Your friend will be ready to perform all his duties with a koozie in hand and a cozy smile on his face. 

Unique Best Man “Thank You” Gifts

cooler bag

Best Man Personalized Cooler Gift Bag

This personalized cooler bag is the right gift for the man of honor if you are looking for a thoughtful best man gifts. Pack some beers and go on a fun trip with your buddy to give a toast to your new life.

personalized best man gifts custom mug

Best Man Custom Mug

This customizable best man mug is a grand gift idea for your best friend to show your love and gratitude. You can print a photo from your wedding day with the front of the mug saying “best man today, best friend for life.”

whiskey stones

Custom Engraved Whiskey Stones

If you’re looking for an astounding best man no one can expect, then this is it. This personalized set of 6 black polished whiskey stones can be engraved with the initials of your best friend’s name.

Personalized Engraved Keychain

This is an epic best man gift to show him how much you appreciate the efforts he made for your wedding day. You can engrave his name or initials on the keychain.

best man gifts - money clip

Personalized Money Clip

Creatively thank your best friend with this personalized, engraved money clip. This will show him your appreciation for all he did for your wedding day, making it a successful one.  


Map Coasters

Say ‘thank you for everything’ to your best man with these customizable cedar coasters etched with all your favorite locales. This best man gift is going to be almost as memorable for your brother as your wedding day is to you.


Pocket Keychain Multi-Tool with Flashlight

If you’re on a budget, there are some simple and inexpensive gift options worth consideration. A city dish towel is perfect for a new home and provides a beautiful style that will look perfect hanging in any kitchen.

beer growler

Pressurized Craft Beer Growler

This luxury best man gift is a great way to enjoy a craft beer or homebrew and celebrate your wedding with your best pal. The Oregon walnut on it will also let you add a thank you note, giving it a unique and personalized touch.

Whiskey Glass With Cigar Holder

This is the ultimate best man gift for thanking your buddy for all his support during your wedding. You can add a date and name to this custom whiskey glass and make it an unforgettable present.

Apple Airpods With Wired Charging Case

If your best man is an Apple gadget lover and you’re looking for the perfect luxury gift for him, look no further! These Apple AirPods will be one of the great best man gifts to thank him for his exceptional services at your wedding.

best man gifts from groom - chillsner


Chillsner is one of the perfect practical best man gifts for your man of honor if he likes his beer cool and crisp till the final sip. Appreciate all the work your best man did for your wedding by presenting him with this ideal gift.

best men wedding gifts - stick bbq set

Hockey Stick BBQ Set

Your best man is a hockey lover? Fire up the grill and give your friend the perfect gift to flip the pucks with these repurposed hockey sticks bbq set.

best man gifts - speakers

Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This is the groomsman gift you are looking for if you and your boys are the party-loving kinds. This waterproof portable speaker has 10 hours of playtime so you can organize a pool-time party without a problem.

personalized - lighter

Personalized Black Matte Lighter

This personalized black latte lighter offers you the lit way of saying ‘thank you’ to your best man for supporting you during your wedding like a brother. You can include his name and wedding date to make the present more creative.

Gentleman Jon Deluxe Shave Kit​

Gentleman Jon Deluxe Shave Kit

This gentleman shaving kit is the best gift idea to appreciate your friend for suiting up for your wedding and making it an eventful one. The kit includes eight carefully curated items to deliver the full experience.

Engraved Flask Stainless Steel

Engraved Stainless Steel Flask, Funnel, and Lighter

The personalized black matte 7oz whiskey steel flask looks fantastic with the engraved name on top with the words’ best man’ underneath it. This is a great man of honor gift, which comes with a sleek-black funnel and lighter.

what is the best gift for a man - pocker gift set

Poker Gift Set

This awesome poker gift set has all the essentials along, including the cards, chips, and dice. You can give this poker set to your best man personalizing the beautiful box with his initials or name on top.

best man gifts - personalized whiskey glass

Engraved Personalized Whiskey Glass

Enjoy chilled whiskey with your buddy, and celebrate your future. You can personalize the whiskey glass with your man of honor’s name or initials. 

best man ideas - whiskey barrel

Personalized Whiskey Barrel

Add a touch of manliness by gifting your man of honor with a customizable oak barrel. This will show him much you appreciate the time and effort he put into your wedding.

best man gifts - on the rock set

On the Rocks Tray

Thank your best man with an on the rocks tray. This incredible tray has granite discs attached to it that are gathered from the New England beaches. 

Custom Corkscrew Wine Opener

Give your man of honor the best gift for the efforts he put into your wedding for making it an unforgettable one. The double hinged corkscrew wine opener is a personalized one where you can add his name or a thank you note for everything he did.

best man gifts - wine glass

Stemless Aerating Wine Glasses

These awesome stemless wine glasses let you pour your favorite vintage into the central cells, which cascades and releases its full flavors and aromas. This wine glass is a wonderful gift to give to your best man at your wedding.

best man wedding gift - hot sauce gift

Hot Sauce Gift Set

These popular best man gifts of 7 distinct hot sauces are inspired by exotic flavors from all around the world. It will be the coolest gift to give your best man to say ‘thank you’ if he is an exceptional food lover.


Steel and Leather Chronograph Quartz Watch

This eccentric handpiece is made for your best man if he is a watch lover and appreciates the steel and leather quartz watches. Acknowledge the work of your man of honor by presenting to him this beautiful timepiece.

best man gifts - cocktail subscription

Cocktail Box Subscription

This is one of the most wonderful ideas for a best man gift. Deliver the perfect cocktail box to him and enjoy them with your friend.

best man gift ideas - tie bar

Handlebar Silver Tie Bar

These elegant tie bars are going to look awesome on your best man at your wedding. So, get him a silver handlebar that will perfectly treasure his efforts.

bestman wedding gifts - bootleg

Bootleg Botanicals Absinthe Infusion Kit

This is a great best man gift for your buddy if he likes to handcraft his own booze with an alcohol infusion kit naturally. This kit is made of 100% organic ingredients and comes with a resealable glass bottle.

best man gifts - beer fest ticket

Ticket to Beer Fest

Gift your best man the beer fest tickets and discover the best beer festivals together. This will be a very cool and practical gift if you’re beer drinking enthusiasts.

best man present - golf ball marker

Personalized Golf Ball Marker Divot Tool

Gift your best man with the personalized and unique golf ball market duvet tool, and thank him for his efforts on your wedding day.

best man gifts - glasses

Best Man Glasses

These wooden sunglasses can be personalized with your man of honor’s name. This is a fun, cool personalized best man gift to give your jolly friend who has always had your back.

wood beer cap

Personalized Vintage USA Beer Cap Map

You can never go wrong with a vintage present. This personalized beer cap map is one of cool wedding gifts for your best man to value his efforts and say ‘thank you’ properly.

best man gifts - engraved pocket knife

Engraved Pocket Knife

The engraved pocket life can be personalized with your best man’s name on its handle. It can be a unique and creative way to appreciate his efforts for planning your wedding day perfectly.

Personalized Tobacco Pipe

If your best bud is obsessed with the tobacco pipes, this is the right gift for him. You can customize this pipe for your man of honor by engraving his name on it.


Leather Charger Roll Up

This is the best pocket size gift to give your best man. This small leather bag carries all the essentials to keep everything organized and rolled up in one place.

unique best man gifts - wooden watch

Engraved Wooden Watch

The engraved watch is one of very unique and personal best man gifts for him. This is a great way to say ‘thank you’ to your brother with this customized timepiece.

These personalized best man gift ideas are an excellent way to show appreciation in the best way possible. Now that you know about all different varieties of best man gifts under all budgets, you can easily buy the one that matches you and your buddy’s vibe the most.


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