20 Special Design Ideas for Beach Wedding Invitations

Beach Wedding Invitations

If you plan on tying the knot during the summer, you may be interested in throwing a destination or beach wedding. Naturally, you’ll want to select the best beach wedding invitations to fit the vibe of your event. When you plan on hosting the ceremony of your big day alongside the ocean, you definitely want to include elements of the sea in your invites like by sending out a seashell wedding invitation. There are a ton of different options to consider for your oceanside celebration. Explore this eclectic selection of beach-inspired designs and find the best fit for your upcoming wedding.

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1. Watercolor Boat Nautical Lake Wedding Invitations


If you want your event to boast a soft, inviting pastel color palette, these beautiful watercolor invitations are definitely worth your consideration. Featuring a gorgeous nautical theme, this appealing option is an excellent choice if you plan on tying the knot near a lake.

2. Modern Blue Watercolor Wedding Invitation


Plenty of couples prefer a modern theme when it comes to selecting their wedding invitations. If you want your printable invites to capture the energy of an oceanside event while retaining a modern edge, this elegant invitation option is a great choice to go with.

3. Wave Themed Wedding Invite


There are plenty of ways to incorporate a beach theme into your invitations. If you plan on having a blue and gold color scheme for your big day, for example, these wave-themed invites are a beautiful choice. A simple and effective option to pick.

4. Minimal Palm Tree Wedding Invitation


Incorporating the symbols that most people associate with a beach-themed wedding is another great way to go about selecting your invitations. This design features lush palm trees, which is an excellent image to go with if you plan on getting married in a tropical location.

5. Painted Sea Wedding Invitation


Looking for a touch of class for your invites? This painted sea design is a beautiful and charming option to consider. Available in a variety of color tones and shades, this appealing invitation features an array of classic beach images like the sea, sunset, or sand.

6. Coastal Seashell Coral Beach Wedding Invitation


If you plan on taking inspiration from the natural beauty of the items that can be found along the shore, these coastal seashell coral beach invitations are perfect for you. Not only is the card design gorgeous, the envelope invokes the beauty of dazzling seashells.

7. Tropical Leaves Beach Wedding All In One Invitation


Are you and your partner tying the knot in another country? If so, you may want to explore designs that reflect destination weddings. A tropical wedding invitation that boasts the vibrant colors of stunning flowers is a surefire way to make guests feel the excitement.

8. Laser-Cut Tropical Leaves-Themed Wedding Invite


For anyone who wants to get creative with their invitations, these laser-cut tropical leaves can make for a perfect design. The style offers a touch of luxury in both a simple and straightforward way. What’s more, the design perfectly captures the energy of a beach wedding.

9. Nautical Lighthouse Wedding Invitation


Few symbols are as synonymous with the seaside as a lighthouse. If you’re hoping to include a nautical theme with your beach wedding invitations, then this design is for you. This is a great choice when you want to invoke a retro or casual style.

10. Wave Simple Beach Wedding Invitation


There’s no need to get complicated with the design of your invitations. If you’re hosting a Hawaii wedding, then your best bet might be to go with a card like this that features a style that includes blue water and white sand in a simple way.

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11. Elegant Oyster Watercolor Beach Wedding Invitation


Anyone can select mass-produced cards from a store and call it a day. If you’re hoping to give your invitations an extra touch of personality, however, you may want to go with a hand-drawn option like this elegant oyster watercolor. A beautiful and unique choice.

12. Under the Sea Wedding Invitation


When picking the right invites for your beach wedding, it can be a good idea to select the right element of the ocean to feature on your cards. With this design, you can select from classic symbols like seashells, seahorses, or starfish to get your point across.

13. Laser-Cut Cricut Beach Wedding Invitation


Picking a unique template can be important when you’re seeking out the right design for your wedding invites. This laser-cut beach invitation is a perfect example of a design that is both distinctive and stunning. This is a great choice for destination and local celebrations.

14. Romantic Sunset Beach Wedding Invitation


Few events are as romantic as weddings tend to be. If you want to capture the beautiful and amorous energy of your big day on your invitations, consider this design that boasts a gorgeous sunset over the ocean. This is a perfect beach-themed card.

15. Modern Nautical Wedding Invitation


Including your wedding colors in your invitation can be a smart move when it comes to selecting the right design. For couples thinking about blue and yellow, consider navy and gold wedding invitation designs that feature a classic symbol of the sea like an anchor.

16. Coastal Ocean Beach All in One Wedding Invite


The right design for your invitations can make a big impact on how guests feel about your upcoming event. To help build anticipation for your big day, consider a colorful design for your invites. This custom watercolor option is a great fit for this purpose.

17. Navy Ocean-Themed Starfish Wedding Invitation


Hoping to invoke a sense of classic style with your invitations? This design is a great fit for that desire. Featuring a traditional palette of navy and white, this ocean-themed card features a starfish design. A wonderful choice when you want to keep things simple.

18. Rustic Wedding Invitation With Wooden Starfish


There are countless design options to mull over when it comes to picking the right invitations for your beach event. If you’re planning a wedding with a vintage aesthetic, your best bet for invites are ones that feature an embossed and rustic style like this.

19. Romantic Seashell Wedding Invite


Infusing a sea-inspired theme in your invitations is easy when you know what elements to include. For many couples, the most obvious symbol of this type of event is the stunning view of the calm and inviting turquoise waters of the ocean like this card features.

20. Tropical Beach Wedding Passport Destination Invitation


It is definitely important to have fun when picking out the design of your wedding invitations. This style option offers you the chance to play around with the wording, giving you more control over the way your beach destination wedding invitations look to your guests.

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