20+ Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas for an Unforgettable Party

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The bachelorette party is arguably the most exciting event for a single woman before her wedding day. Are you seeking for ways to make this pre-wedding party memorable for the bride-to-be and her best friends? Below you will find a host of exciting bachelorette party ideas. There are also suggestions of fun activities that will keep the girls entertained. If you’re observing social distancing, we also have virtual activities that you can undertake safely during COVID-19. Sample these ideas for your planning inspiration.

Wild Bachelorette Party Ideas

Are you dealing with the kind of bride who likes to go over the edge? Gather the entire squad and get ready for some crazy bachelorette party fun. It’s presumed that the wild parties will come to an end after getting married; bid them farewell in style.

Whether you settle for a night out or an entire weekend, this should be one memorable, untamed experience. Or maybe you won’t remember it at all, depending on how much booze will be going down. Bottom line: what happens at the bachelorette party stays at the bachelorette party, right? Here are some PG bachelorette party ideas you can consider: 

Strip Tease/Pole Dance Class

This is one of those fun bachelorette games that reconnect women with their sensuality. The wedding planning process can be so draining that the brides lose touch with their sexy side. Pole dancing and striptease classes give an opportunity to brides and their bachelorette party guests to bring their sexy back. There are starter lessons that are offered to large groups. Better still, you can organize private lessons for the guests. Here you have friends who are already familiar with each other. They’ll be more at ease as they practice the erotic dance. 

Bachelorette Party Ideas - dance class

Frat Frenzy

This is yet another one of those bachelorette theme ideas that sit well with a rowdy group. You could have attended frat parties back in your college days. Frat parties are as wild as they come, with alcohol and getting naughty coming on top of the priority list. The guys are also involved here, whether it’s the groom and his squad or an entirely different group of guys.

Go Bungee Jumping, Sky-Diving, or To iFly

Up for some adrenalin rush? These super fun bachelorette party theme ideas let you take a plunge with bungee jumping or sky-diving. It’s a perfect metaphor for the ultimate plunge of tying the knot. Such games are not for the fainthearted, and perhaps some of your guests do not have the guts for it. In this case, you can explore options like iFly or such other platforms. They offer the ecstasy of the fall without having to fall out of the sky. Basically, you get an indoor experience of the plunge. 


Host a Fifty Shades of Grey Scavenger Hunt

What’s in your bachelorette party toolbox? We hope you’ve got some naughty, sexy items such as blindfolds, handcuffs, massage oil, lingerie, sex toys, etc. Here you play the good old scavenger hunt but with an erotic twist. Split into teams then search around for the items. The team with the most items is the winner, but in the end, they’re all gifted to the bride-to-be. You can also use these items for many other ladies outing ideas. 

fifty shades of grey - Bachelorette Party Ideas

Go Thrill Seeking

There’s no limit to the games for bachelorette parties you can play. You can take the opportunity to gather your squad for some adventure. If you thrive in high-energy games, consider parasailing, zip-lining, sky diving, bungee jumping, etc. Or would you rather play it safe? You don’t want a sprained ankle on your wedding day, do you? Then you can take some classes where you can learn a unique skill. Either way, the experience helps you unwind and create priceless memories. 

Go Thrill Seeking

Cheap Bachelorette Party Ideas

Hosting a bachelorette party does not have to cost you a fortune. Remember, you still have a wedding to think about. You also don’t want to burden the bridal party guests with excess expenses. Don’t be intimidated by those extravagant bachelorette parties that you see on social media. We have plenty of affordable bachelorette party ideas that will give you a memorable experience. Sample the following: 

Have A Scavenger Hunt

This game is truly timeless. You can customize it to fit different settings for fun bachelorette party games. Do you thrive in planning games? An elaborate scavenger hunt can make your party unforgettable. We’ve covered another form of scavenger hunt above, one that takes place indoors or at least within the compound. Here you can take the hunt outdoors. The further, the better. The hunt should include following clues, interacting with strangers, searching in odd places, etc. As you follow the leads from one point to another, there’s no telling what the night holds.

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Take an Online Cooking Class

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted most of our activities to the virtual space, and games for a bachelorette party are no exception. An online cooking class is simple and fun, and the skills will come in handy in the marriage. Decide the recipes in advance so you can source the ingredients. Then watch and follow the recipe. Once ready, serve your food and have a computer party. You can also incorporate other clean bachelorette party ideas, such as a movie. 

cooking online class

Pack a Picnic

Cost-friendly bachelorette party ideas don’t come better than this. Experience a pleasant outdoor setting as you take in the sights and sounds of nature. Whether you choose the park or beach, you’ll enjoy snacking and sipping amid the banter and laughter of your favorite gals. Include some bachelorette party games for an even more exciting experience. 

Bachelorette Party Ideas  - pack a picnic

Host a Backyard Movie Screening

You can turn your backyard into a movie theater for the night. Get a movie screen and projector which you can rent from the movie store. You’re now ready for movie experience under the stars! You can add a popcorn machine to the ensemble and even a professional bartender. Make sure that you select a relevant movie that touches on marriage somehow. In between the movies, you can play some DIY bachelorette party games. 

Host a Backyard Movie Screening

Host a Karaoke Night

Those (often drunken) duets offer real entertainment for the bride and her friends. When it comes to bachelorette party games at home, nothing beats karaoke. If you prefer the thrill of a karaoke bar, you can rent out an entire room complete with waiters. You can have some additions like bubble machines for a more exciting experience

Host a Karaoke Night - Bachelorette Party Ideas

Play Flip Cup Virtually

If you’re still observing social distance, you can explore virtual bachelorette party ideas. With the prevailing coronavirus pandemic, online engagements are the new norm. You’ve played flip cup in the bar, right? Here the participants do the same in their individual kitchens then broadcast via Zoom. You even have teams, just like when you’re playing face to face. Enjoy a computer party!

Summer Bachelorette Party Ideas

Is there any better time to throw a party than during summer? With the weather just right, you can come up with loads of bachelorette games ideas. You can host the party indoors or outdoors, or even make a blend of the two. There are endless possibilities on the table. The girl squad should be able to throw the bride-to-be a party she’ll never forget. These suggestions should enable you to start planning: 

A Boho Backyard Bachelorette Party

This is one of those fascinating bachelorette party ideas for a laid back bride. The boho theme revolves around nature. Here you use natural bachelorette party stuff such as rustic wood tables, floral garlands, haystack seats, etc. Turn your backyard into a party haven with natural décor, and top up the setting with some good music. Include twinkle lights for night parties. Add a portable photo booth as well, and the party could go on all night long. 

Last Flamingle

This is the bride’s last chance to be single and free to mingle. Take a road trip to the shores to make the last flamingle genuinely memorable. The bachelorette party kit here includes items like the flamingo pool floats, lawn flamingos, and customized bachelorette party outfits. After a day at the beach, you can head out to a tiki bar for drinks and appropriate bachelorette party games. 

Bachelorette Party Ideas  - Last Flamingle

Party Like a Pineapple

Party Like a Pineapple is yet another one of the summer bridal party activities that promise a lot of fun. Wear matching rompers and hats, preferably resembling a pineapple, and spend time at the beach or on a boat. Complete the theme with fruity drinks as you bask in the sunshine. 

Party Like a Pineapple

Pool Party

Pool parties never get old, more so in summer. The pool offers even more unique bachelorette party themes that you can come up with. The factors to consider when organizing a bachelorette pool party include the venue, food, games, décor, and party favors. Consider matching bikini wear, y’all will look great in those photos. 

Pool party - Bachelorette Party Ideas

Picnic on Beach

Grab some drinks, snacks, and sunscreen and head out to the beach. There are so many bachelorette party ideas that you can come up with here. With the waves brushing at your feet and the breeze running through your hair, the stress of wedding planning gradually melts away.

picnic on beach

Unconventional Bachelorette Party Ideas

Is there a standard model when it comes to bachelorette parties? We think not. You can think outside the box. In fact, imagine there’s no box at all. Each bride has different likes and preferences. Customize the party to suit the taste of the bride. Incorporate the bride in coming up with the theme ideas for the bachelorette party. Together, you can create an out of the ordinary party that won’t be forgotten any time soon. Consider these active bachelorette party ideas: 

Go Glamping

What do you get when you add glamour to a camping experience? A glamp! You can turn a simple backyard camp into a glamp with a few extra touches. You can have champagne, a movie screen, and some cute bachelorette party decorations. If you’re willing to go all out, you can hire a camping site. Some resorts specialize in offering a glamorous camping experience. Whichever option you pick, make sure you include some of the best bachelorette party games to make the experience even more fascinating. 


Sweat Session + Brunch

You can incorporate physical activity into your girl stag party to get the endorphins flowing. A good morning workout will help in relieving the wedding planning stress. You can opt for a long walk, jog, dance class, yoga, gym session, or any other brisk activity. After all the hard work, settle down for brunch with your favorite foods. The exercise boosts your mood, occasioning a happy chat and laughter that goes on and on. 

Bachelorette Party Ideas - Sweat Session + Brunch

At-Home Spa + Sleepover

A spa date for the entire bridal team would be great, but expensive. You can bring a similar experience home with only a fraction of the cost, and provide a wonderful bonding session. Put together a spa bachelorette party pack consisting of your favorite beauty products, scented candles, and wine. Each guest should bring a couple of items to contribute to the spa sleepover. The night then becomes one long spa session with massages, facials, manis, pedis – a much welcome pampering before the wedding. 

home spa

Yoga Retreat

Yoga allows participants to relax and reconnect with themselves. Yogis, aspiring yogis, and even newbies can do with a few days of uninterrupted serenity. The bachelorette party items needed here are minimal – a mat, comfortable sportswear, and you’re good to go. If you can’t find a yoga retreat near you, consider a destination retreat. It can be a desert, mountain, beach, and any other scenic places. You can also participate in a yoga festival and include other fun activities such as dance, music, and art. 

yoga retreat

Tea Party

Are you dealing with a bride who loves dressing up and elegant parties? Consider a classy tea party. You can host a tea party in a relatively small space. It could be in the house, backyard, or in a city garden. Vintage china is a must-have at a tea party. Supplement the tea with mini desserts and sandwiches. Get creative and try out some fun bachelorette party decoration ideas. You can decorate with fresh flowers, ribbons, balloons, and so on. The bridal team dons their party dresses and classy hats/fascinators, and the classy bachelorette party is on!

tea party

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Final Words!

This list is by no means comprehensive of all the bachelorette party ideas. However, it covers some of the most remarkable suggestions to get your party planning up and running. The key is to remember that there’s no one-size-fits-all in bachelorette parties. Every bride is unique. Before you implement a concept that you saw on social media, consider what your bride-to-be likes. Ultimately, choose a bachelorette party theme that resonates with the bride for a memorable experience.

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