41 Bachelorette Gift Ideas to Bring Alive the Hen Do

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Personalized, creative, and fun bachelorette party gifts are what make every bachelorette party memorable. A hen party, typically hosted two weeks before the wedding, spells rowdiness and is the last hoorah for the bride-to-be and her girl gang. 

A great way to make these moments memorable is with funny, naughty, and personalized bachelorette party gifts. There are endless creative and cheap gift ideas and bachelorette party supplies that can perk up the night and the partygoers.

Check out the extensive collection of personalized bachelorette party gifts that includes, among others, bracelet flask, engraved marble coasters, Heart Bracelet, and trinket holder.

Or explore the naughty gag bachelorette party gifts that range from sexy underwear, creative tattoos, sexy coupons to sexy truth or dare to create a wild uproar.

Personalized Bachelorette Party Gifts

From your bestie’s favorite color to her initial, you can personalize these bachelorette party gifts in many ways to gift her a memorable keepsake. Add a personal touch to the bachelorette gifts with funny quotes, photos, name, or other custom details.

Bachelorette party gifts - bracelet flask

41. Personalized Bracelet Flask


These customizable, elegant bracelet flasks ensure your friend’s sneaky snipping experience is memorable. The stylishly discreet piece of jewelry is a perfect match for all outfits and alcoholic beverages.

40. Personalized Bride Panties


Help the bride-to-be look her sexy best with these personalized bride panties. Floral embroidery and the stretchy fabric spell comfort and style and go along with the flirty vibe.

wedding hanger personalized

39. Personalized Dress Hanger


A great accessory that can add some drama to the bride-to-be’s wardrobe! When you are looking for the best bridal party gifts that are inexpensive, the personalized dress hanger is the right choice.

38. Bachelorette Custom Shot Glasses


Let the magic last for a lifetime with these Custom Shot Glasses. Personalize the high-quality shot glasses to gift one of the best bridal party gifts to your bestie.

bachelorette party gifts - tote bags

37. Bachelorette Mrs. Bag Personalized Jute Tote Bag


Impress the bride-to-be with this super cute personalized jute tote bag. Vegan leather handles and a zipper pouch pocket on the inside are just some of its lovable features.

mrs future sash

36. Future MRS. sash, Bachelorette sash


Say it with this custom satin sash! The gorgeous sash has a safety pin that makes it a perfect fit for the bride.

35. Bride Tribe Print


Form a bond with your bestie that lasts a lifetime with this custom canvas print. The Bride Tribe Print can be personalized in creative ways limited only by your imagination.

bachelorette party gifts - beach hats

34. Personalized Beach Hat


The only thing that is cheap about this beautiful beach hat is its price! Let the bride-to-be flaunt the stylish floppy hat on her beach honeymoon or any of her summer sojourns.

bachelorette party gifts - shirts

33. Bride Shirt


A personalized shirt is something the bride is sure to cherish long after the event. Your best pal will adore the thoughtful gift that fits her classy taste perfectly.

bride bachelorette party - glasses

32. Bachelorette Sunglasses Personalized


Enhance your bestie’s style quotient with these personalized glasses. The cheap and cool custom engraved sunglasses are the perfect accessories for the bachelorette party.

bachelorette party gifts - gift box

31. Bachelorette Box


Here’s another thing that the bride-to-be will fall in love with. One of the most desirable bachelorette party gifts is this bachelorette box filled with all things great, wonderful, and sexy.

clutch box

30. Personalized Acrylic Clutch


Your bestie more than deserves this elegant, stunning, and super stylish Acrylic Clutch! Add a personal touch to make this beautiful pearlized clutch even more amazing. 

pillow cover

29. Personalized Wedding Gifts Pillow Cover


How about adding a touch of rustic linen charm to the hen night with the Personalized Wedding Gifts Pillow Cover! Who knows what type of flirty fights this ideal hen do gift can bring?

bachelorette party gifts - ring dish holder

28. Personalized Trinket Dish Wedding Ring Holder


Looking for cheap and best bachelorette party gifts to surprise the bride-to-be? Look no further than this charming personalized Trinket Dish Wedding Ring Holder that keeps her precious jewelry and trinkets safe.

personalized bracelet

27. Dainty Personalized Heart Bracelet with Custom Initial


This Heart Bracelet is sure to be the bride’s most cherished possession for years to come. Customize these bachelorette party gifts to make them even more special. 

Unique Bachelorette Party Gifts

Chic and thoughtful, these unique bachelorette party gifts are set to give the bride-to-be a different kind of high. From a soothing spa experience to a memory book, luxurious bath salts to massage oil, these gifts are sure to bring out the innate royalty in the bachelorette.

bachelorette party gifts - shower steamers

26. Calming Shower Steamers Gift Set


Add to the party fun with these naughty gag gifts. The all-natural Calming Shower Steamers release a soothing and sensual aroma that makes the moment unforgettable.

bath salt set

25. Chakra Bath Salts Set


These bachelorette party gifts are as unique as the glow on the bride-to-be’s face. Let her indulge the energy centers or ‘chakras’ in her body with this luxurious bath salt set replete with refreshing scents and a blend of natural ingredients.

24. Farm Fresh Spa Experience Tin


The best novelty gift is not a gift but an experience! The Farm Fresh Spa Experience Tin with handcrafted milk bath tea, whipped shea cream, mint lip balm and moisturizing bath truffle offer an invigorating spa experience. 


23. Subscription to BootyBag


Bachelorette party gifts cannot get better than this! Gift a BootyBag subscription to let the bride-to-be get the best of cute undies and matching bralettes based on her style preferences.

bachelorette party gifts - survival kit

22. Brides Survival Kit


Sophisticated and unique, the Brides Survival kit is just what a newly engaged girl needs. From personalized wine glass to sleeping eye mask, the survival kit has just what the doctor ordered.

21. White Lace Bridal Robe


Let the bride-to-be exude sexy vibes in this gorgeous white lace bridal robe. An intricate floral design, super soft material, and a white slip worn underneath will help her create memorable moments.

echo dot

20. Echo Dot


The Echo Dot is one of the smartest of bachelorette party gifts. The smart speaker is sure to be a welcome and handy member of the new family!

massage oil

19. Massage Oil


On the lookout for bachelorette party gifts that are unique but practical? Go for this relaxing Massage Oil that is an integral aspect of the bride-to-be’s self-care routine. 

18. Sip Sip Hooray A Bachelorette Party Memory Book


What better way to capture the fun moments of a hen night than a Memory Book? Let your bestie go over the amazing time of the hen do weekend for years to come with this Bachelorette Party Memory Book.

17. Hexagonal Marble Coasters


Your best friend deserves nothing but the best of bachelorette party gifts. These personalized, engraved hexagonal marble coasters help make a unique style statement.

bachelorette party scrapbook

16. Bachelorette Album / Scrapbook


A novelty gift as special as your bestie is the Bachelorette Album/Scrapbook. Customize it in creative ways, and watch your bestie smile away in delight.

15. Bride One Piece Swimsuit


The bride-to-be is sure to love this sexy one-piece swimsuit that complements the flirty vibes. The gorgeous swimsuit featuring high-quality breathable fabric is one of the most coveted bachelorette party gifts.

Bachelorette Party Gag Gifts

It doesn’t get spicier and dicier than this! Your friend will thank you for these especially naughty gag gifts that are sure to be a huge hit at the hen do. Check out the naughty panties and sex coupons or choose the sexy truth or dare to give the couple endless hours of twisted fun!

candle - bachelorette party supplies

14. Dildo Candle


For those looking for hilarious hen party gifts, the Dildo Candle is a perfect choice. The carefully hand-poured candles come in fun scents that help create the right flirty ambiance.

bachelorette tattoos

13. Bachelorette Tattoos


Hunting for bachelorette party gifts at the last minute? How about these custom bachelorette party tattoos that are sure to be the best conversation starters!

12. Naughty Panties


Gift the gal these funny, sexy, and comfortable underwear and she will thank you for days to come. These naughty panties are the perfect bachelorette party gag gifts you could ever come up with!

large pinata

11. Large Pecker Pinata


When it comes to naughty presents for adults, this Large Pecker Pinata takes the cake – or candies! The handcrafted stick pinata is sure to be a huge hit and invite an endless number of giggles for days to come.

bachelorette party gifts - clean me towel

11. Clean Me After Sex Towel


Here’s one of the best and cheap hen night party gifts you don’t want to miss out on. The Clean Me After Sex Towel is ideal not only as bachelorette party gifts but make for fun gifts for the groom-to-be as well.

great sex coupon

10. Great Sex Coupons


Cheap and naughty gag gifts can’t get any better than these Great Sex Coupons. These seductive coupons offer many ways to create unforgettable passionate moments that will definitely add the right kind of spice.

9. Sexy Truth or Dare


Push some sexy boundaries with this collection of hundred truth or dare seductions. While being inexpensive, this is the best way to create hours of fun and passion.

bachelorette party gifts - bloody mary kit

8. "The Bloody Mary Kit"


A trending hen night gift is this delicious Bloody Mary Kit featuring crunchy pickled vegetables. Ideal for hens do, these bachelorette party gifts take care of lazy Sunday mornings.

Classy Bachelorette Party Gifts For The Bride

You can never go wrong with these meaningful and classy bachelorette party gifts that the bride-to-be will cherish for years to come. From a Spa Week set to a smartphone printer, fragrances to a keepsake library, these luxurious and practical gifts are just what your bestie needs.

fuji intsant camera

7. Fuji Instant Film


When you want to gift something expensive and useful, the Fuji Instant Film is the right choice. The Mini Camera is simple to use and delivers vibrant and crystal clear photos instantly. It is the best way to show how much you love your bestie!

6. Spa Week Set


Can’t think of anything that the bride-to-be will like? As far as last-minute hen party gifts go, the Spa Week set is the best bet. Endless hours of pampering is in store for your bestie.

bachelorette party gifts - instant printer

5. Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer


This Smartphone Printer is surely going to be an eye-catcher at the hen party. With Bluetooth capability, your bestie can print photos quickly from her smartphone.

go pro hero 7 camera

4. GoPro HERO7 Black


This waterproof camera is ideal for an action-packed hen night. As one of the most interesting bachelorette party gifts, the camera makes live streaming on social media possible.


3. Marc Jacobs Fragrances


Luxury meets substance with Marc Jacobs Fragrances. Let the bride-to-be immerse herself in the feminine fragrances of succulent wild berries and sensual sandalwood.

facial steamer

2. Pro Facial Steamer


Delight your bestie with this steamer that affords a spa-like experience at home. She is sure to remember you every time she indulges in this skincare routine for years to come!

wedding keepsake memories

1. Wedding Keepsake Library


Help the bride-to-be and her loved one cherish all the keepsakes from their big day with this beautiful Wedding Keepsake Library.  The library-style system with vertical files, fabric bags, and drawers is one of the classiest bachelorette party gifts you can think of.

Spruce Up The Night With Bachelorette Party Gifts

Bachelorette party gifts are a perfect way to make the hen party even more fun and memorable. You can either choose a personalized gift for the bride-to-be or choose a classy gift along with your friends. Either way, it’s a night that neither you nor the bride-to-be will forget in a hurry!

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