35 Bachelorette Party Favor Ideas For a Fun Night Out (2020 Version)

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You might have heard them called by different names; hen party, hen do, hens night, or more commonly, bachelorette party. While they go by different terms, depending on which region you are in, they all celebrate the same event. The last hoorah of being single for a bride-to-be. Just like the bridal shower, the host should provide bachelorette party favors for her guests. Some ideas for a bride on a budget include cheap, personalized items for party goers. Of course you can’t forget the naughty and funny bachelorette party supplies for her squad. Throw the best hen party ever with our list of unique and creative favors for your guests. Celebrate your friendship with your bestie and bring on the rowdiness with these bachelorette party favors.

bachelorette party favors - mirror

35. Personalized Pocket Mirror


Make sure your girls are looking their best with these personalized pocket mirrors. A cute and useful party thank you gift idea they can keep in their purse. Customize each with their name so they won’t get them mixed up.  

Price: $12.00

cute party favors - lipbalm

34. Personalized Lip Balm


Lip balm is a simple and cheap party favor to give on your hens night out. This lip balm works well in a hens do goodie bag. Available in a variety of different designs to suit your bachelorette party theme. 

Price: $2.49


33. Rainbow Sprinkle Macaroons


Give the unique gift to rainbow macaroons for a bachelorette party favor idea. The perfectly chewy texture goes great with a glass of wine, champagne, or cocktail. The fun, rainbow colors go great with all types of bachelorette party themes. 

Price: $12.00

small gifts for party guests - personalized necklace

32. Personalized Name Necklace


Create a stunning girls weekend gift bag with these personalized name necklaces. Custom made jewelry is a great favor or gift for any occasion, wedding related or not. Available in three different finishes to suit your individual guest’s stylish tastes. 

Price: $27.75

hand sanitizer

31. To Have and To Hold Hand Sanitizer Favor Label


Make sure your girls keep their hands clean (and noses diry) with these cute little hand sanitizer, wedding-themed labels. A funny thank you gift for attending the bachelorette party that the ladies will certainly get a kick out of. 

Price: $8.30+


30. Personalized Hangover Kit Bags


If you already anticipate that it’s going to be a rough night, make sure your girls recover the morning after. Unique little bags, perfect for stuffing all of the essentials. Complete the bag with aspirin, toothpaste, or bloody mary mix. 

Price: $2.04+

bachelorette gift set - beach towel

29. Personalized Robes


Looking for some elegant beach themed bachelorette party favor ideas? These Turkish beach towels are a lush gift that your girls will truly appreciate. Perfect for tanning and lounging at the beach without getting sand in all the wrong places. 

Price: $12.60

cheap bachelorette party favors - scrunchie

28. Bachelorette Party Favor Scrunchie


Scrunchies and other hair accessories make cute and cheap favors for your bachelorette party guests. Perfect for all hair types and lengths and making sure her hair is held back when necessary. Available in a variety of fun, wine colors. 

Price: $3.25+

can coolies

27. Can Coolies


Why let the guys have all the fun with their drink holders? These can coolies are great for keeping both tall and short beverages the perfect sipping temperature. A cute bachelorette party favor for the bride and her babes. 

Price: $16.00 

wine tumblers

26. Personalize Wine Tumbler


Whether sipping beverages at the beach or the backyard, these wine tumblers make for the best bachelorette party supplies. Available in a bunch of bright, fun colors, your girls will love sipping chardonnay from this cheap (but useful) favor. 

Price: $17.90+

bachelorette party favors - make up bags

25. Leather Cosmetic Bag with Personalization


These leather cosmetic bags are great for holding all of her essentials. They make the perfect bachelorette party favor for a girls weekend getaway. These handcrafted bags will last far beyond the bachelorette party and even become a travel staple. 

Price: $34.90+

tank tops

24. Champagne Campaign Bachelorette Party Shirts


You can never go wrong with custom party shirts for bachelorette party favors. Your girls will be popping champagne in no time. You can easily customize these shirts in a ton of different ways to suit your lady’s party needs. 

Price: $23.99

bachelorette party favors - heart glasses

23. Sunglasses


Go out in retro style on your bachelorette weekend with these fun creative sunglasses. Made from perforated vinyl so you can easily see through them (although avoid driving in them). Let your hearts beat wild with these groovy glasses. 

Price: $13.00


22. Customized Swimsuit


Let everyone at the beach know that you and your girls are celebrating a bachelorette weekend with these custom swimsuits. You can have each suit personalized for your entire squad and the bride-to-be. The perfect companion to a beach towel.

Price: $15.59+

sunflower crown

21. Sunflower Flower Crown


Celebrate your bachelorette party with this cute sunflower flower crown. A fun bachelorette party favor for those looking for a boho themed gathering. The perfect accessory for a Spring or Summer event that can also be worn to the wedding. 

Price: $18.00

beach hat - bachelorette party favors

20. Personalized Floppy Beach Hat


Personalized floppy beach hats make the perfect beach accessory for a fun filled bachelorette weekend. This hat will make a fashionable statement at the beach. Available in three colors and lots of fun and glittery texts for a unique style. 

Price: $16.40+

scented candles

19. Scented Candle


These scented soy candles make a unique bachelorette party favor. A lovely thank you gift available in a variety of delicious flavors. Mix and match all the scents for your guests or stick with one to compliment your wedding theme. 

Price: $12.50

bachelorette favors - beanies

18. Hat Knit Fur Pom, Knitted Beanie


Having a winter wonderland themed bachelorette or hen party? These knit fur pom beanies make for great bachelorette party supplies for a chilly winter for fall get together. A great complement to a personalized scarf, mittens,or mug of cocoa. 

Price: $27.00 

beach bag tote

17. Personalized Beach Bag


One of the most classic housewarming gift and newlywed gifts is a set of pots and pans. Help a bride and groom cook a delicious meal in the kitchen with a quality set of essentials. 

Price: $11.04 

bachelorette party favors - soaps

16. Merlot Soap


A soap that smells so good you’ll want to eat it. This luxurious merlot scented soap makes a great inexpensive thank you gift for brides on a budget. Made with real, natural ingredients, a favor you’ll feel good about giving. 

Price: $3.50+

bath bombs

15. Organic Bath Bombs


You can never go wrong with cheap favors that guests can pamper themselves with. These bath bombs are an inexpensive way to say, “you deserve this girl!” Free of all the bad stuff and filled with wonderful, natural ingredients. 

Price: $6.99+

cute party favors - ring dish

14. Personalized ring dish


This beautiful little ring dish makes a lovely thank you, personalized with her name. This 4 inch ceramic dish is big enough to place her jewelry when she is not wearing it. Surprise your party guests with this special favor. 

Price: $12.99

planter - bachelorette party favors

13. White Ceramic Wall Planters Vase and Copper


Bachelorette party favors don’t have to just be all personal care items or party related. This white ceramic wall planter, available in black or copper, makes a lovely piece of home decor. Perfect for her home office or minimalist bedroom. 

Price: $15.93

cocktail grow kit

12. Cocktail Grow Kit


A cocktail grow kit makes a truly unique gift for a bachelorette party. Adding fresh herbs to cocktails adds a whole new level of flavor. The kit comes with six different herbs for making thousands of different cocktail combinations. 

Price: $12.00

bachelorette party favors etsy - glasses

11. Personalized Shot Glasses


These personalized shot glasses make a fun and inexpensive favor for those attending your bachelorette party. You can order individual shot glasses custom for each one of your attendees. Add fun nicknames, cute sayings, or funny images on each glass. 

Price: $1.50 

bachelorette party favors - photostrips

10. Photostrips


Bring back the nostalgia of photo booths with these cute photo strips. After the party is over, surprise your guests with a thank you gift they will cherish. A good party favor for guests that visited from out of town. 

Price: $15.00

champagne stemless flutes

9. Personalized Insulated Champagne Stemless Flutes


Celebrating your last days as a free woman with champagne instead of wine? These customizable stainless steel champagne flutes are the perfect addition to any hen party. No matter what you are drinking, these cups will keep it ice cold. 

Price: $11.00+

body scrub

8. Frank Body Coffee Body Scrub Mini


Treat your girlfriends to a mini spa experience with this naturally scented coffee body scrub. Using natural, exfoliating coffee scrub helps to fight against cellulite and create glowing, smooth skin. A perfect bachelorette party favor for prepping that summer body. 

Price: $8.00

nail polish strips

7. Nail Polish Strips


Have a girls night in with these fun and colorful nail polish strips. A great, cheap gift to share with everyone at your bachelorette party before going out on the town. Look your best without spending hours in the salon. 

Price: $2.50

nail polish tags - bachelerette party favors

6. Nail Polish Favor Tags


Create a fun little party favor with these nail polish tags. An inexpensive addition to help you create a fun little mani and pedi gift set. Pair the tag with your favorite nail polish color or mix and match colors. 

Price: $4.00+

bachelorette party favors - wine stoppers

5. Wine Stopper


Encourage your ladies to be just like a pineapple with this cute, gold pineapple wine stopper. Stand tall, be sweet, and wear a crown! You can create a custom party basket by adding mini wine bottles and glasses for favors. 

Price: $14.00

sleep mask

4. Custom Sleep Mask


Make sure your ladies are getting a little extra shut eye with these luxurious custom sleep masks. Made from a silky smooth satin material. She is sure to get a good night’s sleep when wearing this cute, custom sleep mask. 

Price: $12.25

hydration kit set - bachelorette party favors

3. Herbivore Botanicals Coco Rose Luxe Hydration


Luxe and hydrations, two words any woman can appreciate when it comes to personal care items. This botanicals coco rose gift set makes for deluxe bachelorette party supplies. Includes an exfoliating body polish, hydrating facial mist, and smoothing lip conditioner. 

Price: $39.00


2. Perfume


Perfume makes for a classy thank you bachelorette party favor. This clean fragrance is a lovely floral scent with notes of red raspberries, pear, and white gardenia. Perfect for spritzing all over for a night out or daily use.  

Price: $34.00 

cheap bachelorette party favors - spa gift set

1. Farm Fresh Spa Experience Tin


This farm fresh spa experience is made with natural ingredients such as goat’s milk and lavender. The kit includes a milk bath tea, bath truffle, luxurious whipped shea cream, and minty lip balm. A good favor for a night in.  

Price: $32.00

Whether you call it a hen do or bachelorette party, it’s time to celebrate the bride-to-be. But the bride shouldn’t be the only one having all the fun, or getting all the good stuff. She should also celebrate her party guests with lovely bachelorette party favors. From naughty shot glasses to decident spa gift sets, there is something for every budget and taste. And of course, you can’t forget the essentials, the bride and her besties! 

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