29 Cheap and Classy Bachelorette Party Decorations in 2022

Bachelorette Party Decorations

Throwing a bachelorette party is a fun and engaging way to celebrate a bride’s coming union. If you want to celebrate the bride-to-be to the fullest, you absolutely need to make sure you get the right decor. There are all kinds of bachelorette party decorations to consider for your event. From cute decoration for cheap bachelorette party favors to balloons and banners, consider these essential pieces of decor for your event.

29. Rose Gold Diamond Ring Balloon

Diamond rings are a classic symbol of bachelorette and engagement parties. If you want some cute decor that helps to promote the spirit of the event, a giant rose gold diamond ring balloon is a great option. This piece will stand out as the centerpiece amidst the other balloons and provide a perfect prop for photos throughout the event. Plus, the rose gold coloration gives it a great modern edge.

Rose Gold Diamond Ring Balloon

28. Gold Confetti Balloons

Balloons have a way of adding a festive touch to any event. For a truly elegant and bubbly affair, consider gold confetti balloons. These shining pieces of decor mimic a glass of champagne in the way that they sparkle. A great fit for any type of bachelorette event, from an afternoon brunch affair to an all-night rager. 

party decoration ideas:5 Gold Confetti Balloon

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27. Pink Backdrop

There are definitely going to be a ton of pictures taken during your party. While the venue itself will be fine for some photos, having a specific background makes the entire process of taking pics with your besties a lot easier. A pink backdrop included in bachelorette party kits can be easily hung and provide the perfect background for any photos.  

party decoration:Pink Backdrop

26. Giant Inflatable Pool Float Toy

A party that happens during the summertime is one that offers the opportunity to hang by the pool and cool down. If you’re having an outdoor event to celebrate a friend’s upcoming wedding, one of the best bachelorette party decorations to consider is a giant inflatable pool float toy. Fun, festive, and a great object for pictures!

Giant Inflatable Pool Float Toy

25. Rose Gold Swirly Penis Straws

Bachelorette parties are usually packed with phallic imagery. There’s something about a penis-shaped item that makes the crowd giggle. If you’re considering an event that works a few bawdy objects into the mix, these rose gold swirly penis straws are the perfect blend of lewd and trendy.

party decor:Rose Gold Swirly Penis Straws

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24. Same Penis Forever Banner

Another hilarious way to work a penis image into the mix of your event is with this hilarious banner. The message “Same Penis Forever” is as funny as it is oddly touching and it is displayed in gold as a perfect arch on the banner. This makes for a funny backdrop to do pictures with friends or simply to hang in the event space. 

bachelorette party decor:Same Penis Forever Banner

23. Hen Night Props

Since there are definitely going to be tons and tons of photos snapped throughout the event, you want to make sure you offer guests a few fun items to use in different pictures. A collection of cheap props can make for a wonderful fit. Hen Night bachelorette party props help to turn some standard photos into wacky and weird works of art in no time at all.

bachelorette accessories:Hen Night Props

22. Rose Gold Photo Backdrop

The past few years have seen rose gold become quite the popular shade of color. If you’re a fan of this classy and trendy coloration, then you should definitely think about incorporating it into the backdrop you select for the party. A beautiful way to add a pop of gorgeous color to every fun picture taken throughout the night of the party. 

Rose Gold Photo Backdrop

21. Rose Gold Sunglasses

If you have a number of people who plan on attending your event, then you definitely want to make sure you take the inexpensive route with the bachelorette party decorations you purchase. A few pairs of unique rose gold party sunglasses make for the perfect bachelorette accessories. Whether you need props for photos or something silly to wear when you get drunk, this is a perfect fit. 

bachelorette party decoration ideas:Rose Gold Sunglasses

20. Balloon and Garland Arch Kit

There are plenty of simple and effective ways to give the venue space where you’re throwing your party a bit of a classy aesthetic. A balloon and garland arch kit is a perfect party wall decor idea. By shaping balloons into an arch and mixing garland and other festive images into the mix, you can create the perfect entryway for guests to arrive through.

Blush Pink Balloon Wall Decoration Garland Kit Arch :Blush Pink Balloon Wall Decoration Garland Kit Arch

19. Diamond Ring Photo Frame

A number of fun and clever props exist to use when it comes time to take photo booth pictures with guests of the party. A giant diamond ring photo frame can be a wonderful way to give some perspective to each image. Frame every picture with this ring and it will create a visual symmetry between all of the pics taken throughout the night.

Diamond Ring Photo Frame

18. Welcome Sign

Whether you’re having the party at a local venue or in your own backyard, a sign can be useful to alert guests as to the event’s location. One of the best bachelorette item ideas to consider for your party is a welcome sign. This beautiful and rustic option is inexpensive and can provide a perfect way to keep friends and family informed on where to go. 

bachelorette decor:FRIENDS Welcome Sign Bachelorette Party $

17. Bachelorette Party Penis Confetti

A little confetti can go a long way. If you want to celebrate a coming union in a silly and frivolous way, penis party confetti is a great option to consider. Remember that confetti can be quite messy. If you’re hosting the party at a venue, be sure to consult with management before you start tossing this around the space. 

Bachelorette Party Penis Confetti

16. Pink Beach Balls

When you’re spending your entire bachelorette party outside near a pool or beach, then you absolutely want to find cool items to bring for some extra fun. A pink pool party beach ball is a wonderful idea when it comes to bachelorette party decorations meant for use outside. Inflate these fun options and toss them around for some good times.

bachelorette party items:Bachelorette Pink Pool Party Beach Balls

15. Bachelorette Party Cups

While decor is important for creating the right mood, you also want to make sure that you are covering all of your bases on a practical front. You can’t offer guests drinks without cups, for example. Grabbing a handful of party cups is necessary and it is also cheap. Whether you opt for simple cups or something with a festive design, be sure to grab all the essentials to keep your event in the right spirits. 

Bachelorette Party Cups

14. Diamond Confetti

Few symbols help to capture the durable beauty of relationships like diamonds. If you’re looking for a few small touches to add to your upcoming bachelorette party, diamond confetti is a fun option to consider. Toss this glittery stuff around the event space and in no time it will be sparkling and shining like a disco ball. A great finishing touch for your big night.

cute decor:Diamond Confetti

13. Rose Gold Headband

Little touches can help to transform the bride-to-be into a party animal for one final night of going out with friends. The trick is grabbing the right accessories. A rose gold headband with “Bride to Be” written across it can make for a lovely and straightforward item to grab for the lucky lady. This way, everyone at the bar will know she’s celebrating her big day.

Rose Gold Bride to Be Headband Veil Metal

12. Bachelorette Party Confetti Popper

Causing a commotion is par for the course when it comes to most bachelorette parties. Showing a friend a good time can get loud pretty fast. If you want to take your celebratory sounds to the next level, think about grabbing some bachelorette party confetti poppers. These are great little options to play around with when it comes to making a fun and noisy scene of celebration. 

Bachelorette Party Confetti Popper

11. DIY Tissue Paper Pom Poms

bachelorette party props:DIY Tissue Paper Pom Poms

10.  Balloon Wishes

Another fantastic way to approach finding a suitable decoration for bachelorette party purposes is by exploring DIY balloons. Having guests write down their personal wishes for the bride and her future and then placing these wishes inside balloons before inflating them can make for an amazing and interesting way to celebrate the occasion.

cute party decorations: Balloon Wishes

9. Temporary Party Tattoos

Remember how much fun it was to rub on temporary tattoos when you were a kid? Whether you have real ink now or now, there are some easy options to think about when it comes to how to make a party fun. Temporary party tattoos are an amazing way to cut loose and get creative without actually getting real tattoos when you’re drunk. Explore the different designs to find the perfect fit for your party.

Temporary Party Tattoos

8. Cake Topper

Planning on having a cake at your event? If so, you should take a moment to think about the type of topper you want to use on the confection. Cake toppers are a small touch that can go a long way when it comes to the final appearance of a dessert. This “Miss to Mrs.” cake topper is one that helps to cut to the heart of the event and celebrate the bride in an encouraging and supportive manner. 

bachelorette items:Cake Topper

7. DIY Gold Banner

There are plenty of reasons to think about the option to make your own party decoration. Instead of spending a small fortune on various gifts and items to celebrate a friend’s coming union, you can sit down and make the items yourself and save a lot of money in the process. Painting a gold banner for the bride is far more personal and important than buying one from the store.

decorations for bachelorette party:Gold Bride to Be Banner

6. Custom Bachelorette Banner

A banner really ties together a party. When you have the right message hanging in a prominent spot in the venue, it makes for a visual reminder of the reason for the gathering. Party theme decor should always include a matching banner. Having one customized for your party can be a great way to find the right fit for whatever theme your event is working with.

party decorations ideas:Custom Banner Bachelorette Party

5. Bride Sash

Few accessories are as classic for a bachelorette to wear during her last hurrah than a sash. This item informs everyone that the woman in question is spoken for and preparing to start her life with her significant other. Plus, a sash is a very cheap way to transform the look of the bride to be during the night.

Glitter Bride To Be Sash

4. Tropical Luau Party Tableware Set

A themed party offers plenty of unique opportunities for bachelorette party decorations. If you’re thinking of a topical luau for your party theme, this tableware set will help to tie together the entire aesthetic. All you need to do is plan out an authentic menu and you’ve got the right flatware to showcase each part of the meal.

Tropical Luau Party Tableware Set

3. Bachelorette Party Garland

Garland is a classic way to spice up an event space. If you need a fun party decoration that you can either grab from the store or make on your own, this is a great option to go with. Take a minute to find the right style of garland to fit your party theme and it can make all the difference in how your space looks. 

naughty party supplies:Bachelorette Party Garland

2. Party Sign

A sign makes all the difference when it comes to a successful party. Not only does this bachelorette party decoration serve the important purpose of informing guests of the location of the event, it also is a very cheap investment. Simply look at different options and find the one that is the most elegant and fitting for your affair.

Bachelorette Party Sign

1. Drinking Card Game

A drinking game is a great way to pass the time at a party and break the ice. This game is a wonderful way to bring the group together to answer some silly and personal questions about romance and sex. Your friends will bust out laughing and the bride to be will have a great time with this wild and wacky game. 

how to make a party fun:Drinking Card Game

From balloons to banners, there are all kinds of options to consider when it comes to bachelorette party decorations. Whether you are trying to throw a personal and sentimental gathering for a close friend or you’re ready to cut loose on the town for a final night of being single, it is a good idea to take time and decide which decorations are most important. With a little planning, you will be ready to put together the event that you are picturing in your mind. 

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