21+ Best Bachelor Party Ideas We Bet You Didn’t Think of

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Are you in search of exciting bachelor party ideas? If you want to make the bachelor party memorable, forget about the conventional and overused ideas for pre-wedding celebrations. You’re honoring a groom, which means he expects the night to be filled with fun and excitement.
These are his last single days before he ties the knot forever. Whether you have an outdoor or indoor party, just remember this rule: It needs to be cool! To prevent this night from becoming a disappointment for the groom, check out our fabulous bachelor party ideas!
You can choose an idea or combine two ideas to create a night the groom will remember for a long time, one that makes him confident about making you his best man. Keep reading to start planning.

Outdoor Bachelor Party Ideas

What are clean bachelor party ideas? They’re fun, cool, and future wife-approved. If you boys don’t want to stay indoors, take the party out to great outdoors.

bachelor party ideas - go camping

Go Camping

When you’re tight on budget but still want to throw a great bachelor party, you go camping. Camping is a good and cheap bachelor party idea, and the best part is that the entire gang will love it. If you want to be one with nature, plan a camping trip with tents, campfires, lakes, food, and hikes. It’s a cool bachelor party idea because it’s a wonderful way for the groom to bond with all his best bros.



Although winter weddings are always fun, you can hit a snag when it comes to thinking of winter bachelor party ideas. You don’t have to hit a roadblock when you can hit the slopes! Book a lodge for the weekend, drink a few bourbons, eat delicious food, and ski on the slopes.

bachelor party ideas - hunting


Do you want to have a stag party with all the guys? It’ll be a new experience for guys who have never gone hunting. Those who have gone hunting before will be ready to go and guide those who haven’t. You can plan several activities along the way, especially if you plan to stay in a cabin for the weekend. Take food and beer with you because you’re just about to go on an epic adventure.



Skydiving is one of the most epic bachelor party ideas. The thrill. The open-air. The adrenaline rush. You’ll experience it all! What about the cost? Yes, it’s expensive, but is it worth every penny? — It sure is! Let’s ask you this. Would you rather spend hundreds on a night of reckless abandon, or would you rather take a risk and actually start living? Go with the latter choice. You can also plan other activities around it.

chill at the beach

Chill at the Beach

It’s sunny outside. The weather is wonderful. The waves are calm and cool. Can you guess the season? If you said summer, you’re right on the mark! Summer is a wonderful season for going to the beach. Why don’t you take the bachelor party to the beach? It’s a simple, inexpensive, and exciting idea. You can swim, drink cold drinks and beer, grill food, play beach volleyball, go swimming, and have a bonfire with music playing in the background late at night.

bachelor party ideas - take a road trip

Take a Road Trip

This will be just like the popular movie minus the setbacks. You can take a few close friends and go on a road trip. Your bachelor weekend will be filled with exploring a new destination. Most people have a destination in mind that they want to reach, whereas others like to wing it. For instance, you can go as far as you can go on one tank of gas.



Although this is one of the least-chosen bachelor party ideas, we still added it to our list because some grooms love to golf. If your groom loves to golf, take him golfing. You might not love it, and some of the guys in the group may feel the same way, but at the end of the day, it’s the groom’s day. If you’re looking for athletic bachelor party ideas, you can ask the groom how he feels about this one.

bachelor party ideas - BBQ backyard

Throw a Backyard BBQ

Throwing a BBQ may be one of the most inexpensive bachelor party ideas, but it sure is fun! You can ask the other groomsmen if they have a swimming pool in their house. Whoever has access to a swimming pool, you can host the party there. You can have a BBQ with beer and music. If there’s no swimming pool, no worries! You can rent a house for the day to host a BBQ party unless you or one of the groomsmen can arrange it at their house.

take a brewery tour

Take a Brewery Tour

Find out if your city has a craft brewery. If it doesn’t, you can look for one that’s near where you live. You can always drive up to it and make a great bachelor weekend out of it. Can you fly to another city for the weekend or take the bus? You can rent a party bus and drive up there for a tour of the brewery.

water rafting - best bachelor party ideas

Go White Water Rafting

White water rafting makes the list of epic bachelor party ideas because it’s outdoors and adventurous. You can book a guided rafting trip, so you can drink and party. With a trained tour guide taking you white water rafting, you won’t need any knowledge or prior experience. Plan a multi-day trip and in advance. Get ready to have some clean and awesome fun.

Stag Night Ideas

Do you want hilarious bachelor party ideas? If you do, our stag night ideas will help you make the groom’s bachelor party a night to remember. These cool and funny ideas will keep the groom and the groomsmen laughing like crazy.

sing karaoke

Sing Karaoke

Since we’re dealing with a pandemic, we won’t advise you to hit a karaoke bar, given its open. You can arrange a virtual karaoke night with your close friends on Zoom. If you forgot to plan a bachelor’s party, which we hope not, this is a good last-minute, cheap, and fun bachelor party idea during COVID. You can sing online together. If you want to arrange it at someone’s house, do practice social distancing. Stay safe!

Go Bowling - bachelor party ideas

Go Bowling

Do you want to know another last-minute and clean bachelor party idea? You need to go bowling! You can order beer, laugh, talk, and bowl your heart out. You’ll have an amazing and good time. You can also plan more activities after bowling if you want. Get ready to have fun!

Stargaze - best bachelor party ideas


If the group of friends is small and you want to host an intimate bachelor party, you can climb atop a mountain or go out to a field and lay down to stare at the stars. You can go at night or in the morning, depending on when you find nature the most beautiful.

taste wishkey

Taste Whiskey

If you’re hosting a same-sex bachelor party and that too at the last minute, let’s go drinking! You can hit up a gay bar or go bar hopping. You can either choose to stay at one classy and sophisticated bar or visit several in one night. However, this idea isn’t cheap. If your budget allows, get dressed in your best formals and head out.

go to a concert - ideas for bachelor party

Go to a Concert

The bachelor party couldn’t have come at a better time because the groom’s favorite musician or band is playing in your city or a nearby city. You can invite your close friends and rock out! You can drink all night while partying to music and reach home safe and sound in an Uber.

bachelor party ideas - escape room

Escape the Room

This stag party idea is one of our favorite bachelor party ideas. This idea is unique because hardly anyone thinks of having a bachelor party at an escape room. Put your mental skills to the test and work together as a team to escape the room.

feast on steak

Feast on Steak

Eating steak is another clean bachelor party idea that will not result in an angry bride. If you have money and leaving for another city is just not in the cards, rent a limo, and go to an expensive restaurant serving the most mouthwatering, perfectly cooked steak. The groom will love it because he’ll feel like royalty for one day.

best bachelor party ideas - play pocker

Play Poker

Are you looking for fun and cheap bachelor party ideas? If you are, host a poker game with your guys. Call them over, have food, and drink beer. You can grill steaks and play Texas Hold ‘Em poker with a $20 buy-in.

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Christian Bachelor Party Ideas

You want tame and not-so-wild-and-crazy bachelor party ideas. You want to respect the groom’s religious values, which is why you can choose from the different Christian bachelor party ideas listed here.

last supper - ideas for bachelor parties

The “Last Supper”

You can throw the groom a religious bachelor party with the theme being the “Last Supper.” You can have dinner at your home or take him out to dinner. This is a good Christian stag party idea and simple to plan as well.

help neighbor in need

“Help a Neighbor in Need” Party

Does the groom take part in several charitable causes? If he does, you can arrange an activity by taking them to a homeless shelter or a senior living facility to help out. You can also find people in need of help in the neighborhood, such as yard work, painting, or groceries. This is a cool, simple, and meaningful way to honor the groom’s Christian values and ideals.

bachelor party ideas - paintball


We love this clean bachelor party idea for two reasons— it’s cheap and fun! Although it’s a friendly game between friends, it can become rough. If the wedding is the next day after the bachelor’s party, don’t go for paintball. It can leave the groom and others with some painful bruises; you can play laser tag instead.

fishing trip

Fishing Trip

Fishing trips is one of the most relaxing and peaceful bachelor party ideas. It’s an inexpensive and simple stag party idea. You can take some soft drinks, beer, and food to the lake. You can even rent out a cabin for a day. If someone has a boat, go on a boating adventure. Take a vote, and go fishing if the majority agrees.

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Did you like the indoor or outdoor bachelor party ideas the most? Choose a bachelor party idea to get the pre-wedding celebrations underway. Moreover, you would like to find the best bachelor party destinations to celebrate a great party. He will remember his last single days as having an incredible time surrounded by the people he has loved for a long time. Honoring a groom with a fun and cool night the day before his wedding is a great and fun way to help him start his new life as a married man.

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