35+ Best Bachelor Party Gift Ideas The Groom-to-be Will Be Surprised (2021)

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With wedding plans in full swing, comes the time to consider something very important: a bachelor party. It is a must as part of any wedding, and every bachelor party comes with its own set of concerns: bachelor party gifts for the groom-to-be! Finding gifts that are personalized, creative, and unique is already difficult; on top of that, your chosen gift should make the newly-wed couple want to keep it after the festivities. As the groom’s friends, you want to make sure you get him the best pre-wedding gifts on his stag party. Here is a list of the best presents you can get that are funny and useful and sure to make the new husband appreciate them.

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Personalized Bachelor Party Gifts

Who doesn’t like personalized items? When looking for bachelor party gifts, these personalized items can make the present look extra special and also be useful at the same time.

bachelor party gifts - beer stripper

Personalized Bachelor Party Strippers


These personalized beer can covers make a great present for a bachelor party. They have a funny message printed over it which can be customized with names and colors that fit your groom-to-be the best.

Price: $35.10+

bottle opener keychain

Personalized Bottle Opener Keychain


These keychains make great bachelor party gifts because they are useful and can be personalized by having the groom’s initials engraved onto them. They also happen to be very inexpensive.

Price: $6.99

bachelor party gifts - beer mug

Personalized Beer Mug


What better way to spend a bachelor party than to drink it away, and what better way to drink it away than in these authentic buffalo horn mugs like a true Viking! The base is customizable, and makes a great present!

Price: $44.95+

bachelor party gifts - leather flask

Groom Leather Flask


It’s hard to come up with bachelor party gift ideas but it’s not hard to get your hands on these leather flasks! These leather flasks are laser engraved with the name and title of your choice, making them a great gift idea for the groom-to-be.

Price: $12.00+

Whiskey Decanter Set Personalized


A cool bachelor party gift for a cool groom-to-be, this whiskey decanter set can be personalized with a design and text to fit the couple and the party!

Price: $39.99+

personalized golf ball

Golf Themed Personalized Golf Balls


Throw a golf-themed party for a golfer, and get these customizable and cheap golf balls as gifts for all the groomsmen! Each ball is customizable and a memorable gift!

Price: $2.60

engraved pocket knife

Custom Engraved Pocket Knife


Looking for stag party gifts is a challenge. This custom engraved pocket knife is a beautiful accessory for the groom-to-be, and a definite addition to the list of great bachelor party gifts you can get!

Price: $24.99 

bachelor party gifts - shot glass

Personalized Shot Glass


A wonderful gift item for any occasion, these personalized shot glasses are sure to make a wonderful stag party gift!

Price: $9.99

bachelor party gifts - cufflinks

Personalized Mustache Monogram Cufflinks


These carefully handmade cufflinks can be customized with the words you choose and can add a bit of flare to the groom’s outfits.

Price: $54.00

best day ever wedding day

Best Day Ever Photo Album


The wedding may not have happened yet, but the documentation can be planned beforehand! This custom engraved wooden photo album makes a great present to give the groom to record the best day of his life!

Price: $64.99 

bachelor party gifts - fishing lure

This Funny Fishing Lure


Just a hilarious joke between anglers, this fishing lure can be a funny gift to give to the groom if he enjoys fishing.

Price: $21.95+


Property Of Boxers


What’s a stag party without a few dirty jokes? A fun bachelor party gag gift, this pair of boxers can be a funny present to give to the groom.

Price: $23.09+

bachelor party gifts - cooler tumbler

Black Stainless Steel Can Cooler Tumbler


Who’d say no to a classy can cooler? These can be personalized to add your name of choice, and make great stag party gifts for the groom!

Price: $18.26+

Bachelor Party Gag Gifts

Gag gifts are a must at any party between friends. Add a bit of spice and fun to the mix by getting the groom-to-be some silly gifts that will definitely make everyone laugh.

funny game level shirt

Funny Gamer Bachelor Party Shirt


Throw in a few laughs for the gamers! These funny T-shirts make for great bachelor party gifts. With their fun print and comfortable fit, they can be used for a long time after the party is over!

Price: $14.98+ 

truth or dare sex game

Naughty Truth or Dare Sex Game


If you want to find a funny, affordable present to give to the groom as a gag, this Ring for Sex bell is definitely one of the options for bachelor party gifts.

Price: $3.82

Bell for Sex - Party Ring Bell


An elegant item for the home is always an excellent choice for bridal shower gifts. These stoneware and crackled glass coaster sets have a look that will surely be appreciated by couples who appreciate the finer things. 

Price: $9.11

clean soap

Adult Male Man Wiener Penis Cleaner Soap Ring Gag Gift


Poke a bit of fun at your friends and give them this hilarious gift as a gag on their stag party! 

Price: $20.00 

bachelor party gag gift - HeadLimes Gator

6-pack, HeadLimes Gator


Squeezing out your limes, making your drinks so much better, and adding a few laughs to the party, these HeadLimes make for unique bachelor party gift ideas.

Price: $12.99 

beer belt gag gift for groom to be

Bachelor Party Supplies


Gone are the days of bachelor party shirts – now, you have these incredible belts to hand out as bachelor party gifts to celebrate the last few days of being unmarried.

Price: $29.95

bachelor party gifts - hangover kit bag

Hangover Kit Bag


After a nighttime of intoxication, everyone needs to cure that hangover. These hangover kit bags are unique and cheap gifts to hand out at any bachelor party, and they come with a funny message too.

Price: $2.04+

Shot Glass Set


A high-quality set that’s practical, unique, and creative at the same time, these glasses make great bachelor party gifts for the groom.

Price: $24.99

bachelor party gifts - chocolate cigars

Chocolate Cigars Party Favors


You don’t necessarily need to smoke your cigars; you can just eat them! These chocolate cigars make great bachelor party gifts, and don’t even harm your lungs!

Price: $24.99

groom hat - bachelor party gifts

Groom Hat


The perfect accessory for any groom-to-be, this hat has a distressed look that gives it that worn and loved appearance and makes a wonderful present for a stag party.

Price: $16.95

Last-Minute Gifts for Stag Party

Sometimes you’re just running out of time. Maybe you were busy, or you simply couldn’t find something good enough. There are a few last-minute gifts you can get for a bachelor party!

Restaurant Gift Cards


If you don’t have enough time to get together an elaborate present, this restaurant gift card collection is a good bachelor party gift idea and can come in real handy for all the dates that’ll be happening after the wedding too.

Price: $25.00

barber shop gift card

Barber Shop Gift + Greeting Card


No groom wants to look shabby at their own wedding, and this gift card can make sure they don’t! Deliverable as a customized greeting card through email or printout, this barber’s gift card makes for an excellent bachelor party present!

Price: $55.00+

bachelor party gifts - wet shave kit

Wet Shave Kit


Give the groom some fast and authentic grooming! This wet shave kit is a great option for friends to pitch in and get as a bachelor party gift for the husband-to-be.

Price: $49.50

whiskey gifts for groom to be

Champagne/ Whiskey wine


A no-fail present for any occasion is a bottle of champagne or whiskey. From bachelor party gifts to wedding gifts, you can be sure this one wouldn’t go unappreciated.

Price: $39.99+

bachelor party gifts - egift card

Amazon eGift Card


If you ran out of time and are looking for a last-minute present for the bachelor party, an Amazon gift card is the best option! Not only does the groom get to choose his own present, but they’re easy to get too!

Price: $25.00+

Universal Travel Adapter


Here is one useful bachelor party gift for the groom. With the honeymoon coming up, this travel power adapter is sure to come in handy, making it a good idea for a bachelor party present.

Price: $14.99

BlenderBottle Shaker Bottle


Looking for good bachelor party gifts for the groom can be tough. These blender bottles are great presents because they’re easy to hold and use, and you can now make your smoothies and protein shakes on the go! 

Price: $7.88 

Pocket-Sized Survival Multi Tool


Ever been stuck somewhere away from home and wished you had the tools to get a simple task done? Any such problems can now be solved. This wallet survival tool makes simple things like measuring, cutting, and even opening bottles so much easier. You can keep it in your wallet and it takes up no space at all. An excellent choice for a bachelor party gift!

Price: $9.97 

smartphone - bachelor party gifts

Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit iPhone Smartphones


With the wedding and honeymoon coming up, a good camera is necessary, but who wants to go buy a whole camera? This camera lens kit for your iPhone can get the job done easily, and get you all the high-quality photos you need from the special day, making it a wonderful gift for any stag party.

Price: $29.99 

bottle opener

Wall-Mounted Recycled Ski Bottle Opener


Who needs to keep a bottle opener around when you can just reach out towards the wall? Not only are these ski bottle openers a great and funny option for interior design, they are also practical, and can make a wonderful addition to the newlywed couple’s new home. A great bachelor party present!

Price: $45.00

smart phones magnifier

12’’ Screen Magnifier for Smartphone


The wedding is coming up, which means – movie nights to follow! A great way for the newly wed couple to strengthen their bond is to watch movies together, and this smartphone projector makes that easier! Who needs a large TV when you can get a screen magnifier for your phone and watch all your movies straight from your phone?

Price: $12.95

The right bachelor party gifts can take time to find – they should be personal, funny, and useful at the same time. If you go through the items on this list, you’re sure to find something that the couple will appreciate and can use during their married years in their new home.

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