23 Engaging Bachelor Party Game Ideas to Keep Guests Entertained (2023)

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The oldest records of stag parties go all the way to ancient Greece, and the tradition hasn’t significantly changed since those times. Here we outline a host of unique and interactive bachelor party games ideas to ensure endless fun for all those in attendance. You can set up the games anywhere: indoors, outdoors in the bar/club, or even at the soon-to-be newlywed home. The games have basic rules but can personalize it to suit the excited groom-to-be and his buddies. As a friend, you should go out of your way to ensure that the party is memorable. Start with an icebreaker game to familiarize the guests with one another. Here are some of the tried-and-tested classic, engaging, creative, and even hilarious games to play at a bachelor party from an expert.  

Bachelor Party Drinking Game Ideas

If your idea of a stag party is loud, wild, and with drinks flowing endlessly, this one is for you. When it comes to drinking games, the possibilities are endless. Ideally, you begin with some shots at home to set the mood. Then you head out to the bars for a night that the groom-to-be will hopefully not forget any time soon. The most popular bachelor party games here can include:  

bachelor party games ideas - mini beer pong

23. Beer Pong

This one is a classic among the drinking games. You may have participated in beer pong during your college days. The game is simple and fits any type of drinking crowd, and a bachelor party is no exception. Arrange cups of beer at the edge of a table. The players stand some feet away and throw the ping pong balls into the cups. For every successful hit, the opponent player has to drink whatever is in the cup. You can include a gambling angle by placing bets on the scores. If you want to add a fun twist to the classic beer pong game, you can go with the Mini Beer Pong.

drunk jenga

22. Drunk Jenga

You must have played this one before, probably without the alcohol. In this bachelor party game, players take turns to pull out wooden blocks from a tower. The aim is to remove a block and leave the tower standing. If the tower falls apart, you lose. You’ll then have to gulp the “loser drink,” a mixture of all the available drinks. You can have beer mixed with wine, vodka, whiskey, and so on. 

Another game that is similar to Drunk Jenga is Loaded Kings, common in bars and clubs. Here the game instructions are contained on the cards, and the loser has to drink from the concoction. Such games and their variations provide some of the best ideas for fun bachelor party drinking games.  

bachelor party games - shot glasses roulette

21. Shot Roulette

Do you need some shots to get you fired up before heading out? Shot roulette is just the game for you. Here you need different types of alcohol with which you fill the shot glasses on the roulette wheel. Each player then picks a number or a couple of numbers if you have fewer players. Spin the wheel and let it settle on a particular number. The player who picked that number gets to drink the shot. Shot roulette is one of those drinking games that get players drunk pretty fast and sets the stage for a wild evening. 

bachelor party games - scavenger hunt

20. Scavenger Hunt

This one can easily land you into trouble. Consider wearing customized t-shirts so that people around you realize that you’re playing a game. Come up with a checklist of things the players have to do or look for in the course of barhopping. The list often contains quirky and even explicit activities such as:  

  • Get a girl to buy you a shot 
  • Give a lap dance to a random stranger 
  • Find a girl with pink underwear 
  • Pose for a photo at the back of a cop car 
  • Blow a condom like a balloon  

You get a beer, whiskey, wine, or a drink of your choice for every win. The stunts get more daring as you play on, and the person with most points wins. Try not to end up in jail, especially the groom-to-be.  


19. Legged Pub Crawl

Find a partner and tie your legs together as you do in a three-legged race. Come up with a list of bars that are part of the challenge. The entire team starts the journey in the same bar. You gulp a drink each and race off to the next bar. The more you drink, the harder it will be to ‘crawl’ to the next bar. And this only adds to the thrill. Good luck getting to the last bar! 


18. Flip Cup

Here you line up half-full beer cups along the opposite edges of a table. Divide the players into two teams. One by one, the players empty their cups. After drinking, each player puts the cup at the edge of the table and attempts to flip it with one hand, so it lands face-down. When one player flips their cup successfully, the next one drinks their beer. Drinking is the easy part. Flipping the cup, however, takes some skill and gets a lot harder as the game progresses. The team that drinks and flips all their cups first is the winner. 

i never games

17. I Never

Come up with an “I never” statement. For instance, “I have never driven when drunk.” Anyone who has ever done what you’ve stated takes a drink. If nobody does, then you must drink. Each player gets their turn. This bachelor party game is good fun and lets you learn more about each other.  

Clean Bachelor Party Games

If your bachelor party squad does not drink alcohol, you can still have a memorable stag bash. The same goes if the groom-to-be does not drink. You can decide to leave out the alcohol in his honor – it’s his party, after all. These clean bachelor party ideas will keep the guests in high spirits all night long.  


16. Funny Hat

Keeping the bachelor party games clean does not have to be complicated. This game is as simple as it sounds. Each member gets a silly looking hat to wear during the party. The hats should be in all sorts of hilarious shapes, sizes, and color combinations. You can make custom funny hats out of paper or order them from a designer. You can write tacky lines on the hats, such as:  

  • One more fling before the ring 
  • Buy this man a beer, his wedding is near 
  • Groom on board 
  • If lost, return to the bachelor party 
  • I won’t remember any of this 
  • Goodbye life, hello wife 
  • The first five days after the weekend are the hardest  

Expect a night of laughter, cheers, or even jeers, especially if you plan to go out and about.  


15. Toy Soldier Posing Game

Here you’ll require a dozen toy plastic soldiers. Every guy in the party picks one and puts it in their pocket. At any point during the party, they can pull out the soldier. The groom then has to drop whatever he’s doing and assume the soldier’s posture – he could be standing, bending, kneeling, squatting, lying down, and so on. You’re bound to have some hilarious moments and amused stares from onlookers.  

bachelor party games ideas - truth or dare game

14. Truth or Dare

The good old truth or dare game can pose a host of fun bachelor party challenges for the groom. The “dare” option will have the groom doing all sorts of silly things. As for the “truth,” ask the groom questions about his relationship. You may learn some unexpected truths, but hey, what happens at the stag party stays at the stag party (and usually makes excellent storytelling material for years to come).  

fun bachelor party games - bingo

13. Bingo

This is one of those DIY bachelor party games that you can craft yourselves. Printable bingo cards are available online. With the cards and bingo chips, you’re good to go. Come up with a list of questions about the groom with answers written on the bingo cards. As you read out the question, the guests mark the boxes with the right answers. Whoever gets to form a straight line by ticking boxes is the winner. It’s that easy!  

bachelor party games - card against humanities

12. Cards Against Humanity

This is one of those bachelor party card games that can go on for hours. You can purchase the cards online. The black cards feature questions while the white cards have the answers. First participant asks a question from a black card, and the other players submit a white card each as the answer. The first player chooses the most suitable answer, and that player gets a black card. Whoever ends up with the highest number of black cards is the winner. 

groom trivia

11. Groom Trivia

How well do you know the groom? This bachelor party game will give you a pretty good idea. Here you come up with a list of questions about the groom. Ask about his favorite restaurant, shoe size, pet, hobbies, and so on. The tougher the questions, the better. Give each guest at the stag party a list of questions to answer in a set amount of time. After they’re done, the groom reads the correct answers and determines the winner. See who knows the groom best.  


10. Loaded Kings

You’ll always have plenty of bachelor and bachelorette party games available where cards are involved. Loaded Kings is a very popular game in bars and clubs. The cards are mostly waterproof, which comes in handy since there’s a lot of liquor involved. The rules of the game resemble those of drunken Jenga. You have a large glass at the center of the table where each guest pours part of his drink. This concoction becomes the “loser’s drink.” The rules are contained on the cards, such as:  

  • Heaven – Everyone points to the sky. The last player to do so has to drink. 
  • 4th king drawn – Player has to drink whatever is in the middle glass. 
  • Mate – Choose a person to do a shot with. 
  • King – Pour your drink into the center drink.  

You can customize the rules if you’re using a regular deck of cards.  

bachelor party games - funniest story game

9. Funniest Story Game

What bachelor games do you play to introduce the guests to each other? This game is an awesome icebreaker. Instead of the typical self-introduction, have each of the guests share a funny story about the groom-to-be. Such stories will revolve around the office, bar, home, or wherever else they may have interacted with the groom. The ensuing laughter makes way for a fun-filled bachelor party. The most intriguing storyteller receives a gift.  


8. Card Games

Bachelor party card games are a favorite for laid-back grooms. These games are often wild, but they don’t have to be. You can have a calm evening with food, drinks and card games at home or in a quiet bar. You can spruce up the evening by including some bachelor party gambling games. Bring along a bunch of poker chips, lots of small bills, and the cards. Pick the games depending on the number of guests present. You can have poker, blackjack, hearts, spades, and so on. With cards in the mix, you’ll never run out of bachelor games to play.  


7. Board Games

Board games introduce a whole new set of ideas for bachelor party games. Go for the popular board games that most people already know. You cannot go wrong with classics like Risk, Chess, Life, and Monopoly. Such games can also double up as office bachelor party games with workmates. You can also turn up the heat with some adult board game variants for that raunchy twist. We highly recommend Monopoly Socialism Board Game Parody Adult Party Game and the Hasbro Gaming The Game of Life.   

pocker night

6. Poker Night

Poker is one of those bachelor games to play with low-key grooms who shy away from a fun night stag party. Poker nights are ideally hosted in the home of one of the groomsmen. Power is easy to learn and play, ideal even for beginners. It’s perfect when you’d rather play bachelor party games at home.  

Outdoor Bachelor Party Games

You can host a thrilling bachelor party right in your backyard. Consider this option if the stag begins during the day and spills into the night. The outdoor bachelor party games are ideal for the daytime before you head out for the night. Here are a few fun outdoor bachelor game ideas.  

backyard bowling set

5. Backyard Bowling

Are you looking for fun bachelor party games without incurring extra costs? Here is one of them. Instead of conventional bowling pins, you can use plastic bottles. Those 2-liter soda bottles are shaped just like bowling pins, right? You can fill them with sand or leave them with the soft drinks. If you pick the latter, there are chances of exploding, which only adds to the thrill. 

The bowling balls do not have to be new. You can obtain used ones or even ask the guests to bring their own. Outline your backyard bowling lane using tape. You can bowl as teams or individually. Have a referee record the scores if you’re in for some bachelor party competitions. Remember to gift the winner! If your budget allows, you can go for an inflatable Bowling Set to make your work easier.   


4. Cornhole

The best bachelor party games are simple and straightforward, allowing every guest to learn quickly and participate. For this game, you only require two items: wooden boards and bean bags. These are available for purchase, or you can craft them yourselves. Players take turns tossing the bean bag aiming for the target. You can also include a gambling aspect by betting on the score. This Wood Premium Cornhole Set comes in two different sizes for hours of fun.  

bachelor party games ideas - darts

3. Darts

Darts often feature amongst the top bachelor party games for guys. The outdoors provide plenty of variations for the games. Put up the dartboard on a fence, wall, tree, door, or any other suitable surface. You can add to the thrill by using balloons instead of a board. Fill them with water or confetti for a fun twist. Take turns to aim at the target as you while the evening away. You can also get dartboards like Tournament Bristle Dartboard  and Exquisite Professional Darts Set, which facilitate a wide array of dart games to keep you on your feet all day long.  


2. Sport Games

You’ll never go wrong with sporty men’s bachelor party ideas. Men love a good challenge, and a sport will be just the way to keep them going. You can have football, baseball, soccer, basketball, and even bachelor party golf games. Decide in advance so you can have supplies ready. Generally, sports games require little effort to put together and offer loads of fun and adrenalin.  

fun bachelor party games - replay races

1. Relay Races

Remember sports day back in the school days? You can easily include those quirky races in the DIY bachelor party games for some extra fun. There are various relay races that you can consider, such as the wheelbarrow, egg on a spoon, balloon pop, potato sack, and so on.  

This list is far from comprehensive but contains the top-rated bachelor party games that will keep the guests thoroughly entertained. The groom-to-be should get nothing less than the party of a lifetime before he ties the knot. Whether you’re dealing with a laid-back groom or the life-of-the-party kind of guy, you can always find intriguing games for a remarkable party. All of these also make fantastic bachelorette party games. Even if you decide to combine bachelor and bachelorette parties together, you can’t go wrong! Pick your favorites, put your imagination to work, and you’re guaranteed to have a blast with these fantastic bachelor party game ideas!

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