40+ Best Anniversary Gifts for Her: Breathtaking Ideas to Surprise Your Lady (2022)

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How do you show appreciation to an amazing lady? An anniversary is a perfect milestone to start gift shopping for your wife. But what are the top anniversary gifts by year for her? Whether you shower your love with jewels or customized keepsakes, you want a gift that says, “Wow, that’s so her.” Luckily for you, we are here to help with our carefully curated list of ideas!

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Personalized Anniversary Gifts for Her

1. Black and White Song Lyrics on Photo Canvas Print – Vertical

Black and White Song Lyrics on Photo Canvas Print – Vertical

Although the music may stop now and then, the strings of your love will remain forever. This personalized song lyrics photo canvas is the perfect gift for your wife. It epitomizes everlasting love. It’s also ideal for bringing those special memories back to the surface. Just pick her favorite song and a picture to make it even more sweet!

2. Personalized Cotton Tray

Personalized Cotton Tray

The day you became her husband is one of your most important dates. It’s the day you made the vow of forever. This cotton tray symbolizes that sacred union. Just like your lives are woven together, so are the cotton fibers. Did we mention that this anniversary gift idea for your wife is 100% cotton?

3. Keepsake Box

Keepsake Box

In our quest to find awesome anniversary surprise ideas for your wife, we stumbled upon this beauty. Here we have a rustic style gift. With the right combination of chic and classy, this keepsake box makes for a remarkable present. Get her a memory box and cherished keepsake present. She’ll use it to store items such as jewelry, makeup, and trinkets.

4. Cutting Board

Cutting Board

Finding thoughtful anniversary gifts for her can be quite the enigma. A cutting board is not one of the typical anniversary gifts for parents. Isn’t that the best part? It’s such an original gift idea. If your better half enjoys spending time in the kitchen, she’ll love this one. One side compliments the kitchen decor, while the other is a traditional cutting board.

5. Where It All Began Map Wall Art Retro Style Custom Canvas Print

Where It All Began Map Wall Art Retro Style Custom Canvas Print

How does one celebrate precious moments? Yes, you guessed right! A personalized canvas print is a special gift for the wife to commemorate the memories of that special day. Customize the map with the location of where you first met. Is there a better reminder of love? Be sure to grab one for your first home. You won’t regret it!

6. You Will Forever Be My Always Photo Desktop Plaque

You Will Forever Be My Always Photo Desktop Plaque

Looking for a customized memento to surprise the woman in your life? When it comes to cute anniversary gifts for her, you want something pretty unique. This desktop plaque is a great choice. It offers an elegant way to showcase your very best moments. You can personalize this plaque with your names, anniversary, and favorite wedding photo!

7. 40th Anniversary Photo Collage Pillow

40th Anniversary Photo Collage Pillow

Anniversaries are a window of opportunity to look back and reminisce about the memories you have created. If you’ve hit that 40-year mark, be sure to check out this 40th-annivery gift. According to Zane Grey, “Love grows more tremendously full, swift, poignant, as the years multiply.” We dare you to find more clever wedding anniversary gifts for your wife.

8. Heart-Shaped Custom Song Lyrics Blanket

Heart-Shaped Custom Song Lyrics Blanket

What is it about music and interesting anniversary present ideas? Music and love collide to create the perfect harmony for your passion. We know how much you love your better half. This comfy and super soft custom song lyrics blanket comes in a unique and creative design. The recipient won’t have a choice but to cherish it!

9. 1 Year Anniversary Photo Collage Canvas Print

1 Year Anniversary Photo Collage Canvas Print

You can never go wrong with custom presents. How else do you preserve your favorite moments? You’ve been her boyfriend for a year. Can you believe it? Let’s mark this special milestone with a suitable keepsake. We can confirm that there are few better personal anniversary gifts for her. Add a beautiful message and signature for a more personal touch!

10. Sheet Music Art

Sheet Music Art

Just when we thought romantic gifts for her anniversary couldn’t get any better, Etsy did it again. There are a thousand reasons to love this one! Not only is it an affordable anniversary gift, but it will certainly accentuate her home decoration. Just select her favorite song and it’s good to go!

11. Love Photo Box

Love Photo Box - anniversary gifts for her

Support and commitment are essential factors in the sustenance of true love. The fact that you’ve made it this far is worth celebrating. The love photo box is one of our favorite unique anniversary gift for wife. When she opens it, she will discover your selection of pictures, bringing back all your unforgettable moments!

12. Hello – Will You – I Do – Standard Style – Map Canvas Print, Anniversary Gift

 Hello – Will You – I Do – Standard Style – Map Canvas Print, Anniversary Gift

Hello-Will You-I Do. Although short, these are the most meaningful words you will ever say to each other. From the moment you met to the moment you tied the knot, she’s been by your side. This map canvas print is a unique present to celebrate your union. It’s one of the cool anniversary gifts for wife by year.

13. Soundwave Art Print

Soundwave Art Print

Here is a creative anniversary idea for her suitable for modern decor. This one is a guaranteed hit. Don’t you wish your vows could last forever? Here’s your chance. Whether it’s a sentimental spoken message, your vows, or your first dance song, they’ve got you covered. Capture that sound as a one-of-a-kind work of art for the perfect surprise!

14. I Love You Handkerchief

I Love You Handkerchief

Sometimes cheap anniversary present ideas for her can be the most rewarding. This love you handkerchief falls into that category. It’s a luxury cotton handkerchief embroidered with a cute “Love You” and heart design. Personalize it with a color of your choice. It comes in a charming gift box, so she’s bound to love it!

15. Vinyl Record Spiral Song Lyrics Canvas Print

Vinyl Record Spiral Song Lyrics Canvas Print

Do you remember your first date? How about the moment you held her in your arms for that first dance? Wouldn’t you love to relive that memory every time you walk into the room? Well, here’s your chance! When it comes to cute anniversary ideas for her, you can’t go wrong with a unique keepsake!

Funny Anniversary Gifts for Her

1. Love Coupon

Love Coupon

What’s better than a present? That’s right, a coupon! Your partner will go crazy over this one. Who says you can’t be fun and romantic at the same time? When looking for creative anniversary gifts for her, you have to think outside the box. With more than 60 fun gifts, there’s enough to keep her in awe.

2. Funny Shot Glass

Funny Shot Glass

Here’s another quirky gift fit for our favorite couple. This shot glass set is the perfect gift idea for your queen. Disclaimer! We can’t promise that she will stop laughing. Your visitors are bound to have quite a giggle too. Guess what? It’s also dishwasher safe. We love eccentric anniversary surprises for her!

3. Coffee Mug

Coffee Mug - anniversary gifts for her

Fifty years is a long time to be immersed in every aspect of your partner’s being. The road might be long and weary, but it’s worth it. Let’s celebrate your beautiful matrimony with fun anniversary gifts. The ideal gift should be personalized, long-lasting, and creative. That’s why this mug is an excellent choice.

4. 20 Complete Shirt

20 Complete Shirt

When it comes to sentimental anniversary gifts for her, you can’t go wrong with a simple tee. It might not be the most extraordinary gift, but this one is sure to raise the standard. That dreamy look in her eyes is worth more than the most expensive pearl necklace. Yes, we said it. We dare you to prove us wrong!

5. I F**king Love You Keychain

I Fucking Love You Keychain

How does one find creative gift ideas? Here’s a gift that’s certainly going to entice some action. Are you looking for ways to spice up the bedroom? Trust us, you are not alone. This sassy keychain is just for you. Get one for your darling and thank us later!

6. Dirty Candle

 Dirty Candle

If you happen to have kids who can read, then turn to the next item. This original gift is not for you. Dirty talk can do pleasant things for a relationship. One moment you are mad, and the next, you can’t keep your hands off each other. If you are looking for something romantic, look no further!

7. Partner Mug

Partner Mug

A couple that farts together stays together. Isn’t that hilarious? This anniversary surprise for your wife is reminiscent of the joyous moments you will continue to share. Isn’t that what marriage should be about? You should both be having one long-lasting matrimonial party. We wish you many more stinky years and many more good laughs!

8. I Like His Beard, I Like Her Butt Canvas Signs

I Like His Beard, I Like Her Butt Canvas Signs - anniversary gifts by her

Are you still looking for anniversary presents for her? What do you love most about your partner? Is it her eyes, her lips, or her butt? Whatever it is, here is a present guaranteed to spice up your love life. We are offering you an opportune moment to get a little naughty with your partner!

9. Sexy Truth or Dare

Sexy Truth or Dare

There’s nothing sexier than an intimate game night with your partner. With over 100 racy seductions printed on double-sided sticks, there’s always something to push the boundaries. Spice up date night with an adult version of a game with guaranteed intense blushing. Push some buttons further than you ever have before with this fun anniversary gift for her!

10. Funny Cards

Funny Cards

We all know what your favorite thing to do is! If we are correct, then you won’t find a better naughty idea to surprise your wife. These cards are yet another way to make things more interesting in the bedroom. Take this unique, laser-cut, and engraved high-quality wooden card and customize it with your message. That should get things started!

11. Funny Mug

Funny Mug

Your wife is your rock and your real-life superhero. She should, therefore, be appreciated accordingly. Show her how awesome she is with this hilariously funny and unique mug. If she doesn’t smile once she sees it, we might be tempted to give you a refund. Some customized gift ideas need no second-guessing. This is the one!

12. Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper

Yes, toilet paper! From pandemic shortage to relationship present for wife. Toilet paper seems to be trendy. Jokes aside, this is a thoughtful keepsake. Knowing your flaws and imperfections, you can only appreciate a one-year relationship. It takes a lot, and she’s put up with all of it. Thank your baby with an original gift this anniversary!

13. Gift Box Set

Gift Box Set

As we still face the novel, once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, we could all use a good laugh now. Make your leading lady laugh with this top-ten anniversary gift for her. From the tranquil lavender soy wax candle to the relaxing rose petal bath bombs, she’ll feel like heaven. She can’t go to the spa, so let’s bring it to her?

14. You Are the Best Wife Mug

You Are the Best Wife Mug

If you could replace her, would you? We don’t even want to imagine a scenario where you would. If she loves your witty spark and snarky personality, consider yourself a lucky man. That means she’ll adore this goofy present. It’s probably the best gift for a wife on a marriage anniversary.

Romantic Anniversary Gifts for Her

1. Diamond Ring

diamond ring

Not being romantic is, quite frankly, a silly excuse. Right? With the help of social media and the digital age, romance should come easy. This diamond ring screams hopeless romantic. Featuring high-quality gold, palladium, platinum, rose gold, and white gold, this eccentric piece is only fit for a true queen!

2. It All Began Under This Sky Custom Star Map Framed Print

It All Began Under This Sky Custom Star Map Framed Print

Do you remember where it all began? What if you somehow capture the night sky on that night? Talk about awesome wedding gifts for wife. The sky custom star map is a huge favorite. And we understand why! How more romantic can one get? She’ll go crazy over this one.

3. Anniversary Clock

Anniversary Clock

Here’s a wonderful anniversary gift for her. It reflects the ever-growing bond of your relationship. This anniversary clock is sturdy and durable, like your relationship. It’s also an excellent piece to accent the decor in your beautiful home.

4. Led Lamp

Led Lamp

We have some pretty breathtaking romantic ideas on this list. This led lamp is one of them. Simply choose from two different styles. Enter your details in the personalization section, and voila, you have a gift to rival anything she’s ever received. Now, isn’t that’s something special?

5. Lyric Necklace

First Dance Lyric Necklace

Let’s take a moment to look back on your favorite memories. How high does your first dance rank? This anniversary jewelry gift for her is probably the most creative we have ever seen. We love it! Not only does it celebrate a precious moment, but it’s also such a mind-blowing fashion statement!

6. New York Times Custom Anniversary Book

 New York Times Custom Anniversary Book

Finding the best anniversary gifts for women can be quite an enigma. We know! That’s why we’ve got you. Memorialize all the years you’ve shared with this easy present for your soulmate. It features every New York Times front page from the day you met, said “I do”, to your latest anniversary!

7. Spotify Plaque

Spotify Plaque - anniversary gifts for her

Here we go again! We have another magical anniversary gift for her. If your other half is a music lover, she’ll go crazy over this one. All you have to do is select her favorite song, and the seller will take care of the rest. It’s another opportunity to get her an excellent piece of artwork for her decor!

8. Spa Set Collection

Spa Set Collection

Isn’t your boo tired of the same old popular ideas? Let’s try something different this year. Let’s do away with the chocolates and flowers, just for this year! Or better yet, why not give it all plus some luxury spa items that she can use at home? This one is guaranteed to please!

9. Gold Metal Rose

Gold Metal Rose

This one is for the beauty that likes the finer things in life. Can you think of better practical stuff to mark the incredible milestone? Let’s celebrate your five decades of wedded bliss with this carefully handcrafted gift. Show your golden girl how much you care with this engraved memento!

10. Luggage Tag

Luggage Tag - anniversary gifts for her

Here’s to many more beautiful memories. This surprise gift for a wife on an anniversary under $50 is guaranteed to exceed expectations. It’s such a unique and considerate present, so she doesn’t have a choice but to love it! Made from genuine leather, it will outlast all of her trinkets and keepsakes. We wish you all the happiness in the world!

11. Push Pin Map

Push Pin Map

Still searching for the perfect wife anniversary gifts? Worry not! We’ll find the right one for you. It might just be this push-pin map. We can confidently guess that you’ve never seen anything like it. With this map, she can track her past travels and plan your next adventure together. It’s a win-win situation for you!

12. Letters to the Love

Letters to the Love

Looking for unique one year gifts for her? Create a treasure trove of letters for her. All you have to do is fill in the blanks on eight situation-specific missives. After that, you will seal them in their corresponding envelopes and present the surprise in its keepsake box. She can even open and read the letters later in the future!

13. Our Love Story Wine Box

Our Love Story Wine Box

Shamelessly share your love story with the world this anniversary. This love story wine box is such a good gift for the anniversary. It’s a lovely custom wooden and mirror acrylic bottle box guaranteed to incite some pretty interesting conversations. Everyone seems to be raving about it in the review section!

14. Anniversary Card

4. Anniversary Card

Etsy’s special gift for wife never fails to impress. They’ve somehow managed to turn a simple card into something out of this world. No matter which anniversary you’re preparing for, this charming card will leave her in awe. It won’t hurt the pocket either. If that’s not reason enough, nothing is!

15. I Love You More I Love You Most Wall Art

I Love You More I Love You Most Wall Art

Lest we forget, who has been through it all with you? Who has stood with you through your most challenging times? Sometimes we all need reminding to keep us in check. Now that that’s sorted, here is nerdy stuff can buy for her. Guess what? It’s a couple gift, so you’ll get to enjoy it too!

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Final Thoughts!

Whether it’s a simple anniversary card or an expensive gold ring, our list is carefully curated to cater to everyone. Gift shopping is not an easy task. Yes, we understand – the struggle is real. But trust us, she’ll love and cherish any of these anniversary gifts for her!

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