30+ Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas for Friends

anniversary gifts for friends

Anniversaries are very special milestones. This means you have to ensure you celebrate the big day in style. It also means you should put more effort into finding well-thought-out gifts. Marriage anniversary gifts for friends ought to be thoughtful.

Finding awesome anniversary gift ideas for a friend can sometimes be challenging, especially if the couple are your best friends. Here’s a list of the coolest wedding anniversary theme gifts that can help you find the best one!

30+ Best Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Friends

1. Custom Star Map Framed Print

Custom Star Map Framed Print

Anniversaries are a sign that the stars align together to unite the couple forever. A star map shows just that and would be a perfect friend’s anniversary gift.

Furthermore, you can customize this lovely print with names and dates to make this present even more special.

2. Personalized Couple Name Pillow

A name pillow is a unique present for your best friend. This gift is some of the most thoughtful anniversary ideas.

How about printing your bestie’s pillow for her anniversary? To top it off, you can include their names and wedding date to make the gift more memorable.

3. Personalized Street Sign Canvas Print

personalized street sign canvas print

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Your friends took different paths, but they all led to the same place: a fork in the road.  When both of your roads came together, it formed a crossroads between two hearts.
You can give this good gift to a friend on the big day!

4. Heart-Shaped Custom Song Lyrics Blanket

Wondering what best friend’s anniversary gift ideas to work with? Surprise your life-long buddy with a warm and fuzzy blanket.

It’s not just any boring old blankie – you can personalize it with their favorite song, names, and wedding date. It’s a cute and creative way to say, ‘I love you.’

5. Champagne Flute

Champagne Flute

How about getting a custom toasting champagne flute as a wedding anniversary gift? These glasses are the most elegant marriage anniversary gift for friends who love entertaining guests. They also make a nice addition to any kitchen display.

You can personalize them further with names, dates, or a sweet message for your bestie!

6. Coffee Mug

coffee mug

At times it’s best to go for a bit of humor when looking for great anniversary gifts for couples. This cute mug is not like any other.

It comes with a cheesy message that’ll make your friend burst into laughter every time they enjoy their coffee. What better way to commemorate an anniversary?

7. One Year Anniversary Photo Collage Desktop Plaque

first anniversary gift for friends: One Year Anniversary Photo Collage Desktop Plaque

A photo collage is an excellent first-anniversary gift for friends and a sure way of brightening up their home. The collection of pictures will showcase the best memories and moments your buddy has had with their partner.

Besides, what other 1st anniversary gifts for friends are sweeter than this lovely first-year desktop plaque?

8. Cutting Board

Cutting boards make the perfect marriage anniversary gift ideas for friends who love cooking and throwing parties. You can have both their names carved out with a beautiful design for sentimental value.

Don’t be surprised if this board becomes the center of attention at all parties. It’s worth every penny!

9. Custom Map Canvas Print

Your friend has a simple love that is deep, strong, and unquestionable as an honest and happy pair. This charming sentiment is well captured in this Custom Map Canvas Print. It’s a sweet anniversary gift for couples who love the travel

10. Date Box Subscription

Date Box Subscription

If you’re in search of unique anniversary gift ideas for friends, look no further than this romantic one. It’s one of the best date night ideas.

Such gifts help couples keep the romance alive and renew the love they share. This is why a date box subscription is simply the best!

11. We Still Do Desktop Photo Plaque

We Still Do 5th Anniversary Desktop Photo Plaque

For your friend’s wedding anniversary, the “We Still Do” desktop photo plaque is a practical present.

The personalized gift is also appropriate for a wedding vow renewal, a milestone in a marriage, or anything else.

12. Gift Box

Gift Box

One of the most beautiful and exciting anniversary gifts is this all-in-one present. Gift boxes are unique because they often come with hidden surprises, creating an exciting mood for the person receiving them.

Soon enough, your buddy will want to get their own little indoor succulent garden!

13. Mr. And Mrs. Custom Couple Mug

Life’s significant anniversaries are worthy of commemoration. This thoughtful gift is a simple way to preserve memories for your BFF.
It’s a creative reminder of the truth in marriage, whether it’s their 10th, 15th, or 20th anniversary.

14. Photo Frames

People say a picture is worth a thousand words. Customizing a picture frame using a romantic photograph is an excellent idea.

You can also sweeten the gift by having the frame engraved with their names and some sentimental words. Picture frames are always a great option for best friend anniversary gifts!

15. Spiral Song Lyrics Vinyl Record Canvas Print

This spiral song lyrics is a thoughtful gift for a friend’s anniversary. It’s also a sweet anniversary gift for a couple who have everything.

If they love music, this will be a real hit. It’s best to use lyrics to a song that brings back beautiful memories of their romance!

16. Pebble Art

Looking for 40th-anniversary gift ideas for friends? If so, then pebble art is the answer you’ve been searching for. It’s a great gift for people who have spent decades in love with each other.

You can secretly hang this anniversary present in their living room area for the ultimate surprise!

17. Cheese Board

Cheese Board

Running out of gift ideas for a friend’s anniversary? A cheese board is what you need! It easily doubles as a wedding, bridal shower, engagement, or housewarming gift!

You can also personalize it with their initials and their important date to make it an extra special celebration!

18. Whiskey Stone Gift Set

Whiskey Stone Gift Set

In search of 25th wedding anniversary gift ideas for friends? Whiskey stone glasses are your best bet! The glasses come packed in an elegant wooden box, making it the perfect 25th-anniversary gift box set.

It also makes a great 50th wedding anniversary gift for your favorite older couple!

19. The Night Our Stars Aligned Canvas Print

Are you looking to get the ‘Best Friend Ever’ award this year? This star map is by far a one-of-a-kind anniversary party gift idea.

Just the thought of their facial reaction when they open the present is enough to warm anyone’s heart.

19. Ring Dish

Sometimes it’s best to break away from the boring anniversary gifts to send to a couple. Why not get creative and think outside the box for your BFF?

To achieve this, you can get a custom bobblehead for a friend’s anniversary special. We bet it will make them laugh so hard!

20. Personalized Photo Night Light

personalized photo night light

One of the best gifts for a friendship anniversary is a personalized photo night light. You can customize your favorite picture and have it printed on a night light for your favorite happy couple.

Every time they turn it on, the cute photo will bring up their favorite memories!

21. 3D Photo Crystal Rectangle

Marriage anniversary gifts need to be unique. That said, this personalized color photo is one of the best 30th-anniversary gift ideas for friends. It’s ideal for people who recently got married and those who’ve been together forever.

This cute crystal frame comes in a heart shape, so it’s perfect for decoration!

22. Bracelets

Matching bracelets are absolutely adorable! You can commemorate a 10-year friendship anniversary or even celebrate your best friend’s anniversary with these bracelets.

The bracelets will always remind you of each other whenever you wear them. What other presents can express your love for your friend better than these?

23. Soy Candle

Wall clocks are ideal for friends who are always late for meetings. This silent ticking one is especially great for 50th-anniversary gifts for friends. 

Since they love to sleep so much, the wall clock is probably best in their bedroom. That way, they won’t have an excuse for being late again!

24. Congratulations Gift Box

Congratulations Gift Box

Friend anniversary gift ideas are plenty, but none speak volumes like a congratulations gift box. Whatever gift you put inside is up to you.

However, something meaningful accompanied with chocolates or cupcakes always works wonders. Your thoughtful and satisfying gift will touch your friend’s heart!

25. Photo Engraved Necklace

anniversary gift for friends: Photo Engraved Necklace

Imagine having your loved ones’ photos close to your heart. It’s super special! Engraved necklaces are the world’s best friend anniversary gifts.

They make memorable anniversary gifts for friends that you have known forever. Just pick their favorite photo, and you have a charm necklace to warm anyone’s heart!

26. Karat Gold Dipped Natural Rose

best friend anniversary gift ideas: Karat Gold Dipped Natural Rose

Looking for a great friend’s anniversary gift for your buddy or favorite couple? Saying happy anniversary has never been easier than with this gold rose gift.

The 24-karat gold rose is a one-of-a-kind keepsake for friends who mean the world to you. It might even bring them to tears!

27. Happy Anniversary Double Heart Figurine Ornament 

Happy Anniversary Double Heart Figurine Ornament

Is your college bestie preparing for a celebration? You might want to go all out for the first-anniversary gift for your friend. After all, it’s an important one.

Buy them a figurine ornament customized with their anniversary date. The crystals and sparkles will make a lovely addition to their bedroom!

28. Double Heart Bracelet With Bead Chain 

Double Heart Bracelet With Bead Chain

Make your gal pal feel extra special when opening her wedding anniversary gift for friends. This elegant double heart bracelet will leave her with a warm feeling she will cherish forever.

You can make it even more special by having it engraved with their names and dates. She’ll love it!

29. Engraved Personalized Wooden Photo Frame 

Engraved Personalized Wooden Photo Frame

Wooden frames make perfect gift ideas for the 50th wedding anniversary for friends. It’s the most thoughtful gift for people who love taking pictures.

Use a photo of the happy couple and you have a beautiful decoration piece. It’s a funny anniversary gift for her, especially if she loves goofy presents!

30. Heart Shaped Custom Song Lyrics Desktop Plaque

One of the most fantastic friendship anniversary ideas is this sentimental desktop plaque. The song lyrics also make it a creative wedding anniversary gift for couples.

Your BFF can put it in their office as a constant reminder of your love for them!

31. Funny Card for Marriage Anniversary

funny card

Funny anniversary cards make a lovely gift option for special occasions, and this one is no different. A little inside joke and contemporary humor will surely brighten up your friends’ celebration.

If you’re on a budget, get one as a cheap wedding anniversary gift for friends who already have everything!

32. Where It All Began Map Wall Art  

where it all began canvas print

Finding interesting happy anniversary gift ideas can be confusing, especially for newbies. That said, how about a canvas print as an anniversary gift idea?

It’s ideal for friends who are lovebirds, and it shows their deep love for each other. Your BFF is sure to keep this sentimental present forever!

The heart-shaped wings of a guardian angel symbolize protection from all evil. The figurine’s beauty makes it a perfect gift for a wedding anniversary for friends. It showcases blessings for the newlyweds as they begin their new union. It can also serve as a 10-year friendship anniversary gift!

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