Modern and Traditional Anniversary Gifts by Year to Celebrate the Growing Eternal Love

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The most important ingredient in a marriage’s everlasting love is consistency, and giving gifts for anniversary is one of the most consistent ways couples show their regard for each other.

The best part about anniversary gifts is that they can be either modern or traditional. You will always have meaningful flowers, gemstones, colors, and materials to choose from to symbolize your love. However, we understand that deciding to give anniversary gifts by year is no small matter. 

Whether you choose a traditional or modern gifts, you will need to set a theme you can follow. Using both trends, we have prepared a year-by-year gift guide for you to follow to celebrate your ever-growing love with your partner.

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1st Anniversary

Traditional – Paper 

Paper symbolizes a fresh start, much like what a new marriage represents for newlyweds. You can choose 365 days of love notes, a custom couple illustration, or Photo Collage Canvas Print if you want to celebrate this milestone with traditional gifts. 

Modern – Clocks 

In more modern settings, clocks represent the timelessness of eternal love and the commitment to take on every challenge together. Consider buying a beautiful clock as the first wedding anniversary gift to reinforce the promise of forever.

Flower & Gemstone

Whether you choose modern or traditional, don’t forget to pair your gift with a bouquet of carnations. Follow a gold theme and add gold jewelry or pearl/Peridot based jewelry to 

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2nd Anniversary

Traditional – Cotton 

By the second year, your lives and habits will be interwoven, just like fine strands of cotton. Cotton bedding, blanket, handkerchief, or even a pillow will make for amazing traditional anniversary gifts for the occasion. 

Modern – China 

China has that beautiful delicacy that comes from its fragility, similar to a relatively new relationship. These mugs would be an excellent way to celebrate this sentiment for completing two years of marriage.

Spiral Song Lyrics Mug with Photo

Spiral Song Lyrics Mug with Photo

Flower & Gemstone

Lily of the Valley is the best flower to give with your second wedding anniversary gifts. You can also pair the gift with garnet or rose quartz jewelry to give to your spouse and arrange it in a red theme to show passion.

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3rd Anniversary

Traditional – Leather 

Leather is both durable, luxurious, and secure as your relationship once you complete three years of togetherness. It represents shelter and is a great gift to give to your spouse. You can give leather-based clothing, accessories (belts, jackets, etc.), or a leather map to make their day.  

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Modern – Crystal/Glass

In the modern context, three-year-old relationships are still fragile, much like crystal or glass, and need consistent care to fully bring out the true extent of their beauty and devotion. Therefore, a beautiful piece of engraved crystal or glass would be the perfect symbol for the point at which you stand in your journey and where you hope to go.

Flower & Gemstone

The third-year gifts go best with the bright disposition of sunflowers and the richness of Pearls. You can also replace Pearl with Jade, Moonstone, or crystal and opt for a white jade theme.

4th Anniversary

Traditional – Silk/Linen (UK); Fruit/Flowers (US)

The fourth year sees the relationship blossom into a mature bond which makes it the perfect occasion for choosing fruits, flowers, silk/linen bedding, or canvas prints to give as traditional anniversary gifts. 


Modern – Appliances 

With household chores beginning to take more of your time away from each other, giving appliances is a practical way of showing your spouse that you want to minimize the time they take up. Select from these electrical appliances and you’re good to go.  

iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum-Wi-Fi Connectivity

iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum-Wi-Fi Connectivity

Flower & Gemstone

Hydrangea is typically used for the fourth-anniversary gifts as well as blue topaz. Amethyst and Blue Zircon are also popular substitutes and look great with the blue and green theme.

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5th Anniversary

Traditional – Wood 

Completing five years together brings strength and durability, and establishes that your love has set its roots. Wood is the perfect symbol for this milestone and wooden baskets, wooden art-print, or even planting a tree is a great way to celebrate it. 

Modern – Silverware 

Modern expression focuses more on shared experiences, like sharing meals, making silverware a great gift for reaching the five-year mark in your relationship. You can give silverware for dining or a silver photo frame, depending on your preferences.

Flower & Gemstone

Daisy symbolizes the stability of this milestone and goes perfectly with the brilliance of Sapphire. You can also give turquoise or rose quartz instead and opt for similar color themes.

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6th Anniversary

Traditional – Candy (UK); Iron (US)

While candy commemorates the young and sweet spirit of dating, iron represents the solid foundation you both have built by now. You can celebrate completing six years together with desserts or by gifting iron homewares, like bookends, or metal art print. 

Iron Sharpens Iron Sign

Iron Sharpens Iron Sign - anniversary gifts by year

Modern – Wood 

A modern expression of love celebrates strength and stability this year through wood-based gifts like wooden theme home décor or personalized wooden kitchen board.

Flower & Gemstone

Calla lilies and Amethyst make the best flower and gemstone combination for the sixth anniversary. Turquoise and garnet are also good substitutes if you are sticking to the white and turquoise/purple theme.

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7th Anniversary

Traditional – Wool (UK); Copper (US)

The seventh year is all about warmth which is why wool, a heat insulator, and copper, a heat conductor, are the perfect traditional wedding anniversary gifts. Copper homewares, sculptures, and figurines are the ideal seventh anniversary gifts.

Modern – Desk Set

Modern love is practical and subtle in its expression. You can always get your spouse a desk set to offer them your love and support for their career.

Flower & Gemstone

The traditional flower and the anniversary gemstone for the year are freesia and Onyx, respectively. Follow an off-white or yellow theme, and you can replace the onyx with copper, yellow sapphire, and Lapis Lazuli if that suits you.

8th Anniversary

Traditional – Salt (UK); Pottery/Bronze (US)

Bronze has been a biblical symbol of strength and giving your spouse bronze-based gifts will represent the same sentiment for your relationship. Your gift can include bronze homewares, like bookends, door knockers, vases, mugs/goblets, or plates/bowls, etc. 

8th Anniversary Custom Mug

8th Anniversary Custom Mug

Modern – Linen/Lace

If you want to keep things more trendy, you can choose Linen/lace bedding and Tourmaline jewelry (necklace, bracelet, or ring) for your spouse. Both carry a message of refinement that is typical for marriages hitting the eight-year milestone.

Flower & Gemstone

Lilac and tourmaline paired with the gifts in a bronze theme are amazing for the occasion. 

9th Anniversary

Traditional – Copper (UK); Pottery/Willow (US)

Pottery or willow, like love, needs a strong base and careful crafting and shaping to take on a beautiful and durable form. Willow picnic basket, art print, pottery homewares are the perfect gifts to represent the stability of your marriage.  

Modern – Leather 

Modern expression uses the symbolic strength and safety of leather to mark the relationship’s progress by the time you complete the ninth year. Leather clothing and accessories are great modern gifts for the occasion.

Flower & Gemstone

Birds of paradise have the sweetest scent and are traditionally given for this anniversary along with Lapis Lazuli with a terracotta theme.

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10th Anniversary

Traditional – Tin (UK & US); Aluminum (US)

Tin and aluminum are popular for anti-rust qualities that make them the most accurate elements to represent a love that has persisted for a decade without wearing down. Tin or aluminum homewares (cookie containers, wall sconces, vases, goblets, plates/bowls, or candle holders) or Metal Date Dice are meaningful traditional gifts to celebrate this milestone.

10 Year Anniversary Metal Date Dice

10 Year Anniversary Metal Date Dice

Modern – Diamond Jewelry

Diamond has been a symbol of everlasting love in recent decades making diamond jewelry and diamond-inspired art prints the best wedding anniversary presents.

Flower & Gemstone

Pair your ten year anniversary gift with daffodils and diamonds and use a silver-and-blue theme to make the event memorable.

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11th Anniversary

Traditional – Steel 

Steel is one of the toughest metals and perfectly encapsulates the strength of your love and marriage after completing eleven years of togetherness. Steel accessories are great gifts to commemorate this moment.

Modern – Fashion Jewelry

You can also go modern and opt for accessories and fashionable jewelry to celebrate this anniversary. 

Flower & Gemstone

The brilliant Tulip and Turquoise form the best flower and gemstone combination for the occasion.

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12th Anniversary

Traditional – Home Décor (US); Linen/Silk (UK)

People traditionally prefer to change things up a little after a few years so the twelfth anniversary is the perfect time to offer a complete revamp of the house! You can even add some luxury items to make it extra special. Aside from the usual furniture and other revamp, you can also get canvas print to add a personal touch.

Modern – Pearls 

Pearls represent purity that results from years of refinement and a great modern expression of love for your spouse.

Flower & Gemstone

Pair your gift with peonies and consider giving jade jewelry to celebrate your twelfth anniversary.

13th Anniversary

Traditional – Lace 

By this point, your marriage will slowly move into a form of delicate elegance that is best encompassed through lace string art. It will capture the extent of your bond as a couple, including all the intricacies of the relationship.

String Art

String Art - anniversary gifts by year

Modern – Textiles or Faux Furs

Conversely, you can also choose to gift warmth and comfort in the form of a blanket with the lyrics to the song you love. It’s the most sentimental approach to telling someone how you feel about them.

Flower & Gemstone

Hollyhock and Citrine will work well with your gift for the year so make sure you include both and follow a white theme.

14th Anniversary

Traditional – Elephant or Ivory 

Gifting Ivory for completing fourteen years together comes from Hindu mythology and is a sweet tradition to uphold for the special occasion. You don’t even have to give actual ivory and can choose artificial alternatives like elephant-themed like this elephant family map canvas print

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Modern – Gold Jewelry

When you’re together, everything is golden! Give your spouse gold jewelry for your fourteenth anniversary. 

Flower & Gemstone

Orchid and Opals are the perfect flower and gemstone for the occasion but you can also use Kunzite, moss, Agate, and gold.

15th Anniversary

Traditional – Crystal 

Crystal is delicately beautiful, but also clear and strong, like your bond with your spouse. Crystal figurines and crystal art prints are the ideal gifts for this milestone anniversary.

Modern – Watches 

What started with a commitment through clocks has now proven the everlasting nature of your love and needs a marker. Watches will be a great celebration of acknowledging the journey so far and renewing your promise for the future.

Flower & Gemstone

The promise of everlasting love can only be expressed through the beautiful rose and the vibrant Ruby. Add those to your list of arrangements for the preparation.

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16th Anniversary

Traditional – Wax 

Like most loving relationships, wax is structured and contained outwardly but easily melts away when faced with warmth. Wax-inspired gifts are a sweet way to acknowledge this reality.

Modern – Silver Hollowware

Gifts that bring you two together are the best ones and silver hollowware will help you achieve just that.

Flower & Gemstone

While there are no flowers that are strictly associated with this year, you can give the Peridot gemstone to celebrate the moment.

17th Anniversary

Traditional & Modern – Furniture 

By this year of togetherness, it all comes down to creating comfortable ways of spending time together. You can gift each other a comfy new sofa or some great outdoor furniture to enjoy time peacefully in. 


Carnelian is the best gemstone to celebrate the 17th anniversary with. You can also replace it with Tourmaline and Amethyst.

18th Anniversary

Traditional & Modern

Porcelain is an elegant decoration but it also endures incredible levels of heat to be shaped into its final form. It will be a meaningful gift because it will represent everything your marriage and love have endured to be where it is.


Pair your porcelain gift with Cat Eye gemstone and present it with a blue theme to your significant other.

19th Anniversary

Traditional & Modern

Both tradition and modern gifting trends recognize bronze as the right representation of the strength and healing in your relationship. Bronze-inspired gifts will be the best way to express this sentiment.


Accentuate the bronze gift with some aquamarine jewelry. It will be an aesthetically pleasing combination.

20th Anniversary

Traditional – China 

Completing two decades together is a wonderful milestone that deserves to be celebrated with kitchenware or wall art that outlines the journey you two have made together. The delicacy and elegance represent your bond well.

20 Year Anniversary Custom Canvas Print

20 Year Anniversary Custom Canvas Print

Modern – Platinum 

Platinum is one of the most precious metals and its strength personifies the strength of your relationship. Platinum diamond champagne flutes will be a remarkable gift for the occasion.

Wedding Toasting Glasses

Wedding Toasting Glasses

Flower & Gemstone

Get a bouquet of Asters and some emerald-based gifts to give to your spouse to commemorate the milestone. 

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25th Anniversary

Traditional & Modern – Silver 

The 25th anniversary is popularly called the Silver Jubilee and is, hence, associated with the metal in both the traditional and modern context of gifting. You can either get your spouse engraved silver plates as a traditional anniversary gift or a personalized pillow as a modern gift. 


Pair your Silver Jubilee gifts with Irises to make them perfect.

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30th Anniversary

Traditional – Pearl 

Pearls represent the purity of your love that has overcome life challenges to become even more beautiful than ever before. To express how precious your spouse is to you, give them Pearl jewelry (necklace, bracelet, ring, or earrings) or pearl-inspired art prints.

Modern – Diamond 

Known for its amazing strength and unmatched beauty, diamond is the best modern expression of unwavering love that has led you two to complete thirty years together. 

Flower & Gemstone

Lilies are a symbol of purity, just like pearls and together, they are a dazzling gift for celebrating your love.

35th Anniversary

Traditional & Modern – Coral (UK & US); Jade (US)

Corals form patiently over several years, the same way as a relationship. Thirty-five years of love and friendship are worthy of celebration that involves coral-themed gifts like a seafood dinner or a visit to a nearby coral reef for just the two of you.

Additionally, you can also take a more eastern route and opt for Jade, which is valuable and symbolic in Chinese culture. The gemstone represents compassion, courage, and justice, and Jade based homewares are some of the most precious gifts available.

Flower & Gemstone

African violet will be the best flower to pair with your jade gifts. You can also add some emerald jewelry if you want to be even more generous.

40th Anniversary

Traditional &Modern – Ruby 

Like its deeply red color, Ruby represents passionate and eternal love which makes it the ultimate example of spending forty years in happily married bliss. Four decades of marriage deserve Ruby jewelry or wall art that can truly represent the unending love that has carried the two of you to this point.

Personalized Family Tree Canvas Print

Personalized Family Tree Canvas Print - anniversary gifts by year

Flower & Gemstone

Pair your Ruby gifts with Gladious and give them to your spouse to tell them how much you have enjoyed spending this time with them.

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45th Anniversary

Traditional & Modern – Sapphire 

Sapphire is the gemstone of wisdom, faithfulness, and sincerity, all traits that are fundamental aspects of a successful and happy marriage. Sapphire-inspired gifts, like this sundial, are gorgeous and make a sweet declaration of love after all these years of marriage.

Flower & Gemstone

Sapphire gifts go best with Blue Iris because the similar colors perfectly complement each other.

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50th Anniversary

Traditional & Modern – Gold 

Commemoration of 50 years of love is incomplete without the pomp of gold representing prosperity, wisdom, and strength. Whether it is actual gold or gold inspired, your gift theme for the long-awaited golden year should include at least a reference to the element the way it is done in this personalized canvas.

Flower & Gemstone

Add yellow roses and violets to your decoration and theme to make it even more luxurious than it already is and sweep your spouse’s feet off their ground!

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55th Anniversary

Traditional & Modern – Emerald 

Emeralds symbolize eternity and commitment which makes them perfect for celebrating the love that has persevered through all these years of challenges that life has thrown in its way. Find unique emerald-based gifts, like this pebble art picture, to give to your partner.

Once again, promise them the serenity of your everlasting love for them.

Emerald Wedding Anniversary Pebble Art Picture

Emerald Wedding Anniversary Pebble Art Picture

Flower & Gemstone

Calla Lily will be the perfect pair for emerald-based presents and will enhance the overall look. 

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60th Anniversary

Traditional & Modern – Diamond 

Irrespective of whether you want a traditional or a modern gift, a diamond is the only stone that can capture the beauty of this milestone. Your successful marriage has indestructible patience and enduring love, much like this priceless stone. 

Diamond jewelry is often the most obvious gift for the occasion as it can go on to become a family heirloom. You can also add a custom pillow to the mix, to add novelty to your gift.

Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary Custom Photo Pillow

Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary Custom Photo Pillow

Flower & Gemstone

The only flowers that can add to the beauty of the gift are white roses that capture both the purity and the endurance of your love.

Final Thoughts!

We hope you enjoyed going through our guide for anniversary gifts by year and found several ideas for each of your anniversaries. Don’t forget to pair your gift with a beautiful and detailed anniversary card that expresses your feelings to your spouse with whom you share this beautiful bond.


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