15 Wedding Anniversary Cards with the Most Loving Messages


Those happy anniversary gifts are awesome but are they enough to capture the significance of this day? Few things come close to being as exciting as your special day but your couple anniversary will always be an exception. It’s only right to make it as meaningful as possible.

Giving homemade or personalized happy anniversary cards will make your beautiful gift even better and add some extra sweetness to your expression of love. Here are a few anniversary card recommendations that convey tenderness, warmth, playfulness, and adoration.

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1. Customizable Anniversary Card

Customizable Anniversary Card

Your special bond with your husband can never really be expressed through a generic card so get yours customized. You can choose your preferred size and add a message that encapsulates the love between the two of you. 

2. Funny Card

anniversary cards for husband: Funny Card

A sentimental anniversary card is nice but that’s something most spouses expect. Go the extra mile and opt for a funny card that helps you express your love. You can buy this brilliant car for your wife to make her laugh and feel tenderness, both at the same time.

3. Love Heart Card

Love Heart Card: homemade anniversary cards

Your hearts are interconnected and happy anniversary cards featuring this reality are a sweet way of expressing that to your husband on your first wedding anniversary. It is simple and beautiful, and you can add a personalized message to make it even better.

4. Minimalistic Card

 Minimalistic Card

Minimal cards are not only beautiful but extremely meaningful. If you want a sweet surprise for your mom and dad on their wedding anniversary, pair this card with their anniversary gift and send it to them. They will love both gestures and it will add to the day’s happiness.

5. Simple Brush

crush card

There’s a quick anniversary idea for when you want to give the best anniversary card without going generic.  This printable card is simple, elegant, and easy to get, and makes a loving promise for your future together. 

It is the right choice for your husband who loves you unconditionally.

6. Cute Anniversary Card

Cute Anniversary Card

Anniversaries are those special days where you get to be cute, irrespective of the audience around you. This funny anniversary card is playful and will make her laugh out loud! And you know what they say… laughter is the best medicine

7. Couples Initials Anniversary Card

Couples Initials Anniversary Card: best anniversary cards

Choosing a simple card is a great idea if your spouse finds the minimal aesthetic more appealing. If your spouse loves simplicity, this customizable couple’s initial card will be the best way to accentuate the anniversary gift.

8. DIY Watercolor Card

DIY Watercolor Card: anniversay card

Nothing beats homemade gifts and cards are no different. Use this incredible DIY tutorial to use watercolors to make your anniversary card for your wife. The effort and time you put into making it will make it even more special and will melt her heart.

9. Romantic Card

Romantic Card

Showing appreciation for your partner goes a long way in keeping the love alive in a relationship and this romantic card manages to do it perfectly. It is sweet, memorable, and will become a loving keepsake.

10. Naughty Card

naughty card

Couples with perfect relationships know that the secret to long-term success is keeping the spark alive. If you two have a fun sense of humor, this is the best card to get for your husband. This suggestive card will definitely be his favorite.

11. Free Printable Love Card

free printable anniversary cards

Very few things in life are free and this love card is one of them. Featuring adorable illustrations, this custom printable free anniversary card will be the perfect add-on to your anniversary gift this year for your wife. 

It is a great last-minute option that is equally amazing in quality as the rest.

12. Handmade Love Card

handmade card: anniversary card ideas

Handmade cards always have extra love you pour into them by going the extra mile to create them. Your spouse will be incredibly touched by the gesture and treasure it for years to come. It’s a true representation of forever.

13. Pop-Up Card

It is always fun to do something novel for your anniversary, so why not choose from unique happy anniversary card ideas? This pop-up card is an incredible option. It is delicately designed and can easily become a part of home décor. 

It is the ideal card for your wife and will be a favorite of hers out of all she has received thus far.

14. Papercut Name Card

happy anniversary card: Papercut Name Card

Marriage is delicate and beautiful, just like this beautiful papercut name card that you can personalize for your husband. It is a beautiful anniversary gift, especially if the two of you are celebrating one of your initial years of marital bliss. 

15. Printable Customize Date Anniversary Card

Printable Customize Date Anniversary Card

The best part about printable anniversary cards is that they are extremely simple, and yet communicate the love you feel for your spouse perfectly. This card is no exception and will be a meaningful promise of everlasting love between you and your partner.


We hope you enjoyed our anniversary card recommendations and found some great options to give to your spouse on your special day. If you are also looking for recommendations for anniversary gifts, do check out our other blogs.

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