The Best 9th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him and Her


Searching for the perfect 9th anniversary gift for a married couple? We have curated a list of special gifts to celebrate an amazing nine years of marriage. When buying anniversary gifts by year, your 9th wedding anniversary gifts are a little less common and more unique than other normal milestone anniversaries, such as the decade anniversaries.

Gifts of natural elements abound, and include willow and leather. Whether searching for modern or traditional anniversary gifts for the happy couple, you are sure to find the perfect 9th anniversary gift from our selection of best gift ideas for him or her. 

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What Is The Symbol for the 9th Wedding Anniversary?

The traditional gifts for the 9th wedding anniversary are pottery and willow. Just as with your marriage, pottery is a piece of clay that with love and some TLC is turned into a beautiful work of art. The strong and durable characteristics of willow are symbolic of a strong and loving union. The modern gift of leather also represents the durable nature of one’s relationship over the last nine years. 

9th Anniversary Gifts for Him 

The rustic nature of the modern gift of leather lends itself well to 9th anniversary gifts for him. From special, personalized gifts he will adore to pottery gifts that he will truly love, you are sure to find the perfect something on this list of gift ideas for guys. 

9 Years Anniversary Custom Canvas Print

9 Years Anniversary Custom Canvas Print

Nine years is a long time but when it comes to marriage, nine years together is just the tip of the iceberg as you look forward to forever together. But that doesn’t mean your 9th anniversary isn’t a cause for celebration.

In fact, you should celebrate every anniversary with the same enthusiasm as your first one. Our 9th Anniversary Custom Canvas Print can help you make your partner feel special. 

Photo Collage Custom Canvas Print

 Photo Collage Custom Canvas Print

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Commemorate this special milestone with this personalized 9th wedding anniversary gift. While you won’t be able to fit every picture on this canvas that you’ve taken over the past nine years, you can pick and choose your favorites. From weddings to kids, a lot has happened in nine years together.  

Leather Watch

9th anniversary gifts for him: Leather Watch

Go all out for the leather anniversary with this stunning leather watch. Show him how much you care with a watch that even Captain American approves of. A high quality watch that will never go out of style that he’ll want to brag to all of his friends about. 


gift for 9 year anniversary: Cufflink

Leather cufflinks are a great way to show your love and devotion on the nine year anniversary. A beautiful way to showcase the modern gift of leather in a formal and timeless way. The perfect gift for a guy who spends most of his days in a suit and tie. 

Wallet Insert Card

Wallet Insert Card

Wallet insert cards are a great way for him to keep a reminder with him always that he is the love of your life.

While many wallet cards are made of metal, this one is made from a durable piece of leather. A cute way to symbolize the 9th anniversary. 

Leather Bracelet

9th year anniversary gift: Leather Bracelet

Whether it’s the place you met, where your home is located, or where you got married, this bracelet will hold special meaning to him.

The modern gift of leather is represented in this 9th year anniversary gift. A fashionable gift that will go with any guy’s style. 

Custom Photo & Spiral Song Lyrics Canvas Print

Custom Photo & Spiral Song Lyrics Canvas Print

For the romantic guy, he’s sure to love this spiral song lyric canvas print. Include your favorite couple’s song and a favorite picture from your wedding day for a truly personalized ninth wedding anniversary gift. A beautiful way to show him that you are still madly in love with him. 

Custom Photo Mug

Custom Photo Mug

While you shouldn’t have to remind him everyday, be sure that he knows that you still think he is the best husband around.

This funny, custom mug makes a great ninth anniversary gift for your husband of 9 years. A friendly reminder of how much he means to you. 

Desktop Plaque

9th anniversary gift for him: Desktop Plaque

While this photo plaque isn’t made of leather or clay, it is a beautiful, sentimental gift he is sure to love. Celebrate 9 years of marriage with this personalized gift idea. Say happy anniversary to your man with this custom gift. 

Handmade Ceramic Tumble

Handmade Ceramic Tumble

Searching for a unique pottery gift for man? This set of ceramic tumblers makes a lovely gift for a guy who can appreciate handmade art.

While this set is labeled as whiskey tumblers, you can use these for a variety of drinks both hot and cold.   

Pebble Art Picture

Pebble Art Picture

One of the themes of both the traditional and modern gifts for the 9th anniversary are natural elements. This pebble art picture has a heart within the image made from clay to represent the pottery anniversary gift. An adorable way to showcase your love for one another.

9th Anniversary Gifts for Her

There are some truly stunning gift ideas that she is sure to love with these 9th anniversary gifts for her. From accessories made from natural materials to funny mugs that she’ll get a kick out of, you’re sure to find something on our list of gift ideas that she’ll adore. 

Personalized Star Map Wall Art Print

Personalized-Star-Map-Wall Print

While he might not remember the night sky when you first met, he is sure to remember the stars in your eyes. This personalized star map makes the perfect gift for a romantic guy on his 9 year anniversary. He’ll be able to look back on that magical night anytime.

Hello -Will you canvas

9 years of marriage: hello will you canvas

Never forget the three most important dates of your relationship together, when you met, got engaged, and got married. Immortalize those special places in time with this custom canvas print. Each canvas showcases a heart shaped map with an accompanying date. A lovely, sentimental gift she’ll love.

Porcelain Decorative Plate

ninth wedding anniversary: Porcelain Decorative Plate

Decorative plates make a great gift for any anniversary. This meaningful plate represents the traditional 9 year anniversary gift of pottery. With over 70,000 hours of love between the two of you, she will adore this simple yet sentimental gift. 

Willow Picnic Basket

9 year wedding anniversary gift: Willow picnic Basket

Finding gifts with the traditional material of willow can be a bit difficult. This beautiful picnic basket is made from willow and leather, making it a perfect gift to represent 9 years of marriage together. The top of the basket can be personalized with your initials for a unique gift. 

White Porcelain Charm Necklace

White Porcelain Charm Necklace

A unique way to give the gift of pottery is to find one of a kind porcelain jewelry. This necklace and earrings set is exquisitely handcrafted in the Netherlands. She will know that you have put some thought into this gift for 9 year anniversary. 

Custom Star Map Pillow

Custom Star Map Pillow

Does she remember the night you got married like it was yesterday? She will simply adore this custom star pillow from the night of your wedding. While this print is available on a canvas as well, she’ll be able to snuggle up to this pillow and think of you. 

Canvas With Willow


This lovely custom print includes a beautiful poem about the dance of marriage. Much like the mighty willow tree, it may sway, but will never break. A beautiful sentiment to your strong and everlasting marriage. A unique take on the willow gift ideas. 

9th Year Wedding Anniversary Card

9th Year Wedding Anniversary Card

While it might seem like the two of you have been together forever, it’s only just the beginning of your amazing love story. Be sure to get a funny card for wife for the 9 years anniversary that she will crack up over. 

Funny Mug

Funny Mug

Show your love on the ninth anniversary with this funny mug. A silly way to say that you would do anything for your wife, well just about anything. She is sure to get a crack out of this hilarious mug when she drinks her coffee every morning. 

Engraved Leather Tray

Engraved Leather Tray

Every woman can use a catch all tray. Why not get her a useful and practical gift for her as a 9th anniversary gift? This leather tray symbolizes the modern gift for leather front and center. This gift will make a great addition to her vanity or armour. 

Willow Charm Earrings

willow anniversary gift: Willow Charm Earrings

The wonderful thing about anniversary gifts is that they can be both figurative and literal. For the symbol of willow gift, these willow charm earrings will make a great addition to any wardrobe. A simple and beautiful piece of jewelry she can wear daily with any outfit.  

Ceramic Stud Earrings

pottery anniversary gift: Ceramic Stud Earrings

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to ceramic jewelry. For the 9th anniversary, choose something that she will love and can wear daily. These geometric earrings are the perfect little size and affordable to boot. A budget friendly idea for the traditional gift of pottery. 

Clutch Bag

Clutch Bag

This cute little clutch is large enough to hold all of her essentials but small enough to carry around without feeling weighed down. Made from rattan, it imitates the real look and feel of willow. A fun gift any bag lover will be surprised by. 

Personalize Ring Holder

Personalize Ring Holder

Even though she has been your bride for the last nine years, make her feel like she did on that special day with this ceramic ring holder. A cute pottery anniversary gift idea that will look great in her dressing room. Personalize with her initials and your wedding date. 

Custom Pottery Wine Cup 

ninth anniversary gift: Custom Pottery Wine Cup

While she might have a few wine glasses, you can bet that she doesn’t have a custom pottery wine cup. A fun way to give a pottery gift to your wife. For her, you can never have too many wine glasses, but this one is sure to become her favorite. 

It is our hope that with our curated list of 9th anniversary gifts for him and her that you find the ideal gift for any happy couple or your spouse. 

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