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Surprise your loved one with these gorgeous 6 year anniversary gifts. Making it past half a decade is no small endeavor. While it might be hard to beat the big milestone of five years together with a stunning keepsake, you’re sure to find the perfect gift with our gift-giving guide for the wood anniversary. From one of a kind wooden gifts to fun and modern gift ideas, your spouse is sure to love anything on this list. While we have included many traditional gift ideas, there is no shortage of fun and interesting ideas for him, her, and them.  

What is the Six-Year Anniversary Gift? 

Both the traditional and modern gift ideas for the sixth wedding anniversary are made of natural elements from the earth and symbolize the strength the two of you share. The traditional gift of iron represents the strong, loving bond between the two of you. The modern gift of wood symbolizes the resiliency in your marriage. 

While there are many great gift ideas that take these materials literally, there are also many ways to creatively use these materials as milestone symbols. Iron and wood are great starting points for the 6th anniversary. Other gift ideas can incorporate the amethyst or turquoise as gemstones, the colors purple, turquoise, and white and the calla lily flower. 

6 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him 

Black and White Song Lyrics on Photo Canvas Print – Vertical

You can never go wrong with an artistic art print. While there isn’t any actual iron present in this gift, the black and white color combination give it the illusion of looking like iron. Include your favorite image of the two of you from your wedding along with song lyrics overlaid on the top for a one-of-a-kind gift.  

1st Dance on Iron

This iron gift uses the material in a more literal sense. Capture your wedding song, that you first shared a dance as husband and wife, in this metal print. The song lyrics are printed on an iron alloy aluminum, making it a stunning piece that is also easy to hang. A perfect keepsake to help memorialize your first dance.  

Vinyl Record Spiral Song Lyrics Canvas Print

While this custom canvas print does not include the iron, it is hung on a wooden frame. This is the perfect sixth wedding anniversary gift for a guy who loves the nostalgia of listening to records. While he won’t actually be able to play the record, it will bring back memories of his first dance with you as his wife.  

6 Year Collage

6 years is equal to 2191 days, but who’s counting? You are, of course. Show him how much all of those precious seconds mean to him with this 6 year anniversary print. Include all of your favorite pictures of the two of you from the past 6 years into this custom collage for a beautiful and sentimental gift. 

Personalized Star Map Wall Art Print – Star Map Gift

You were a match made in heaven from the very beginning. Your love was written in the stars. This beautiful, celestial print will take him back to the night that you first met every time he looks at it. Bring back the pure romance of that night with this personalized star map art print. 

Surprise Box

If your guy loves surprises, then he’s going to love this surprise box. It’s a fun way to showcase those special moments you have shared together over the last 6 years. From your wedding, to vacations, and even kids (or furbabies), your man is sure to adore this special gift. Don’t forget to add some candy for a sweet surprise. 

Custom Pillow

If you like the idea of consistently reminding him how long you have been together, the days, minutes, and seconds, then you’re going to want to get him this pillow. This pillow will make a lovely piece of decor in his home office and will remind him of how lucky he is to spend every waking second with you. 

Personalized Anniversary Pushpin World Map

If travel is one of the things that brought you together, he’ll love this push pin map. From Toledo to Taiwan, you can plan out your adventures for the next couple decades together with this world map. You can even add a special note and make it a goal to add a new pin every year on your anniversary. 

Level 6 Complete T-shirt

Any gamer will appreciate this “level 6 complete” t-shirt. Just like with his video games, he won a trophy when he married you. The only thing that would make him happier is to get a matching one for you so you can display your leveling up together in true nerd fashion.  

Year Custom Anniversary Mug

A lot can happen between the time you got married and your sixth wedding anniversary. You might have moved, had a couple kids, adopted some pets. Commemorate those special milestones with this personalized mug. Add your names, kids names, and even pets names for a truly one of a kind gift idea for your husband. 

Newspaper Poster

This nostalgic print made to look like a personalized newspaper will make a memorable gift for him for the 6th anniversary. The print includes historical prices, sports champions, inventions, box office hits, and other fun facts from the time you were married. With its rustic look, it would make a great addition to any man cave. 

Custom Collage Photo Canvas 

Commemorate your six years together as husband and wife with this custom canvas print. A lovely gift to give your guy that he won’t be able to take his eyes off of. Include your favorite pictures from the past six years and the milestones you have experienced together for a truly special gift. 

Personalised Photo Printed Basswood

Highlight those special little moments that you have shared together with this beautiful photo print. What makes this photo unique is that it is directly printed on basswood. Add your names, wedding date, and special message for a unique gift he’s sure to appreciate. 

6 Year Wedding Anniversary Canvas Print

This is a unique canvas print is unlike many others that you have seen. Instead of pictures, this print contains meaningful words, such as eternity, love, kisses, and joy. Then smack dab in the middle you can customize it with your names and wedding anniversary date. A beautiful and minimalist style gift he is sure to adore. 

Hello – Will You – I Do – Standard Style – Map Canvas Print, Anniversary Gift

6 years ago, two hearts became one. Celebrate the joining of your hearts with this custom canvas “hello, will you, and I do,” print. Each heart includes a location of where the event took place and coordinating date. A lovely gift to commemorate each occasion. 


Beeropoly makes a great game. Not to mention, it’s wood, so that makes it a suitable gift eat game for a husband who loves beer. A great board game to play when his buddies stop over for a few suds or at family gatherings. You are sure to be praised as wife of the year when he opens this cool beer.

Personalized Wood Money Clip

You’re guy will fall in love with the quality of these wooden money clips. You can engrave a special saying, your names and wedding anniversary, or his monogrammed initials for a truly one of a kind gift idea. Choose from five different types of unique wood grains. He’ll only wish he had more money to clip in there. 

Iron Wood Ring

Ace the gifts for the iron wedding anniversary with this iron and wood ring. With its natural elements, this ring is truly a piece of art and no two are the same, just like him. This would make a great gift if he needs an upgrade to his original wedding ring or appreciates fine jewelry. 

Personalized Wooden Watch

Add to your husband’s growing collection of watches with this personalized wooden watch. He’ll realize that every minute he spends apart from you how much he loves you every time he looks at this watch. He’ll be showing off this watch to all his buddies, with its avant-garde design and high quality wood and leather materials. 

Amethyst Cufflinks

Amethyst is one of the gemstones of the 6 year anniversary. While he might not appreciate some raw amethyst crystals, he can surely appreciate these amethyst cufflinks. These handmade cufflinks are made from the durable ebony wood with crumbs of amethyst inlay. Plus, they glow in the dark, which makes them truly unique. 

6 Year Anniversary Gifts for Her

Custom Tray with Your Wording

Every woman can use a catch all tray. Why not get her one that reminds her of how special your relationship is every time she looks at it? Made from a metal tray with a cotton inlay, you can have any special message printed on the inside. A beautiful way to symbolize the iron wedding anniversary. 

Family Wedding Tree Countdown

You don’t have to count the seconds you’ve been together with this gift idea. This beautiful family tree is printed on a sheet of metal with two adorable, kissing love birds. A meaningful, keepsake gift, it’s sure to bring a smile to her face when she opens it. 

Everlasting Rose

This is a unique gift for the iron wedding anniversary that she will appreciate. Made from forged steel, these roses are sure to last a lifetime. Each rose is meticulously handcrafted by a trained blacksmith using both modern and traditional techniques. A one of a kind gift she will love to display. 

Engraved Cast Iron Skillet

While she won’t be cooking with this skillet, it certainly makes a lovely gift for a wife who enjoys spending her time in the kitchen. A beautiful keepsake gift that is both thoughtful and symbolic. This iron skillet is a meaningful way to bridge the past and the present. 

Iron Necklace

Iron is often not thought of as a beautiful metal. This gift proves that it can be. Each one of these necklaces is hand forged and makes a beautiful statement piece. Great for layering or wearing all on their own. Remind her that your marriage is as strong as iron with this beautiful necklace set. 

Where It All Began Map Wall Art Retro Style Custom Canvas Print

Whether you’re referring to where you got married or where you first met, remind her where it all began with this lovely custom print. This retro map is a fun way to showcase how far back your love goes. A thoughtful way to celebrate the 6th anniversary with each other. 

Anniversary Card

It’s always a good idea to include an anniversary card with your gift. This way you can look back every year on the cards that you gave one another and the sweet messages within. This card includes an image of a cast iron skillet on the front to symbolize the iron wedding anniversary. A cute take on the traditional gift.  

Personalised Love Heart T Light

This gift is on fire! A beautiful statement piece, you can’t get more iron than this. Each piece is hand forged just off the coast of England by a master blacksmith. Each piece is unique with a rustic look. Your wife is sure to appreciate the work that went into making this gift and the thought you put into it. 

Cutting Board

Cutting boards make a great gift for any anniversary. This one in particular can be made from walnut wood which carries especially unique characteristics. Much like your love for one another, it’s strong and can withstand the test of time. She’ll love being able to display this cutting board in her kitchen next to other amazing things you’ve gotten her.  

6th Anniversary Gift Custom Mug

If you’re searching for a great gift for a couple that is celebrating their 6 year anniversary, then look no further. This coffee mug set is perfect for the couple who enjoys spending their mornings together drinking coffee. It’s a cute and funny way to show them that you appreciate their love for one another and hope it never dies. 

Sixth Anniversary Date Night Decider Dice 

The longer you are married, the more important date nights become. Be a little spontaneous with these date night dice. With the potential for 36 different date night options, you will never get bored of each other. Made from metal, they make a great gift for the iron wedding anniversary. 

Personalized Wooden Box

This personalized wooden box makes a great gift to store those keepsakes. From collecting anniversary cards to ticket stubs, you should make sure she has somewhere to put those special items. You can customize both the inside and the outside of the box for a truly one of a kind gift for her. 

Family Name Sign Wood

Whether you’ve had a couple kids over the last six years or adopted a few furbabies, this family name wood sign is a great way to celebrate the sixth wedding anniversary. A simple and rustic gift, it will match with just about any decor. The best part about this gift? You can keep adding to it as your family grows. 

Wood Mixing Spoon

If your wife loves to spend her time in the kitchen, she is sure to love any kitchen related gift. Perhaps get her a set of a wooden spoon and an iron skillet to symbolize both the modern and traditional gifts for the 6th anniversary. Either way, show her that you know the two of you are the perfect mix. 

Iron Skillet Oven

Rather than getting her an iron skillet that she can only use for display, opt for one that she can make tasty meals in. Whether she’s baking a big chocolate chip cookie or whipping up some fried wontons, this cast iron skillet will quickly become her favorite kitchen accessory. And just like your marriage, cast irons take extra care. 

Soundwave Art

Get her a beautiful masterpiece and incorporate the colors of amethyst or turquoise with this soundwave wall art. This is a unique way to showcase your wedding song that she will get lost in. A great gift for a wife who loves to sing and listen to music. 

Mini Amethyst Earrings

Of course she deserves nothing but the best. So for her, only these authentic mini amethyst earrings will do. Shaped like a blossom and surrounded in 14k gold with a halo of sparkling diamonds, these earrings are simply stunning. A beautiful, minimalist style that she can wear every day. 

Amethyst Statement Ring

If your wife feels that bigger is better when it comes to jewelry, then she will certainly appreciate this oval amethyst statement ring. Set in 14k rose gold and accented with round pave diamonds, this ring is certainly stunning. All of her friends will be jealous of the new rock on her finger. 

Wedding Photo Collage 

6 years has totaled 2,190 days of pure bliss. Be sure to celebrate each of these days with this personalized canvas print. You’ll be able to include twenty or more of your favorite pictures of the two of you for a truly special gift. She will feel sentimental each time she looks at this print.

Iron Bowl Set

While you might not think of iron as a material to use for bowls, these iron bowls are truly unique. Specially hand forged for the iron wedding anniversary, your wife will love these. Not only are they a stunning work of art, they are funcional. A creative way to announce it’s time for dinner, tap the rim like a bell. 

Final Thoughts!

No matter which 6 year anniversary gift you ultimately choose, don’t forget to include an anniversary card. Giving a card in addition to a gift is a great way to build up some additional keepsakes in a time capsule to look back on together for each anniversary. You can include a sentimental saying, some words of wisdom for one another, or a note about the happenings in your life in the past year. 


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