Top 55th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For The One You Love (2022)

55th wedding anniversary gifts

Fifty five years of marriage is worth celebrating! It is an incredible accomplishment – if you’re looking for the top 55th wedding anniversary gifts, you’ve come to the right place. The traditional and modern 55th anniversary gift is Emerald, known as the Emerald anniversary. Just like emeralds, 55 years is rare and special.

Emeralds are a symbol of true love. The green color is linked with creativity and spring. Emeralds are also thought to offer the wearer new chances. However, they are not the only gift options. You can choose other gifts that incorporate the symbol of the anniversary year.

We’ve curated for you the best 55th anniversary gifts of all time that follow the traditional theme as well as include other picks.

1. Raw Emerald Cufflink

Raw Emerald Cufflink

Cufflinks are one of the best gifts for a man. They are practical and add to their already existing collection. They will add oomph to all his shirts and suits. Keeping the theme in mind, this emerald anniversary gift is the perfect gift for your man.

2. Green Emerald Necklace

55th wedding anniversary gifts

This raw green emerald necklace symbolizes the 55th emerald wedding anniversary and will be a great gift for your wife. The handmade pendant is the stone of the heart, and it represents mercy, love, and compassion. It will leave your wife surprised and happy.

3. Women’s Dark Green Scarf

55th wedding anniversary gifts

This dark greens scarf is made of a super soft and cozy fabric that will keep the love of your life warm and comfortable throughout. Its classic and stylish design will make it great to layer on any outfit. A must-have for the winter season.

4. Square Map Canvas Print

55th wedding anniversary gifts

This unique and heartfelt square map canvas print is one of the top anniversary gifts for parents. Gift this to them as a reminder of their love. It will be a great wall decor and keepsake and remind them of you every time they look at it.

5. I Love Every Moment We Are Together Custom Desktop Plaque

55th wedding anniversary gifts

The best way to remind your lover each day of how much time you’ve spent with each other is by getting them this customized desktop plaque that will be a constant display reminding them of how much your partner means to you. He can put it on his side table or workstation.

6. Adventuring Together Since Custom Photo Collage Mug

55th wedding anniversary gifts

Fifty five years of marriage calls for countless adventures with your partner – this adventuring together since customized photo collage mug is a great gift to help relive all the beautiful memories that you both have made. Not only is that great memory, but a practical gift that can be used daily.

7. Wine Glasses Set 

55th wedding anniversary gifts

There’s no party without a matching set of wine glasses – these emerald green wine glasses are beautiful yet practical and will be best for all your date nights. These are timeless, elegant and will be a great addition to your existing wine glass collection. They are ideal for home and commercial use.

8. Oval Emerald Ring

55th wedding anniversary gifts

A woman can never have too many rings, and would you look at that color! A great 55th anniversary gift will be this oval emerald ring. It is beautiful, elegant, and has the right amount of sparkle needed to stand out. Make your woman the happiest!

9. Once Upon a Time Story Custom Canvas

55th wedding anniversary gifts

Where did 55 years go? It does seem like once upon a time. This canvas art piece is a great way to celebrate your love story that has lasted all this while. You can customize it as per your liking and make it as special as possible.

10. A Day To Celebrate Love Custom Photo Desktop Plaque

A Day To Celebrate Love Custom Photo Desktop Plaque

Wish your better half a happy 55th anniversary with this custom photo desktop plaque. It is a great way to show them how much you care about them. Add in your most favorite picture that best expresses your relationship. A great keepsake!

11. Men’s Genuine Leather Bifold Wallet

Men's Genuine Leather Bifold Wallet

A genuine leather wallet is a great gift for your man. It will last him many years. This beautiful emerald color will take his breath away and will soon become his favorite. It is a staple gift that is practical and stylish.

12. Emerald Green Ceramic Planter

12. Emerald Green Ceramic Planter

If your lady is the most dedicated plant lover you’ve ever seen, it’s time to get her a gift that will make her happy to the core. This ceramic planter is a great gift for your emerald wedding anniversary and will soon become her favorite.

13. If I Know What Love Is, It Is Because Of You – Collage Canvas Print

If I Know What Love Is, It Is Because Of You - Collage Canvas Print

In fifty five years, you both have loved and supported each other to the core, and now is your time to put it out for display with the help of this lovely ‘if I know love, it is because of you’ collage. Personalize it to your liking and gift away.

14. 55th Wedding Anniversary Plate

55th Wedding Anniversary Plate

This 55th wedding anniversary hand-painted plate is very special. It will be signed by friends and family and will be a great keepsake that will last years to come. You can put it out for display and always be reminded of how much all love you.

15. Personalized Emerald Anniversary Button Art

Personalized Emerald Anniversary Button Art

Talk about being unique! This personalized emerald anniversary button art is a great way to express your love for your favorite couple. It is made using beautiful buttons and embellishments in pearl tones and a mix of greens. This art piece is an absolute stunner.

16. Flannel Velvet Plush Throw Blanket

Flannel Velvet Plush Throw Blanket

This flannel velvet plush throw blanket is a great anniversary gift for your beloved couple. The flannel fabric is made out of 100 percent microfiber polyester and is brushed to create softness. It is a versatile throw that can be used as a blanket or for your sofas.

17. 55th Anniversary Ornament

55th Anniversary Ornament

This 55th wedding anniversary ornament is a stunning anniversary tree created using emerald-colored genuine crystal, gold-tone wire, and a generously sized glass ball. This sign is handcrafted from acrylic and curved to fit the ornament. A unique gift indeed that will make the occasion memorable.

18. “When the Adventure Began” Personalized Photo Canvas Print

"When the Adventure Began" Personalized Photo Canvas Print

Take your beloved on a trip down memory lane. This ‘when the adventure began’ personalized photo canvas print is a great gift to celebrate all the amazing years you both have spent together. Choose the best photos to display your everlasting love for your lovely lady.

19. Emerald Candle

19. Emerald Candle

Let this beautiful emerald candle fill up your home with love, peace, and balance. It will improve your home and friendships. It comes in three different scents – melon, agave, and aloe. In this 55th year, light up this candle and fill your home with love.

20. “And So Together They Built a Life They Loved” Canvas Sign

20. "And So Together They Built a Life They Loved" Canvas Sign

And so together, they built a life they loved! How true is that for this beautiful celebration? This canvas sign is a heartfelt display for your home that will do justice to the occasion. You can customize it to your liking and make it even more special.

21. Emerald Anniversary Sundial

Emerald Anniversary Sundial

This emerald sundial is one of the best 55th wedding anniversary gifts for parents. This sundial will combine simplicity, elegance, and durability to make a wonderful present for your parents. One that they will appreciate for years to come. This gift will stand the test of time.

22. Personalized Couple Established Pillow

1. Personalized Couple Established Pillow

This personalized couple-established pillow is a creative and unique gift that will be a cute gift to give your lovely lady. It will remind her of when you both started dating and bring back all the beautiful memories. A great addition to the bedroom.

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