50+ 50th Anniversary Gifts To Commemorate the Golden Anniversary (2022)

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For many couples, it can be hard to imagine 50 years of marriage. Still, time flies by and one day you realize you have forged a strong and lasting bond with your partner. If you, your parents, or someone close to you is about to celebrate their golden anniversary, you likely want to find the perfect gift to commemorate the milestone. This is a special occasion, so you want to be sure you put care and thought behind what 50th anniversary gifts for spouses you consider. Take a look at these options and find a sentimental and sweet gift.  

What Is The 50th Anniversary Called?

One of the best ways to approach finding a unique gift for fifty years of marriage is by using the classic theme of the milestone. Called the golden wedding anniversary, gold is meant to symbolize the absolute strength, value, and beauty of the marriage. Time has tested the bond and it has come out stronger. The tradition of giving gold for a 50th anniversary can be traced back to pagan rituals from Northern Europe, where a husband would gift his wife a piece of gold jewelry in order to best commemorate this special event. 

What Do You Give For A 50th Wedding Anniversary?

Since gold is the classic theme for this anniversary, you will find it best to search for presents that contain or at least feature gold in some capacity. This timeless and classic metal can represent everything from courage to wisdom, meaning you can come up with some clever or creative ways to incorporate gold into your present in some capacity. While you don’t absolutely have to use gold, you will find this is the perfect reason to go all out on a lavish gift. Use this guide to inspire you and find a present that is beautiful and meaningful. 

50th Anniversary Gifts for Wife

If you’re in search of the perfect anniversary present for your bride, you may want to go above and beyond to show her the appreciation she deserves. After so many years together, however, you may feel like you don’t want to get any old thing. Consider these options to find a gift she’s sure to adore. 

Custom Canvas Print

50th Anniversary Custom Canvas Print

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After spending 50 years with your significant other, you likely feel pretty proud of all you’ve built together. As a way of commemorating this, you may wish to consider a present that captures this feeling in a perfect way. This personalized canvas print will make a gorgeous addition to any room in your home. 

It All Began 50 Years Ago Custom Blanket

it All Began 50 Years Ago Custom Blanket - 50th anniversary gifts

Celebrate a 50th Wedding Anniversary with the gift of a beautiful blanket. It’s a practical present that remind your wife of how much you care about her. Let her know that you are still love her so much after all these years.

Golden Ring with Diamond

Diamonds Cluster Ring - 50th anniversary gifts

Few gifts are as symbolic as the strength and everlasting love of a marriage than a ring. This beautiful ring features 14K solid gold and a clusters of diamonds, harkening back to a classic and timeless style. If you want to show your wife how much she means, this is a fantastic present to gift her.

Gold Vase Set

Gold Vase Set - 50th anniversary gifts

The golden wedding anniversary is associated with the violet and yellow rose. So help your wife to pair it with these beautiful golden vase. It’s stylish and perfect for a beautiful floral arrangement on your 50 year anniversary

Minimalist Gold Earrings

 Earrings- 50th anniversary gifts

There are many different ways to gift your wife earrings for an important anniversary like your fiftieth. Though you might have given her jewelry in the past, you can be sure that a these earrings will make a unique impact. Show her exactly how much you care with earrings that exudes an effortless sense of sophistication. 

50 Years Together Photo Canvas Print

50 Years Together Photo Canvas Print - 50th anniversary gifts

The longer you live with a person, the stronger the bond between the two of you grows and the better the love blossoms. If you have been with someone for as long as 50 years, the 50 Years Together Photo Canvas Print is an ideal gift to mark the occasion.

50th Anniversary Cutting Board

Cutting Board - 50th anniversary gifts

Another unique way to go about getting the right gift for your wife is by considering the activities you like to do together. If you have spent a good amount of time over the years in the kitchen, then an engraved cutting board could be a lovely idea. Pick the right words and the gift will speak for itself. 

Anniversary Custom Pillow

Personalized Couple Established Pillow - 50th anniversary gifts

Sometimes, speaking from the heart with your gift is the best way to go. This custom cotton pillow is a present that allows you the opportunity to tell your wife how special she is to you. Simply pick out the perfect sentiments and they will be prominently displayed on this comfortable, decorative cotton pillow. 

Gold Birds 50 Years Anniversary Custom Canvas Print

Gold Birds 50 Years Anniversary Custom Canvas Print

Celebrate the day! This personalized art is a great way to share in your magic. Add names and a date to this anniversary gift for a truly special touch. Its sleek heart design of floral tree branches will instantly become a focal point in the lovebirds‘ home.

24K Gold Plated Teapot

24K Gold Plated Teapot - 50th anniversary gifts

It’s always lovely having a daily reminder of how far you and your wife have come and what better way to do so than with a lovely teapot? This teapot will also look fabulous to display on your 50th anniversary

The Day I Met You Custom Canvas Print

The Day I Met You 50 Years Anniversary Custom Canvas Print
 - 50th anniversary gifts

This anniversary canvas print celebrates love like no other. A precious connection built over 50 years should celebrate with a special and meaningful present. Give it to your wife to remind of the day you met her.

Hubby And Wifey Couple Custom Mug

Hubby And Wifey Couple Custom Mug - 50th anniversary gifts

Giving nicknames to your partners or spouses – such as Hubby Wifey – is a great romantic gesture. These customized, traditional ceramic mugs are a great way to show love to your partner. The two mugs can be used as a piece of decoration or for drinking beverages.

Gold Metal Rose

Gold Metal Rose - 50th anniversary gifts

Incorporating the gold theme of this anniversary into your gift can be a fun way to find the right fit. This gold metal rose is a unique option, as it allows you the opportunity to include gold in a way that is both unexpected and captivating. 

Custom Photo and Song Lyrics Canvas Print

Song Lyrics on Photo Canvas Print – Vertical - 50th anniversary gifts

Over the years, you and your wife have probably enjoyed many songs together. From the first dance at your wedding to the tunes you listened to during long road trips, incorporating some meaningful lyrics from one of these songs can be a great way to celebrate your anniversary. This gorgeous canvas print displays these powerful words in a way that is as sentimental as it is beautiful.

Solitaire Necklace

Solitaire Necklace - 50th anniversary gifts

Certain gifts have a way of perfectly capturing the energy of a 50th wedding anniversary. If you want to make your wife feel special and appreciated, a solitaire necklace is a wonderful option to consider. This necklace featuring a sustainably created diamond on a 14k solid gold chain that lovingly captures the elegant charm of your blushing bride.

Tree Custom Canvas Print

50th Anniversary Tree Custom Canvas Print

In life, we have many choices to make on a daily basis. This one‘s simple, though! Which 50th anniversary tree custom canvas print design do you want to get for the milestone couple? Select one of three custom options, then add names, a date, and a photo.

Golden Bracelet with Birthstone  

Birthstone Bracelet  - 50th anniversary gifts

A birthstone is a special and important stone for many people. If your wife has a particular connection to the stone associated with her month of birth, then you can find a phenomenal gift in a birthstone bracelet. Simply select the right stone and watch as her eyes light up. 

Family Tree Custom Canvas Print

50th Anniversary Family Tree Custom Canvas Print

Every family looks different. If you’re searching for a non-traditional way to highlight that family tree you have grown together, a beautiful handcrafted sign might be the right fit. Whether you hang this inside or out in the garden, this is a wonderful testament to all you have cultivated together over the years.

50th Anniversary Gifts for Husband

It isn’t always easy to know what your husband will appreciate most as a gift, and the golden anniversary is no exception to this rule. However, putting a little bit of thought behind the significance of this milestone can help you discover presents that perfectly meet his tastes. From the practical to the unusual, these are some great options to consider for your hubby. 

I Love You For All That You‘re Custom Photo Canvas Print

Your 50 year wedding anniversary is approaching. What can you possibly get your beloved husband after spending five amazing decades together? This “I Love You For All That You Are” custom star map will do the trick. It’s a majestic journey into the unlimited realm of your heart.

Michael Kors Quartz Watch

Michael Kors Quartz Watch - 50th anniversary gifts

For a man, certain accessories are always a perfect fit. If your husband loves the classic sophistication a quality timepiece can bring, you can easily find a perfect present in a watch. This gold bracelet watch boasts a stunning gold design that uses the symbol of the anniversary in a perfect way. 

Anniversary Photo Mug

Anniversary Photo Mug

Some men appreciate a bit of humor as they get older. If your husband knows how to have a good laugh, then a clever photo mug is the way to go. He’ll be sure to appreciate a good chuckle each morning as he takes his first sip of coffee from this personalized gift.

Metal Aviator Sunglasses

Metal Aviator Sunglasses

A good pair of sunglasses is an essential accessory for many reasons. Not only do sunglasses shield the eyes from harmful UV rays, they can help enhance a person’s style instantly. These metal aviator sunglasses are perfect for the man who wants to look trendy and timeless with one simple accessory.


Our 50th Anniversary Story Custom Canvas Print

Our 50th Anniversary Story Custom Canvas Print

This custom canvas print is perfect way to celebrates love. This precious connection has brought so much joy into the world and makes each day worth more than worldly treasures. Fill every moment with a silent prayer of gratitude that your parents met and got married. You wouldn‘t be here otherwise!

Gold Glass Clock

Gold Glass Clock

If you want to work the gold aspect of the golden anniversary into your present in a clever way, there are some fun options available to you. Few gifts mark the passage of time as well as a clock. This gorgeous gold and glass clock features a unique design that incorporates the symbols of the anniversary and can be put to perfect use. 

Gold Plated Cufflinks

Gold Plated Cufflinks

Another classic accessory for a man is a set of cufflinks. There are certain events where a man wants to look his absolute best. One way he can achieve this is with some beautiful cufflinks. These gold-plated cufflinks are a great gift option when you want to infuse your gift with a bit of style.

50th Wedding Anniversary Custom Canvas Print

50th Wedding Anniversary Custom Canvas Print

Celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary with this custom canvas print. Personalized with names, numbers, a date, and more, this bold sign truly stands out. Bright colors pop from a classic black framed canvas. It‘s a golden gift for a special day that will live on forever!

Custom Gold Money Clip 

Custom Gold Money Clip - 50th anniversary gifts

Money clips are a great alternative to a traditional wallet because they allow a man the comfort of having less bulk in his pockets. Studies have shown that the presence of a wallet can actually cause issues with a person’s back over the years, so gifting a custom gold money clip to your hubby can actually be a way to help his health!

Then And Now Photo Canvas Print

Then And Now 50th Anniversary Photo Canvas Print

This anniversary marks 50 years of you and your husband love and togetherness. This canvas print will not only level-up the aesthetics of your house, but is also the perfect depiction of how far you and your husband have come together. Remind why you fell in love with him in the first place.

14K Plated Liquor Flask

14K Plated Liquor Flask

Some men appreciate a good drink every now and again. If your husband is the kind of guy who likes to have a little whiskey or rum every so often, a flask can be a fun present to consider. Even if it is more of a novelty than anything else, he will be sure to appreciate this present.

Brown Tie Clip

Brown Tie Clip - 50th anniversary gifts

Another classic present for a man is a tie clip. Since a tie is the classic accessory for most men, a clever or stylish clip can help take his look to the next level. If you want to give him something both simple and impactful, you can be sure that this is a great present to consider. 

Family Tree Picture Frame 

Family Tree Photo Collage Custom Canvas Print

Taking a moment to reflect on the past can easily make you feel appreciate of all you have experienced with your significant other. If you want to make your husband look at all the years with a sense of wonder and appreciation, a “family tree” picture frame is the way to go. All you need to do is pick the right photos and you’ve got a great gift.

Save the Date Calendar Photo Plaque

Anniversary 50 Years – Save the Date Calendar Photo Plaque

Spending half a century together is a joyous occasion to celebrate. There’s nothing better than this anniversary photo plaque to celebrate this wonderful occasion! Mark your golden anniversary with this thoughtful and meaningful gift that lets your husband know how much you love growing old together with him.

The Anniversary Journal

The Anniversary Journal

Keeping track of the years can be difficult. So many events seem to happen as the beat of time marches forward, it can be nice to have a place to stop and record the moments you want to recall later. This book acts as a perfect reflection on the past, a gift that is sure to make him smile and be thankful for all that has come and gone.

50th Anniversary Gifts for Parents

Commemorating the 50th wedding anniversary of your parents is a big deal. Many couples don’t make it this far and you want to be sure you show the people who raised you a little appreciation for all they’ve endured and accomplished. Consider these 50th anniversary gift ideas for parents and show mom and dad a little bit of extra love for this event. 

Celebrating 50 Years Together Custom Canvas Print

Celebrating 50 Years Together In Honor Custom Canvas Print

Do you know a couple who has reached an important milestone? Are you looking for a gift that symbolizes their love? This personalized canvas print is a fantastic way to celebrate their love! It‘s a golden gift for a marriage that has has endured for decades.

Personalized Plate

Personalized Plate

The gold side of the golden anniversary can be fun to work with when you want to find the right anniversary presents for parents. This personalized plate is a great example of how you can take the theme of gold to the next level in unusual and special ways. 

Two Souls, One Heart Desktop Plaque

Two Souls, One Heart, 50 Years – 50th Anniversary Desktop Plaque

Is the 50th anniversary of your parents’ wedding coming up? We can help you show up at their golden jubilee celebration with a simple but great present. Give them this desktop plaque to surprise the couple. It’s a beautiful decoration for this occasion!

Stone and Gold Sculpture

Stone and Gold Sculpture

There are plenty of creative ways you can go about finding a present that will surprise your parents. If you want to go about finding a unique gift, consider this gold and stone sculpture. Blending the theme of this milestone with a gorgeous piece of art, you can be sure they will appreciate how clever this present is. 

Metal Foundry 50th Golden

Metal Foundry 50th Golden

Buying a gift for parents who have everything can be a challenge. However, they definitely will be surprised and intrigued by this metal foundry 50th anniversary gift. Made from recycled materials, this is the kind of present that is sure to make an impression.

Happy 50 Years Together Canvas Print

Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary 50 Years Canvas Print

Some gifts are a great fit because they help your parents feel a sense of nostalgia about their relationship. If you want to make them smile with a fond sense of wonder over the years they’ve spent together, this canvas print is definitely a gift to consider. Select the right photo and you’ve got a gift they’ll be sure to remember.

Golden Dinnerware Set

Golden Dinnerware Set

A present that is also practical is a great way to go when you want to help your parents celebrate their anniversary in a meaningful way. This golden dinnerware set includes a number of items that are integral to the dinner table. Whether they save it for special occasions or use it everyday, this set is sure to be a great fit. 

Golden Anniversary Canvas Print For Parents

Gifts for parents come and go. But this time, it’s different. For half a century, they have lived as one. Celebrate their infinite memories with this letter art canvas decor. Show them they are truly one beautiful love story.

Gourmet Cheese Gift with Wine

Gourmet Cheese Gift with Wine

Few gifts are appreciated as much as one that can be consumed. If you want to help your parents celebrate in an immediate way, consider the present of a quality gourmet cheese paired with an appropriate bottle of wine. They’ll definitely love this bit of decadence on their fiftieth. 


50th Anniversary Custom Canvas Print

50th Anniversary Custom Canvas Print

50th wedding anniversary is definitely a milestone worth celebrating. The 50th Anniversary Custom Canvas Print is the perfect gift to commemorate the occasion. The simple decoration piece is customizable with your parents names, as well as the wedding anniversary date.

Grow-Anywhere Growhouse

Grow-Anywhere Growhouse

For the parents who enjoy a bit of time out in the garden, a grow-anywhere grow house could be the way to go. A perfect fit for anyone who has a green thumb, this is the type of unique and useful present that is sure to leave an impression.

Family Tree Branch With Birds Canvas Print

Family Tree Branch With Birds Canvas Print – Custom Family Names & Year

Sometimes, going for a totally unusual and unique present is the best way to make an impression. This art print is a gift your parents definitely don’t already have, meaning they are sure to be surprised and delighted by the gorgeous and thoughtful piece of decor. 

Diamonds And Gold 50th Wedding Anniversary Large Clock

Diamonds And Gold 50th Wedding Anniversary Large Clock

A clock is a wonderful way to mark the passage of time. If you want to commemorate a 50th anniversary in a way that is symbolic and practical, this diamond and gold clock is a unique option to consider. 

Engraved Champagne Toasting Flutes

Engraved Champagne Toasting Flutes - 50th anniversary gifts

Even better than toasting with wine is toasting with champagne. This effervescent beverage is usually downed at a wedding, so it makes sense to carry on the tradition during a milestone anniversary. These engraved champagne toasting flutes are the ideal way to toast to health and happiness. 

Word Art

Happy 50 Years Marriage Anniversary Custom Canvas Print

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. You can take this to the next level by making a ton of words into a single work of art. This is a truly unique and fun way to commemorate a special occasion like a 50th anniversary. Customize the art to your liking and see your parents smile. 

50th Anniversary Pillow

50th Anniversary Pillow

A simple and stylish present can always make for a good fit when it comes to commemorating an occasion. This lovely pillow is such a gift, allowing for a customized message that takes the gift from a standard pillow to a beautiful expression of how much you appreciate your parents. 

Then And Now Photo Canvas Print

50th Wedding Anniversary Then And Now Photo Canvas Print

For two people who share a life together, reaching a golden anniversary is nothing short of amazing. That‘s why you need to honor their happy union with this custom photo canvas print. Their 50 year of marriage has stood the test of time and is proof that love overcomes all. This photo canvas print will demonstrate what it takes to create passion.

The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Every couple has a story and your parents are no exception. To help them enjoy their 50th anniversary, consider this present that tells the unique tale of their love.

Golden Wedding Anniversary Invitation

Golden Wedding Anniversary Invitation

Though their wedding might have been fifty years ago, your parents probably feel like it was just yesterday. This golden wedding anniversary invitation is a fun way to call back to that special day and help them relive it in a subtle and touching manner.

50th Wedding Anniversary Mugs

Mug - 50th anniversary gifts

Often, the simplest gift is the most effective. If you want to make your parents feel appreciated, a custom mug is a way to make that happen in the most direct way possible. 

There are plenty of ways to go about finding the right 50th anniversary gifts. Whether you decide to incorporate the gold them or go a completely different direction, it can be important t think about how you can make the biggest impression. Find the right gift for your husband, wife, or parents by reviewing your options and making a choice based on what will appeal to their personalities best.


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