33+ Wholesome 5-Year Anniversary Gifts That Anyone Would Love

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Celebrating the mythical wood anniversary is a massive milestone in any marriage. After all, not everyone is lucky enough to kiss and cuddle their favorite person for half a decade! That’s why your 5-year anniversary gift must be mind-blowing. We’re talking the-moon-and-the-stars kind of astonishing here!

You’ve been together for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, for five years. Show your joy with a gorgeous wooden keepsake your significant other can treasure for life! This guide will help you find both modern and traditional alternatives for all your anniversary gift-giving needs. Check it out


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What is the 5th Anniversary?

So you and BAE have been together for five whole years. Kudos! You and your significant other must be over the moon! Celebrate your wood anniversary like it’s a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. If you’re unsure what to get for a 5-year wedding anniversary, follow this handy anniversary guide.

Now, your fifth anniversary can go two ways. You could either pick the classic 5-year anniversary theme or look for a more modern alternative. Either way, here are your gifting options:

  • Embrace tradition; choose wood. This sturdy yet beautiful material represents the strong roots your relatively recent relationship is growing.
  • Don’t allow your marriage to end up pushing daisies. These lovely spring buds represent your love in full bloom!
  • When in doubt, show your love with silverware or sapphires. Did you know the latter represent wisdom and fidelity?

If you still need some inspiration, here are our top anniversary gift picks for you.

5-Year Anniversary for Her

Custom Star Map and Spiral Song Lyrics Framed Print

Get a little something for your wife’s workplace. This sweet personalized framed print will have her thinking about you at all hours. Her colleagues will surely be jealous of such a creative décor piece. It’s a terrific 5th yr wedding anniversary present she won’t forget!

5th Year Anniversary Custom Counting Tree Canvas Print

The special love bird in your life deserves the best. Our 5th-year anniversary custom counting tree canvas print is just that, times two! Choose from a portrait or landscape design, then give it a personalized touch. Each comes with wood background, so either option will comfortably warm your home.

Wooden Box

This engraved wood gift might seem underwhelming at first glance. But rest assured that it is not your average monogrammed box. This 5-year anniversary present for her will be full of surprises — literally and figuratively. She can use it to store all her little treasures!

Personalized Cutting Board

Such a traditional wooden keepsake is so obvious that it’s easy to overlook. If you need a useful 5-year wedding anniversary wood gift idea, look no further! A personalized cutting board will do the trick if your beloved wife loves spending hours in the kitchen!

“5 Years Anniversary” Photo Collage Canvas Print

Decorate your house in the spirit of your vastly anticipated 5-year anniversary. This adorable photo gift is the perfect way to flaunt your latest relationship milestone at home. Don’t be shy. Display it proudly in your living room or hallways. It’ll bring such sweet memories!

“Number 5” Year Picture Collage

How about you give your wife a present that counts? She deserves a meaningful keepsake that allows her to relive your most precious memories together. This 5-year marriage anniversary idea will make her fall in love all over again — and for all the right reasons!

Black and White Song Lyrics on Photo Canvas Print – Vertical

When in doubt, say it with a sweet song. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the strongest vocals. Here’s a gift idea for the 5-year anniversary your wife will love. Customize it with the lyrics to a tune that makes both your hearts melt.

Sapphire Stud Earrings

Dazzle the missus with a pair of stud earrings that will leave her at a loss for words. These magnificent jewelry staples feature the astonishing five-year anniversary stone. This present is a modern alternative to the good old wooden keepsakes we all know and love.

Rainbow Silverware Set

Didn’t get enough silverware wedding gifts on your special day? It’s time to get your own. Forget about boring pieces. Embrace your uniqueness with these cool utensils. Come on! They look like you can find a pot of gold at either one of their ends!

Blue Sapphire Ring

If the circumstances didn’t allow you to give her an engagement ring before, now’s a good time to fix that! Celebrate her patience with this breathtaking 5-year wedding anniversary jewelry piece. We’re sure that, if given a choice, she would say yes all over again!

“10 Reasons Why I Love You” Box

You must have more than a million reasons to love her. Pick your favorite ten and place them in this little engraved box. Remind her why she’s the one for you. This lovely wood gift idea for your wife will sweep her off her feet!

Sapphire Necklace

If she has got you wrapped around her finger, wrap these modern sapphires around her lovely neck. Jewelry is one of the best 5-year anniversary ideas available. Surprise your soulmate with a timeless piece that will make her look more beautiful than she already is!

5-Year Anniversary for Him

“Hello – Will You – I Do” Photo Upload Canvas Print

Wish your man a happy 5 yr anniversary with this customizable photo canvas print. There’s no way this is not the perfect present for a husband that loves celebrating the little things in life. Don’t forget to personalize this keepsake with your most memorable moments!

Sound Wave Art

Is your beloved hubby a hopeless romantic and a die-hard melomaniac all at once? Here’s a beautiful 5th-anniversary wood gift idea for him. A sound wave print mixes all his passions into one. Customize it with your man’s favorite tune and make his jaw drop!

“5 Years of Love” Anniversary Custom Photo Mug

You don’t have to surprise him with a five-year anniversary wood gift idea. A ceramic mug is perfect for reminding him how much you love him every day. Decorate it with his favorite pics and voilá! He’ll enjoy his favorite warm beverages more than ever!

Photo on Wood

Knock his socks off with this traditional 5th year anniversary idea for him. It will look beautiful at home, but he’ll probably want to bring it into his office — as he should! That way, his boss and colleagues can see how thoughtful his wife is!

Engraved Watch

Grab this stylish 5-year anniversary present for your husband. It will remind him of all the hours you have spent together and make him crave more time with you! This customized wooden watch can feature his initials and the big date! Now, isn’t that cute?

Bottle Opener

Get this for your husband ASAP! If your man enjoys the occasional beer, this is a terrific wood gift for him. A bottle opener with a sweet message is all he needs to unwind for the day. It will remind him to count his blessings!

Bucket List

Still wondering what to buy your husband for your 5th wedding anniversary? If his constantly overwhelmed with work, help him unwind with the art of journaling. This gorgeous cork piece is sure to get him inspired. He won’t be able to put his pen down!  

Wood Money Clip

Wallets can be a bit much. Money clips are all the rage nowadays. These pieces from Etsy make a super thoughtful wood anniversary idea for him. Forget about a bulky back pocket! Now he can carry his bills and cards using a lot less space!

Wooden Clock

What is the 5th wedding anniversary called? That’s right. It’s the wood anniversary! What a better way to embrace tradition than with a classic timber timepiece? Customize this outstanding present with his name and the date, and we promise your man will obsess over it!

Coffee Mug

Never underestimate the power of a coffee mug. This hilarious one from ValhallasGlory will energize your hubby with the power of humor and caffeine. Every sip will be a blast with this one! No need for gifts of wood – this ceramic gem will do the trick!

Custom Engraved Flask

If your man cannot hold his alcohol, it’s because he doesn’t have this awesome flask yet. All jokes aside, it’s a terrific anniversary surprise for him. Who said traditional gifts had to be lame? This one will make him the coolest hubby in the block!

5th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couples

Modern Seek Flatware

When you think of presents to celebrate your upcoming five-year marriage anniversary, silverware probably doesn’t even cross your mind. Well, it should! Especially if it looks as cool as this one from TheDetailsMatterCo. It so sleek, it will immediately elevate the look of your kitchen!

Personalized Dock Station

So your favorite tech-savvy duo is reaching the half-a-decade mark, and you don’t know what to get them. Buy them this personalized dock station to keep their gadgets in one place. Believe it or not, this counts as a traditional five-years-married gift! They’ll love it!

Custom Map Location

If their love is so evident that you could point at it on a map, you’ve found the right present. Celebrate your friends’ big day with this remarkable 5th year wedding anniversary traditional gift. Personalize it with any significant locations that have marked their relationship!

Personalized Memory Box

Now, here’s a creative and unique present for two! Celebrate any couple’s special day with a memory box containing their favorite photos. Did we mention that it turns into an adorable fridge magnet? It’s one of the most romantic 5-year anniversary ideas on this list!

“5th Anniversary” Cushion

Just like Ross and Rachel, let’s take a break — at least from all the wood ideas for a 5th anniversary! If you want a non-traditional present for a couple, get them this creative pillow. It has a hilarious print they can most definitely relate to!

Wooden Decor World Map Wall Art

This present is ideal for that one couple that can’t sit still. Celebrate their year-5 anniversary with an original keepsake that will fill their days up with fabulous memories! This elegant wooden map will allow your favorite wanderlusters to mark the places they’ve seen together.

Custom Tree Heart Ornament

Love doesn’t grow on trees, but nobody said it couldn’t hang from one of their branches! Get this cute ornament for that couple that will be celebrating 5 years as husband and wife around the holidays. It’ll bring a little extra joy into their home!

Victrola Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Portable Suitcase

Help a millennial couple have a good anniversary by gifting them the quintessential hipster item! Your vintage-loving mates will be thrilled to finally get some decent audio quality for their favorite vinyl! Besides, this portable turntable will look fabulous in their home! Isn’t that neat?

Personalized Oak Wine Barrel

Get a fancy gift for the anniversary couple! Surprise them with a tailor-made oak wine barrel that will elevate their home bar! It’ll be the talk of all their friends and family at their next reunion! Plus, this keepsake will make their wine taste better!

Bottle of Wine

Allow the happy couple to raise a glass to their five-year marriage. A wine bottle will be an excellent inspiration as they’re exploring things to do for their 5th anniversary. They can open it for an at-home date night and just enjoy each other’s company.

Engraved Wallet

Are you looking for unique wooden gifts for him and her? Consider getting them a couple of stylish matching wooden wallets. Engrave these compact accessories with their names, and you’ll have the perfect celebratory present. Good luck topping this fantastic gesture for their next anniversary!

Personalized Wood Bottle Opener

When shopping for gifts, you can never go wrong with buying something worthwhile. This wood bottle opener is an excellent example of a practical keepsake that will make the recipients happy. The lucky couple will find it handy for their 5th-anniversary date ideas, for sure!

Wooden Speaker

What is the 5th-anniversary wedding gift again? It’s wood! That makes these modern speakers perfect for the occasion. Besides, this is an excellent present for husband and wife to share. They will soon discover that music sounds better when they’re together! Is that romantic or what?

Final Thoughts!

Celebrating five years together calls for so much more than a simple anniversary card. Commemorate your most significant relationship achievement yet with a superb 5-year anniversary gift. This handy guide includes plenty of options, from classic wooden items to timeless sapphire studs. Pick your favorite and party on! Good luck!


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