40 4th Anniversary Gift Ideas To Commemorate the Occasion (2022)

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Celebrating four years of a relationship is all about picking the right present. Though it is not your iron anniversary yet, it is a perfect opportunity to step back and reflect on all you’ve shared with your spouse. Linen is usually the material associated with four years, meaning it must weather more storms before it is as tough as iron. This is where finding a good gift comes into play. Whether you’re looking for an anniversary gift for your husband or your wife, check out these creative ideas and get your wheels turning on the perfect 4th anniversary present.

What Is a Traditional Four-Year Anniversary Gift? 

Traditionally speaking, an appropriate gift for four years together is one that reflects the theme of the celebration. The 4th anniversary is also known as the “fruit and linen” anniversary. This is because it is celebrated with fruit and flowers in the United States, while linen is the symbol of choice for those in the United Kingdom. Thankfully, you can pick whatever theme you’d like when it comes to celebrating four years of marriage. You may also want to include topaz or shades of green and blue in your present, as these are also symbols of a fourth anniversary.

One modern approach to this milestone is giving the gift of a new appliance. This means you can find a great gift for someone you love by looking at practical gadgets that can be put to good use right away around the home. Check out this guide for more options to consider when you want to find the perfect gift.

4th Anniversary Gifts for Him 

To kick things off, take a look at these presents for the special man in your life. From personalized presents that tug at the heart to pragmatic gifts he’ll be sure to get good use out of, there are all kinds of great ways to help your husband feel special on this occasion. 

1. Vinyl Record Spiral Song Lyrics Canvas Print

It is said that when all the love songs start to make perfect sense, you know you have fallen deeply in love with someone. If you know of a love song that aptly describes your love story, then the Vinyl Record Spiral Song Lyrics Canvas Print is exactly what you need on this special day.

2. Anniversary Wine Box

Who doesn’t love toasting to health and happiness on an anniversary? If you and your husband like to drink a glass of wine together now and again, this wine box is the ideal 4 year anniversary gift for him to consider. This handcrafted present will make a perfect piece of decor in your home bar or entertainment room.

3. Coffee Maker

Since one of the main present categories popular for four years together is appliances, you can definitely find a great gift by looking around your house. Think about what gadgets your husband could get the most use out of. If he loves to start the day with caffeine, a coffee maker is a perfect way to commemorate the occasion. 

4. 4th Anniversary Custom Canvas Print

Four years of a relationship can be broken down in many different ways. Take this idea and run with it for your gift by selecting a canvas print that illustrates exactly how much time has passed since you tied the knot. If he’s a guy who loves numbers, this is the gift to explore.

5. Personalized Beer Bottle Opener   

Plenty of husbands like to relax after a long day of work by knocking back a brew or two. The hubby who enjoys his suds will definitely love a gift that helps him improve upon his experience. A personalized beer bottle opener is a nice and simple way to celebrate four years of your relationship in an appropriate way. 

6. 4 Years of Marriage Custom Photo Canvas Print

If you think 4 years together isn’t a long time, get the 4 Years of Marriage Custom Photo Canvas Print. It features the number of months, hours, minutes, and moments you have spent together. 

7. Fresh Fruit Subscription

Since many people consider this the fruit anniversary, you may want to find a fun and interesting way to incorporate the theme into your present. One very practical way of making this happen is with a fresh fruit subscription. You’ll both benefit from having fresh fruit delivered to your home on a regular basis!

8. Personalized Star Map

It has been said that some romances are written in the stars. If you think the special guy in your life will appreciate this sentimental idea, a perfect gift to consider is a personalized star map. A unique piece of customized art is an option that is sure to look amazing on any wall in your home. 

9. Echo Dot

These days, a tech gadget is a gift that will always be received well. If you want an appliance that will make your husband’s life a lot easier, then you might find that an Echo Dot is the right way to go.

10. We Make A Great Pear 4th Anniversary Photo Collage Canvas Print

Some ideas are perfect because they are absolutely adorable. If you want to capture the cute and touching side of your relationship, this photo collage canvas print is the way to go. Showcase exactly how you make a great “pear” with this fruit-themed present that works well for four years together. 

11. Custom Linen Map

Want to get the linen theme into your gift in some capacity? Take it to new levels of creativity with a custom map printed on linen. This is a creative and clever way to go about getting a gift that is as unique as it is aesthetically pleasing. 

12. Heart Shaped Photo Collage Custom Canvas Print

After four years of marriage, it stands to reason you have taken a ton of pictures with your significant other. If you want to find a gift that is simple and sweet, you can make it happen with a custom collage photo canvas. Pick the right photos and you’re sure to have a gift that helps him feel the love.

13. Custom Linen Tray

Some gifts are perfect because they effortlessly incorporate the themes and symbols of the anniversary. A custom linen tray is an ideal example of this. A present including linen and boasting a beautiful message of love is one that anyone will be happy to receive during a special celebration of marriage.

14. Puzzle Collage Canvas Print

There are many words that can be applied to the unique and special nature of your relationship. Use this to your advantage when picking a gift and select a piece of puzzle art. This clever and entertaining piece of art takes your love and transforms it into a work of literature that can be appreciated by anyone who visits your home.

15. Funny Anniversary Card   

One of the most important components of an anniversary present is the card. If your husband prefers to keep things light and get a laugh or two out of life, then a funny anniversary card is the way to go. Take time to write a sentimental message and you’ve got the perfect complement to your present.

16. Hello – Will You – I Do Map – Retro Style – Canvas Print, Anniversary Gift

Give your other half this canvas print as a unique gift to celebrate your 4th anniversary. This custom canvas reminds of three important events in your relationship. Show your partner how much you love and cherish your relationship with this personalized anniversary gift.

17. Mountain Apple Medley

Along the same lines of a fruit subscription is an apple medley. This is a present that is a bit more direct. Instead of offering different kinds of fruit, it keeps things simple with a mix of apples. Explore a variety of apples with a gift that packs a nice crunch with each bite.

4th Anniversary Gifts for Her

After being with someone for four years, you may find yourself struggling to pick out gifts that still capture exactly how you feel. Thankfully, finding the perfect fourth anniversary presents for her is easy when you have a little inspiration. Look over these gifts and give the special woman in your life a present she will surely adore. 

18. Black and White Song Lyrics on Photo Canvas Print

Do you have a spouse who loves music, or are you looking for a perfect couple gift? Well, search no more. This black and white song lyrics photo canvas print is just perfect for bringing back memories of your relationship on this 4 year anniversary.

19. 4 Years Later And We‘re Still A Great Pear Coffee Mug

Not every gift needs to be elaborate or expensive. In fact, some of the best presents are those that capture how you feel in a simple manner. This happy anniversary mug is a lovely present because it can be put to practical use right away when your wife wants to indulge in some tea or coffee.

20. Abundant Fruit and Dipped Delights

There are plenty of themes involved in the celebration of four years with a significant other. If you want to take the fruit idea to heart, then this gift is a perfect 4th wedding anniversary gift for your wife. A woman who appreciates the sweet and juicy taste of fruit will love a present that she can eat.

21. Custom Photo & Spiral Song Lyrics Canvas Print

If you are looking for a unique and personalized 4th-anniversary gift for your spouse that will bring back memories from your wedding day, then our Custom Photo & Spiral Song Lyrics Canvas Print is exactly what you need.

22. Calla Lily Necklace

Jewelry is always a nice way to commemorate a special celebration with your significant other. If you want to find a gift that she is sure to love, then consider this beautiful Calla Lily necklace. Help her look and feel as special as she makes you feel with a gift that exudes a simple and elegant charm.

23. Countdown Tree

A year has so many different components to it. Sometimes, the right gift is one that helps to showcase this information in an entirely different way. If you think she will appreciate a sweet and sentimental depiction of your time together, this countdown tree is a wonderful idea. 

24. Bedside Smartphone Vase

These days, everything has smart tech incorporated in some capacity. If you want to combine both the flower and houseware themes of the anniversary, consider a bedside smartphone vase. A little decorative, a little practical, and totally a great fit when you want to find a device that will be put to good use right away. 

25. Air Fryer

An appliance is another great option to think about when it comes to 4th celebrations of marriage. One key gadget all households need is an air fryer. This is a houseware that has became essential to many in recent years, so she’ll definitely be excited to open this present. 

26. Anniversary Cushion

Sometimes, a present that is very simple and sentimental can be the perfect fit when it comes to an anniversary. If you want to make your wife smile with your present, consider a personalized pillow. An anniversary cushion with custom photo can easily make her feel loved and appreciated in the right ways. 

27. Flower Bouquet

Another theme connected with the fourth year of marriage is flowers. This means that you can easily get a great gift for the special woman in your life by grabbing her a fresh flower or two. A bouquet is a quintessential present when it comes to romance and this anniversary is the perfect time to grab some blossoms. 

28. Sheet Music

There are plenty of songs that make you think of your wife. Since music plays such an important part in any relationship, one way to celebrate your anniversary is with a gift that incorporates a favorite tune. This personalized sheet music present takes the idea in entirely new and creative directions. 

29. Red Heart Maker Machine

Another fun appliance you can consider when it comes to an anniversary present for her is a waffle maker. This clever appliance is in the shape of a heart, allowing you the chance to create delectable treats that capture a sense of romance and wonder with each and every scrumptious bite.

30. Berry Cute

A snack is never a bad idea when it comes to a gift. Since this is the anniversary when fruit is an acceptable present, you can definitely see success by giving the special lady you love some of her favorite berries. Make this celebration sweet with this touching gift.

31. Personalized Throw Pillow

You don’t always need to go to extremes in order to find your wife a present that will perfectly capture how you feel. This personalized throw pillow can be customized in a way that allows you to show your wife how much she means to you. 

32. Crochet Orange Plush Stress Ball

Want to make the fruit theme of the fourth marriage anniversary the main centerpiece of your present? This Crochet Orange Plush Stress Ball is an artistic and clever way to give a gift to your wife that she will absolutely find clever.

33. iRobot

Want to gift your partner a present that perfectly represents the theme of home appliances common to four years of a marriage? You can do wonders by exploring modern tech presents like an iRobot. Help your partner feel futuristic with this fun idea.

34. Stand Mixers

If baking is an activity that your spouse like to busy herself with, a stand mixer is a present that you can definitely consider. A stand mixer is an appliance that most people will put to immediate use, so take a look at your options to find the right fit for her needs.

35. Dianoo Cute Fruit Style Dish Towels

You can also think about incorporating the fruit theme of the fourth anniversary into your present by using the imagery in your gift. These cute dish towels prominently feature fruit in a way that helps to capture the anniversary spirit without much effort.

36. Pretty Plates 

There are some gifts that are very easy to appreciate. Instead of going crazy trying to find some type of clever or unique present, think about the classic approach of some quality plates. Your wife will definitely like some pretty plates she can display or use when serving guests. 

37. Fruit-of-the-Month Club

Many people would appreciate the opportunity to try a new fruit each and every month. If you think your partner would like this, then you can easily find a perfect present with a subscription to a club that provides a different fruit to subscribers each month.

38. Pebble Art

Some gifts are perfect because they are sweet and personal. If you want to make your spouse smile with your present, some pebble art desktop plaque is definitely a way to go. Watch her eyes light up as she see this work of art for the first time.

39. The Dauphine

Receiving flowers from someone you care about is always a nice feeling. If you want to extend this feeling to your wife, consider a subscription to flowers from The Dauphine. She will be sure to afore a present like this when She want to brighten up the house with some color.

40. Fruit Bowl

Few sights are as classic as a bowl of fruit. Make the fruit anniversary even more special for wife by gifting her an actual fruit bowl that she can use to display the bounty that she bring in from the store or farmer’s market. 

Final Thoughts!

Selecting the best 4 year anniversary gift for someone special in your life is all about taking your time and weighing out your options. For some, the fruit theme is the right way to go. Others will appreciate flowers more. Still others will like getting an appliance or a present infusing linen in some capacity. As long as you put thought into the decision, you’re sure to love the final outcome of all of your efforts.


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