30+ Stunning 45th Anniversary Gifts for Couples


Be sure to get your parents celebrating the sapphire anniversary, something from our amazing list of 45th anniversary gifts for couples, him, and her. Your other half will be pleased with these romantic 45th anniversary gift-by-year ideas. 45 years of marriage is a big milestone; whether anniversary gifts for parents or friends, something they’ll cherish. 

What are the Gifts for a 45th Wedding Anniversary?

Sapphire is both the traditional and modern gift for the 45th wedding anniversary. This beautiful, bluestone represents the deep love the couple has shared over the last 45 years together.

While the sapphire is a symbol of a strong and enduring marriage, it also was considered the stone for royalty, making it a great honor to be given to another. 45 years of marriage is no small feat indeed. 

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45th Anniversary Gifts for Parents

They’ve spent 45 incredible years together, endured trials and tribulations, and raised children together. Be sure to celebrate their 45th anniversary with these amazing gift ideas for your parents. 

45 Years Sapphire Blue Custom Artwork

1. 45 Years Sapphire Blue Custom Artwork

You don’t have to splurge for a sapphire gem to impress your parents with a stunning gift. This custom sign for the 45th anniversary should do the trick.

This sapphire-colored custom sign will fit perfectly into their forever home alongside pictures of their children and grandchildren. 

Coffee Mug Set

2. Coffee Mug Set

For the last 45 years they have spent every morning drinking their coffee together. These custom mugs make a beautiful 45th wedding anniversary gift for your parents who are still madly in love with one another. The sapphire hearts are accented with heart-shaped handles and mugs that hug one another. 

gift for 45th anniversary: Sapphaire-Plaque

3. Sapphire Plaque

If you’re looking for a gift that will truly take their breath away, then consider this sapphire plaque. A stunning work of art that they will proudly display in their home.

This eye catching gift can be personalized with their names, anniversary month and year for a completely customized gift. 

45th anniversary gift: Sapphire Wedding Anniversary Card

4. Sapphire Wedding Anniversary Card

Don’t get just any 45th wedding anniversary card. Get them something that will also double as a display item in their home.

This card isn’t just an ordinary gift card, it’s a work of art that any couple’s sure to appreciate. Perfect for those on a budget wanting something special. 

45th wedding anniversary gift: Personalised Sapphire Wedding (45th Anniversary) Bone China Plate

5. Personalised Sapphire Wedding (45th Anniversary) Bone China Plate

Personalized china plates are a great way to give traditional gifts for milestone anniversaries. This custom plate is beautifully adorned with a sapphire themed decor for the sapphire anniversary. Available in three different styles to match the couple perfectly. 

45 Years Married Canvas

6. 45 Years Married Canvas

It’s been 45 years since they tied the knot. Since then their family tree has grown significantly, welcoming both children and grandchildren. Be sure that each one of those special individuals are celebrated with a custom canvas for couple celebrating 45 years together. 

Personalized Couple Established Pillow

7. Personalized Couple Established Pillow

Searching for a creative gift for a happy couple while staying within your budget? This custom pillow makes a fun and affordable 45 years anniversary gifts for mom and dad.

They’ll be proud to display this lovely gift in their home or at the family cabin for all to see. 

45th Anniversary Gifts for Husband

As the years go on, it can be more and more difficult to find the perfect anniversary gift for him. Choose from one of these five gift for 45th anniversary. 

It All Began Under This Sky Custom Star Map Framed Print

1. It All Began Under This Sky Custom Star Map Framed Print

While they might not remember exactly what the night sky looked like when their love first blossomed, they can relive it every day with this custom star print.

A truly special 45-year anniversary gift to give to him that just might bring a tear to his eye. 

gifts for 45th anniversary: 45th Anniversary Throw Pillow

2. 45th Anniversary Throw Pillow

Get something for spouse that you’ll enjoy also. This custom throw pillow makes a lovely 45th anniversary gift that he will love to display in your home together.

The perfect gift for a guy who loves to participate in the home decorating with his wife. 

Family Where Life Begins and Love Never Ends Custom Canvas

3. Family Where Life Begins and Love Never Ends Custom Canvas

Your husband is a fierce family man. For him, family is everything. It’s his reason for waking up in the morning and what keeps him going day in and day out.

Celebrating 45 years together means more to him than just a milestone anniversary, it’s his reason for living. 

 Crystal Champagne Flutes

4. Crystal Champagne Flutes

For the guy who likes the finer things in life, he is sure to appreciate these Dom Perignon crystal champagne flutes. A truly stunning gift for the 45th anniversary.

A gift that will last a lifetime, you can bring these out for each special occasion that you celebrate together. 

Engraved Whiskey Decanter

5. Engraved Whiskey Decanter

Is his man cave his pride and joy? If so, you won’t go wrong with this 45th wedding anniversary gift idea.

An engraved whiskey decanter that is sure to make all of his friends jealous. A beautiful work of art that he’ll love to display in his bar or office. 

45th Anniversary Gifts for Wife

She has put up with all of your crazy ideas for the last 45 years. Be sure to celebrate the special woman she is with this list of 45th wedding anniversary gift ideas. 

Northbrooke Glass Vase

1. Northbrooke Glass Vase

Impress her with this stunning glass vase for being 45 years married. This vase represents the beautiful strength and delicate nature of your many years together.

Knock her socks off with this beautiful work of art that she won’t be able to wait to display in your home. 

To My Wife You Are Braver Than You Believe Custom Canvas Print

2. To My Wife You Are Braver Than You Believe Custom Canvas Print

Your wife’s always been the backbone of the family. She might not believe it most days, but she is braver than she thinks. Prove that to her with this custom canvas print.

A beautiful 45 years of marriage gift for wife that she’ll love to look at every day. 

Sapphire Anniversary Art

3. Sapphire Anniversary Art

She’s always been impressed by the thought you’ve put into your anniversary gifts. So don’t stop with the gift for 45th anniversary. While she sure would appreciate a sapphire, she also loves gifts that are unique and one of a kind. Get her just that with this work of art. 

45th anniversary gift: Under These Stars Our Story Began Custom Star Map Pillow

4. Under These Stars Our Story Began Custom Star Map Pillow

Just like all your other special moments, she can remember exactly what the sky looked like the night you popped the question.

This starry night custom canvas print will make a thoughtful and sentimental 45th wedding anniversary gift idea for her.  

Personalized Cutting Board

4. Personalized Cutting Board

She has spent countless hours in the kitchen preparing meals for your family. For her, this gift is a symbol of the love she puts into every meal.

While it might not include the traditional 45th anniversary color of sapphire, it’s beautiful just the same. 

Sapphire Anniversary Gift for Them

Whether you are purchasing a gift for friends or family celebrating their 45th anniversary together, they are sure to appreciate any one of these amazing gift ideas.  

45th Anniversary ceramic Keepsake

1. 45th Anniversary ceramic Keepsake

After 45 years together, they are sure to have collected a lot of Christmas ornaments. This ceramic keepsake will hold a special place on their holiday tree and makes great sapphire anniversary gifts for parents.

Personalize it with their names, anniversary date, and the anniversary theme, sapphire. 

Sapphire Plaque: Photo Custom 45 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Plaque

2. Photo Custom 45 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Plaque

Celebrate their love for one another with this professional display. A beautiful photo plaque that is both high quality and personalized.

Choose your favorite picture of the two of them and have it printed on this plaque surrounded by the sapphire theme for the 45th wedding anniversary. 

Garden Sundial with your Message

3. Garden Sundial with your Message

A sundial is a great addition to any home or garden. Made from brass, this 45th anniversary gift will become a family heirloom. A stunning gift for couple to add to their loving home. 


4. Candle

Looking for a simple and easy gift for 45th wedding anniversary for the couple on your list?

This sapphire themed candle and diffuser set will make a lovely addition to their home. A cute little gift any couple is sure to appreciate. 

Sapphire Gifts for Him

There are many unique ways to give the man in your life sapphire gifts. From manly jewelry with gems inlay to stunning watches, he’s sure to love anything you get him. 

sapphire anniversary:  Sapphire Cufflink

1. Sapphire Cufflink

Whether he wears them daily or just for those special occasions, he is sure to love these blue sapphire cufflinks. A simply stunning yet affordable gift that will make his suit or tux really pop. A perfect gift for when he walks his daughters down the aisle. 

Silver Commemorative with Inlaid Gemstone

2. Silver Commemorative with Inlaid Gemstone

If he’s not much for jewelry but you still want to give him something with a sapphire, then consider this commemorative coin with gemstone inlay. A truly stunning gift for the sapphire anniversary that he can carry with him wherever he goes or display with his other prized possessions. 

Crystal Champagne Glasses with Blue Heart Gem

3. Crystal Champagne Glasses with Blue Heart Gem

Add to the barware in this man cave with these crystal champagne glasses with gem inlay. A lovely gift for husband that is proud to say he has been married for 45 years.  

T-Classic Carson Premium Bracelet Watch

4. T-Classic Carson Premium Bracelet Watch

Want to go above and beyond for the traditional 45th wedding anniversary gift? Then consider this Carson premium watch with a sapphire accent. A meaningful gift he can wear everyday and show off how great of a wife he has. 

Money Clip in Sterling Silver

5. Money Clip in Sterling Silver

Money clips are another great traditional 45 year anniversary gift ideas. If he doesn’t already have one, or needs a new one, he will certainly appreciate this sterling silver money clip with sapphire accent. Perfect for holding all the money his wife and kids have left him with. 

Sapphire Gifts for Her

There are so many unique and stunning ideas to get her for the sapphire anniversary. With jewelry being the main theme here, she’ll love any one of these gift ideas. 

Blue Sapphire Teardrop Pendant with Diamond

1. Blue Sapphire Earrings Sterling Silver

Nail the 45th anniversary gifts for her with these tear drop sapphire earrings. You can’t go wrong with the sapphire anniversary gift when you are giving an actual sapphire. Be sure to take her for a night on the town to show off these show stopping earrings.  

sapphire anniversary gift: Blue Sapphire Earrings Sterling Silver

2. Blue Sapphire Teardrop Pendant with Diamond

If you really want to earn some brownie points, then consider getting her this blue sapphire teardrop with diamond necklace. She will appreciate this 45 years anniversary gifts for years to come. A truly stunning piece of jewelry that she will never want to take off.   

sapphire anniversary: Sapphire Ring

3. Sapphire Ring

If she is in need of a ring upgrade, then she will love this sapphire ring. The perfect gift for wife who loves to add to her jewelry collection. This ring will be at the top of her 45 years anniversary gift ideas wishlist.    

Gold Sapphire Bracelet

4. Gold Sapphire Bracelet

Not all sapphire jewelry needs to be actual sapphires. This minimalist bracelet is the perfect 45th wedding anniversary symbol for the wife who likes the simpler things in life.

How much you spent won’t impress her, thoughtful and simple have always won her over. 

A lot has happened in 45 years. You’ve traveled together, raised kids, welcomed grandchildren, and have seen all of the highs and lows a marriage can see. Celebrate each one of those meaningful moments with these 45th anniversary gifts for him, her, and them. 

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