29 Meaningful 40th Anniversary Gifts to Celebrate Your Ruby Anniversary


While every year with a spouse is special, a milestone anniversary should always be given a bit of extra attention. Four decades of a relationship can fly by in the blink of an eye. Whether you’re looking to celebrate 40 years of your parents’ relationship or you are about to hit this marker in your own marriage, finding the perfect gift is important.

You may wish to do something extra special like renew and remember how to write your wedding vows, or you may want to just pick out the perfect 40th anniversary gifts. Review this guide and learn how to find the best gifts for him, her, and couples.  

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What Is the Symbol for 40 Years of Marriage?

Every anniversary has a special theme to symbolize how strong the relationship has grown over the years. For the 40th anniversary, ruby is the common symbol. Meant to represent the fiery passion that has been burning for the last four decades. Plus, it is quite easy to work this 40th anniversary symbol and find a variety of clever and creative gifts.  

40th Anniversary Gift for Parents

When you choose a creative anniversary gift for parents to celebrate the 40th anniversary, you absolutely want to dedicate some time and energy to pick out the right presents. For parents, children are everything. By taking time to make this anniversary special for mom and dad, you can be sure to put smiles on their faces and build new memories that will last for years. 

1. 40th Anniversary Custom Word Art Canvas

40th Wedding Anniversary Custom Word Art Canvas Print

This ruby wedding art is on fire! Our 40th wedding anniversary custom word art canvas print brings spice to the life of a delightful marriage. Its blazing and busy design will add style and pizzazz to any pair‘s home. Catch their sizzling love journey with this hot gift!

2. Celebrating Years of love Canvas Print

– 40th Anniversary Canvas Print

A 40th wedding anniversary is a big deal. While finding the perfect present can be complicated, a simple gift like this 40th anniversary sign might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Featuring a beautiful design and sweet message, you will surely make your parents feel appreciated with this touching token of affection.

3. Unique 40th Wedding Anniversary Sundial

40th wedding anniversary gift: Anniversary Sundial

Since it is special to celebrate 40 years with a partner, a gift commemorating the occasion should also be unique. If you’d like to surprise and delight your parents consider gifting a sundial for their fortieth anniversary.

The colors fit the ruby theme and the item will look gorgeous in a home garden.

4. 40 Years Ago Custom Desktop Plaque

40 Years Ago You Gave Me A Ring Custom Desktop Plaque

Spending four decades together is an incredible achievement. You’ve had your ups and downs and overcame various challenges in marriage.

For your 40th anniversary, go for the “40 Years Ago You Gave Me A Ring” custom desktop plaque. Melt their heart by customizing it with your names and favorite photos.

5. Personalized Sheet Music Art

Personalized Sheet Music Art

Music tends to be important to most relationships. From the first song heard when a couple met to the tunes danced to at the wedding, incorporating songs into a 40th wedding anniversary gift can be a great way to go about your present. Pick a song that means something to your parents and get the perfect gift together in no time. 

6. Happy Ruby Wedding Anniversary Custom Pillow

Happy Ruby Wedding Anniversary Custom Pillow

Adding a personal touch to a present is another way to get your parents the ideal gift for 40th anniversary celebrations.

Simply customize the names and wedding dates of your parent, you have a ruby wedding gift to give them. This pillow marks an important milestone in spending 40 years of marriage together.

7. 40th Anniversary Wine Glass

40th Anniversary Wine Glass

After 40 years together, there are plenty of reasons for couples to have a celebratory drink.

If you want to find an anniversary gift for parents to commemorate 40 years of marriage, consider a set of custom wine glasses. Include a bottle of their favorite wine to sweeten the experience. 

8. 40th Ruby Anniversary print

40 wedding anniversary gift: 40th RUBY Anniversary print

There are plenty of ways you can go about incorporating the ruby theme of this occasion into your gift.

If you want an alternative to traditional options, an art print could be the best fit. Wish your parents a happy anniversary with a gift they can display in their home.

9. Wedding Anniversary Gifts Clock

Wedding Anniversary Gifts Clock: ruby wedding anniverary

The passage of time can often be hard to comprehend. One minute you’re walking down the aisle, the next you’ve been with your partner for 40 years.

Help your parents celebrate their ruby wedding anniversary with a personalized clock that allows them to look at the passage of time in an entirely new and special way. 

10. 40th Anniversary Mom and Dad Desktop Plaque

We Love You Mom and Dad 40 Years Anniversary Custom Photo Desktop Plaque

Sometimes, the best 40 wedding wedding anniversary gift is one that is simple and comes from the heart.

A custom desktop plaque boasting a beautiful picture of your parents alongside a loving message can cut right to the heart. Help your parents feel special while also showing your gratitude for their marriage. 

11. Hearts Custom Star Map Framed Print

 Hearts Custom Star Map Framed Print

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There are many different approaches you can consider when it comes to 40th anniversary presents for mom and dad. One of the sweetest and most creative options available to you is a custom star map.

Stargazing has long been associated with romance and this piece of art is a fitting present for an anniversary. 

12. 40th Anniversary Cutting Board

40th Anniversary Cutting Board

If your parents spend a lot of time in the kitchen together, then you might want to explore some culinary presents for a 40 years anniversary present.

A customized cutting board is a sweet idea, as it will be something they can display and look at while they make their next meal together.

40th Anniversary Gift for Husband

If you’re about to celebrate your own 40th anniversary, you may be struggling to find the perfect present for your husband. After so many years together, you might believe you’re tapped out for good ideas. Thankfully, there are some easy ways to find unique anniversary gifts for him to commemorate this occasion. 

1. Personalized Star Map Wall Art Print

Personalized Star Map

Sometimes, the best way to find the perfect present for your husband is by simply speaking from the heart.

A star map wall art print that has been personalized to your specifications can be a wonderful way to say happy anniversary. Not only is the gift beautiful, it is also as unique as the stars themselves.

Ruby Cufflinks

A good pair of cufflinks is a gift a man can always get some use out of. If you need a perfect 40th wedding anniversary gift for him, then consider cufflinks that incorporate the ruby theme of the event. These unique accessories will look fantastic the next time he needs to get dressed up.

3. Apple Watch Series 6

40th anniversary gift for husband:Apple Watch Series 6

You may also wish to go all out for your 40 years wedding anniversary. If your husband is the type of guy who loves fun gadgets, consider gifting him an Apple Watch. It might cost a bit more than some gifts, but his appreciation and surprise will be worth every penny!

4. Ruby Block


Finding the right gift for the man who has everything can be a bit of a setback. Thankfully, using the ruby wedding anniversary theme can help you find something he definitely doesn’t already own. This ruby octagon block is exactly what you should consider when you’re looking for something unique. 

5. Photo Family Tree Personalized Throw Blanket

Family Tree Throw Blanket

After 40 years together, it stands to reason you have seen your family tree grow. From children to grandchildren and maybe even some great-grandchildren, you may wish to incorporate the whole fam in your present.

This photo family tree personalized throw blanket is the best option for a family-oriented 40th anniversary present.  

6. Coffee Mug

40th anniversary gift ideas: Coffee Mug

You don’t need to go to extremes in order to find the best 40th wedding anniversary idea for your hubby.

If he likes to start the day with a fresh cup of coffee, consider gifting him a personalized mug for your anniversary. It might seem basic, but sometimes this is the best way to get a gift that he loves. 

7. Pop Up Cards

gift for 40th anniversary: Pop Up Cards

Including a card with your gift is a great way to add an extra punch of sentimentality to your 40 anniversary present for him.

A pop-up card is a fun alternative to traditional cards, as it adds a whole new dimension to the way the card is read and experienced. 

8. Custom Anniversary Year Photo Collage Canvas

40th wedding anniversary:Custom Anniversary Year Photo Collage Canvas

A picture can really help to capture the power of all the years you and your husband have lived together. Get creative with your present and consider a 40 anniversary gift that includes a variety of your favorite photos as a collage canvas.

This custom present is sure to make him smile and look back with a sense of appreciation for all you’ve experienced as a couple.

40th Anniversary Gift for Wife

In need of a creative anniversary gift for your wife that will really make your 40th year together feel special? There’s n need to stress, as you can easily find a perfect present with a little bit of creativity. Take a look at these options and find the inspiration you need to make this event a special one.

1. Happy 40 Years Anniversary Photo Collage Canvas Print

Happy 40 Years Anniversary Photo Collage Canvas Print

Long marriages are worth celebrating. What better way to do it than with a ‘Happy 40 Years Anniversary Photo Collage Canvas Print?’ It’s a great piece of artwork that will show years of treasured family memories.

Customize the print by adding your favorite photos together!

2. Custom Photo And Name Suede Pillow

Custom Pillow

A suede pillow can be a lavish present in and of itself. Adding a personalized touch to the pillow, however, takes it to a whole new level. Consider a customized photo pillow as a 40th anniversary gift for your wife and see how this simple suede item can make for the perfect fit. 

3. Diamond Necklace

ruby wedding : Diamond Necklace

Since this milestone event is usually celebrated with rubies, the best way to go about a gift for 40th wedding anniversary celebrations is with some jewelry.

A diamond necklace is a classic present for a wife. Incorporating rubies into the mix takes this traditional present to new heights of perfection. 

4. Ruby Anniversary Card


Adding a card to your present is a must. While your gift is a great way to show your wife how much you care, the best way to express yourself is by writing it in a card.

This ruby anniversary card is a great addition to your 40 years of marriage gift and perfectly fits the theme.  

5. Red Ruby Ring

Red Ruby Ring

Jewelry is a great way to wish a happy anniversary to your wife. To include the theme of the 40th wedding celebration into your gift, consider ruby presents like a beautiful ring. This lovely and affordable item is a great way to make sure she feels special. 

6. Ruby Stud Earrings

Ruby Stud Earrings

If your wife doesn’t wear necklaces or rings, earrings are the next best fit for ruby anniversary gift jewelry for her. A stunning pair of earrings can be a lovely and fitting present that helps the woman in your life know how much she means to you.

7. Classic Roses

classic rose

Sometimes, you don’t need to think too far outside the box to land on a gift that your wife will find amazing.

In fact, the classics can often prove the most practical. Consider these roses as a way of celebrating your 40th anniversary and see how the tried-and-true path can often lead to the best results.  

8. A Tree Photo Collage Canvas Print

40th anniversary gift for parents: Collage Canvas: A Tree Photo Collage Canvas Print

A canvas print can be a lovely gift for your wife because it is a present that can be prominently displayed anywhere in your home.

All you need to do is select the perfect photos for the canvas print collage and you’ll have a gift that she will absolutely adore. 

9. Stylist Bag in Ruby

40th wedding anniversary idea:Stylist Bag in Ruby

A new bag is always a fun way to go about grabbing an anniversary gift for your wife. This ruby leather bag delivers a fresh and captivating style that may be an ideal fit for the special lady you love. If this is a bucket list item for her, now is the time to buy it!

Finding the perfect 40th anniversary gifts is not a very difficult endeavor. Take your time, incorporate the ruby theme, and find something that will fit this special occasion in an ideal way. 

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