31+ Incredible 3rd Anniversary Gifts for Your Sweetheart

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Finding the perfect present for your husband or wife is challenging enough on any ordinary day. It’s essential to get the ball rolling even though you’re stuck at home because of the pandemic. Instead of waiting for the last minute to find something, get your spouse a 3rd-anniversary gift they’ll never forget. This article will help you with superb traditional or modern 3rd anniversary gift ideas to make the D-day special!

Remember to buy something they want rather than what you prefer. You can ask for help from friends and family. This way, they will always look back at their leather anniversary with immense joy!

What Is the Three-Year Anniversary Gift?

It’s no surprise that most young couples have no idea what the third anniversary theme is. Like other similar memorials, you can choose to take one of two routes. A young gentleman might be impressed by the traditional 3rd year anniversary symbol – flexible leather. On the other hand, a young lady could prefer the beautiful yet fragile crystal glass anniversary gifts. Either way, you won’t go wrong!

3rd Anniversary Gift for Husband

1. Hello – Will You – I Do – Standard Style – Map Canvas Print, Anniversary Gift

Sometimes it’s the small details that have the most significant impacts. Surprise your husband with a unique 3 year anniversary gift for men that’s worth your money. If he’s a sentimental guy, then this romantic love map will warm his heart. He’ll be touched to know you remember your love journey fondly!

2. Grow Old With Me (3 Years) Custom Canvas Print

In life, everyone deserves a caring reminder that they are truly special. Our unique “Grow Old With Me” canvas print is a fine example of such a sentiment. Plus, it’s personalized with names and dates for an added tender touch.

3. Personalized Wallet

“What to get my boyfriend for our 3 year anniversary?” If this is a question you’ve been struggling with, your prayers have been answered. Even though your man is young and modern, you won’t go wrong with a 3rd anniversary traditional present. Once he sees this leather wallet, he’ll be speechless!

4. Custom Star Map and Song Lyrics Framed Print

Your gifts for third wedding anniversary don’t have to be boring just because your husband is traditional. Get creative and come up with leather gift ideas that will blow his mind. How about this customizable star map accompanied with romantic lyrics? You can be sure he’ll shed a tear the moment he sees it!

5. Custom Leather Valet Tray

Have you been searching for exciting leather anniversary ideas to no avail? Don’t despair yet. There is still a chance to redeem yourself. Surprise your man with a customizable leather valet tray on your anniversary day. It’s the sweetest way to wish your husband a happy three year anniversary!

6. Black and White Song Lyrics on Photo Canvas Print – Vertical

Is your hubby a musician? Or maybe he can’t seem to go a day without playing his favorite song? He’s the perfect candidate for this romantic 3 year anniversary present – a photo canvas print of your wedding song. He’ll be thrilled to know you value your love journey as much as he does!

7. Leather Flask

If you’re looking for a stylish 3rd wedding anniversary present for your partner, look no further than this beautiful flask. This reward is ideal for a guy who enjoys a drink after work. What’s best is he can share it with his buddies. Remember to have his name engraved, and he’ll be thrilled!

8. Leather Photo Album

Are you looking for a special gift for 3rd wedding anniversary but can’t seem to find anything worthwhile? Why don’t you give this handsome leather photo album a try? It is a fantastic reward for any man celebrating a 3 year marriage anniversary with the love of his life.

9. Cufflinks

Is your soulmate so stylish that everyone always seems to stare at him whenever he walks into a room? Well, it’s time to improve your gifting skills and surprise him with these elegant cufflinks. They are the perfect gift for 3rd-anniversary celebrations. You can be sure he’ll wear them proudly!

10. 3rd Anniversary Mug

What is the third wedding anniversary present to buy for a lad who prefers simple things? How about getting him a practical yet funny gift? Buy him this hilarious quarantine mug. If he enjoys a good joke, he will probably chuckle every time he sips his coffee.

11. Beverage Sleeve Cozie

Anniversary presents aren’t just for one person. That said, this might be the year to switch things up. If you’re looking for leather gifts for couples who enjoy spending weekends together, this set of beverage sleeves is ideal! It’s sure to keep your hands safe from touching the ice-cold beers!

12. Video Game Shirt

Boys will always do what boys want to do. Instead of wasting your resources on buying glass wedding anniversary presents, think outside the box. If your husband can’t go a day without playing video games, he’ll adore this shirt. Don’t be surprised if he wears it every weekend!

13. Leather Coaster

If you’re wondering what to get your husband for 3rd anniversary on a small budget, try to keep it simple. How about these handsome leather coasters showing your names and anniversary date? Don’t forget to buy a 3-year anniversary cake to seal the deal. He’ll be thrilled!

14. Coffee Mug

Is your hubby addicted to his morning coffee? Don’t lose your mind poring over magazines wondering what to buy for 3rd anniversary. Instead, buy him a gift that’s not only useful but also reassures him of your affections. He’s sure to enjoy his breakfast more from his glass anniversary present!

15. Heart-Shaped Custom Song Lyrics Blanket

Are you interested in finding interesting 3rd-anniversary date ideas for your upcoming special day? If the answer is yes, then this lyrics blanket is what you need. It’s also a great wedding gift idea for a third marriage. However, you’ll need to confirm your man’s favorite song in advance!

16. Personalized Leather Valet Tray Box

Gift shopping can be highly challenging. What you need is to find something that won’t add to your stress. Buy your partner a special present that respects the 3rd-anniversary meaning. This leather tray box provides the best of both worlds by combining the traditional leather symbol with glass.

17. Bottle Leather BYO Weekender Wine Bag

If budget is not the issue, how about splurging on incredible leather gifts for your third wedding anniversary? Surprise your hubby with a beautiful treat he will treasure forever – a leather wine bag. It is not only stylish, but it is ideal for weekend getaways with his true love – you!

3rd Anniversary Gift for Wife

1. Vinyl Record Spiral Song Lyrics Canvas Print

This canvas print is a perfect and romantic gift for music and art lovers to celebrate the third year anniversary. This gift is truly for both of you, especially if it happens to be your wedding song or favorite song. A favorite and relatable love song can also be a great contender here!

2. 3 Year Anniversary The Best 3 Years Of My Life Photo Plaque

Immortalizing a moment shared with your wife may be the best 3 year wedding anniversary. The moment chosen should be unique, and the picture should flatter you both. This plaque will end up on your wall or table for the rest of your lives together. Make sure to go with your favorite photo!

3. Custom Bracelet

When it comes to leather anniversary presents, you cannot get any more personal than a customized bracelet. You can use a personalized nickname for your wife, your anniversary date, or a spiritual message that guides your marriage. A leather gift anniversary embodies the traditional symbol for a 3 year anniversary!

4. Leather Engraved Sheet Music

Have you been thinking about unique leather gifts for her? Unsurprisingly, this leather sheet may not pop into mind, and that’s why it is perfect. Your wedding song can be laser engraved on genuine, tanned leather for your music-loving spouse to enjoy. This gift can either be framed or unframed with a customized message!

5. Leather Tote Bag

Leather ages beautifully and uniquely. The detail put into these bags are similar but not the same since they are handmade. This gift makes for a practical third-anniversary gift for the wife as it is an everyday use bag. It comes in a variety of sizes and colors for you to choose from!

6. Leather Earring

After 3 years of marriage, a husband ought to know if his spouse is into jewelry or not. Earrings are timeless pieces of jewelry, and this design has over twenty colors to pick from. Each one is handmade, and they come in a set of three pairs, symbolizing the 3 years anniversary.

7. Custom Collage Photo Canvas

One framed photo as a third wedding anniversary present may be too unrealistic for couples who love taking pictures. This gift grants you the option to frame as many photographs as you want, making it very unique and special. This is one of the best 3rd-anniversary gift ideas for couples.

8. Where It All Began Map Wall Art Retro Style Custom Canvas Print

Good 3rd-anniversary gifts should be unique and personal. A canvas map print highlighting the venue of your first date is an excellent reminder of your love. How romantic is that? The third wedding anniversary is an ideal time to flash back to where you first met or even got engaged.

9. Love Box

In the category of cute 3-year anniversary ideas, this lovely gift ranks highest. It’s a magnetic box with photos of precious memories together with your loved one on each face. This customizable keepsake is fun to open and close up into a box as you uncover forgotten moments together!

10. Necklace

The crystal gift idea is another great option for wives who love jewelry. Third-year wedding anniversary presents are a good show of how well spouses know each other. The necklace is handmade and has an adjustable chain that fits most body sizes. It has dainty clear crystals around it that are just captivating!

11. Custom Pillow

A pillow is one of the most practical 3-year anniversary gifts for her. Every time your woman feels lonely, she only needs to hold it, and she’ll remember how far you’ve come together. The image or message you choose to have on the pillow is up to you.

12. Engraved Wallet Insert

A handmade engraved plaque with a personal message is a wonderful idea to celebrate your three-year anniversary. You can write some text on both sides of the plaque with up to 60 words fitting on either side. Don’t be surprised if your lady carries this plaque in her purse all day!

13. Honeymoon Map Art

This genuine leather gift comes in various sizes, framed and unframed. You can easily customize it to mention your honeymoon destination. There’s even room for a unique message as well. This leather gift for her will hang beautifully on your wall, giving the house some character and beauty!

14. Hello Will You I Do Custom Map Black And White Suede Pillow

These pillows feature an inviting white background with customizable maps and timelines presented in a heart shape. If your 3-year anniversary theme revolves around going down memory lane, this pillow is ideal. It highlights where and when you found love. The cushions are available in different sizes to suit your style!

15. Leather Picture Frame

Leather gifts are diverse and preferred because of their durability and versatility in use. For anniversary 3, a leather photo frame with etched quotes and messages of love makes an amazing choice. The gift has a back stand easel to sit on your honey’s desk at home or in the office!

Final Thoughts!

Anyone who is celebrating their 3rd year wedding anniversary this year should count themselves lucky. You’ll need to find a befitting 3rd anniversary gift for your spouse. Don’t wait for last-minute purchases as you typically would. Instead, show your wife or husband you care by shopping in advance. Buy them something they’ve been yearning for. That said, we hope our extensive list of 3 yr anniversary presents helped you find the perfect present!


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