29 Romantic 37th Anniversary Gifts For Everyone

37th anniversary gift

Are you looking for a 37th anniversary gift for your wife, husband, or favorite couple? We at 365Canvas understand the significance of this milestone. A 37th wedding anniversary is a party in and of itself. On this day, you’re celebrating a relationship that has seen both good times and bad. And yet, the love never fades; it only grows stronger and more powerful.

To aid your search, we’ve curated some of the best alabaster gifts to bring a smile to someone’s face. You’ll find jewelry, home decor, and more! It’s time to mark this glorious event!

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What Is A Thirty-Seventh Year Anniversary Gift?

Traditional Gift Theme: No

Modern Gift Theme: Alabaster Figurine

Although there isn’t a traditional symbol for this year, it doesn’t mean that you have less choices for gifts. Design your 37th wedding anniversary theme around the beautiful alabaster. Full of healing properties, the stone is also a symbol of spirituality.

Whether you’re going with a modern or classic gift on this special day, you’ll want to pair it with flowers. Feel free to get creative with the colors, but pick 37 lovely blooms, one for each precious year.

Gemstone: Alabaster

Flower: 37 Flowers

Color: No

37th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Him

Do you need help finding a gift for your husband of 37 years? He might say he doesn’t need one, but don’t let that fool you! Check out this list; it has everything from tableware to comfy blankets and stylish jewelry! It’s time to express your devotion. This man is worth it!

Black Alabaster Bowl

Black Alabaster Bowl

If your man loves his food, he’ll love some fancy tableware to go along with it. Challenge his modern tastes with this fancy, unique alabaster bowl. Regardless of whatever the dish of the day is, he’ll feel like royalty every single time.

Custom Song Lyrics Photo Canvas Print

37th anniversary gift: Custom Song Lyrics Photo Canvas Print

37 years of marriage comes with ups and downs. However, what remains is a couple who’s stronger than ever. Remind your husband about a tune you both hold dear.

It’s always a good time to dance, so press play, and sway along to your favorite song.

Alabaster Slanted Bookends

Alabaster Slanted Bookends

Your man will appreciate this handcrafted gift. Made of high-quality alabaster, these bookends will give his beloved reading collection an elegant home.

They’ll fit any space and will add a sense of finesse to a mantel or console. Capture his heart as you highlight his love for stories.

Custom Throw Blanket

37 years of marriage: Custom Throw Blanket

Offer your husband some comfort in the shape of a personalized throw. This gift will be perfect during those cooler months. Just imagine sitting in front of the fire with this blanket to warm you both.

What an awesome way to celebrate a 37th wedding anniversary!



Get ready for the perfect timepiece to mark a 37th anniversary. With this on his wrist, he won’t pass on the chance to tell you the time.

And since it comes engraved with your names and wedding date, he won’t have an excuse.He’ll never forget your special day again!

To My Husband Desktop Plaque

To My Husband Desktop Plaque

Do you have a special message for your husband? Tell him exactly how you feel, that you’re so happy life brought you together.

Bring him back to the time you agreed to be his partner, through thick and thin and no matter what.


37th anniversary gifts for him: Cufflinks

Is your husband a fan of dressing up and looking dapper? If so, these gemstone cufflinks are just the thing for him.

They’re classy, stylish, and will make him the center of attention. Give your confident man an accessory to match his personality. He’ll love it!

Personalized Infinity Symbol Canvas Print

Personalized Infinity Symbol Canvas Print

Take your relationship to the next level with this statement of love. The both of you understand that 37 years are just too short when it comes to a bond this strong.

He’ll love this piece of decor in his favorite room of the home. Get it today!

Field Watch

For an out-of-the-box gift for those who venture off the beaten path, consider this high-quality watch. With water-resistant, this timepiece was inspired by the watches worn by the glorious ones and is available in three distinct color combinations.

37th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Her

We know how challenging it can be to find the perfect gift for your wife. You want to show her what an amazing woman she is, and these choices will do just that. The best part about whatever you get is that you’ll be able to enjoy it, too!

To My Wife You Are Braver Than You Believe Canvas Print

To My Wife You Are Braver Than You Believe Canvas Print

What is the gift for a 37-year anniversary? This special day calls for a huge celebration, so it’s time to go all out.

Get your wife a customized print that will clearly express your affection for her. Show her why you’re so proud and lucky to be her husband.

Alabaster Crystal Earrings

Alabaster Crystal Earrings

If you’re running out of ideas for a 37th-anniversary gift, understand that jewelry is never a bad option. When your partner dresses up with these beautiful earrings, she’ll exude elegance and style.

Now, all you have to do is bring her out for a night on the town!

Personalized Song Lyrics Suede Pillow

37th anniversary gift: Personalized Song Lyrics Suede Pillow

Any marriage comes with a song that will make the couple look at each other and smile. Offer your wife a meaningful gift to celebrate 37 wonderful years.

Show her that you may not have a way with words, but that’s why music exists.

Alabaster Obelisk

Alabaster Obelisk

If you’re searching for the most appropriate alabaster gift for your wife, this handmade beauty is the answer.

Express your love with a historical landmark, a monument so grand that no one will be able to look away. Your partner finally has that grand centerpiece she’s always wanted!

Family Tree Branch With Birds Canvas Print

Family Tree Branch With Birds Canvas Print

What does your family tree look like? Isn’t it the most beautiful thing? Offer your loving partner the best view ever for your 37th anniversary.

It’ll make her think back to when it all began, almost four decades ago. She’ll even hear the birds sing!

Luxury Spa Gift

anniversary gifts for her: Luxury Spa Gift

Hunting for the perfect gift for the woman in your life? You won’t go wrong with this one. Treat her with many serene moments with a home spa kit.

It’s just the thing to help her relax after a long day. Even you will love the calming scents!

Alabaster Jewelry Box

Alabaster Jewelry Box

If your wife cannot get enough of cute jewelry pieces, give her a box to contain it all. She’ll adore having something so grand to hold her precious jewels and the fact that she can pass this on. This gift surely is the most wonderful keepsake.

To My Wife Mug

37th anniversary gift: mug

Show your wife how much she matters to you with a mug that won’t disappoint. This 37th wedding anniversary gift comes personalized with a photo of your choice.

Make sure to pick one that will bring upon the best memories ever. This will set the day up with great moments!

Alabaster Drop Necklace

Alabaster Drop Necklace

Here’s an accessory that will impress your wife and everyone else at any party she attends. The stone, aside from being a highly coveted jewel, holds much meaning, especially for your 37-year marriage.

Watch her shine as she pairs this necklace with her favorite outfit, and count your lucky stars!

Cotton Napper

A weighted blanket is a cozy treat, but combine its comforting heft with the warm vibes of a chunky knit blanket. You’ve got a match made in heaven. Constructed from organic cotton, this blanket comes in five colors and weighs so many choices of pounds. 

37th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Couples

When it comes to shopping for anniversary gifts for your mom and dad, you want something that pops. Get them a keepsake they’ll treasure for the rest of their lives. Pick any of these and put a smile on their faces. After all, these two are the best example of a perfect relationship!

“And So Together They Built a Life They Loved” Canvas Sign

“And So Together They Built a Life They Loved” Canvas Sign

The whole point of marriage is to build a life you can be proud to call your own. If you know a couple who’s managed to do just that, celebrate them in the grandest possible way.

This sign is the best item to add to any room of the home.

Alabaster Candle Holder

Alabaster Candle Holder

With a candle holder so precious, there won’t be a need to turn on the lights. Offer this useful 37th anniversary gift to a couple whose love has managed to stand the test of time.

They’ll find it the ultimate centerpiece for the dining table as it creates the perfect ambiance.

We Still Do Anniversary Canvas Print

37 years: We Still Do Anniversary Canvas Print

Among all the 37th-anniversary gift ideas, this print ranks high in the list. It evokes the most romantic emotions and will show the world that this couple is truly special.

Even after so many years, they just have to look at each other and the world melts away.

Chess Set

Chess set

Lovebirds that play games together will always have that unexplainable bond. Offer them a chess set that promises hours of delight and fun competition.

And it goes without saying, but each set differs from the next. The stunning hand-polished pieces make this gift truly unique.

Song Lyrics Custom Photo Blanket

Song Lyrics Custom Photo Blanket

How romantic is this blanket? Well, one just has to read the lyrics on it to find out. Celebrate a grand anniversary with something to keep warm and cozy during the cooler months. This throw also doubles as a mat for those fun impromptu picnics!

Wine Glass

Wine Glass

When a wine glass comes etched with something so symbolic, you know it’s about to be a crowd favorite. Celebrate 37 years of love in style as you toast to an everlasting marriage. With a good vintage to go along, this party is just getting started.

“You Complete Me” Puzzle Canvas Print

“You Complete Me” Puzzle Canvas Print

Do your parents seem like puzzle pieces that fit together so well? If your understanding of love stems from watching these two gel, you know how lucky you are. Get them a print that symbolizes how they complement each other today!

Alabaster Lamp

Alabaster Lamp

As far as a 37th-anniversary gift go, home essentials should always be part of the list. Take this lamp, for instance.

You know that it will go to good use. Plus, it’s grand and majestic, much like the couple you’re celebrating.

It All Began Under This Sky Star Map Framed Print

It All Began Under This Sky Star Map Framed Print

How wonderful would it be to have a snapshot of the night sky for every special event? Well, with this print, the couple celebrating their lasting bond will enjoy just that.

With this present around, they’ll revel in the magic of the stars that bore witness to their awesome union.

Silver-Dipped Eternity Rose

Eternity Rose preserves real flowers in high-quality silver to make the classic flower of romance long last forever. It’s a thoughtful way to convey your love and affection to your loved one after 37 years of marriage.

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