36th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

36th anniversary gift

Find the perfect 36th anniversary gift for a husband, wife, or couple. Or perhaps you are looking to celebrate your parents anniversary? Celebrating such a milestone in your relationship is essential to continued growth. You’ve been together longer than most, and your marriage has outlasted so many others. Through the ups and the downs, your marriage has endured.

Celebrate all those amazing years of marriage with these 36th wedding anniversary gift ideas. Whether you’re shopping for a spouse or another loved one, you’re sure to find something from our curated list of ideas.

What Is Thirty-Sixth Year Anniversary Gift?

Traditional Gift Theme: No

Modern Gift Theme: Bone China

There is no traditional theme for the 36th wedding anniversary, the modern theme includes Bone China. Bone China, specifically, is made of high-quality ceramics and bone ash. The durability of Bone China symbolizes the strength and resilience in one’s marriage. Through the years you celebrated many memories and milestones.

The modern gift theme of bone China is a great way to symbolize a special occasion. Your partner would be thrilled to get any of the gifts we have listed below.

Gemstone: Cameo

Flower: Tea Rose

Color: No

36th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Him

Get your husband a present he will be sure to truly appreciate with these wedding gift anniversary ideas. Short on ideas and cash? No worries, we have got you covered. From fashion statements to sentimental works of art, he will enjoy any one of these gifts from you.

Hello – Will You – I Do Map – Retro Style Canvas Print

Hello - Will You - I Do Map - Retro Style Canvas Print

A fun and sentimental way to celebrate the 36th wedding anniversary is with this retro-style canvas print. Of course, he hasn’t forgotten where you met, where he proposed, or where you got married. This print is a fun way to let him know how special those moments were to you.

Custom Photo Desktop Plaque

Custom Photo Desktop Plaque

Reminisce with your partner about all those amazing memories with this stunning desktop photo plaque. As the saying goes, our life is not measured by breaths but by moments. Let him know that all the moments that took your breath away were with him.

Bone China Tea Cups Set

Bone China Tea Cups Set

He’s a guy who likes the finer things in life and thrives on tradition. He sure appreciates this porcelain gift just as much as he appreciates all the years you’ve been together. A lovely gift to add to a current collection.

36th Milestone Anniversary Canvas Print

While it may have been so long ago that the two of you remember your milestone, it’s a moment he’ll never forget. Immortalize yourself with this personalized present. A cool enough gift that he would even be willing to display in his man cave.

Fortnum’s Camellia White Lidded Candle

36th anniversary gift: Fortnum's Camellia White Lidded Candle

He enjoys having candles lit as much as possible. This lovely scented candle makes the perfect gift to celebrate your momentous milestone. Not only will it look great in any room, but it will also make it smell great. Easily reuse the container as décor when the candle is finished.

Espresso Machine

36th anniversary present for him: Espresso Machine

Throughout your relationship, he’s been a bit of a caffeine junkie. You know all of his favorite drinks and how to make them, although you don’t always want to make them. Be sure that he can make his own coffee in a flash with this compact espresso machine.

And So Together They Built a Life They Loved Canvas Sign

“And So Together They Built a Life They Loved” Canvas Family Sign

Coming together through marriage is a time of celebration. Two people created a family and from there an entire life together. Celebrate all those amazing years together and so many more to come with this sentimental and meaningful canvas family sign.

Stainless Steel Tie Clip

36 years gifts: Stainless Steel Tie Clip

Who says he can’t look cool even when he is dressed for work or business? Be sure that he’s always looking stylish with the stainless steel and bone China tie clip. The perfect accessory for everyday wear or just special occasions.

36th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Her

Of course, your wife deserves something special after 36 years of marriage.  Are you quickly running out of gift ideas after so many years of birthdays, anniversaries, and other gift-giving holidays? Look no further than our curated wedding gift anniversary guide for her to celebrate 36 years together.

All I Want Is You Custom Blanket

All I Want Is You Custom Blanket

While your partner might know deep down that you two were meant to be together forever, or forever, it’s nice to hear it from you once in a while. This blanket is a reminder of how much you love her and want to spend the rest of your lives together.

To My Wife 36th Anniversary Poem Pillow

To My Wife 36th Anniversary Poem Pillow

Men can often have a problem saying how they truly feel. This pillow will help him tell you how much he truly cares about you, even after 36 years together. Not to mention it sure looks great in any home décor. A special gift she’ll be proud to show off.


36th anniversary gift: Necklace

After so many years together the two of you have become one. This necklace symbolizes your eternal love for her and your eternal love for each other. Say happy 36th wedding anniversary to her with this stunning accessory That she will love to show off to all her friends.

To My Wife Custom Canvas Print

To My Wife Custom Canvas Print

You have been her biggest fan since the moment you met. You’ve always supported her and believed in her no matter the odds. Remind her what an amazing woman she is with this custom canvas print. She is sure to give you a big smooch for this one.

Dinnerware Set

Bone China Gifts: Dinnerware Set

You’ve had the same dinner with her since you 1st got married so many years ago. Upgrade to this classic porcelain set that you will be able to pass down to your children or grandchildren. A timeless gift that she’s sure to appreciate.

China Tea Cup

China Tea Cup

She has had the same boring mug for as long as you can remember. This bone China teacup works well for enjoying tea or coffee any time of day. Just like your lovely wife, a delicate yet stunning work of art.

Couple Silhouette Song Lyric Canvas Print

Couple Silhouette Song Lyric Canvas Print

Well, it’s been so many years since he proposed on one knee, at that moment neither of you has ever forgotten. This custom song lyric canvas makes a thoughtful gift to your wife. Hang the amazing print up in your home or at the family cabin.

Porcelain Bracelet

Porcelain Bracelet

While gifts for bone China are often thought of as dinnerware for 36 year anniversary, there are many beautiful jewelry options as well. This stunning bracelet is a one-of-a-kind piece and special just like her. An amazing gift she’ll never want to take off.

Trunk Limoges Box

Trunk Limoges Box

She’s collected lovely little trinkets the entire time you’ve been married. This Lily of The Valley Box is sure to be one of her favorites. Hand-painted on delicate porcelain, this is sure to become a family keepsake that the kids will fight over.

36th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Couples

Whether you’re shopping for 36th wedding anniversary gifts for your parents, we’ve curated a great list to meet your needs. From song lyrics to delicate porcelain items, there’s a gift idea for everyone below. Surprise your partner or become your parents favorite child with any one of these great gift ideas.

Custom Star Map And Spiral Song Lyrics Framed Print

36th anniversary gift: Custom Star Map And Spiral Song Lyrics Framed Print

Celebrate all of your 36 years of marriage with your spouse with this beautiful custom print. Remind them how special the night you met was with the stunning print. The perfect way to give them the moon and the stars.

Song Lyrics Custom Blanket

Song Lyrics Custom Blanket

One of their favorite pastimes is to snuggle up on the couch together under a blanket watching a movie. This meaningful gift of this custom song lyric blanket is sure to become the couple’s newest and favorite blanket to snuggle with. An affordable gift they’re sure to cherish.

Tea Set with Teapot

Tea Set with Teapot

When it comes to bone China anniversary gifts, a teapot and tea set is about as classic as you can get. Celebrate that special couple with this stunning 9-piece blue and white porcelain tea set. An ideal gift for a couple that loves tradition.

Heart-Shaped Song Lyrics Custom Pillow

Heart Shaped Song Lyrics Custom Pillow

Searching for an affordable yet romantic gift for your parents for their upcoming wedding anniversary? This heart-shaped lyrics pillow is a great example of what your favorite child might get them for a gift. A simple yet elegant gesture of their love for one another.

Personalized Bone China Plate

Personalized Bone China Plate

This personalized bone China plate is a great way to give the modern gift of porcelain. A romantic gesture in support of their marriage. Customize with the couple’s name and anniversary no matter how long ago they tied the knot.

Flower Napkin Ring Set

36th anniversary gift for her: Flower Napkin Ring Set

This flower napkin ring set is a unique and beautiful gift any couple will appreciate. While this might seem like an unusual gift to give for a 36th wedding anniversary, it is a beautiful sentiment. They’re sure to use them each time you come over for dinner.

Chopsticks Gift Set

Chopsticks Gift Set

One of their guilty pleasures, since they’ve been married, is to go out for Asian cuisine. This beautiful chopstick gift set is a lovely way to celebrate their 36 year anniversary. Wow it’s unlikely they’ll use this for sticky rice, it’s a beautiful piece of décor.

Cake Stand

Bone China Gift: Cake Stand

Surprise your parents or that special couple with this stunning cake stand. Even if they are not bakers this is a great gift to display at any type of gathering. What a lovely surprise that is sure to become the center of attention with any table piece.

Heart-Shaped Song Lyrics Custom Canvas Wall Art

Heart-Shaped Song Lyrics Custom Canvas Wall Art

Whether you’re shopping for a couple of friends or you’re shopping for your parents, this heart-shaped song lyric canvas is sure to make their heartbeat. A beautiful way to display their song for their 36th anniversary. No matter how long they’ve been together they’re sure to love this.

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