35th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

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Whether you’re looking for 35th anniversary gifts for couples, your spouse, or your parents, don’t worry! Our guide to the best 35th anniversary gift ideas covers everything from traditional coral to modern jade and beyond. Celebrate your loved ones with an interesting, unique, or just plain fun present that is sure to make them smile.

Being 35 years married is quite a triumph and something that deserves to be honored. Finding that special gift doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming. Our list makes shopping a breeze! Read on to discover some of our favorite ways to celebrate a 35th wedding anniversary.

What Is Thirty Five Year Anniversary Gift?

Traditional gift theme: Coral

Coral is both the traditional gift as well as the 35 year anniversary color. It builds over time and becomes stronger with age, just like a couple’s love. Coral is also a beautiful stone that represents protection, fertility, power, and long life.

Modern gift theme: Jade

Jade has links to ancient Chinese virtues, including compassion, courage, and wisdom. It promotes longevity, making it a beautiful representation of a couple’s time together.

Gemstone: Emeralds

Flower: NA

Color: Coral

35th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Him 

Let your wedding anniversary gift for him be a meaningful remembrance of your love, whether you pick a traditional or modern gift. Use our gift suggestions to find something truly unique.

Wishbeads Intention Bracelet

Wishbeads Intention Bracelet


This coral jade bracelet has a unique design that holds wishes or intentions! Whether you want forgiveness, happiness, wealth, or longevity for him, go ahead and write it down. Then, tuck the paper into the opening in the clasp. He can reflect on the word while wearing the bracelet.

Coral Cufflinks

Coral Cufflinks


Brighten up his best suit with a gift that reflects the true meaning of your anniversary! The coral wedding anniversary calls for elegant coral-colored cuff links. He’ll reflect on the strength of your bond every time he fastens them. And if his suit needs extra color, get the matching pocket square.

35-Year Milestone Anniversary Custom Canvas Print

35 Year Milestone Anniversary Custom Canvas Print


This canvas print is a beautiful way to celebrate your family! The artful design and simple colors will look great anywhere in your home. He’ll love the reminder of all the achievements he had over the years.

Anniversary Pebble Art


This 35th anniversary-themed jade gift is a unique representation of your love. The shadow box contains a hand-made rock and wood picture with a green jade balloon floating high above pebble people. He’ll love this visualization of your years together, especially because it’s made specifically to honor your anniversary!

35th Wedding Anniversary Sundial

Metal Foundry - 35th anniversary gifts


Impress him and everyone with an awesome 35th wedding anniversary sundial. This gorgeous handcrafted sundial is made from recycled aluminum and embossed with all of your personalized wedding details. Display it on a shelf inside your house, or get a pedestal and use it outdoors as an actual sundial.

Jade Ring

Wood Ring


One of our favorite 35th anniversary gift ideas for him is a handcrafted ring. This eucalyptus wood ring has a jade stone inlay. Simple and beautiful, this can be a replacement for or addition to his wedding band. Better yet, it can just be a ring to say you love him.

Key Chain

Key Chain - 35th anniversary gifts


Give him a sweet trinket for your special day! This keychain incorporates a quarter and a dime minted in your wedding year with a sweet stamped message. You can also opt to add your marriage date and initials. 35 cents for a 35 year anniversary present will make him smile!

Funny Coffee Mug

Funny Coffee Mug


You can’t beat hilarious ideas like this one when it comes to unique mug gifts. Here’s a coffee cup that says “I love you” in the most adorable way possible. If you can’t bear the thought of listening to anyone else snore all night, this is the perfect 35th anniversary gift for you!

Black and White Song Lyrics on Photo Canvas Print

Black and White Song Lyrics on Photo Canvas Print – Vertical


Turn memories into gifts this year and surprise him with your wedding photo and song in a beautiful print. Relive your first dance as husband and wife and admire how beautiful a couple you were. He’ll have happy thoughts every time he looks at this 35 year wedding anniversary gift.

Engraved Leather Tray

Engraved Leather Tray


This leather tray is a truly unique choice for an anniversary gift for 35 years of marriage. The inside of the tray is engraved with coral to represent health, safety, and strength. You can also include your names and wedding date. This tray is perfect for holding keys and change.

35th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Her 

Let your 35th wedding anniversary be an unforgettable celebration. Surprising your loved one with this stunning wedding anniversary gift for her. With our gift suggestions, you can open up a world of possibilities.

“When the Adventure Began” Personalized Photo Canvas Print

“When the Adventure Began” Personalized Photo Canvas Print - 35th anniversary gifts


This photo collage canvas is ideal for your wife. The highlight of the canvas is that you can customize the wedding date. You can also upload photos inside each numeral. This wonderful 35th anniversary gift will put a smile on your wife’s face whenever she looks at it.

Jade Lovebirds

Jade on Quartz Base


These sweet lovebirds are great jade gifts for your lovebird on your anniversary! Hand-carved from Canadian Nephrite Jade, this sculpture shows two lovebirds kissing. Present these to your wife if she loves collecting figurines. She can show everyone what a beautiful gift you gave her for your special day!

Just Marriage 35 Years Ago Custom Photo Desktop Plaque

Just Marriage 35 Years Anniversary Custom Photo Desktop Plaque


If you want a simple, hallmark 35th wedding anniversary gift, you can’t go wrong with this desktop plaque. You can customize it with the anniversary date right below you and your wife’s name. Finish it off with a photo of the two of you or the whole family.

Jade & Coral Tree

Jade & Coral Tree - 35th anniversary gifts


This beautiful copper and gem tree of life is a perfect mix of modern and traditional. Coral and jade gifts are both signature 35th anniversary presents, so why not combine them into this wonderful tree? She’ll love the mix of colors and delicate wirework and will display it with pride!

Gold Jade Earrings

Gold Jade Earrings - 35th anniversary gifts


Jade gifts are a modern alternative to coral for the 35th wedding anniversary. Jade jewelry represents the longevity of your love. If green is more her style, then she’ll love these teardrop earrings. These earrings are sure to become a favorite, and not just because they are from you!

Jade Plant

Jade Plant - 35th anniversary gifts


A house plant may not seem like a good jade anniversary gift. But if your honey loves her indoor garden, then this variegated jade plant is a great addition! Surprise her with this lovely little darling that comes already potted, so she can just open it and enjoy!

Coral Oval Drop Dangly Earrings

Coral Oval Drop Dangly Earrings - 35th anniversary gifts


Simple, understated coral themed drop earrings are a classic gift for 35 years of marriage. There are many ways to give traditional coral gifts, but jewelry is the easiest. Brilliant pink-red stones will look fabulous with a business suit or casual blouse. Give your wife earrings that will become her signature!

Custom Cutting Board

Custom Cutting Board - 35th anniversary gifts


This cutting board makes a great 35th anniversary gift for your wife. It is beautiful on display for everyone to see. Or, use it as a serving board for charcuterie, crackers, or fruit. Your wife will love bringing this out when you have company; it’s perfect for dinner party hors d’oeuvres.

Family Cookbook

Family Cookbook - 35th anniversary gifts


Create a true family heirloom with this wonderful cookbook. Highlight all the family favorites by writing those recipes down and even include pictures. This cookbook will warm your parents’ hearts and souls because you put time and love into it. Make their 35 year anniversary perfect with this one-of-a-kind present.

Emerald and Diamond Floral Pendant

Emerald and Diamond Floral Pendant - 35th anniversary gifts


Showcase your love for your wife and splurge on this stunning necklace! Your wife deserves the best this year, and this gold, diamond, and emerald necklace is stunning and elegant. The unique floral shape and the diamonds showcase the emerald, which is the 35 year anniversary stone.

Heart and Song Lyric Custom Photo Blanket

Heart and Song Lyric Custom Photo Blanket


If you are looking for a gift for your wife showing how much you value your relationship, then this blanket makes a fantastic 35 year anniversary gift. Personalize it with your favorite picture as well as your song lyrics so you can present it to your wife to celebrate 35 years of togetherness.

35th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Couples

Looking for a really unique anniversary gift that a couple can enjoy together? Check out our list of 35 anniversary gifts for parents or couples. Show how much you love and care for your favorite couples

Create Your Own Reel Viewer

Create Your Own Reel Viewer - 35th anniversary gifts


Give the gift of old-school nostalgia with this gift for 35 years of marriage. Turn family pictures and memories into viewfinder disks for easy viewing. Your parents will love this grown-up version of a childhood toy and will have fun sharing them with their friends.

Toasting Flutes

Toasting Flutes - 35th anniversary


Champagne flutes that honor your parents’ commitment are fun, creative gifts for a 35th anniversary. Whether you’re just toasting with the family or having a big anniversary bash, everyone will love these. Your parents can keep them for a souvenir or put them into rotation with other glasses.

Happy 35th Anniversary Mom And Dad Canvas Print

Happy 35th Anniversary Mom And Dad Custom Photo Canvas Print


For unique 35th anniversary ideas, check out this unique canvas print. It is the ideal anniversary gift for parents celebrating their coral wedding anniversary. They’ll adore your thoughtfulness in giving such a wonderful present.

Song Soundwave Art Print

Song Soundwave Art Print - 35th anniversary gifts


Your folks will go wild over this fabulous 35th wedding anniversary gift! It’s great for music lovers or just a couple who loves the memory of dancing at their wedding. The soundwaves are printed on silver or bronze for a long-lasting and special presentation of their wedding song.

Personalized Tic Tac Toe

Personalized Tic Tac Toe - 35th anniversary gifts


Get ready for family game night! This hand-carved wood tic tac toe game uses the couple’s initials in place of x’s and o’s. They come with a personalized game board for easy play and easier storage. This is a perfect gift for a 35th wedding anniversary couple who loves games.

Robot Vacuum

Robot Vacuum - 35 year anniversary gift


Celebrate your parents’ 35th wedding anniversary by gifting them a clean house. They’ve taken care of you, and now it’s time for you to care for them. A cool robot vacuum will make cleaning a breeze. This way, they will have more time for togetherness and family fun.

Married 35 Years T-shirts

Married 35 Years T-shirts - 35th anniversary gifts


Are you the family that loves matching vacation t-shirts and coordinated holiday pictures? Then we have an excellent 35th wedding anniversary idea for you! Your parents definitely need matching anniversary tees. They are fun and will look great in a photo for this year’s Christmas card! 

35 Years Down Forever To Go Custom Desktop Plaque

35 Years Down Forever To Go Custom Desktop Plaque - 35th anniversary gifts


Honor and celebrate their love with this desktop plaque. Choose the favorite picture of their years together to create the best 35th anniversary gift. They will cherish the print and enjoy looking back on all those memories for years to come.

Smart Garden

Smart Garden - 35th anniversary gifts


If your favorite couple always wanted a garden but has black thumbs, give them a smart garden. It may not be a traditional gift for a 35th wedding anniversary, but it’s one they’ll love. They will have fresh fruits and veggies year-round without ever having to go outside!

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