25+ Thoughtful 30th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Every Couple (Updated 2022)


Is it your 30 year anniversary already? Improve your “gifting game” this year with these remarkable 30th-anniversary gifts your loved ones will never forget. Doing this is essential, especially if your partner has been counting down to celebrating three decades with you. Surprise your spouse with a pearl anniversary gift they’ll love to show off to their friends.

Don’t forget your parents either. Get them a heartfelt anniversary gift by year to suit the occasion. It’s best to include the rest of the family to help your mom and dad celebrate 30 years of marriage. Let’s get started!

What Is the Symbol for 30 Years of Marriage?

What 30-year marriage gifts are you getting your better half? Either way, you’ll need to choose between traditional 30th-anniversary symbols and more trendy options.

Classic pearl-themed gifts symbolize purity and honesty for your spouse. On the other hand, modern diamond anniversary gifts signify the strength and fire of long-lasting love.

30th Anniversary Gifts for Parents

If you want to choose a 30-year anniversary gift for parents or favorite lovebirds to celebrate pearl anniversary, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve collected the most meaningful present for your loved ones. Check out some of our 15 thirtieth-anniversary gift ideas!

1. 30 Years Wedding Anniversary Custom Canvas

30 Years Pearl Wedding Anniversary Custom Canvas Print

A 30th anniversary deserves some serious recognition as it signifies unparalleled love and commitment. Celebrate your parents’ 30th wedding anniversary or birthdays with our 30 Years Pearl Wedding Anniversary Custom Canvas Print.

The canvas print is a special anniversary gift idea to celebrate and cherish the memories your parents have created.

2. Pearl 30th Wedding Anniversary Canvas Print

Pearl 30th Wedding Anniversary Canvas Print

Celebrate your 30th wedding anniversary with this Pearl 30th Wedding Anniversary Canvas Print. Set against a black background featuring a heart-shaped print lined with pearls, this makes the perfect 30th-anniversary gift.

Send in the customized date, name, and photo, which will mark the moment the couple said their vows to each other on big day.

3. Olivia Riegel Crystal & Pearl 

30 years wedding anniversary gift: Olivia Riegel Crystal & Pearl

Are you looking for wedding anniversary gift ideas for friends celebrating their 30 years marriage? How about this stunning crystal and pearl frame?

It’s one of the best gifts for couples who love photos. You can also choose to frame one of their favorite pictures.

4. Wine Taster Glass

30th wedding anniversary gifts for parents: Wine Taster Glass

Wine lovers appreciate receiving wine-related gifts. That said, this elegant, laser-engraved wine glass will thrill your parents.

Make their 30th wedding anniversary twice as unique by getting them one each. Besides, it’s the best anniversary gift when working with a tight budget.

5. 30 Years Anniversary Custom Canvas Print

30 Years Anniversary Custom Canvas Print

It’s best to go back to basics when looking for anniversary gifts for parents. One of the best anniversary gifts by years is this heart-warming canvas print.

Remember to consult your siblings for accurate data. You can be sure your mom and dad will love it!

6. Shell Art Anniversary Gift for Parents 

Shell Art Anniversary Gift for Parents

Is your mom a gem collector? Can she never go a day without wearing at least one piece of jewelry? Surprise her with a unique 30th wedding anniversary gift – handmade shell art. Besides, what other pearl gifts for 30th anniversary can win her heart so quickly?

7. Anniversary Tree Custom Desktop Plaque

A meaningful present is the Pearl Wedding Anniversary Tree Custom Desktop Plaque. The best feature is that it may be customized with your name and the name of your significant other.

This anniversary gift will undoubtedly make your lover pleased. You can even give it to your parents or a friend on their 30th wedding anniversary!

8. Pearl Frames 

Pearl Frames

Is your parents’ pearl anniversary closer than you thought? Don’t worry. Surprise them with interesting wedding anniversary gift ideas like these mother of pearl frames. You can also select their favorite photo and frame it. Don’t be surprised if your mom sheds tears of joy.

9. Sundial Gift 

Sundial Gift

Gift shopping for parents is a tedious job. However, this handmade brass sundial is the perfect choice for couples celebrating their 30 years anniversary.

Your dad will be glad to know he can display this handsome 30 year anniversary symbol both indoors and outdoors.

10. Photo Collage Canvas 

Photo Collage Canvas Print

To celebrate a 30 year anniversary is not easy. It can be equally challenging finding befitting 30th-anniversary ideas for your parents’ party.

Fortunately, you can’t go wrong with this handmade photo collage canvas. Remember to involve your family to find the best pictures.

11. Personalised Candle 

Personalised Candle

Have you been searching for a 30 years wedding anniversary gift for your parents without success? Try this cute Mom and Dad desktop plaque.

An adorable family photograph and heart-warming message can go a long way. Surprise your parents with the best anniversary gift today!

12. Happy 30th Anniversary Mom and Dad Desktop Plaque

30 years anniversary gift for parents: Happy 30th Anniversary Mom and Dad Desktop Plaque

Have you been searching for a 30 years wedding anniversary gift for your parents without success? Try this cute Mom and Dad desktop plaque.

An adorable family photograph and heart-warming message can go a long way. Surprise your parents with the best anniversary gift today!

13. Custom Cutting Board 

30th anniversary ideas: Custom Cutting Board

Have your parents always enjoyed preparing meals together? Is cooking their way of bonding?

How about surprising them with a unique 30 years wedding anniversary present they will never forget? Get them this customized cutting board, engraved with their names for their 30th-anniversary party.

30th Anniversary Gifts for Husband

Looking for what to get your husband for the 30th anniversary? We’ve got everything you need, from modern, traditional 30th-anniversary gift ideas or others. Surely, you will choose a perfect anniversary gift for him here.

1. Custom Photo Collage Canvas Print for Him

Custom Photo Collage Canvas Print for Husband

The 30th Anniversary Custom Photo Collage Canvas Print allows you to compile your favorite memories from the last 30 years. The gorgeous image collage makes a fantastic gift for your husband, with a timeline of how many moments you’ve spent together.

2. Personalized Star Map

It All Began Under This Sky Custom Star Map Framed Print

Looking for a truly special 30th anniversary gift for your husband? This night sky wall art will easily solve all your problems.

It’s a romantic way to remind your man of when your marriage began. Remember to include your names, location, and date!

3. Fashionable Watch 

30th wedding anniversary gift for husband: Fashionable Watch

If you’re looking for 30th-anniversary ideas for husband, try this timeless piece. Surprise your man with a unique 30 years of marriage gift he’ll never forget.

This stylish watch is ideal for a working-class man with elegant taste. Get it for him today!

4. Anniversary Wine Glasses 

Anniversary Wine Glasses

Is your thirtieth anniversary coming up? Rather than buying a traditional gift for 30th wedding anniversary, get your man a funny one instead.

These hilarious wine glasses will crack him up anytime he opens a bottle of wine. He’ll probably use them even when his boys visit!

5. White Pearl Cufflinks 

White Pearl Cufflinks

Is your husband’s dressing style fashionable? If these words accurately describe your man, surprise him with these unique pearl gifts for men.

This is one of the most incredible gifts for 30th wedding anniversary. Besides, what other little keepsake will suit your husband better than this?

6. Tie Clips 

Tie Clips

Are you wondering what 30 year wedding anniversary gift for husband will suit your man’s style?

How about this 30th-anniversary jewelry? Its unique color will make him stand out in any crowd or meeting. You won’t have to worry about your man looking sharp ever again!

7. Set of 2 Lead Crystal Champagne Flutes 

30th wedding anniversary gifts for parents: Wine Taster Glass: Set of 2 Lead Crystal Champagne Flutes

Have you been looking for an elegant thirty-year anniversary gift for your beloved hubby? Surprise your better half with this stunning set of champagne flutes.

It will not only be a present for him but also for you. Buy them today and spice up the celebration!

8. 30th Anniversary Gifts Custom Collage Photo Canvas 

30 Years Anniversary Custom Canvas Print: Happy 30th Anniversary Mom and Dad Desktop Plaque: 30th Anniversary Gifts Custom Collage Photo Canvas

This custom collage photo canvas is one of the sweetest wedding gifts for husband. Celebrate your thirty-year anniversary in style by surprising your man with this adorable gift.

You can even mix up romantic photographs with family ones. Either way, he’ll love it!

30th Anniversary Gifts for Wife

Your wife is a wonderful woman who has been with you for 30 years together. On this special occasion, she deserves something surprise from you. From pearl jewelry to personalized gifts, here is definitely a favorite list of anniversary gifts for her.

1. Vinyl Record Spiral Song Lyrics Canvas Print 


Every happy couple has a song that reminds them of their romantic journey. If your mom can’t stop humming to their first dance song, get her this vinyl record.

It’s the most thoughtful 30th wedding anniversary gift idea for parents. Even your dad won’t help but smile!

2. Pearl (30th) 30 Wedding Anniversary Card 

Pearl (30th) 30 Wedding Anniversary Card

A large pearl card with a white ribbon bow will be a meaningful item to give her on your 30th anniversary. You can personalize names, wedding anniversary date to create a unique card for her own.

3. Pretty Pearl Watch 

Pretty Pearl Watch

If you want to choose a themed 30-year gift, this pearl watch is surely right. This modern watch with Italian leather will make her remember your special day whenever she wears it.

Give it as a suprising gift for her on 30th anniversary.

4. Clutch Bag

Clutch Bag

Have you been trying to develop unique 30th-anniversary ideas for your better half to no avail? This pearl clutch bag will not let you down! Its detailed design accurately follows the 30th-anniversary theme making it ideal for her.

5. Pearl Bar Bracelet 

gifts for 30 year anniversary: Pearl Bar Bracelet

If you’re struggling to find the perfect pearl wedding anniversary reward for your wife, then you’re in the right place.

This stunning pearl bracelet is one of the loveliest 30 year anniversary presents for a modern woman. What better way to prove your love for her?

6. Pearl Ring Dish 

30 years of marriage gift: Pearl Ring Dish

When looking for pearl gifts for 30th anniversary, you might want to consider this timeless piece.

Although it’s not a body accessory, your wife will be so delighted to receive this mother of pearl gift for 30th anniversary! She’s likely to begin using it immediately!

7. Heart-Shaped Custom Song Lyrics Blanket 

Heart-Shaped Custom Song Lyrics Blanket

If you haven’t found a suitable thirty-year anniversary present for your queen, then this lyrics blanket will save the day!

It is one of the most romantic gifts on this list. Don’t forget to use one of her favorite love songs. She’ll love it!


You can’t go wrong with this helpful list of 30th-anniversary gifts. Your loved ones will be amazed by your cool wedding anniversary present ideas. They’ll even consult you next time!

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