26th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

26th anniversary gift

Are you looking to surprise your significant other with a cool 26th anniversary gift? Choosing the right present will make your partner happy. It will also set the right tone for your special day. If you are having a hard time picking a gift, keep calm because we are here to help.

26 years of marriage is a very special occasion. Couples can exchange canvas prints, jewelry, plaques, photo collages, etc. We have put together a list of perfect presents for a quarter-century anniversary. Our gift ideas will help people show their love and affection for their partners.

What Is Twenty-Sixth Year Anniversary Gift?

Traditional Gift Theme: No

Modern Gift Theme: Artwork

Quarter-century anniversaries do not have a traditional gift theme. But they have a modern theme, which is Artwork. Roses are the ideal flowers for the event. Jade is the gemstone symbol.

A 26th wedding anniversary is a great occasion for a celebration. And gifts go hand in hand with such events. Choose a stylish present for your partner by being inspired by the modern theme.

Gemstone: Jade

Flower: Rose

Color: No

26th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Him

Finding the ideal 26th anniversary gift for your husband can be difficult. But once you see their smile, all the energy and time would have been worth it. Here are eight interesting ideas suitable for men of all ages.

26th Anniversary Photo Collage Canvas Print

26th anniversary gift: photo canvas print


One of the most meaningful presents you can give your husband or partner is the photo collage canvas print.

You can customize it by using 22 photos of you and your family. It can also include your names and the anniversary date. So, it is the perfect way to celebrate 26 years together.

Custom Photo Desktop Plaque

Custom Photo Desktop Plaque


This is a perfect anniversary gift for your husband. The photo, names, and date on the plaque can be customized to your liking.

Your partner can use this present as a desk décor and a reminder of your love. It is one of the best gift ideas you can have.




In terms of jade gifts for men, you cannot go wrong with this amazing bracelet. An elegant addition to any men’s wardrobe, this energy healing bracelet symbolizes success and abundance.

It can be matched with different types of clothes and accessories.

26th Wedding Newspaper Anniversary Poster Custom Canvas Print

26th Wedding Newspaper Anniversary Poster Custom Canvas Print


One of our most unique 26-year anniversary gift ideas for him is this retro-looking canvas print. It can be modified to include a picture. You can also add different texts that will grab everyone’s attention. A thoughtful present that is also an awesome conversation piece.

Jade and Onyx Split Stainless Steel Cufflinks

Jade and Onyx Split Stainless Steel Cufflinks


Cufflinks are an elegant present for any milestone. This pair is made from stainless steel, onyx, and white jade. They come in a chic, custom-made magnetic flip-top box.

We have no doubts in our minds that your husband or boyfriend will fall in love with their new cufflinks.

Song Lyrics Custom Photo Blanket


Romantic presents are not suitable only for women. Men can enjoy them too. This stylish photo collage blanket is a superb way to celebrate your 26th anniversary. So, you can personalize this present with a photo and song lyrics.


jade gifts: watch


Watches are a classic men’s present. This beautiful timepiece is considered an artwork, which is perfect given the event’s theme. Made of jade and gold-tone stainless steel, and featuring a dial with 11 Swarovski rhinestones this is arguably one of our best suggestions.

Husband Funny Mug

funny mug


This twenty-sixth anniversary present for your husband is both fun and practical. It comes in various patterns and colors.

It is a humorous way of showing your love and appreciation. It is also a great way to start a special day.

Custom Money Clip

26th anniversary present: Custom Money Clip


A custom money clip is an inexpensive but practical gift. You can surprise your significant other by engraving their name or initials on the clip.

You can also add a date or a special message. Moreover, you cannot go wrong with this option as your celebration present.

26th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Her

You must cherish all important milestones in your life. Celebrating your anniversary is a great way to show your partner that you are still in love with them. To make things even better, you can surprise them with a present. Here are several meaningful 26th anniversary gifts for your wife.

26 Year Milestone Anniversary Custom Canvas Print

26 Year Milestone Anniversary Custom Canvas Print


26 years of marriage is a significant achievement. Honor your milestone by giving your wife or girlfriend a customized canvas print. You can personalize this present to feature your names, major dates, the number of your children, and other important information.

Personalized Couple Established Pillow

Personalized Couple Established Pillow


In any home, decorative pillows are a wonderful addition. This interesting present will not only allow you to celebrate your 26th year together but also adorn your house with unique conversation pieces.

You can customize the pillows by adding your names and the date.

Jade Frog Pendant Necklace

Jade Frog Pendant Necklace


Both fun and luxurious, the Frog Pendant necklace is a superb present for this special occasion.

Made from gold and featuring a large jade gemstone, your wife or partner will instantly fall in love with this eye-catching piece of jewelry.

Custom Star Map And Song Lyrics Framed Print

26th anniversary gift: Custom Star Map And Song Lyrics Framed Print


Your partner will love to hang this piece in your living room or bedroom. The framed lyrics print is an interesting present that can be customized.

You can add a map of your wife’s favorite constellation, as well as the lyrics of her favorite song.

Jade Bead & Pearly Long Necklace

Jade Bead & Pearly Long Necklace


Another stunning piece of jewelry, this jade bead graduated necklace is a true piece of art. An elegant and modern gift suitable for women of all ages. Add, your wife or girlfriend will surely love to add this piece to her collection.

Personalized Vinyl Record Photo Canvas Print

Personalized Vinyl Record Photo Canvas Print


Immortalize your first dance song by giving your girlfriend or wife this stylish canvas print as an anniversary gift. The piece can be personalized with your names, date, and photos.

It can also feature the title of the song and a special message like – a happy anniversary.

Jade Earrings



This gorgeous pair of earrings is perhaps the best twenty-sixth-anniversary gift for a wife or girlfriend. Made from jade and yellow gold, these earrings are a charming accessory that can be worn on different occasions.

They can also be matched with all kinds of clothes.

Spa Gift Basket

Spa Gift Basket


Celebrate the twenty-sixth year of your wedding by getting your wife a spa package. This set consists of handmade products of the highest quality.

Available in different sizes, your partner will surely enjoy some TLC before the festivities for your anniversary begin.

I Love You To Pieces Puzzle Map And Star Map Canvas Print

26th anniversary: I Love You To Pieces Puzzle Map And Star Map Canvas Print


A fun 26th-anniversary gift for her, this canvas print can be personalized with up to 2 maps, names, and dates. A unique and thoughtful gift suitable for women of all ages. It is also a great decorative item to have in your home or workplace.

26th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Couples

Surprise your parents for their upcoming twenty-sixth year anniversary by getting them a personalized present. Give them a gift that represents their love for one another and their love for you. Here are several ideas that you will find to be interesting and not so expensive.

Custom Photo Canvas Print

26th Wedding Anniversary Custom 2 Photo Canvas


This heartfelt 26th-anniversary gift is perfect for your upcoming special occasion. It can be personalized with two different photos.

It can also display names and a date. It is a stylish wall decor that can fit into any interior design.

Anniversary Clock

26th anniversary gift ideas: clock


Get a special present for your parents or spouse by choosing the anniversary clock. This timepiece can be set to display the time, day, and year of your wedding day. Moreover, it is a great and interesting piece that will spark many conversations.

Personalized Street Sign Canvas Print

Personalized Street Sign Canvas Print


The Personalized Street Sign Canvas Print is a sentimental piece of art that couples would love to have.

It can be customized to feature your spouse’s name and the date when you met or got married. It is a meaningful item with a strong symbol.

Diamond Picture Frame

Diamond Picture Frame


Your parents deserve to have a glittering glass crushed diamond picture frame that shows a photo of their wedding or any other special day.

This 4×6 frame is an inexpensive present with a lot of value. So, it will surely make your mom and dad smile.

Heart-Shaped Custom Song Lyrics Landscape Blanket

Heart-Shaped Custom Song Lyrics Landscape Blanket


Any happy couple would like to snuggle under a personalized landscape blanket. This gift can be customized to have the lyrics of any song.

It is a thoughtful gesture that will correctly honor your parents’ special day. It will also bring them together for many more years.

Reclaimed License Plate Map

Reclaimed License Plate Map


While this wall artwork is a unique present with a hint of adventure. It is a handmade license plate map of the United States, which couples can use to mark the places they have visited. They can also use it to choose destinations for their next vacations.

Happily Ever After Desktop Photo Plaque

desktop plaque


Happy memories should be made into keepsakes. What better way to do that than to get your parents or spouse this photo plaque?

It can be personalized with your favorite photos. It can also display your names and a special date.

Letter Art With Photo Canvas Print


Few 26th wedding anniversary gifts are as stylish and intriguing as this photo canvas print. The wall art comes with a romantic message that will touch your partner’s heart.

With it can also be customized to display one of your favorite pictures, as well as your names and a date.

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